Valmont: Isn’t it a pity that our agreement does not relate to the task you set me, rather than the task I set myself?

Merteuil: I am grateful, of course. But that would have been almost insultingly simple… One does not applaud the tenor for clearing his throat.


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My observations watching 🎯 Arrow 5x19 "Dangerous Liaisons"

I couldn’t see the episode on Wednesday and yesterday was an impossibly crazy busy day, I was out most of the day (That’s why I didn’t write anything or popped up in here) and when I finally got home, I was tired af!! But I HAD to watch it. However, I didn’t had the will to write anything as I watched the episode, so these thoughts are from today after a good night or rest and sleep, so it’s more a general appreciation than my thoughts, scene by scene.

  • Adrian is a villain sooooooooooo great that he doesn’t need to appear  to feel his evil presence. It was great that he hacked the game and put his face on it.
  • I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I’m neither Team Arrow nor Team Felicity. I think both have valid points, meaning that that neither is 100% right or wrong. The Olicity scene in the loft killed me. Because the whole situation shows how much Felicity and Oliver care for each other. Their love is beyond anything. Besides, we’re seeing not only Felicity walking on Oliver’s shoes, but also him walking on hers. For 4 years we’ve seen her how many times she wanted him to back down from a insanely risky (in more than one sense) plan and had mixed results in convincing him to change his mind?  
    Absolutely, Felicity has every right to make her own choices and own the consequences of them as the grown-up woman that she is. But that doesn’t mean Oliver has to stay put watching her going into something she might regret later. After everything he’s done, I don’t think that’s hypocritical of him; he’s just talking from experience. The thing is that nobody learn that stuff when they’re told, only by experience. So to Oliver’s dismay, Felicity had to go through that to understand what he’s telling her. The same way he had to go through it and understand tat when she told her in the past that it wasn’t to oppose him, but because she was worried for him.
  • OMG! Everything.. all the scenes between Rene and Quentin were AMAZING!! Rene broke my heart!!! I’m glad that Lance help him to get his head straight and now he’s gonna fight to get his daughter back! (Although I read the synopsis for 5x22 and it seems that he’s not fighting that hard!!)
  • That Helix chick, she killed a guy and was so ok with it. I mean, damn girl, you KILLED the guy and you’re like if he just bumped his head or something insignificant. Intended or not, he’s DEAD!
  • Dyla… oh I’m so sad because they were fighting. It was horrible to watch. They cannot get separated. I refused to that!!! And I’m kinda annoyed at Lyla ‘cuz seriously woman, Team Arrow is helping you and you held back info?! If you haven’t guess what? Helix wouldn’t have gotten Cayden! Just sayn’!
  • The showdown between Team Arrow and Team Felicity was awesome!! but somebody wants to explains me why they didn’t unmasked Cayden? I mean that isn’t the first thing anyone would do?
  • OMG!! OMG!! the bomb exploded!! AAAHH!!!! but before that, when Felicity says that Adrian is in there, I just got a Deja Vu with one of my fics (You know the one with Slade escaping and coming back for Oliver Felicity and their son Tommy).
    A side note: Is it only me or anyone else has the doubt that it was actually Adrian who put the EMP bomb? I suspect of Helix too! Cuz I mean, Felicity doesn’t really know how the heart tracker works, or even if it was programed to find hers as it was Adrian’s or whatever.  IF Cayden is as bad as Lyla said, why not eliminate the  possible threat that Felicity represents, cuz kick her out of Helix doesn’t seems enough to me. And the Helix chick, we know she has the gut to kill anyone if she needs to, so…

I might be wrong or not, we’ll see. Next week…. Aaaaaahhh can’t wait!! The promo destroyed me!!! Is it wednesday yet?!!!

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