dangerous paradise

Gangsta's Paradise
Coolio featuring L.V.
Gangsta's Paradise


Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio Ft. L.V.

So here’s another song that absolutely amazes me, along with everyone. It heavily samples Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise”. What else can I say, other than it’s amazing. Enjoy!


A/N: *chants* two more weeks … two more weeks. Enjoy this smutty piece until I get finals over with. This is for @bloodstained-porcelain-doll‘s challenge! 

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Genre: Smut

Prompt: “You took me to a beach? Why?” “So I can watch the two most beautiful things ever made.”

Warnings: Unprotected smut (be safe), explicit language

Word Count: 4330

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Your body itself seemed to groan, exhaustion weighing down on your shoulders as you strode into your house, duffle bag full of weapons and supplies hanging on your left shoulder. Your clothes were damp with sweat and blood, thankfully not your own, and stuck to your skin, a feeling of discomfort riddling you. Despite your condition, you were alive after another rough hunt, and you were able to return home where your smile wasn’t fake. “Not dead,” you called out as you entered the house that you shared with the man that had been at your side for years now.

“You could sound more enthusiastic,” the familiar soft voice with a hint of rasp sounded to your left.

You turned your head to see Chuck standing in the doorway that connected the foyer to the living room, an amused smile playing out on his lips. “Just a little tired,” you replied honestly, dropping your shoulder so that you could slide your duffel bag onto the floor. You moved to him as he started for you, your head automatically dropping down to rest on his shoulder as he embraced you gently. You wrapped your arms around his torso, palms resting on his shoulder blades to draw him closer as you seemed to melt in his grasp.

“You’re so tense. Maybe take a break from hunting for a week or two?” Chuck suggested weakly, knowing how insistent you were when it came to hunting monsters and saving people. As God, he always offered to come help, to snap his fingers and fix the situation, but you were naturally independent and hardly ever relied on anyone else’s help. He respected that, and it only intensified your affection for him, for his personality outside of the God complex.

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i cannot believe I’m going to witness TOUCH IT and THINKING BOUT YOU live holy shit 

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aahh!! i'm so happy that others see the wonder woman/destiel parallels!! when i saw it in theatres i was thinking that it all seemed so familiar but then i was like "i'm probably just crazy and think everything relates to spn". but all the parallels and tropes are THERE!! like the stares and the ocean rescue and the "pinnacle of humanity" and the self-sacrifice and the not-saying-anything-about-it-until-we're-in-danger and "paradise" and basically everything


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❝instead of writing a love song, make it about a moment. make it about the kiss.❞ – nikki sixx

1. without you  //  mötley crüe  2. every time i look at you  //  kiss  3. more than words  //  extreme  4. high enough  //  damn yankees  5. i found you  //  l.a. guns  6. breathe  //  w.a.s.p.  7. what love can be  //  kingdom come  8. when i look into your eyes  //  firehouse  9. friends  //  faster pussycat  10. long road  //  britny fox  11. anything for you  //  mr. big  12. i’ll never let you go  //  steelheart  13. what you give  //  tesla  14. that time of year  //  vinnie vincent invasion  15. make time for love  //  warlock  16. one step from paradise  //  danger danger  17. the bitter pill  //  warrant  18. mine  //  bulletboys  19. roses and rings  //  the quireboys  20. ‘til the end of time  //  whitesnake

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Mountain At My Gates (Shadilver)

Shadow sped toward a foggy mountain in the distance, squinting as the wind whipped his quills against one another. There wasn’t another vehicle on the road for miles, and even if there was, he had no plans of slowing his pace. For so long he had lived this way, it was a mere habit to throw caution to the wind. He turned the accelerator on his bike, and felt the intensifying vibrations course through his body. They set his isolation - a dangerous paradise in which he was the king. Only memories of the past could melt the ice in Shadow’s veins; the freezing irony was that his speed of travel reminded him of a time in which that was true.

Two loving arms wrapped around Shadow’s torso, sending him to the present, away from those days of misery. While he could never forget his roots, or the pain he felt so long ago, he had learned to distance himself from the source of his sadness. In a time long past, he would’ve tried to scale the mountain ahead of him. To reach the top, and look down upon all his troubles he had left below - that was his ultimate goal. But Shadow had made many friends since those days, none more important than the one he was carrying behind him. Because of their support - a helping hand he had many times slapped away in the past - he knew he could find his way out of the mountain’s shade. He slowed down, flicked his turn signal on, and veered off onto a side road to go around.

Shadow’s ears perked up as he heard the rumble of a voice behind him, but he couldn’t decipher any words from it. He smiled, and placed a hand one of the thighs pressed against his waist. