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Here's my feeling on what happened: first Camila had a girl crush on Lauren, because, look at Lauren. Lauren who thought she was mostly straight was really caught off guard by her strong feelings for Mila. Lauren felt a deep crush. Camila was starting to crush too and definitely had real feelings. And then, it exploded. The fans, media and management caught on. It was too dangerous a rumor for early pop careers. Teams stepped in. Camren started ignoring their feelings. Both were hurt a lot.

How can you think for a second that nothing actually happened, that it was just a crush that was never acted on, when they look at each other that way :

These are the looks and the actions of two people who have seen each other NAKED! On multiple occasions! With and without accessories!

They did have a relationship, that the fans, media and management caught on. And it was indeed too dangerous for early pop careers. Teams did step in, but neither of them ignored anything, the pressure of the situation is what got to their relationship and that’s why they broke in 2015, and both were indeed hurt a lot. But then they got back together and did everything in their power to keep their relationship private - now I don’t know if they’re together or not because Lauren Jauregui fucked up all my theories with a single tweet, like she always does! 

(I submitted instead of made a series of asks cause it would have been like 12 parts)

I made a potential observation on ninja interpersonal culture while thinking about a message you got on Sound!Naruto and I don’t know if I’m disgusted or entertained?

My thoughts started out from the line “Oro kidnaps Naruto when he defects (maybe tie in some MinaOro/MinaKushiOro for reasoning or just because he wants a jinchuuriki)” because the idea really appeals to me. All the discussion on MinaOro got me pumped, trope wise I’m into age gaps and OT3’s and inexperienced older men and inexperienced older men being dragged by the ear into OT3’s and powerful women absolutely wearing the pants over their powerful men and whether Kushina and Oro’s sexuality are compatible with one another or not I care little either way, they are just so fun to stick in a room together. And what really tickles me in child rearing OT3’s is when the obviously non genetic parent is ALL OVER parenting that child.

So I was sitting there wallowing in my fantasies and was just like “Oh gosh how cute would that be, It’d be like Reverse redux, Daddy Oro steals away his child, all smiles and on the run and M(P)aternal love, while the whole of Konoha is positive that that boy is in for a world of creepy pain and testing cause no one knew about Naruto’s parents, and the ones that did might not have known about Oro?” and about that same time I came across a post where there was some disappointment shown that Jiraiya didn’t seem to remember Kushina’s name, despite being close to Minato, and the anime’s treatment of women. I agree, but I did have this passing thought, that it still at least made sense in context of the show, since giving the name Uzumaki to Naruto seemed to have sheltered him from a vast majority of the village when it comes to knowing his roots, and with the wonky timeline, it can be argued that how far Minato and Kushina’s relationship before Jiraiya leaves is debatable, and despite being Naruto’s godfather, he may have never actually realized that Minato’s relationship with Kushina came that far, that it was just Minato’s kid and wife who was in a village far away and it could or could not have been Kushina. 

And that, the fact that Jiraiya didn’t know Kushina’s name, mixed with that really annoying to me fact that the majority of the village didn’t know the new Hokage had a wife and kid or the details of them at least, and just, a million little details of ridiculous amounts of lacking knowledge all hit me at once. The identities of working Anbu are supposed to be unknown to everyone but the Hokage when there’s a small pool of potential candidates with specific and powerful abilities comes to mind? Most people ignore that in fic and just roll. Danzo getting away with so much, even if Hiruzen himself was at least somewhat aware, is almost unbelievable, as is the fact that Naruto’s generation has been going to classes to teach the basic’s of ninjitsu, but they still need a lot of exposition to learn about the world around them in things that probably should have been covered at this point. A lot of pedigrees of a LOT of main characters is full of suspicious holes that none of the characters are to thrilled to try and fill, and the daily lives of friends and colleges are often mysteries until the series itself deems it funny for another character to explore. And every time I think of this junk, I think why and usually draw a blank, but not this time.

And you know, everyone makes out Konoha and the other villages to be a (kinda goofy) den of snoopy ninja and one-upmanship and everyone is always observing and learning things about everyone else and…. funny thought…stick with me here…what if it’s not? What if everyone else genuinely has no clue whats happening with everyone else, or even how far that everyone else extends? It kinda makes sense. Like, children, massive amounts of children go missing and receives no comment until they are found. Political plots are conceived and hatched and come to tragic ends for a lack of information on several accounts. People wander into town and are never questioned on their source. Nobody seems to check in on Naruto, or Sasuke, or Obito, or Kakashi, or Orochimaru, or any other Konoha orphans who’s backstory we know. 

What if, when it comes to your own village, you just don’t go poking your nose in?

Like we see some of what most people frame the village as in fandom in really early Naruto and some latter filler episodes, but with some exceptions (such as Kakashi and Gai’s antics) it’s mostly Naruto’s generation who does all the shenanigans and poking around. And Konaha, heck the village system in general, and I tend to forget this, is actually fairly new. It’s what? About 6 generations young? That’s ridiculous! And a majority of that time is spent in war. Think about that, and it really makes sense. The previous generation finishes off a war young, and is only just now, within the last decade, still in mourning and still fighting, starting to show some rowdiness, and this applies back to the village’s conception. In all, Naruto’s gen is probably the first to embrace their superhuman abilities as something to play with whole heartily. 

