actonescenetwenty asked:

hi! I got my schedule last week and it seems fairly okay, I'm in geography so my monday is heavily filled with those core courses which seems hectic but leaves a lot of room left in the rest of the week for readings and stuff! I'm mostly just excited for environmental law, it's what I want to master in so I can't wait to actually get a taste of it. I hope your schedule is good as well?

hi there! oooh that sounds so cool! i have a friend that’s an enviro studies major and he had to take lots of those kinds of classes too! kinda sucks that mondays are your worst days; they’re already bad in themselves because it’s the first day of the week :( at least you get to relax/catch up the rest of the week!

environmental law sounds so interesting! i’d love to hear how that goes ^_^

my schedule is pretty chill; i’m taking summer school right now so it’s only two courses and they’re not as bad as i thought.

happy studying! <3

[tell me about your classes for the upcoming school year?]