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Slow motion hunting jaguar from Brazil - this video was shot using a high speed camera and the leap took under 5 seconds.

Vicious predators native to the vast and desolate prairies of Manitoba, Canadian Panthers have successfully spread to the entirety of Turtle Island. Encounters with these ferocious felidae almost always conclude calamitously, and they are believed to be responsible for the complete destruction of several small communities in rural Ontario. Above is the last photograph taken by an as-yet unidentified photographer, capturing the moment just before a Canadian Panther attacked and killed them.

Let A Horrifying Spider Climb Down Your Throat, And 4 Other Plans For A Perfect Day In Sydney

Sydney, Australia is rich in both natural and man-made attractions, and 24 hours simply isn’t enough time to do and see everything this incredible city has to offer! If you’ve only got one day to spend in Sydney, here are the five things you absolutely have to do to get the most out of your visit.

1. Go to jail for impersonating an Australian: Americans love practicing their Australian accents, but in Sydney, it’s illegal to impersonate an Australian if you aren’t one. So if you walk up to a cop and say, “Throw another shrimp on the barbie,” just be aware that you’ll probably end up spending life in prison without the possibility of parole.

2. Let a horrifying spider climb down your throat: Australia is known for having some pretty diverse and dangerous wildlife, and if you’ve only got one day to spend in Sydney, then we recommend heading out into the wilderness, finding a spider, and letting it crawl down your throat and into your lungs. There’s no better way to get the authentic Sydney experience!

3. Visit the Sydney Aquarium and give the stingray that killed the Crocodile Hunter a spanking: Every day, thousands of tourists and native Australians alike visit the Sydney Aquarium to teach the stingray that killed “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin a lesson by spanking it firmly on its behind. You can’t visit Sydney without giving that asshole of a stingray a whupping on its rubbery, slimy ass.

4. Buy a koala—they’re only $4, and they’re light: Koalas are not only cheap, but they barely weigh anything at all. An animal at the perfect intersection of price and weight, there’s really no excuse not to pick one up on your trip to Sydney.

5. Visit St. Mary’s Cathedral, the closest thing Sydney has to a Home Depot: If you’re jonesing for a Home Depot experience in the land down under, your best bet is a visit to St. Mary’s Cathedral. While the building is a twin-spired Catholic church and not a home-improvement big-box store, it’s as close as you’re going to get.

rinoaheartillyy  asked:

i'm starting a new job next week so i was wondering if you could do some xv headcanons for the chocobros each starting a new job pretty please? (ps, i love your blog♥)

I hope you do great on your new job and that you love every minute of it!


  • sushi chef assistant (part time)
  • he likes fish so he signed up, had no idea what working at a sushi place entails until he was put in an apron to do it
  • not very good at interacting with customers so he was assigned to flip the rice
  • literally just flipping sushi rice until it’s cool enough to handle
  • it’s okay he likes it
  • gets excited every morning for the new fish coming in from the fish market
  • sometimes the guy in charge of the sashimi will give him a slice because it’s like having a dog give you beggin eyes when you’re snacking YOU CAN’T JUST NOT GIVE HIM SOME


  • camera repair shop
  • loves tinkering with the rejects, somehow manages to get them back into working condition after being declared dead
  • loves the older models because it’s easier to find replacement parts
  • plus the polaroids are instant! they don’t make them instant anymore!
  • sometimes a dead camera will contain some precious photographs, he likes flipping through them and imagining what kind of life it shared with the owners
  • other times he regrets looking at the photos and wonders if developing solutions can wash the images burned into his eyes


  • daycare instructor
  • wears a floral apron and is permanently attached at the hip to at least one toddler
  • teaches the children how to play nice and wash their hands after lunch
  • says he only took the job because it will look good on his resume
  • says he doesn’t feel it’s the job for him because he doesn’t work well with children, it is only temporary, he will move on to something bigger soon
  • has been doing it for three years already
  • actually talks about ‘his kids’ every waking moment of every day
  • sends pictures of their shenanigans and playground drama to the other chocobros
  • they want to groan and tell him to stop gushing over other people’s kids but Ignis somehow landed some seriously juicy stories from these shrimps like legit mexican-drama-level entertainment 


  • firewatch lookout
  • spends his mornings in the tower reading books and keeping an eye out
  • takes walks all day and intimidates campers who litter
  • eats mushrooms and cup noodles and mushroom cup noodles
  • scares the crap out of Iris and the other bros by sending pics of himself touching the dangerous wildlife
  • gets yelled at by Ignis for taking selfies of nearly putting poison berries in his mouth (he knows what they are, its just too much fun to tease Iggy lmao) 
  • wrestles bears

I visited Whale World IRL today guys.

The ROM’s Blue Whale Exhibit is absolutely beautiful. They had videos, and educational films, a video game, costumes for the kiddies, brain sculpts, krill, sections on evolution and conservation and my favourite part was the section for Whale Songs, I love me some whale songs.

Not to mention that the skeleton is perfect. The exhibit only goes until September 4th but I hope some time in the future she will become a permanent fixture at the ROM. (mostly because im selfish and want to see her in a permanent gallery so I would be able to draw her)