So before now there’s probably very little active play snooping that happens outside of the sort of practice play you get in little genin teams, so snooping from curiosity or joy is out. There’s still a palpable tension between the Uchiha and Hyuuga, so there’s probably a sort of active discouragement to snoop, a show of trust to try and assuage tensions and prevent war. On the same note, ninja at the heart of it are a mercenary culture. They do terrible things for the right price, and that sort of lifestyle asks that questions of motivation are better left unasked. Your average ninja might just assume that if something seems suspicious, then either the higher ups already know about it, and you risk ruining whatever measures are being taken to change or work against the suspicious thing, or you snoop and potentially find something you shouldn’t and don’t make it out alive. 

And take a lot of the big gaping common sense plot holes and fill it in with that mentality and it works. Danzo got away with so much because Hiruzen assumed suspicious activity would be reported, and anyone outside of Danzo’s network who saw suspicious activity assumed that the activity was known and being addressed. Both Itachi and Oro didn’t question Danzo’s orders, despite knowing they were wrong, because in their shoes they couldn’t know how far the “Danzo knew that Hiruzen knew that Danzo knew that Hiruzen knew…” train went and had to trust the Hokage. No one ever comes to help Naruto or any of the other tragic backstory orphans, because anyone who would care, their own issues aside, might assume that no matter how bad it looks, someone else has got it. No one attacked Konoha after the Kyuubi attack because Hiruzen did everything in his power to squash every single rumor about it both within and without his village, people didn’t talk, meaning most didn’t know it happened until Konoha had rallied it’s defenses. If anything, the planned Uchiha coup just proves how dangerous rumors can be in a ninja village, and how they might try and prevent people from poking their noses into everything. And that trickles down into the every day lives of a whole group of war torn and grieving people who have isolated themselves, living in a world that discourages attempts at breaking that isolation. The restaurant owners and shopkeeps don’t run the rumor mill, Konoha doesn’t have a rumor mill, and if you hint otherwise it could be dangerous for you and your store.

So here’s some food for thought that just came to my mind. What if Mikoto didn’t know who Naruto’s father was? Like, knowing that her eventual conception and birth would weaken the seal, Kushina is not allowed to tell anyone who doesn’t come across the information about her marriage just in case, and Mikoto doesn’t question it, because that’s how it works in the village. Terrifying. 

(Also taking that into account, you could probably insert any crack ship into canon and not change it at all cause fudge if anyone knew what was happening outside their little spheres back then, it’s all news to them. Any number of illegitimate children and secret family and marriages and torrid love affairs could come to light and it would be all news to them.) 

I found this amusing and at least it tries to patch over some gaping plot holes, but whether you go with everyone being idiots and nothing makes sense, or this barely cohesive mess, and of course there are always exceptions…

Tl;dr, Naruto world ninja ARE BAD AT THEIR JOBS.

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Hey there, this is narniadrabbles (can't send asks as a sideblog. Boo!). Just wondering, how do you think Peter and Edmund would be with their knights? Like would they be super commander-like or really chill like bros?

Hello friend! (Friends? There’s two of you, yes?)Ohhhh, okay so I can see both.

  • So, with new troops, I feel like Peter and Edmund would play good cop, bad cop.
  • They would take turns for who is who.
  • Edmund would be the terrifying general who sees through your soul, while Peter is the commander willing to cut you a break if he’s loyal.
  • On the opposite sides, Peter is the commander who has a dangerous temper, and there’s rumors about his brutal punishment of running laps all night long.
    Edmund is the understanding one who won’t say a word if you’re honest with him.
  • But then, as they get into training more, the troops see Edmund trying to fit a whole pie in his mouth. And Peter is the one who dared him. And they realize they’re just normal people.
  • And some knights are like best friends with the kings.
  • They go to taverns and sometimes act more tipsy than they are and sing very loud and badly.
  • They never let the king’s win just because they are kings. They relish in victory, rare it may be.

Peter and Edmund with their knights are my fave. <3

Sansa x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine defending Sansa’s honour in combat and in return, she rewards you in special ways.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request by anonymous /

Oh, my! I’m glad I found your blog! I would like to request a Sansa x female reader, where the reader is the youngest Tyrell and is very well trained in combat. Somehow they become friends, and, something more? Smut would be perfect! Thanks a lot!!

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: SMUT ♡ ♡ ♡

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“Boy bander Harry Styles protecting his ‘Dangerous Woman’ after rumors of her getting a little bit 'to close’(pun intended) with her back up dancer Rickey Alvarez. Harry commenting to a reporter "it’s absurd that you all keep making up lies like this. We are happy can’t you see that?” And yes we can. Hariana is still all of our OTP"-the Sun.

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Back Home (Detective!Xiumin)

Xiumin lethargically dragged his feet through the entrance of the apartment that he shared with you. He had had a long day of work where he had been investigating three people who had managed to escape together from a very high maximum-security prison. According to the records and files that Xiumin had been given, these people were extremely dangerous and there were rumors going around in the office that these individuals had super powers of some sort. Xiumin shuddered at the thought of that possibility.

Once Xiumin had set down his brown leather bag on the glass kitchen table, he slowly made his way to living room. He could hear you watching a movie in there and despite the fact that he was ready to pass out on the bed, he wanted to spend some time with you.  

“You’re still awake,” he said when he entered the living room. You jumped at the sound of his voice and quickly turned around to see his face. If you weren’t so happy to see Xiumin, you would’ve frowned at the sight of the bags under his eyes and his sluggish movements. You could see that he was struggling with staying up on his feet. Being Seoul’s best detective surely had its negative aspects.

“I wanted to wait for you,” you stated as you got up on your feet to greet him.

“Stay, I’ll come to you,” Xiumin said before you could run into his arms and embrace him. You complied with his desire and sat back down on the couch and waited for him to join you. You paused the movie that you were watching and as you felt the couch dip when Xiumin plopped himself next to you. He moved his body around so that his back was lying on the couch and his head was on your lap. You noticed that Xiumin had thrown his navy blue jacket onto the end of the couch and you could see the faint outline of his gun. Xiumin closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. “I missed you.”

You looked down at your boyfriend’s head on your lap and let your finger trace the contours of his face. “I missed you too. How was work?”  

“Work was long and it didn’t really go as well as I would have liked it to,” Xiumin replied; his eyes still closed as your finger continued to outline his face.

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked tentatively after a few moments of silence. Xiumin shook his head on your lap.

“Not yet, I’ll tell you about it later,” Xiumin said as your finger started to ghost over his lips.

“Are you sure?”


Your finger finally landed on Xiumin’s lips and you began to trace them. His lips felt soft and slightly cold against your fingertip and you felt him smile underneath your finger. Before you could move on to the next part of his face, Xiumin brought your wrist to his lips and softly kissed it. You were happy to have your boyfriend back home again. Though you didn’t voice your concern out loud, you did wonder whether or not he would come back home, alive. Sometimes it scared you that you were dating Seoul’s best detective and not only did his job require for him to work many long hours, but it also required him to put his life on the line.  

“Were you afraid I wouldn’t come back?”

It took you a few moments for you to reply. You didn’t want to admit that it still worried you each morning when he left the bed that you shared together and left to work. “Only a little,” you said. You expected Xiumin to tell you that there was nothing to be worried about and that he would always come back home to you, but instead you were met with silence.

Xiumin continued to gently hold on to your wrist. You weren’t sure when it happened, but after a while you noticed that your boyfriend was softly snoring. As you leaned over on the couch to grab a blanket for Xiumin, you caught sight of stunning view of the night-lights of Seoul from the large windows of your apartment. The frost on the corner of the windows reminded you that despite the city looked beautiful, it was cold outside and a late night stroll would not be a good idea.  

Once you successfully placed a blanket on top of Xiumin’s body without waking him up, you continued to watch the movie on mute with subtitles.

From a safe distance, a pair of eyes was watching the apartment that you shared with Xiumin. The figure smiled at the observations made and quickly left the hiding spot before anyone or anything could jump from the shadows.

A/N: This scenario is dedicated to my sweet, everydaywrites. I know that you have some tough exams coming up soon (or you are already taking them) and I wish you the very best. <3

I may or may not actually turn this into a multi-chaptered story (Okay, I might actually because I’ve already written a five paragraph essay on this). I think that detective!Xiumin would be a fun thing to continue to write about with other members of EXO showing up. Let me know if you would like to see some sort of continuation to this AU or not. I hope that you enjoyed this scenario. :)

-Admin C

Chapter 1: First Impressions

Gabriel was not interested in this ‘new responsibility’, of watching over a green horn personally; but he apparently hadn’t tested to a high enough tier to be bunked someone of his own rank. So this was what he was stuck with. His Commanding Officers had told him it was an honor to guide a new recruit through the program; despite the fact that over eighty percent of the recruits admitted didn’t make it through.

This didn’t feel much like an honor, it felt a lot like a pain in the ass.

When he had been accepted into SEP, he had been given a room with two bunks, too intimate for his tastes. Different than the multiple bunks in the barracks back at the Marine Base during basic, where it felt more like organized chaos, less things to control and claim. Easier to cope with. This meant they’d have to share everything, work together, and be around each other almost twenty-four-seven.

All he had was his new roommate’s file, which he had skimmed over before he had tossed it on the desk (at oh-five-hundred that morning). The file told him the basics, where he came from, what areas he was considered for (based off his stats from basic), and a photo clipped to the front of the file.

John Jack Morrison.

Looked to be the whitest sonofabitch he’d ever laid eyes on, from some farm in the Midwest, which probably meant he had an annoying as fuck accent on top of everything else. He was blond, with bright blue eyes, had a huge dopey smile on his face, as if he were taking a yearbook picture.

Gabriel could feel he was going to have his hands full. He was a pessimist by nature, always prepared for the worst. He gave Greenie a month, maybe two, before he’d quit. He was young, nineteen and fresh out of basic training. Apparently he’d showed enough promise to jump straight into SEP where it had taken Gabriel a few years of buildup (and jumping the ranks) before he had been admitted. No, he wasn’t jealous, he was confident the kid would break, and then he’d be able to tough out SEP alone and get on with his life.

Gabe had spent his day training, hard runs and harder punches in the weight room, beating the shit out of the punching bag to help clear his head. But, as it was nearing the time for him to meet his new bunkmate he had been forced to pack up and get himself back to his room.

He was dressed down, a simple pair of grey sweatpants that hugged his muscular thighs, and a loose, black top. He didn’t have his usual beanie on. It was too hot for that, September in Texas was proving to be warmer than LA. Instead he had stuffed it in his gym bag; a towel around his shoulders, sweat glistening on his brown skin. He walked down the halls, not bothering to greet anyone, and most everyone stepped out of his way. He was one of two Officers to make it into SEP, the others underneath his E-7 rank steered clear.

His bunk door was open; and he could hear the new guy calling into the empty space, at least he didn’t have an accent (not a horrendously noticeable one at least).

“It’s one room,” Save the small bathroom that housed just a sink, mirror and a toilet, “Can’t you see no one was there? I’m not fucking invisible.” He said as he came up to the doorway not giving the other man a look. His voice was sharp, deep, and held a Spanish accent at the edges. He walked inside, tossing his bag on the bed and wiped his face with the towel before running it over his head, mussing at the curls on top, “You know who I am, I know who you are, we can skip the bullshit.”

Jack blinked at the rather rude interaction, not even a greeting. He would be lying if he said it wasn’t off putting. It had been. He watched the Latino, a fact known from the file, as he walked into their room, his blue eyes narrowing slightly.

“Nice to meet you too.” He couldn’t quite keep the sarcasm out of his voice as he walked over to his own bunk. He set his duffle bag on the floor and sat down on the bed. He let his eyes flicker up to his new roommate.

Gabriel Reyes. Four years in. Gunnery Sergeant. Recently joined SEP candidate. What the file hadn’t told him was the apparent attitude he had. Fiery Latino blood. He’d seen it before, on occasion at the farm but, he’d never run across someone this tough before. It was intimidating.

Gabe was quick to pick up on the sarcasm, not appreciating it. “Hey,” Not completely a snap, but definitely not friendly. Being moved into this program meant he needed to drop caffeine, good food, and his cigarettes. He had to quit it all yesterday (and of course he didn’t have the foresight to prep himself at all, so he had literally quit cold turkey yesterday). Safe to say he was hardly in a good mood, and definitely didn’t want to get any attitude from his 'subordinate’. “Even though we’re bunking together I am still your Supervisor, so I better not hear any lip from you, do you got it, John?”

Gabriel sat down on the edge of his bed, looking at the blonde from across the small space as if he were eyeing up an enemy and not an ally (more than an ally, his bunk mate and SEP buddy for the entirety of the program, or until one of them dropped).

“It’s Jack.” The blonde corrected, “I go by Jack.”

“I don’t care what you go by.” Gabe told him, “I said no lip, you got it?”

“Sir, yes sir” Jack said acknowledging what Gabriel had snapped at him. He wasn’t overly excited for the program now. A Gunnery Sergeant was his roommate, and one with an attitude to boot. SEP was not turning out to be a good experience already.

He quietly unpacked his bag and occasionally glancing over to his moody bunk mate. He was obviously strong, even before the SEP. He had flown through the ranks during his time in the Marines, going from an E-1 to an E-7 in just four years, it was basically unheard of. Jack would have to watch himself, Gabriel had obviously gotten there so quickly for a damn good reason. Apparently, his sour attitude wasn’t the deciding factor.

Small town life had taught him not to speak his mind, if he could help it. It was a dangerous thing, it started rumors, and that was the last thing Jack wanted. The rule of thumb was to keep to yourself, don’t let others see your dirty laundry. The opposite could be said for the bigger cities.

It had certainly been an experience going through basic. The physical and mental training and conditioning had been one thing, but the social structure to which the ‘city boys’ held themselves to was even more fascinating. It’d opened up his eyes to a world he’d been missing. A world of expression, where everyone wanted everyone and everything to know exactly how they were feeling and how others should feel in regards to their feelings. It had been dizzying, and he found he just enjoyed watching as an outsider, which, strangely made him popular. He was apparently a very good listener.

But, here he was, landed with the grumpiest, most pissed off roommate SEP had to offer. Those long years of keeping his nose out of trouble would certainly come in handy now.

Gabriel was satisfied when Jack bit his tongue like he should and went about unpacking his few items. Gabriel’s side of the room was modestly decorated; not giving much insight to his personal life at all. Anything that was personal he kept stashed under his bed and not in plain sight; anything else was either standard issue or not intriguing enough to be noticed.

He could get used to being in full barracks again and being around other soldiers; but being penned in with just one other person felt like a power play. Like one of them should be coming out on top and Gabriel was feeling threatened over the fact it might not be him. Instead it might be this pretty white boy who had gotten all the high marks in basic.

