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Slow motion hunting jaguar from Brazil - this video was shot using a high speed camera and the leap took under 5 seconds.

Vicious predators native to the vast and desolate prairies of Manitoba, Canadian Panthers have successfully spread to the entirety of Turtle Island. Encounters with these ferocious felidae almost always conclude calamitously, and they are believed to be responsible for the complete destruction of several small communities in rural Ontario. Above is the last photograph taken by an as-yet unidentified photographer, capturing the moment just before a Canadian Panther attacked and killed them.

EXO reaction to Australian wildlife

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He saw the spider and wanted to find out more about it to see if it could kill him or not

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So scared; he wouldn’t want to visit Australia ever again if it meant that he saw spiders every 2 seconds

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Says that he isn’t scared when in reality he was terrified and already booking flights to China

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Scared at first but then realises that he gets bitten by the poisonous spider then he gets to spend some time in hospital having some relaxation time away from his members

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Sees spider dangling above him about to drop on his face but goes back to sleep

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Didn’t realise Australia had dangerous wildlife 

Jagi, I thought that Australia just had cute Koalas and Kangaroos

You’re kidding right?

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Not bothered by the spider but keeps his distance because he doesn’t want to die 

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*shook* Tries to kill it

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Sees a spider in his shoe and leaves it there thinking of ways to burn down the house to get rid of it

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Researched Australia before he as supposed to to go and saw articles about spiders and snakes and bugs and decided not to go

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Was having a great time then went to the toilet and saw a spider in the toilet and just stared at it

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Saw one spider hanging from a spider and started complaining for the rest of the trip

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Bassian Headcannon #16

Bodhi loves animals more than he likes people. Or flying. Or most things other than Cassian. It doesn’t matter how dangerous the wildlife is, he always tries to protect it or befriend it or pet it. Even the insects that often get in the jungle base on Yavin he tries to save and let go outside, even when everyone else is determined to exterminate them. When they get stationed briefly on Hoth, Bodhi spent every second of his free time in the stables where the tauntaun’s are kept and by the end he knows them all by name. Cassian, of course, finds this trait adorable and for a special treat on their first proper holiday takes him to a planet renowned for its eco diversity and friendly animals. Bodhi practically cries every time a small furry creature decides to sniff his hand or rub against him and nothing makes Cassian happier than seeing his whole face light up with joy. It truly is beautiful.

Humans are a brutal warrior race. Humans are from a hostile and dangerous planet of predators and survival. Humans have learned to inhabit nearly every environment of their planet. Humans capture the most dangerous animals on their home planet for entertainment. Humans brains are capable of entering a beserker state known as “fight or flight,” in which they can jump across canyons or lift cars. Human’s home planet is on an extremely inhospitable axis and the temperature fluxuates drastically. Humans breathe in through the same orifice they consume food with. Humans choose to eat other organisms, all of which have millions of microbiomes inside them. Humans bodies are also resistant to some of the most dangerous viruses in the galaxy, many of which originated on their planet. They have to purposely inject damaged or dead viruses in their bodies so that they can train to become more resistant to them. Humans have several landmasses teeming with incredibly dangerous wildlife, and humans purposely hunt or fight these animals for sport. Humans have sports in which they kill animals four to five times their size by tiring them out and then stabbing them. Humans can detect chemicals in the atmosphere with a specialized organ on their head. Humans have keratin growths on their fingers that can rip into other animals flesh.