Aaaaand I did a second closet cosplay today, this time with @squigglydigglydoo‘s Henry!

Probably could have done more with this, but I didn’t have too many ideas. Ah well, it was a fun challenge.

(There’s some bonus content for this too. Also a bonus bit of photos under the cut)

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Yall know those two latest regular cats in Neko Atsume Chocola and Willow right? They were added on July 24th and during this time Willow visited me 239 times and I got her memento ages ago, but Chocola


Like what’s wrong withh thissss

Seemingly random thought: Jak fandom is seriously my favorite fandom. 

Like, I spontaneously started compiling a file of all of my favorite art pieces into a file on my computer so, even after the inevitable crash and burn of this tumblr hell scape, I can always find them, and remember them, and the good times, even if we all get scattered across the internet afterwards. 

I have such good memories of this fandom and the fact that we’re still going and creating new fan content with each other and have fairly minimal discourse(at least that I have noticed) is really awesome, and in part why I remain so inspired to make more. 

Jak fandom is best fandom. 

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