“Tell me about yourself.” Gabriel said in his same hard tone, folding his arms over his chest and probably not able to look anymore defensive even if he tried. “It’s the assignment we’ve been given. Ten facts. You don’t need to tell me the stories behind the facts, we don’t need to get personal.” He continued, “I figure you read the mission briefing,” Which was a joke, because it was hardly a mission at all, just a way to break the ice and ease the tension; a way to give the recruits peace of mind that they were all human or some bullshit like that. “Today we gotta waste time getting to know each other.”

Jack looked over when Gabe spoke up. He kept his face carefully blank, not emotionless, but showing that he was listening while not giving anything away. He’d always gotten mixed remarks about said look, some said it made made him look intense, others said they felt intimidated by it, like Jack somehow thought that what they were saying was the dumbest thing in the world. He might as well use it on his roommate. Clearly he was already on his shit list.

He knew he could go about this assignment two ways. Do what was expected, give Gabriel new information, or be a smart ass and give him information he already knew.

He opted for the later.

“My name is Jack. My last name is Morrison. I’m from Indiana. I’m nineteen. My birthday is in August. I graduated at the top of my class. I joined the Marines at eighteen. Finished basic at the top of my class. I speak Russian, and my favorite color is blue. Sir.” He finished his ten facts and got up from the bed, the haughty 'Sir’ at the end wouldn’t go unnoticed, that was for damn sure.

He leaned over and grabbed his towel. He’d been traveling for almost twenty-four hours with drives, flights and layovers. He wanted a shower and to avoid 'The Asshole’ if he could help it.

“Morrison,“ Gabriel said, bristling to the aloof behavior, those sharp blue eyes and the way he listed his facts as if he were trying to literally toss them at him. "I figured for top of your class you would have read the mission report.” He said, grinning slightly, able to toss the venom right back in Jack’s face. “Facts not in your basic file. Our Commanding Officer will be by tomorrow morning to be sure we got to know each other as intended. Supposed to build morale.” Camaraderie, all that bullshit the military thrived on.

Gabriel decided to lean into the project, a little biting in the way he spoke. “I can play guitar, enjoy long walks on the beach, yesterday was my last goddamn cigarette,” He said, maybe fucking with him a little to start off like a dating profile, “Chile chocolate is my favorite sweet, I have six younger sisters,” Gabriel said, the reason he had joined the military in the first place was to assist his family and to travel. “I haven’t traveled beyond Mexico, my favorite flower is daffodils, favorite color is red, my native language is Spanish but I also know Arabic, I collect bottle caps, and I prefer cats over dogs.” He shrugged his shoulders, dismissing some tension, feeling like he put Jack back in his place a bit.

“Now, want to try that again?” He asked, a little too smug.

“Sorry, Sir, but you asked for ten facts about myself. Not ten new facts.” Jack said, the same bland tone to his voice, “The mission reports were also placed on our night stands here and not in our briefing packets.” He reminded, “I just got here. I’ll dazzle you with random facts after I take a shower.” He finished, face still carefully guarded, “Sir.” He added at the end, almost as an afterthought before he gave Gabe that smug, irritating smirk he knew would get under his skin.

Gabriel got up from the bed, not intercepting Jack but it was clear the other man had hit a nerve; that smirk of his did in fact get under Gabriel’s skin (it was rather easy to do actually, Gabriel had a well known temper). He didn’t approach, however, but looked about ready to kill. Luckily the military did nurture his ability to calm himself down and not act rashly (besides, it would definitely be frowned upon if he knocked his roommate out).

“Listen up Cornbread, I haven’t lost a single assignment, task or mission in this damn place and I’m not going to suffer low marks because you got a punk ass attitude.” If Jack thought he was going to walk out on him, that didn’t happen because Gabriel followed long enough to speak his mind, “I don’t give a shit about you but I’ll carry you over the finish line if I have to, so don’t fucking start this war because you won’t win.” He ground out before he turned back to stew in the room, shutting the door behind him, letting the blond leave for his shower.

Jack rolled his eyes when Gabe had left, annoyed and pissy. Someone who insisted on getting the last word. Perfect. He’d have to watch what he said. The blonde went to the showers and easily cleaned up, taking his time to rinse all the travel off of him. He felt more human afterwards and more like himself, even more so after he changed into a fresh pair of clothes. Sighing heavily, he wandered back to his bunk.

Cornbread. Ha! As if he hadn’t heard that before. He grew up on a farm where they grew corn, among other things. He’d always been compared to corn or the sun, all because of his blonde hair. It wasn’t his fault, he blamed his parents, they made him.

He stepped into the bunk, rubbing at his tired eyes and easily shoved his dirty clothes into the laundry bag that was on his side of the bunk and went back to his bed and flopped back on it, eyes closed.

There wasn’t much to do about the silence or the boredom; aside from training and meeting up with fellow comrades (when time allowed), they weren’t able to have outside communication while in the SEP just yet, not for the first six months to be exact. No live TV, laptops, cell phones or anything that might influence the new super soldiers while they worked through the difficult program. The ‘No Technology’ would also instill the buddy system, forcing them to rely more on each other for entertainment as well as companionship.

