I haven’t had my tea yet.

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Additional Transcript — Cas and Dean:

“He’s sleeping. Kid’s probably had a crappy nap, wherever you found him.”

“…. Dean, he’ll be alright. He’s very resilient. But —— perhaps you should consider rushing this along and turning him back into an adult soon. Especially with the Mark as it is, and how vulnerable he could be.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“You know that you’re losing control as time continues without a solution; we all know it. And you know that by leaving him as he is, you’re putting his life in jeopardy, don’t you? He’s too young to defend himself. What will you do if you lose control and Sam is standing in the middle of it?”

“Cas, I’m not — I’ve got it under control, alright? I wouldn’t…”

“You wouldn’t hurt him if you had a choice, I’m sure. I know. But you were also moments away from killing him with a hammer thanks to that Mark. And unless you plan to keep me within arm’s reach, we both know the risks are too great.”


“I am just… saying that perhaps he shouldn’t stay here with just you, or even you and I. We should go try to find answers. We don’t even know if there are any negative effects of what has happened to him.”

“Yeah… Yeah, fine. You’re right. I… I think I have someone who can keep an eye on him, while we go out and actually dig around for something; she’s a good mom. If she’ll do it. Can’t be any worse than looking up info about some shitty Mark and being a shut-in.”


“… So. You’re turning into Papa Cas now, is that it? Who knew you were such a kid whisperer.”

“It’s, uh. A recent thing. Children happen to be more friendly to me as of late than my own siblings. At least they never attempt to impale me, so.”

“… Geez.”