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No but really this was great and I’d love to read more of it, I find the idea super interesting, like sirens are such a common and wellknown threat that lifeguards are hired specifically for their ability to resist them, super cool!

Sorry it took me a little while to respond to this, I enjoyed it so much I wanted to draw a lil smth for it

There was a time of the evening when it was easiest to strike. Sock had gotten it down to a science. When it got darker and cooler, the crowd on the beach thinned, and so too did the number of lifeguards. Three, two, and then just one, standing watch over the tourists still milling about on the sand and splashing around in the shallows. One life guard, however watchful, couldn’t keep track of everything at once, and there were blind spots to be exploited if you knew where they were.

Needless to say, Sock did.

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Tide Pool

Merman!Jimin x Reader

15.6K of Fluff, Smut, and a teeny bit of angst if you tilt your head to the right.

Warnings: Fingers going places and Mentions of/ attempt of murder.

Thank you Darlings who helped me through this rough writing process! Enjoy!

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Music floated throughout the air around the sand and water.  The wall of beautiful blue water barrels towards the shore, slowly collapsing into itself. The sun laid high in the sky, warming the skin of those it touched. “Surfers, please get ready for the next heat!” Resounded through the speakers.

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I’m always over the moon when I find out about local bands that I’d hitherto not been aware of. Enter MT. EDDY, an Oakland based rock band previously known as Jacob Danger, lead by guitarist and singer songwriter Jakob Danger Armstrong who’s the youngest child of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. The Oakland quartet released the second track of their forthcoming album Chroma today. Working Title’s punky chugging rock channels bits of chalky, early The Strokes and some sooty Arctic Monkeys with a hint of surfy bands like DIIV, Fidlar, or Beach Fossils. MT. EDDY will be embarking on a West Coast tour tonight in support of SWMRS, which also involves an Armstrong lad, too. That family is becoming a Bay Area music dynasty of sorts at this rate! Pre-order MT. EDDY’s debut album Chroma from iTunes, here, before it’s out on Uncool Records come June 2nd.

The Dangers of Mattress Surfing: A short DT Fanfic.

I tried to post this three times :D

Short drabble based on a list of sentence starters I reblogged a while ago. Enjoy this because it took a million years to finally upload.

“We probably shouldn’t have tried to surf on the mattress down the stairs…”

“Pssh, Nah!” Dewey grunted as he attempted for the third time to dislodge his laziest brother from the old, now punctured, rotten wood of the mansion wall. “It would have been fine if this wall wasn’t in the way.”

“There was literally no way for there to not be a wall when we surfed the mattress down this particular flight of stairs.” Huey tapped his webbed foot worriedly as he observed Dewey’s failed attempts to free the third triplet. “In fact if it wasn’t this particular wall in the way, Louie’s head would be smashed in as well as Scrooges wallpaper.”

“So it worked out!” Came his bright response.

“It did not work out!” Huey exclaimed, panic becoming prominent. “We are still in so much trouble! How are we going to explain to Uncle Donald that we nearly gave Louie a concussion?”

“We don’t?” Louie’s voice, partially muffled by the rotten wood, sounded hopeful. Unaware of the wince and accompanying grimace his two older brothers exchanged when the gravity of the situation began setting in.

“Don’t be – huff – paranoid!” Dewey didn’t attempt to wipe away the bead of sweat crawling down the side of his face. Instead his unconvincing smile turned back to the, at any other time, HILARIOUS image of Louie’s tail end protruding from a dollar-sign emblazoned wall. His ducky legs appeared disproportionately gangly as they hung in quiet acceptance. “We know who the real authority is around here, and there’s no way Uncle Donald can be scarier than him!”

“And once we tell Scrooge we broke through his wall doing something stupid that you planned again?” Huey, arms crossed, stared at his troublemaker sibling with raised eyebrows.

“We don’t.” Louie called with more insistence, somehow catching wind of the change in mood and crossing his ankles nervously.

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imlostontheinternet  asked:

Ok, ok, Merformers though. Like imagine potential human s/o is surfing in dangerous waters and just gets rickity recked! S/o is sinking fast and Merformers bae is having none of that! Finally after an eternity, s/o wakes on a secret, secluded beach with bae just humming softly to themselves before turning towards their human and *le gasp* "Omg, you're ok! I was so worried! Blah blah, drabble drabble." Human is super confused but also a tots hot babe just saved me? What? Ok then, let's do this?!

You know you’ve basically given me The Little Mermaid with merformers, right?  How can I possibly not write The Little Mermaid with merformers now?  XD  (Let’s go with TFA because it doesn’t get enough love)

“Come on, Prowl!  We gotta go! It’s not safe up here,” the little yellow mech whined, scratching nervously at the scales of his forearms and slapping his tail a few times against the water for good measure.  A few yards away from him, hauled up on the beach, was his friend Prowl, who seemed currently lost in his own little world as he gazed tenderly over the figure of an unconscious human.  

“In a minute, Bumblebee,” Prowl said, though Bumblebee doubted he was actually listening to him.  “I just want to make sure they’re alright.”

“Why did you even care?” Bumblebee groaned, eyes darting nervously around the cove to make sure no one was coming.  “You already saved them from drowning.  Big tick. Congratulations.  Let the humans deal with it from here on out.”    

Prowl ignored him as he continued to scan the human over for injuries.  He had been so panicked a moment before, sure that the fragile creature beneath him could not possibly survive a collision of the caliber against the nearby rocks.  But he was quickly learning that humans, small and delicate as they were, were nothing if not resilient.  Now that he was sure they would be alright, Prowl allowed himself to study the strange and beautiful specimen.  

He had always been fascinated by humans, for nearly about as long as humans had existed.  He just couldn’t understand his kind’s indifference towards them.  They were utterly remarkable.  So small, and so vulnerable, yet they had seemingly conquered the entire planet in just a few thousand years.  Prowl admired their intellect, their passion, their sometimes suicidal thirst for adventure.  For years, he had been thinking about the best way to observe one up close without frightening them, and here it seemed the gods of the seas and storms had seen fit to plop one right into his lap.

Prowl’s sharp tipped claws hovered a mere hairsbreadth away from the delicate skin of the human’s cheek, as if afraid that they might somehow shatter if he touched them.  They were so beautiful – even like this - the rapidly setting sun bathing their skin in a myriad of corals and pinks.  With a shaking breath, he ever so gently stroked the smooth side of his claws across their face and marveled at the softness of it.  Human skin felt so strange compared to his – less slippery somehow, he decided.   

His eyes drifted towards the top of their head and the tangled, strands splayed out over the sand.  Feeling bolder, he reached out to run his fingers through their hair – something he had been curious about since he had first laid eyes on a human.  Their hair was a mess of tangles from being tossed about in the waves, and the salt and sand gave it a slightly coarser texture than he was expecting, but even still, Prowl couldn’t keep the smile from his face. He wondered what it would feel like once it was clean and dry.  What it would be like to run his claws through it as he peppered the smooth skin with feather-light kisses – the human gazing up at him with a soft, adoring smile-

“Prowl,”  The harsh voice, punctuated by a loud smack of a tail hitting the water jerked Prowl out of his daze.  “We have to go,” Bumblebee snapped both in agitation and exasperation.  “It’s getting dark, and I’d really like to not run into Megatron and his gang during their feeding time, you feel me?”

“Sorry,” Prowl mumbled sheepishly, quickly withdrawing his hand.  “Sorry, I-  I’m coming.”  He somewhat unceremoniously pulled himself towards the water using his powerful upper body strength.  The minute he was fully submerged, Bumblebee took off like a speedboat, skimming along the surface before pulling a spectacular breach and driving headfirst below the waves.

“Hmm, showoff,” Prowl muttered distastefully.  He paused to cast one last look over his shoulder at the human, his expression both wistful and expectant.  He waited until their fingers began to twitch, and a low, pained groan escaped from their throat as the human struggled to right themselves.  Prowl smiled softly and disappeared beneath the waves, feeling the familiar tranquil, warmth of the balmy seas envelope him once again. 

The smile continued to grow as Prowl felt his face heat up with a flush that had nothing to do with the surrounding temperature.  He had to see them again, he decided.  He just had to.  Somehow, someway, he would find the one he rescued again and tell them everything that was in his heart, even if he had to give up his fins to do it.


Danger Man / John Drake Theme - The Clee-Shays

California surf-band, The Clee-Shays play “John Drake Theme”, the theme to the iconic sixties TV series “Danger Man”. Only released for the Japanese market, and known as ’High Wire’.

In North America, the show was called ‘Secret Agent Man’, featuring the same-named theme-song, sung by Johnny Rivers.