It was annoying; but this was what Gabriel had strived for, for over four years. He wanted to be the best, he wanted to make it to the top, and he’d endure whatever was necessary to get there.

Even this farm kid from Indiana was just another challenge he’d have to meet head on and endure. He glanced over at Jack, flopped down on his bed as if they didn’t have an assignment to complete. Gabriel was laid out on his own bunk, glaring over at the blond kid across from him, though with Jack’s eyes closed, he couldn’t appreciate Gabriel’s ire.

There was no way to really get back at him; Gabriel had done his part of the assignment, and he only had the facts from Jack’s file, making it look bad on his end if he didn’t press. There would be no excuses, if Jack was being resistant it was up to him to find a solution or make him submit; that was his job as his Supervisor, and his Commanding Officer would not take kindly to a subordinate getting one over on Gabriel.

He rolled back up to a sitting position, looking at Jack directly, getting more irritated the more he looked at him and how 'peaceful’ he was trying to look. “Get up, Morrison,” He said, “We’re going to complete this assignment now.”

Jack opened his eyes and glanced over to the Latino before he started to push himself up. He held back the annoyed sigh he felt, it would only make matters worse. He let his legs hang over the side of the bed before he shifted so his back was against the wall behind him. He watched Gabriel, just taking in the hard line of his eyes and the strong jaw. He held an air about him that demanded respect while also giving off an air of superiority. He was not to be tested or there would most certainly be consequences.

“I owe you nine facts.” Jack reminded after he broke off their little staring contest, “I told you my favorite color is blue, that’s not in the file.” He started and drew one knee up to rest his forearm on, “I’m an only child. I hate country music. My parents dragged me to Church, but I never bought into it. I never left Indiana until I joined the Military. I hate flying. I was the Varsity starting Cornerback all four years of high school. I have a secret passion for romance novels and bubble baths. I can read lips, and I was the only kid in our class not to throw up on a field trip to the Body Farm.”

He definitely prided himself on the last fact. Senior year, his science class had been allowed to visit the body farm, every one had been sick by the smell alone. He had been the only one to watch and look at all the decomposed pigs (as they weren’t allowed back where they kept the actual bodies) and not throw up.

Dead animals, were nothing new to him. He’d grown up on a rather self sufficient farm. They hardly went to the local store if they had to, which meant Jack had seen and smelled his fair share of dead animals. It also meant he had a wide range of rather useless knowledge, unless he was trapped out in the wild. So seeing a dead pig was nothing new to him.

Gabriel took the facts given with the same stone face Jack was giving him; both of them looking as standoffish as they both probably felt. It felt a lot like the military just threw two cats in a bag and was just waiting to see what happened.

Though, some of what Jack said was expected, some of it wasn’t. He pegged the golden boy for being religious, maybe a little on the macho side despite his pretty blue eyes and all those freckles dusting his nose and cheekbones. But it seemed he had a bit of depth to him, a strong stomach and a phobia of flying. It helped paint a little bit of a picture. The facts given were meant to be the basis of companionship, at seeing each other as humans with different backgrounds.

Gabriel wasn’t going to give in to the friendly mantra so he merely offered a curt nod. “That’s done then.” They were technically supposed to spend the rest of the day together but Gabriel was already waning on that thought, besides it looked like Jack was just as bristled as he was. Without much preamble he swept himself back on the bed, laying back out and staring up at the ceiling.

Jack watched as Gabriel laid back on his bunk and this time he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He laid back himself, getting comfortable on the bunk and let his eyes close again. Flying stressed him out, he wasn’t an openly fearful flyer, just a tense one. Sweaty palms during take offs and landings, and he’s quickly found he couldn’t sleep for the life of him. He preferred to describe it as being overly high alert than fearful.

He rolled onto his side, facing the wall, his back to Gabriel. He figured this would be how they spent the next, however long, with each other. Being civil in each other’s space, but not wanting to be in it any longer than necessary.

SEP was going to be very, very long indeed.

Gabriel only laid there for another ten minutes or so; long enough for Jack to turn away from him, and long enough for him to feel the tension building between them. It felt oppressive, and he was irritated with himself that he hadn’t tested high enough to be with his fellow officer; or at the least, could have been placed with a recruit that would have known their place.


He didn’t need to lay there in silence and sulk along with Jack. He had other things he could be doing, other people he could be seeing. Without so much as a word, he got himself off the bed, slipped into his boots, laced them up before he started out of the room. He shut the door behind him.

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Ive caught winds of a possible danger. There are rumors, tapir. Rumors of woman coming your way with teeth and blade. Maybe ape's doing. If said things are true, BabyBoy should be prepared to strike out with foreleg and of back.

Flabbergasting Ignorance…. Women Have No Teeth

The Flower Protector

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: K+
Characters: Himawari, Boruto, Inojin, Ino, Hinata and Naruto
Length: Long one-shot
Summary: Because Himawari didn’t believe in shortcuts in life - so she did her best to protect her mother’s flowers.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.

