dangerous wine

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!! wine is also my undoing

I swear, every single one of my interesting nights that involved drinking were all because of wine. Idk what it is.

Evolution of Narsus’ character design (1986-2015)

Arslan | Daryun | Narsus | Elam | Farangis | Gieve | Kishward | Alfreed | Etoile

80s (by Yoshitaka Amano)

90s (by Yukiko Kamimura)

00s (by Shinobu Tanno)

10s (by Hiromu Arakawa/Shingo Ogiso)

30 years at a glance:

Which character design do you like most?

I go for the Arakawa-version! =D (Is it just me or has Narsus become less and less sexy mysterious, but instead more and more adorable over the time?)

what U need?
  • what U need?
  • LAY
  • what U need?

lyrics (translated by me, might edit later, take out with credit)

Watch baby, listen to my music / Around the bubbles, special day

Call me crazy, I’ll find the love

I can find you instantly in a crowd /The purple light is turning in your direction

Quickening heart, pretend I don’t care but I really do

Midnight stimulates the dangerous mystery

The red wine glass at night / Nothing can compare to your flagrant scent

Always searching / Oh, searching for an excuse to come over, playing

I’m still there waiting for your gaze

Love is like whisky, making people savor the taste

Woo woo baby

I can’t push down the feelings, getting closer to you

Baby you got me crazy / Just tell me what you want from me

Wandering to your eyes and lips / Leaving my mark on your shoulders

You nod at me / I’m walking over again, please don’t reject me

Baby baby baby / You’re my little lady

Baby baby baby / Always got me waiting

Baby baby baby / But I’m like the little feeling

I go one two oh one two step / Getting closer to your side

Watch baby / This atmosphere is really beautiful

Want to be your personal driver

Listen, Baby oh I can make it / Tonight you’ll fall into my love river

I can’t resist your flirting eyes

I gonna bababala baba / Can’t cool down anymore

They say love is poison but I already drank it all 

You say you’re not my cure, I let you go

Looking for a person in the world but it’s so boring, the list is bursting

Edison invented the lightbulb / But didn’t think the brighter it is, the more boring it is

You’re exuding mesmerizing aura in the night

In this city, it makes me lost but gives me direction

You don’t seem to care but I can’t not think of you

Suddenly closer and farther

“So I thought I should go visit my parents on Sunday, I almost forgot how  they look like” 

Jimin laughs happily, mulled wine dangerously getting closer to the edge of the red mug in his hands due to the shaking of his shoulders. 

“Don’t worry. I’ve already forgotten mine” Hoseok sends Jimin his biggest smile in response, his teeth showing. The party Seokjin has organised seems to be a success since everyone around them has been having a pretty good time, light pink dusting people faces, probably the effect of drinking too much. Hoseok is leaning casually against the wall holding his own green mug in his hands, listening to Jimin’s speech about not having enough time to even visit his parents, wide smile spread on his face as he’s learning all the younger’s expressions as he continues on his whining. The ‘scrunchy nose’ is probably his favorite because the way Jimin’s eyes squint as he does it along with his small hands flying up in the air with every complaint is just utterly adorable and Hoseok has to prevent himself from cooing at him all the time. He can’t help but throw sneaky glances at Jimin’s, well- other parts of his body, whenever something catches the younger’s attention for a second or two. Hoseok has to admit that the baby blue bomber jacket and Jimin’s hair make a perfect pair which is like a compliment to his defined chest under the black singlet and his toned thighs hidden underneath black, skinny jeans. He always liked his style and the boy has never disappointed him with his outfits, emphisizing the best parts of his gorgeous body.

He’s just about to answer Jimin’s question when two (rather unfamiliar) girls interrupt him, giggling like crazy and reaching out to catch his and Jimin’s hands, pulling them somewhere, clearly surprising them both. 

“Sorry for interrupting, but we’re standing under the mistletoe” one of them winks at Jimin and smiles brightly at Hoseok, her eyes laughing as she points at the plant hanging from the ceiling. Which is a few meters away from them. 

“But-” they start at the same moment, both looking back at the girls only to be greeted with quick pecks on the cheeks and then they’re gone, waving at them and pulling other people into their weird game.

“But it’s not even over us” Jimin laughs rubbing his cheek to get rid of the red lips stampted on his skin just as Hoseok brings his hand to his own face, frowning when he finds the lipstick there as well. “Do you know them?” his expression breaks into a grin before he lifts his mug to his lips noticing the small squint of Jimin’s eyes as he takes a sip of the dark beverage. “No, but who cares. It was nice” he laughs again making Hoseok join him, both of them enjoying each other’s presence. It’s not like he has noticed just now, but today Hoseok really looks breathtaking. Somehow more than usually. Though he’s not sure if it’s because of the black, leather jacket over the black top, hugging his body really tight or because of the fact that the older is wearing that certain green scarf, the one Jimin gave him two days ago as a gift. Either way, he feels warm just looking at him, even hot considering that his gaze lazily moves towards his legs every 5 seconds.

“I think they didn’t lie when they said we were standing under the mistletoe" 

Hoseok says making Jimin turn his attention back to the older, his eyebrows furrowing together. "There’s one” The older points at the lamp over his head with his mug and Jimin snorts because HEY these girls are cunning. He looks up at his friend and the little devil inside of him pushes him to do something stupid. Very stupid.

“So where’s my kiss, hyung?” he asks playfully, squinting his eyes adorably expecting the other boy to shove his shoulder and laugh at him but Hoseok’s face is suddenly really close to his and he feels a pair of lips on his cheek before the older pulls away leaning back against the wall. Ok. That was quick. And unexpected and confusing but felt so good at the same time and Jimin knows he’s risking much but he pushes further anyway. 

“That’s it?” he raises his eyebrow trying to look as if he’s mocking the older but Hoseok notices it, the disappointment mixed with fake playfulness and he laughs shaking his head, sudden amount of confidence flowing through his bloodstream.  “Of course not” 

Okay Hoseok you’re going to cry later about it. The older thinks to himself as his hand cups Jimin’s face pulling him closer until their lips collide somewhere in the middle and before the younger can even catch his balance or even process what’s happening his being kissed hungrily by the older. 

Oh holy shit. Shit.Shit.Shit.

Yes, he’s been thinking about it. Yes he’s been dreaming about it. Since the first time they met. But never in his boldest dreams he would think about it happening for real. But now, when it’s finally happening, much to Jimin’s confusion he knows what to do, he’s not thinking, calculating but he’s just feeling and his lips are moving without his mind interrupting. And he presses further into Hoseok letting their tongues slide against each other, pushing the older against the wall until there’s not even the tiniest hole and Hoseok’s hand tangles in his hair, his thumb brushing against his earlobe and he puts his own hand on the older’s hip under the leather jacket and fuck why is he still holding this mug? Why is Hoseok holding the mug as well? He breaks the kiss, his heart beating rapidly as they both look down at their feet, painfully aware that even though it’s dark in the corridor, people still can see them quite clearly. Hoseok clears his throat, a big smile crawling onto his lips as he nervously looks into Jimin’s waiting eyes.

 “THAT was it. But I think I got carried away a bit so I’m so-” “Bullshit" 

Jimin cuts him off giving him the look saying you wanted it to be like this, his palm resting on the wall next to Hoseok’s head and the older sighs before giggling. "Okay, I did it on purpose. I almost freaked out but it was 'now or never’. Looks like I like risk” he sends Jimin the brightest smile the younger has ever seen and- Park Jimin could you please- But- OKAY WHATEVER. 

Jimin is kissing him again almost dropping his mug on the floor, enjoying the taste of wine on his hyung’s tongue, small gasp at the back of his throat, his fingers running along his spine under his jacket. “Here you are!” 

Taehyung screams right into Jimin’s ear, Namjoon following right after tearing Jimin off Hoseok, both of them not giving a fuck about the 'kissing just seconds ago’ pair. “What the hell?!” Jimin growls as he spills his wine all over his bomber and partly Hoseok’s jeans. Hoseok. Well, at least he looks amused. “You guys don’t know what 'subtlety’ and 'shame’ mean, do you?” he grins watching as Jimin is pushing Taehyung’s hands away from his clothes, Namjoon only grinning in reply.

“Oh God. Hobi come on.” Jimin shoves Tae against the Namjoon, taking Hoseok’s hand and pulling him towards the front door grabbing their coats on the way, ignoring the other’s calls. 

'REMEMBER ABOUT PROTECTION!“ It’s all they hear before the younger slams the door with a loud thud.

It’s snowing badly outside and it’s cold as fuck but Jimin is busy melting in Hoseok’s arms to notice such trivial things in this moment. They started kissing right after leaving the house and they didn’t even make it to the end of the stairs before Jimin was pulling Hoseok close, his lips attacking the older’s immediately.

"Slow down a bit” Hoseok laughs catching Jimin’s wrists and keeping them in place against his chest trying to say something (very stupid but he needs to do it). The younger is watching him curiously and really, these plump, wet lips aren’t helping Hoseok at all. 

“I know where it’s all going, I know because I want it to go there but what’s going to happen after that? Because-” Jimin breaks himself free and pulls the older away from the entrance so people can walk out of the house. 

“You kissed me and I kissed you back, didn’t I?” Jimin asks watching as Hoseok furrows his eyebrows together. “Yes, but-” “I like you and you like me back, don’t you?” Okay now the older is kind of confused but he answers anyway. “Yeah, but-” “And I want us to be something more than just friends and I know I’m not going to regret after what’s going to happen later” Hoseok grins when Jimin wiggles his eyebrows meaningfully. “So tell me, tomorrow morning, when we’ll be laying in my bed AND YES we will be doing that, what will you be thinking?” 