In the long-standing tradition of surf and hot rod instrumental ringers of the 1960s, the Clee-Shays weren’t really a group, but rather a studio concoction put together by Challengers drummer/producer/mover and shaker Richard Delvy to cash in on the Japanese secret agent/spy music market made popular by Al Caiola and others. Utilizing Ed Fournier, John Anderson and Bob Edwards on alternating lead guitars, Buzz Carre on bass, and Delvy alternating with Larry Brown on drums, the group ground out albums in session after anonymous session. A 20-track collection cherry-picks the best tracks from their various Japanese albums, with Fournier’s originals counting for seven of the selections and spirited covers of “Beyond,” “Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,” “Thunderball” and “Get Smart” also spicing up the mix.

Hawaii- Jack Maynard imagine (request )

“Jack we’re late. Everybody’s probably there. Josh and Conor left also.”
“Just five more minutes.”
“Jack. I’ve already finished everything.”
“Do we have to go ? Let’s just cuddle in bed and forget about this trip”
“You know I’ve been to Hawaii once so I won’t miss anything. But If you wanna miss it then we’ll stay”
He groaned and moved in his sleep still on the bed.
“We need to go.”
“Give me some time.”
“I’m gonna go by my own.”
“Okay I’m up. I’m up.”
“Good boy”
“Where’s my morning kisses?”
“No time just get a shower, eat a thing and get dressed.”
“As you see we’re late because of Jack and now we lost the boys. Thanks Jack” You vlogged.
“It’s not my fault okay? I’m not a morning person.”
“There they are. JOE, CASPAR”
“ Stop yelling Y/N. It’s not like you haven’t seen them in a month.”
“I haven’t seen them in a year.”
“A little bit exaggerating.”
“Don’t be jealous. I have all time for you Jack.”
“Hello!” Caspar said grabbing you in a hug.
“Say hi to the vlog” Joe said holding up the camera.
“You’re vlogging too?”
“What else would I do.”
“Such a daily vlogger”
“Where are the rest of the gang?” Jack asked.
“I have no clue. We just got here. Joe had not packed till now and I didn’t wake up to the alarm.” Caspar replied.
“So we aren’t the only ones late?” You said.
“Well you two were late because of something else. See what I mean?” Joe joked.
“Oh shut up. Jack wasn’t waking up”
“No lying we know you guys.”
“That’s why I didn’t wanna go with them.” Jack said.
“Too late now.” You said.
“Come on, we’ll go and find the boys”
“After a long flight, we finally arrived to Hawaii. Are you excited Jack?” You pointed the camera towards him.
“I’m so tired.” Jack leaned on your shoulder putting all his weight on you.
“Jack stop. You’re heavy”
“Please I need to sleep.”
“We’ll sleep when we’ll get there. You’ll see the hotel is amazing.”
“According to the driver, we should be there in an hour.” Josh said
“Oh my God.” Jack said
“It’ll be worth it”.
“So we arrived at the hotel and Jack threw himself on the bed and immediately fell asleep.” You whispered to the vlog.
“Look at him. I don’t know what to do he’s taking more than half of the bed. Guess I’ll sleep on the floor. That’s it for the vlog Today hope you have an amazing Summer and I’ll see you Tomorrow in another vlog. Bye!”
You turned over to Jack, not wanting to wake him up you got in bed slowly and managed to sleep till morning came.
“Good morning everyone and welcome back to Hawaii vlog part 2. Today we’re going to… Where are we going Jack.”
“To the beach yay.”
“So we’re going to the beach and I’m very excited cause I haven’t surfed in so long.”
“Surfing is dangerous for you.”
“What do you mean? No it isn’t.”
“Well you’re quite clumsy.”
“But I’m good at it.”
“Well you better be careful.”
You entered the car with the rest of the boys and began vlogging.
“So the boys are quite annoyed by my surf skills.”
“No we’re not it’s just… I have never seen a girl surfboard.” Conor said.
“Well now you’re gonna.”
“She’s talking as if she won best surfboarder of the year.” Josh said.
“No I just don’t get it why you guys are annoyed by it”
“Show us now how you’re gonna get that giant thing out” They all laughed.
You sighed as you tried getting it out of the car.
“I’ll help you” Jack said.
“It would be better if we planned this trip just for the two of us. The boys are annoying.”
“No it’s okay we’re having fun”
“Don’t take everything they say for granted. They always loved teasing me.”
“Aww don’t worry we’ll have fun” You kissed his cheek.
“Hey love birds we better get going.” Joe said.
“Look at that flower costume Y/N.” Jack pointed on a shop.
“Oh God it’s awful.”
“No I think it’s pretty.”
“Well I think it’s ugly.”
“Oh okay.”
“Well that was scary did you see that?” Joe asked the boys.
“See what?”
“Y/N and her surfboard. She’s really good at it”
“Told ya I’m amazing.” You said.
“Not that much.”
“You’re just jealous. Where’s Jack?”
“I think he went for a drink” as soon as Caspar said you saw Jack.
“Look what I brought.” He waved the costume from earlier.
“Oh no why did you bring it?”
“It’s beautiful”
“No it’s not.”
“You’ll have to try it out.”
*Back at the hotel*
“So you’re gonna try it out?”
“Okay but just for a sec not more” you said grabbing it and trying it on.
“Wait I have to get this on camera. So what do you think guys?”
“Jack nooo not to the vlog.”
“You’re beautiful.”
“Piss off. No I’m not.”
“She’s angry she doesn’t love me anymore.”
“No I do.”
“Gimme a kiss”
You kissed him and you stopped a second after.
“We should not get this on camera.”..
Hope that was what you were wishing for. Sorry for any mistakes but my eyes are hurting so bad. See u nxt time xxx