A/N: I was absolutely thrilled at the nice responses I received from my previous fanfic, Little Admirers, that I was inspired by your kindness to write more! I wanted to write a story with Himawari as the main character now, so I ended up writing this. She is absolutely endearing! 


The moment her mother left for her two-week long mission, Himawari knew she was left with a big responsibility.

Uzumaki Hinata was sent on a diplomatic mission all the way to Kumogakure, where she would act as an ambassador for foreign trade. The nature of the mission itself was hardly dangerous, but with rumors of bandits between the borders, the peaceful mission did in fact compromise safety and was then bumped up into A-rank. Everyone knew Hinata could handle it easy, but her husband needed more persuading. In the end, he insisted on coming along with her and could not be told otherwise.

This left the two children under the care of their Ino-oba. Sakura would have been the first choice, but she was swamped with work at the hospital. Hinata could have also left them at the compound if it weren’t for Hanabi hosting Konohamaru’s family for the weekend. Besides, Ino was a great mother - Inojin was clearly the product of her strict yet loving upbringing.

So upon the insistence of both Naruto and Hinata, Ino and Inojin were invited to stay over their home while they ventured off to Kumo. There had always been a quiet sense of familiarity between the members of the Rookie Nine, so much so that they were comfortable sharing their home to others.

Boruto and Himawari were ecstatic at the prospect of having a slumber party with the Yamanakas, for both entirely different reasons. Boruto knew he would get to train with Inojin even while Sai was out, and the thought of dragging the poor boy along with his pranks excited him. Himawari, however, was more inclined towards her pretty godmother who loved flowers as much as she and her mother did.

Despite spending a lot of time watching Naruto and Hinata garden, Himawari was the only Uzumaki who did not have a green thumb. She appreciated it, knew the language by heart, but she ended up getting too excited to keep the flowers alive - even Boruto was a better gardener than she was, only he was more reluctant to speak of his hobby.

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These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Seven

A/N: Well hello everyone! Happy Thursday! Sorry to keep you all waiting a little longer than usual with this chapter. I just did not have that extra little push of motivation to write, and so when the original posting date rolled around, I was left empty hand. But thankfully, with the extra time, my motivation came back around, and I was able to finish off chapter seven for you all! About time, right? 

So glad I took that second week, because I was able to tie in some real life situations that I’m sure you’ll notice once you read. So really, it was all worth it in the end lol!

Now, as usual, I appreciate any and all feedback for the story. Any comments are accepted with the utmost gratitude, as they fuel me to press onward and continue with the story. I appreciate all the support you have given me thus far.

Speaking of support, big thank you to catching-dandelions for all her help, and for her patience to listen to my late night babbles.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

And without further adooo…

“What…what is it? What’s wrong?”

I could have just stuck with the first question. I could have simply inquired as to why my publicist is standing outside my hotel room past midnight.

But that’s just the thing; Liz normally doesn’t come a calling this late at night. So there has got to be something problematic going on, I just know it.

What’s strange however, is that I cannot wrap my finger around what that thing may be. I cannot recall the last time I was papped. I don’t remember the last time I was misquoted in an article, or was featured on the front page of a tabloid, wrapped around lies.

Everything has been relatively quiet; the last large issue at hand was my incident with Nick. And even that, was resolved without trouble.

I simply informed Liz that same night that Nick was threatening me with violence, and intended to stalk me, and she shot down the problem in a heartbeat. She conferred with his team, and they agreed on a restraining order of sorts. The darkness receded as quickly as it had arrived. Nothing more had happened since.

“May I come in?”

Liz’s voice breaks me from my thoughts, and I stare at her with wide eyes, my gaze strung with confusion.

“I was thinking we could chat a bit on your couch, if you don’t mind,” she continues on, “And I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

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STARTER SENTENCES from Taylor Swift’s ❝1989❞; #loveisdaway.

[  Track 01 ━ Welcome To New York ]
“Everybody here wanted something more.”
“Everybody here was someone else before.”
“You can want what you want, boys and boys and girls and girls.”
“Like any great love it keeps guessing, like any real love it’s ever-changing, like any true love it drives you crazy.”
“You know you wouldn’t change anything.”

[ Track 02 ━ Blank Space ]
“Nice to meet you. Where’ve you been?”
“You look like my next mistake.”
“I know you’ve heard about me.”
“You can tell me when it’s over if the high was worth the pain.”
“Got a long list of ex-lovers. They’ll tell you I’m insane.”
“But the worst is yet to come.”
“Who is she?”
“I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.”

[ Track 03 ━ Style ]
“It’s been a while since I have been heard from you.”
“I should just tell you to leave ‘cause I know exactly where it leads.”
“When we go crashing down, we come back in every time.”
“We never go out of style.”
“I heard that you been out and about with some other girl.”
“I can’t stop thinking about you and I.”
“Just take me home.”

[ Track 04 ━ Out Of The Woods ]
“It all seemed so simple.”
“I remember.”
“Are we out of the woods?”
“We were built to fall apart.”
“Like we stood a chance.”
“Remember when you hit the brakes too soon?”
“When the Sun came up you were looking at me.”

