Valmont: Isn’t it a pity that our agreement does not relate to the task you set me, rather than the task I set myself?

Merteuil: I am grateful, of course. But that would have been almost insultingly simple… One does not applaud the tenor for clearing his throat.


The 1782 French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses — a steamy story of aristocrats behaving badly — has been told many times over the centuries in adaptations for the stage and screen. A new retelling, Unforgivable Love, has just as much betrayal and bed-hopping as the original, but in a new setting: glamorous, 1940s Harlem.

Author Sophfronia Scott says she was inspired to set the story in high society Harlem by the story of Madam C.J. Walker — a wealthy, African-American entrepreneur who made her fortune in beauty and hair products.

Find her conversation with Lulu Garcia-Navarro here.

– Petra

anonymous asked:

The costume Louise Linton wears in that CSI NY episode that is making the rounds - is this Glenn Close's Pompadour gown from Dangerous Liaisons? Because it looks way too amazing for a tv budget.

Unfortunately, they do not appear to be the same costume. The dress Louise Linton wears is green, while the one seen on Glenn Close is a dark blue.

The gown worn by Linton was most likely rented from an American costume house rather than made specifically for the episode, so the possibility of the costume having been used previously in other productions is fairly high. The gown worn by Close is most likely available through the London based costume house Cosprop.  In 2007 Cosprop put on a Fashion in Film Exhibit that comprised of some of their costumes from various films, and while the blue gown was not one of the pieces on display, two others costumes from Dangerous Liaisons were, making it likely that Cosprop houses the blue dress as well.

All of this being said, both costumes are very clearly modeled after a gown worn by Louis XV’s mistress Madame de Pompadour in a 1756 painting by François Boucher, which hangs at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich.

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