Hideaway Chapter 1

As promised…. Chapter 1 is here! I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think! 

Chapter One

Crying into my chicken pesto in the middle of a crowded restaurant was not quite how I imagined lunch with my friends would go. But, there I was, big, gross tears falling down my cheeks as I held my friends phone. In front of me was my ex’s instagram featuring the tramp he cheated on me with; the caption declaring his love for her. LOVE! We had been sharing those words not even two months ago. How could he love her already. I felt used, cheap, and betrayed all over again.

“He’s a fucking rat, Liv. You deserve so much better.” My friend Evie ranted. I had been doing ok. The initial shock of the break up had worn off but the media didn’t seem to get that memo. They still hounded me every time I stepped into public. They wanted to know what it was like to see photos my boyfriend kissing another woman splashed across the front cover of every newspaper and magazine.

It has been almost two months since he got caught and I tossed his sorry ass. Now, he was happily making a fool out of me in front of the entire world with his posts. He was telling the world he moved on while I sat crying in a very popular restaurant. I’m sure half the other diners had their cell phones trained on me at this point. I quickly cleaned myself up and tossed the phone back to Evie.

“You’re right. He is shit and I’m over it.” I took a bite of my chicken to prove my point and huffed. I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of another public embarrassment. The paps got me moving myself out of his apartment in tears and the caught me red eyed and disheveled outside of my agents offices a few days later. I was tired of it. I just wanted to move on.

I stepped out of the restaurant and was met with half a dozen paps yelling my name; all holding their phones up with my ex’s post on full display. I felt the twinge of hurt hit again and my eyes welled up tears before I could stop them.

“Liv, How do you feel about Dan moving on so quickly? Do you still love him? Do you want him back? Are you crying? Liv Liv Liv…” I held my hand over my face and darted to my car. I shielded my eyes until I was able to pull away. Once I was away, a sob escaped my throat. This was getting out of control. I needed to get out of here. I pushed the bluetooth button on my steering wheel and dialed my agent.

“Hey Liv. I’m guessing you saw the post?” She asked, as soon as she answered.

“Yeah, and met a bunch of damn paps outside of lunch.” I growled. “Jess. I need to get the hell out of here. I need to get somewhere quiet so I can write and not deal with this shit.” I was still crying and the emotions laced my words. “I’ll go anywhere. Just get me out of here, Jess, please.”

“I’ll make it happen, Liv. You deserve a break.” I could hear typing from her end. “I’ll call you back before tonight with some ideas, ok?”

“Yeah. Thanks Jess, you’re the best.” I ended the call just as I pulled up to my apartments.

The call back came sooner then I was expecting. I answered on the second ring.

“How does Kauai sound?” Jess said, instead of a greeting.

“Hawaii? Isn’t Hawaii always crawling with Paps?” I was skeptical.

“No, that’s the big island and Maui. Where all the big time resorts are. Kauai is quiet. Small. More local. And it’s the off season. You can rent a little cottage. You will be off the grid.” I smiled. I haven’t been to Hawaii before. It sounded perfect.