What will he be thinking? Oh boy… His mind is going to be one hell of a mess. 

“Same things as usual. That you are so beautiful and kind, and perfect and that you look really good in everything and you’re good at everything and that your small hand fits perfectly into mine and how much I love your smile, the way you laugh, the way you breathe and live, how lucky I was to get to know you. And that I never meant to be only your friend. And that I’m going to ask you out properly because I want you to be by my side?" 

Jimin ignores the questioning tone instead intertwining their fingers together, wide smile on his lips, eyes sparkling in the faint light of neon lights decorating the house. Hoseok smiles back tightening the grip on the younger’s hand. "Shall we?” Jimin asks quietly making Hoseok smirk. 

Hoseok didn’t know he would end up in a situation like this. Of course he hoped for something to happen but not this. He didn’t even dare to imagine Jimin would be shirtless with his jeans open, in front of him, straddling him, rolling his hips down teasingly. He would have laughed if someone had told him he would be mouthing along Jimin’s jawline while the younger would be gasping lightly tangling his hands in Hoseok’s hair, tugging at them with every flick of his tongue on Jimin’s neck. But he is doing it right now, putting Jimin down on the matress of his bed, his lips grazing softly at his chin, his hips moving slowly only to speed up moments later making Jimin moan his name against his lips. It all goes too fast, their hands are clumsy, kisses sloppy. He’s sure the image of Jimin bouncing up and down his cock as if tomorrow was never going to come, as if they were seeing each other for the last time would be imprinted in his brain for years. He has never really liked his name but with Jimin whispering it over and over again like a mantra, he thinks he can finally get used to it. But he’ll probably never get used to the sight of Jimin, sprawled underneath him with his legs around his waist, pulling him closer, connecting their hands together as Hoseok pushes them both further to the edge. He’s never going to be used to the look of Jimin’s face, completely lost in pleasure, so sexy, so beautiful. The moment they reach their climax, Hoseok is pretty aware of dark stripes covering his back, light bruises on Jimin hipbones, white path on Jimin’s stomach from his own release, blood staining their lips and Jimin is staring at him, so happily, his smile is warm and everything is just perfect. Just as Jimin.

 "I didn’t think I would get another gift this year" Hoseok pants into the crook of Jimin’s neck, collapsing onto him and enjoying the heat radiating from his body. “Exactly what I was thinking” Jimin says, his voice hoarse and low as he runs his fingers through Hoseok’s slightly damp and matted hair. Pain is starting to sink into his lower back but he doesn’t give a fuck about it because it was so worth of it and the flush on the older’s cheeks are the best confirmation. “You’re not going to move?” Hoseok shakes his head not moving even an inch. “Too tired?” Jimin asks with amusement brushing the dark strands away from Hoseok’s forehead, his hand sliding down his face to rest on his collarbone. “Nah” “Then why?” “I’m waiting” “For what?” There’s a moment of silence

“I want tomorrow to come right now so I can ask you out” Jimin snorts hugging Hoseok harder, almost crushing his bones (at least noises the older is making gives him that idea) as he tries to hide his expression. “What if I’m going to reject you?” the younger asks in a serious tone but still with his flushed face hidden in Hoseok’s hair. “Then I’ll be asking until you agree” the older replies flatly finally lifting himself from Jimin. “Deal?” he looks into the younger’s eyes, his lower lip, chapped and dark, between his teeth as he’s waiting for the answer. Jimin pulls him down to replace his teeth with his own lips after replying quietly.


CHRISTMAS FLUFF! (+some light smut haha couldn’t resist) I wanted to post something earlier and wish you merry christmas etc etc but of course I was too busy and my family got drunk (including me) and really I’m not sure what would have happened if I had started writing anything hahaha ANYWAY. Thanks for anyone who’s following my blog “(it’s really nice and I feel sooo warm (^_^) and I also thought about uploading a selfie with some shitty speech about how nice all of you are BUT nah You know it without it :D HAVE A GREAT TIME GUYS ♥

The Waiters

“When did you want to dine, sir?”

“Well—” The man stops, takes a heavy, shuddering breath. “My—she, um—it is supposed to be tonight, but she is—she left town, suddenly, and I don’t know when—”

“Perhaps you could call back after you’ve spoken with her?” Edward suggests, but the man has come to some sort of decision.

“Next Saturday. Can we do next Saturday?”

“At six-thirty or eight o’clock, sir?”

“Six-thirty,” the man answers promptly, voice softening. “She likes to have enough time to digest before she goes to sleep.”

A long-standing relationship, perhaps in danger? Slightly more expensive wine, to show his dedication. “Of course, sir. What name shall I put the reservation under?”


“Very well, Mr. Fitz. A table for two, next Saturday at six-thirty. Feel free to call if you need to change.”

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