[ Track 05 ━ All You Had To Do Was Stay ]
“People like you always want back the love they gave away and people like wanna believe you when you say you’ve changed.”
“The more I think about it now, the less I know.”
“All I know is that you drove us off the road.”
“All you had to do was stay.”
“Why’d you have to go and lock me out while I let you in?”
“Could’ve been easy.”
“I’ve been picking up the pieces of the mess you made.”
“People like me are gone forever when you say goodbye.”
“Let me remind you this is what you wanted. You ended it. You were all I wanted.”
“Now you say you want it back, now that it’s just too late.”

[ Track 06 ━ Shake It Off ]
“That’s what people say.”
“I go on too many dates but I can’t make them stay. At least that’s what people say.”
“It’s gonna be alright.”
“Players are gonna play […], haters are gonna hate.”
“I’m dancing on my own.”
“My ex-man bought his new girlfriend.”
“Won’t you come on over, baby?”
“I shake it off.”

[ Track 07 ━ I Wish You Would ]
“You’re thinking that I hate you now.”
“Guess you still don’t know what I never said.”
“I wish you would come back, wish I never hung up the phone like I did.”
“I’ll never forget you as long as I’m living.”
“Wish you were right here, right now.”
“I miss you too much to be mad anymore.”
“You give me everything and nothing.”
“This mad mad love makes you come running.”

[ Track 08 ━ Bad Blood ]
“Take a look to what you’ve done.”
“Now we got problems and I don’t think we can solve them.”
“You made a really deep cut.”
“Did you have to do this?”
“I was thinking that you could be trusted.”
“What was shining now it’s all rusted.”
“It’s so sad to think about the good times.”
“Did you think we’d be fine?”
“Still got scars on my back from your knife.”
“Don’t think it’s in the past. These kind of wounds they last and they last.”
“Time can heal but this won’t.”
“If you come in my way, just don’t.”
“You say sorry just to show you live like that, you live with ghosts.”

[ Track 09 ━ Wildest Dreams ]
“I thought heaven can’t help me now.”
“Nothing lasts forever.”
“He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He’s so bad but he does it so well.”
“I can see the end as it begins.”
“Say you’ll remember me.”
“No one has to know what we do.”
“Say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”
“Burn it down.”
“I bet these memories hunt you around.”

[ Track 10 ━ How You Get The Girl ]
“And say, are you insane?”
“That’s how it works. It’s how you get the girl.”
“I want you for worse or for better.”
“I would wait forever and ever.”
“Broke your heart, I’ll put it back together.”
“Remind her how it used to be.”
“I don’t want you to go.”
“Say you want me.”

[ Track 11 ━ This Love ]
“You were just gone.”
“This love is good, this love is bad, this love is alive back from the death.”
“You showed up just in time.”
“I watched you leave.”
“You come back to what you need.”

[ Track 12 ━ I Know Places ]
“I can hear them whisper as we pass by.”
“It’s a bad sign.”
“Love’s a fragile little flame, it could burn out.”
“They got the cages, they got the boxes and guns. They are the hunters and we are the foxes. And we run.”
“I know places we won’t be found.”
“Let them say what they want, we won’t hear it.”
“Not this time.”
“You know for me it’s always you.”

[ Track 13 ━ Clean ]
“When the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst.”
“I think I am finally clean.”
“There was nothing left to do.”
“I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing.”
“Ten months sober, I must admit. Just because you’re clean don’t mean you miss it.”
“Now that I’m clean I’m never gonna risk it.”

[ Track 14 ━ Wonderland ]
“We took a wrong turn and we fell down the rabbit hole.”
“Cause nothing’s as it seems.”
“Didn’t they tell us don’t rush into things?”
“Haven’t you heard what becomes of curious minds?”
“I should’ve slept with one eye opened at night.”
“We found Wonderland.”
“We pretended it could last forever.”
“Life was never worse but never better.”
“All alone or so it seemed.”
“There were strangers watching.”
“Whispers turned to talking and talking turned to screaming.”
“I reach for you but you were gone.”
“You searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had.”
“In the end in Wonderland we both went mad.”

[ Track 15 ━ You Are in Love ]
“Time moved too fast.”
“You saw enough.”
“Coffee at midnight.”
“You felt enough.”
“You are in love, true love.”
“For once you let go of your fears and your ghosts.”

[ Track 16 ━ New Romantics ]
“We’re oh so tired of everything.”
“We show off our different scarlet letters. Trust me, mine is better.”
“We know exactly what we’re doing.”
“Life is just a classroom.”
“Every day is like a battle but every night with us is like a dream.”
“Come on along with me.”
“The best people in life are free.”
“It’s all in the timing.”
“We need love but all we want is danger.”
“The rumors are terrible and cruel but, honey, most of them are true.”
“Please take my hand and please take me dancing.”
“It’s so romantic.”


Was gonna add this to the post dealing with the Marina issue, but I’m at work and on mobile, so I’ll just post it separate. Please don’t continue to go around accusing her boyfriend of abuse or claiming she was kidnapped, those are dangerous rumors to spread, and could get a lot of innocent people in trouble.