“Book it. I want to leave as soon as you can make it happen.” I smiled for the first time in a long time.

“How does tomorrow sound?” The clicks of her keyboard sounded over the phone once again.

“Perfect. Absolutely perfect.”


I spread my towel out in the shade of the tree that had become my spot nearly every day for the last few weeks. It is my secret spot. It was as if no one even knew this little strip of beach existed. I always found it completely empty and often stayed that way the entire day. It wasn’t really off the beaten path, but the beach was rocky and dangerous to swim or surf in. Because of this, people rarely ventured to the stretch of sand that held my beloved tree unless it was to stroll past and continue on. A hundred yards or so down from me, there is a bend in the coastline and beyond that, a popular beach lays, one filled with locals and tourists alike.

I am neither and both. I have been hiding away on this island for too long to be considered a tourist but not long enough to be a local. What am I hiding away from, you might ask? Of course you would. It seems strange for someone to just up and run away to an island in the middle of the pacific and spend her days sitting under a tree on a empty beach. It mostly has to do with a boy. I say mostly because I’m not some weak woman who can’t handle a breakup. What I can’t handle is the media circus that has become my life.

Maybe I should introduce myself. I’m Olivia Costantini, or as most you would know me as, Liv Constantine. Author, screenwriter extraordinaire. Also know as the stupid woman who dated one of the stars of the movie adaptation of her best selling book series. It was a dream come true romance for the fans of the series. Their beloved author dating one of their beloved characters. I thought it was a dream come true romance for me to, until he got caught with his tongue down some model’s throat while in Paris on a press tour. My heart was broken and the media was obsessed. I couldn’t go out without being hounded with questions and having a camera shoved in my face.

I couldn’t write. I still can’t. It’s been almost 4 months now. My heart is slowly healing but the writer’s block is still there. My agent and editors have been putting pressure on me to see the first few chapters of the next instalment, but I have nothing of worth while to show. The story is dry to me. It lacking excitement and emotion. To put it bluntly, it’s terrible. At first, I blamed my ex. But I know it’s not him. There is just something missing and the deeper I get into brainstorming, the more frustrated I become. So, I jumped on a plane to Kauai, Hawaii hoping a change in scenery, and out of the public eye, will spark something. It has been two months and I’m still staring at the same stale ideas, only instead of banging my head on a desk, I’m hitting sand.

My stewing is interrupted by someone walking along the water. I am slightly surprised as I have been here for a few hours now with no interruptions. Further surprising me, the person sits right down on the sand, almost directly between me and the waves. Excuse me, can’t you see I am angrily staring at those waves. I have to fight the urge to tell him to get lost. Instead, I pick up an old hobby of mine, I observe. I love to secretly watch people. No, not in the stalker way, just people watch. Quietly watch their habits, actions, mannerisms, interactions. My interrupter appears to be around my age, early 20’s. He is wearing incredibly tight skinny jeans, which I imagine are now rather full of sand. He has on a plain white shirt and holds a pair of tan boots in his hand. His hair blows wildly in the wind. It’s past his shoulders and curly. He reaches up and quickly captures his unruly curls in a bun. His arms are covered with tattoos. He is too far away to identify them, but it suits his image. I am intrigued. What I notice the most is the defeated slump in his shoulders. I pick up on it quickly because I know that slump. I carry the same. I quietly wonder if he has even noticed me here. I am tucked back under the shade of a tree, not near the water.

My thoughts are again interrupted, this time by the loud shrill of a cell phone. My phone. I jump and quickly dig it out of my bag. I silence the ringer and toss it back into my bag. When I look up, my intruding stranger has vanished.


The bell to Small Town Coffee jingled as I pushed the door open. I caught the barista’s eye from behind the counter. She smiled and nodded, to indicate that she would have my drink to me in a moment. I am here most mornings. I have found a few quiet places that I have made a habit of coming to regularly. There is something about this sleepy island that makes me feel at home. I have avoided the tourist traps for the most part and injected myself into the local culture.

I walked to my normal table tucked into the corner of the shop. I loved that this had become routine for me. I need routine when I’m writing. My favorite cup of coffee, my favorite table, my favorite playlist. It worked for me. Or, at least, it use to. Now, I’m not sure anything will work for me. I met the barista at the register and paid before settling down at my table.

