I see and hear a lot of talk from my fellow youth on going back to the salaf, emulating the noble predecessors, only following teachings of the salaf, going back to the source text, only following the Quran and hadith and becoming independent self taught individuals.

Please, stop and think.

Until you have mastered the Arabic (Quranic) language with all of its grammar and rules, have studied the various fiqh methodologies and rulings (which have taken scholars 15/20/30/40+ years/lifetimes), able to understand the Quran within the context of when it was revealed and for whom and under what situation, know in depth the seerah of the Messenger SAW, please take a teacher. Please seek a knowledgeable scholar who has dedicated his/her life to the study of Deen and lives and breathes the religion. Attend a reputable Islamic institution and learn under guidance.

This culture of Internet scholars, google muftis & DIY sheikhs is very dangerous. The passion, zeal & arrogance of youth can easily lead to one dodgy website or one dodgy ‘online’ mufti resulting in a snowball of bad choices and possible misguidance.

Be wary of where you take your religious guidance for it is the make or break of you.


My AU Photoset: Ventrobi + Pirates

Requested by: anon

There’s always been an attraction between Captain Ventress and her loyal second in command, Obi-Wan. But they’ve never acted on it - Asajj feels that to do so would damage her position as Captain. Things change when they are attacked by another pirate ship and one of them is injured. Will they be able to reveal their feelings? Features: fierce!piratecaptain!Asajj, clever!charming!deputycaptain!Obi-Wan, a dangerous sea battle, passionate feelings, and general pirate themes. Spoiler: Captain Ventress decides that love is possible on the high seas.

Leave an AU and a pairing in my ask and I’ll give you the plot of the fic I won’t write for it & a photoset!

Nico’s albums you should listen to 2!

Hello again!

I wanted to make another one of these, so here are 5 more albums that I like that you might also like!

1. Danger - 09/16 2007 

Dark, synthwave music from producer Danger. Sounding like it flew straight out of an 80s anime, Danger’s 09/16 2007 is well worth the listen, even if it’s comprised of only 5 tracks.

Key Track: 07:46

2. Burial - Untrue

A modern classic of UK Lo-Fi garage fusion music. Dark, weird, ambient and heavy, this record has it all. If you like lo-fi beats and obscure sampling or just want to walk into a sonic late 90s rave, this is the album for you.

Key Track: Ghost Hardware

3. Passion Pit - Manners 

Awesomely glossy electronic stomp music from Passion Pit. A genuine electronic indie masterpiece, Manners can shift from one of the peppiest records you’ve heard to a somber retelling of a personal story in two tracks. 

Key Track: Sleepyhead

4. X&G - Anomalies

Daruma trap and Jungle music come together on this record from X&G to form some of the best sounds I’ve heard in underground EDM this year. Featuring the legendary josh pan, it’s a must-listen if you enjoy industrial trap.

Key Track: XII

5. she - Electric Girl

Chiptune vibes from she. Electric and moving, Electric Girl incorporates elements of dubstep, electro, classic videogame soundtracks and trap, if you want to embark on an electronic sonic journey I highly recommend this record.

Key Track: Headshot

Love is a Dying Art

I say I love you,
ready to fight,
ready to die

Not for you, but, with you

As we stand face to face, bearing stoic expression,
We stare daggers, and flood the room with dangerous passions
We choose words before weapons, but your eyes break ceasefire before mine

And with that, the peace treaty is nullified

I brandish my blade and you wield your shield,
Our positions predetermined by fate or god or epigenetics
With aim towards your chest, I cut swiftly through the air, purposeful and precise
But you are prepared
Counting my steps, you fall back and back and back

Until you fade

Expertly cloaked, you defend yourself with your own disappearance
And you wait for my fatal flaw

I itch with urgency and follow you into the darkness
We are bound by divine will and made eternal with blood seal

But it is mine to spill

So I offer my throat, slicing macabre smiles into the side of my neck,
Letting pools of promise roll onto my skin and glisten like glass beads

You stain your lips red and leave incriminating prints on my bloodletting body
I give myself to you, vampire,
Hungry for your hunger but satiated not by your satiation

Together, we dream of permanence
– Even as we are sculpted by the ravages of decay

ivanverse  asked:

Tak do tego Character Meme - Wodahs :v (mam nadzieję że się nie spóźniłam z postacią)(nie chce mi się po ang pisać)

(proszę, nie jestem aż tak rozchwytywana żeby można się było u mnie spóźnić z postacią ^^)

Three things i have in common with him

  • I know that cooking is a dangerous passion. Don’t annoy us, we know how to use knives 
  • I’m always dying and suffering, health is not my strong point 
  • try to step on a freshly cleaned floor and I will hit you with a mop 

Three things i don’t have in common with him

  • I probably won’t be able to kill you with a said mop because I’m not really strong 
  • I’m much less organized than Wodahs, I’m doing everything at the last moment. Head-angel wouldn’t be pleased 
  • I’m still working on that judging gaze. It’s gonna be helpful in my teaching career 

Have Wodahs and his judgmental look