I powered up my iPad and attached my keyboard before looking around the coffee shop. There were a handful of regulars that were there almost everyday, but someone else caught my eye. Looking right back at me was the boy with the unruly brown curls. He was furrowing his eyebrows, as if he was trying to place me. It didn’t take me long to place him. He was my mystery intruder from the day before. Although, I didn’t get to see his face on the beach, there was no mistaking those curls and skinny jeans. He continued to look at me, so I looked back at my screen and tried to ignore him. I had gone this long without being recognized, I really didn’t want to that to change today.

I pulled up my novel and reread what I had written the day before. It was rubbish. I knew it was. I soon forgot the mysterious man across the coffee shop and focused on my storyline. Something had to change, that much I knew, but what. I spent the next few hours rewriting and rearranging my storyline before giving up. There was something missing but I couldn’t figure out what.  I packed my shoulder bag before ducking out of the shop. I was walking quickly to my longterm rental car when I heard the bell on the door behind me ding.

“Hey, wait.” A deep, raspy, and was that British, voice called out. I glanced over my shoulder and I saw the boy with the curls jogging up behind me. I stopped, reluctantly and turned to face him. He held up something to me. “You forgot this.” I looked down at his hands and saw my worn leather notebook. The very notebook that held the life of my story within it’s pages. I quickly snatched it from him and groaned at my stupidity. If this had gotten in the wrong hands, my publishers would have killed me.

“Thank you. I would have literally died without this.” I huffed, shoving the offending notebook in my bag. I glanced up at the boy and noted that his brows were furrowed once again.

“You’re Liv Constantine, right?” He hesitantly asked.

“Fuck.” I said under my breath. I’ve been found out. I forced a smile on my face and nodded. “Yep. You caught me.” I said, instead of turning and running like I wanted to do. His face broke into a wide grin and a hint of dimples showed. Now that I was really looking at him, I realized he was incredibly attractive. His eyes were a shade of green that I have never seen before and his smile completely lit up his face. Today, he wore a hawaiian print shirt that screamed “tourist” with black skinny jeans that were ripped in the knees and the brown boots from the day before. His shirt was half unbuttoned and allowed a few tattoos on his chest to peek out. I had to remind myself not to stare.

“Your books are simply brilliant. They are my go to on my long plane rides.” He gushed, pulling me from my ogling.

“Oh, thank you.” I plastered on my media trained smile and nodded at him but on the inside, I was already planning on where I was going to go next to escape the media shit storm that was soon to follow being found out. “Did you want a picture or an autograph or something.” I asked. “I’m sorry but I don’t have any copies of my books here.” His smile shifted to something smaller, shyer almost. “You’re actually the first person to recognize me here and it’s been months so I’m afraid I’m unprepared.” I smile softly in return.

“Oh, no. I’m ok.” He said, waving his hand back and forth. “I wasn’t even going to approach you but you left your notebook and I’m sure it’s filled with all sorts of important things.” I nodded in answer. “I have one similar to that and I don’t know what I would do if I lost it. Once, I almost left it on a plane but my manager spotted it before we left.” He was rambling a bit, but I was interested in him. He didn’t seem flustered with meeting me, as most fans are. “I’m Harry, by the way.” He suddenly said, sticking his hand out for mine.

“Nice to meet you, Harry.” I softly replied. He furrowed his eyebrows again and then smiled brighter than before. It was almost as if he was expecting a different response from me. I was confused. Didn’t most people expect to have their hands shaken when the offer them. I wondered if there was some odd rumor about me being a germaphobe taking over the internet and he was testing to see if I would actually shake his outstretched hand.

“You too.” He beamed at me. His hand running through his tangled curls.

“Harry.” I caught his attention and stepped a bit closer to him. “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind keeping this to yourself, at least for a little while?” I hesitantly asked. “I know that’s asking a lot, but I’m really enjoying hiding from the media and it would only take one tweet or tumblr post before the whole world comes crashing down on me.” I didn’t want to discourage him but I really didn’t want to leave the little bubble I had found here in Kauai. He seemed even more confused. He pinched his bottom lip between his thumb and forefinger before nodding.

“Of course, Liv. There is a chance I’m hiding out as well. I’m definitely on a social media strike for the time being.” He laughed, but I sensed it was a sarcastic one.

“Thank you. It would mean a lot to me.” I touched his arm and smiled at him. He grinned wider at me and nodded.

We said goodbyes and parted ways. I was left wondering about the mysterious British boy who seemed to understand my need to hideaway more than I could know.

The rest of the day was spent under my tree with my notebook in front of me. A new character was forming in my mind. He was dark, mysterious and reminded me a bit too much of the a certain sweet british boy.

I filled page after page brainstorming a villain that had good in him. I wasn’t sure where he would fit into the story, but it was the first time in almost six months that I had written something that I thought I could actually use, something I was proud of.

Over the following week, I found my mind wandering to the encounter I had with the British Harry. My agent was monitoring social media to make sure I wasn’t outed, but no tweet came mentioning me in Hawaii. He was true to his word. It seemed my safe haven was still here for a while longer. I wondered who he was and why he was here. But mostly, I thought about why he seemed so defeated the day I saw him on the beach. He was becoming something of a muse for me and  inspiring a character. I told myself that was the reason I found myself focusing on him, but I couldn’t help but think there was more to it than that. I was drawn to him and I didn’t know why.

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Hance surf AU is so good though. I wanna contribute.

They grow up in a tiny villa on the beach. The houses are all made of wood, you can’t reach the place by car and the water is so crystal clear it’s like the sky

Hunk’s family make surfboards for a living and teach others around.

Lance’s father teaches language at the local school, his mother is a lifeguard and his grandparents moved from Mexico to there years ago. He is the oldest sibling.

Hunk and Lance met when they were 4 and Hunk was playing football at the beach with other kids. Lance didn’t even ask to join, he just start running after the ball along with them. No one complained and when Lance scored, Hunk gave him a hug so tight Lance’s feet hovered over the ground for a few seconds before they both almost fell down.

Hunk plays the ukulele and Lance learns how to play the pahu with the parents from some kid.

Hunk’s been surfing since he was a baby. It’s in his family’s blood. When Lance is 6 he gets so jealous that Hunk can surf and he can’t that he runs back to Hunk’s family garage and starts screaming “UNCLE AND AUNT CAN YOU PLEASE TEACH ME, I’LL GIVE YOU ALL MY DESSERTS FOR TWO MONTHS”

Hunk is always present on Lance’s lessons. He both likes to show off and help teach Lance.

They enter the surf kids tournament when they’re 8.

There’s an old tree house up the mountains and through the forest and they make it their headquarters. They can see the beach shoreline from up there.

Hunk wins his first tournament when he’s 12. Lance when he is 14.

They get their first tattoo then.

Hunk learns how to build surfboards and also starts surfing with different types of boards. Lance likes his the way it is. Hunk is looking for a new style that suits him better and Lance helps him out.

As they grow up and get better, they also got more adventurous. They started chasing bigger and bigger waves and when they’re 15, a huge storm hits that makes some truly dangerous, scary waves. They’ve surfed in storms before, it gives them a sense of thrill and adrenaline unlike any other. But this… it’s way too strong and both of them get too scared to try it but they also won’t stop looking outside the window because damn, it must feel so good to conquer those waves…

Lance eventually gives in to the adrenaline even though Hunk tries to tell him not to. Lance rushes to the water with Hunk right behind him, still crying out that he he should rethink. Truth is, Lance is terrified but also thrilled. He must! Hunk goes after him but he dives under the waves instead of trying to ride them. Lance waits for the perfect moment to catch the perfect one. When he does, Hunk has his heart pounding so hard because LANCE NO and MUST PROTECT!! Hunk winds up riding the wave after him and although neither of them manage any particularly impressive poses, they both ride it safely and after it stops they don’t stop swimming back until they’re safe on the shore.

Lance won’t stop laughing, like, they did it! They really did it!! Hunk kinda laughs with him, both of them still pretty nervous and shaking because that was some experience alright, it was good but terrifying and Hunk promises himself to never do it again ever! Lance is so giddy and nervous he jumps over Hunk and hugs him tightly and kisses him on the cheek while laughing. Hunk hugs him back.

They get grounded for like two months. Without surf boards.

Hunk gets a GoPro for his 15th birthday. He and Lance make a YouTube channel documenting their surfing style and occasionally camping out on the tropical forests around and showing people the sights. They hike a lot.

When they’re 16 Lance pretty much realizes he has the biggest boner for his best friend and it’s equal parts terrifying and amazing and it reminds him of the storm day: It’s adrenaline and fear all wrapped up in a neat package that’s about to explode.

They’ve gotten more tattoos, Hunk’s extends all over his left arm, Lance’s less extensive and he only has a couple different designs around his leg.

They pretty much spend more time at the tree house than at home. They’ve made it actually liveable, gotten futons over the place, Hunk’s laptop is pretty much always there because he prefers to edit the video in a calm place than back at the villa. Lance hangs his and Hunk’s medals over the walls.

They often sleep together there and honestly it’s like torture because Hunk is so close, so close!! And Lance can’t do anything about it.

Just a lot of pining in general okay thanks

Dear Chelsea,

You don’t know me. My name’s Alan Moore and I’m an occult charlatan and writer living in Northampton, England’s furthest inland point. It isn’t what you’d necessarily refer to as a pretty town, but through my window here the slice of it that I can see is looking good this afternoon. The sky is freeze-dried to a perfect powder blue, and the low winter sun ignites the brickwork of the terraced houses as a kind of petrified and stationary orange fire, already blazing for a century by now. What I’m attempting clumsily to get across is that the world’s still here, that it still has its good, clear days, and that those days are better and are clearer thanks to you and what you’ve done.

The human Mystery Play continues, and appears to be approaching an eventful and important plot-point in its narrative. Yes, ice shelves melt and ocean levels rise, but these are at least hazards we can see and can respond to, however inadequately or belatedly. The swelling flood of information that is now around our waists and climbing fast, though, is invisible save for its world-changing effects. The pool of knowledge that our species has been steadily accumulating since its origins has over the last 20 years burgeoned to a tsunami; an ungovernable force of history that no leader or nation can control, direct, influence or indeed do anything with save for surfing dangerously on its whitecap foam of cash.

This tidal surge of data washes everything before it. Institutions and authorities designed for the far simpler reality of just a hundred years ago have burst their banks; have found their timeworn principles inadequate to a flash influx of insight and revelation, an unruly torrent carrying us all struggling towards the edge of a Niagara future in amidst our driftwood debris of outmoded ideologies.

From my perspective, the extraordinary period of transformation that the world is passing through at present would potentially seem as significant as, and far more dramatic than, shifts from hunting and gathering to agriculture or from agriculture to industrial society. It’s surely as tumultuous in its transition and with just as many lives disrupted, but then you already know this far better than I.

Our species would appear, like it or not, to be upon the brink of a new era typified by an often-uncomfortable illumination and an inescapable transparency. Kicking and screaming, we are nonetheless evolving into a condition of lucidity, and you – a single individual – have been a crucial instrument of that unprecedented evolution, that vast human process. And the weight you’re carrying, you’re carrying for all of us. It is my possibly vain hope that you might somehow feel that multitude of extra shoulders, and in this cold season somehow feel the warmth of that enormous love.

You are, reluctantly I’m sure, a heroine to millions and, it can be safely said, to further millions yet unborn. I’m also relatively certain that there are those moments when that knowledge offers only the most threadbare wrap of consolation and I wish, along I’m sure with many of your other correspondents, that I could provide something more tangible. Alas, in a communication such as this it’s only words and ideas that can be relied upon to not set off the X-ray scanners. Fortunately, occult charlatans are as a group more comfortable with the intangible, so if it’s not presumptuous may I at least offer you this, the idea of a cake that has the idea of a file concealed within it: human beings can never experience reality directly, but instead only experience their own perceptions of reality in the vibrations of their tympana, in signals from their nerve ends and in the photon bombardment of their retinas. To any individual, the outer universe – from its most minute quanta to its furthest, oldest galaxies – is a phenomenon occurring only in their mind. This is not solipsism, but simply a recognition that each man and woman is positioned at the centre of a cosmos that is theirs alone, with the individual as its pivot and its governing intelligence. Our inner world is, in this sense, the only world that we can ever know or live in, but our inner world is endless and immeasurable, and is also the mysterious fountain from which most of the apparent outer world around us has emerged. The territory inside is the most potent and astounding human territory of all, and is accessible by anyone, regardless of their tangible, material circumstances. As the great American philosopher and entertainer Robert Anton Wilson once had his fictional character John Dillinger remark: “The only way to escape from a locked cell is to walk out through the wall, into the fire.” You have proven in so many ways already that the fire inside you is a powerful one, and I’m convinced it will sustain you.

Now it’s some hours later and it’s dark outside, although with the adornment of a gorgeous moon. Take care of yourself, Chelsea, and know that you’re in our minds and in our hearts.

With immense love and gratitude from your friend.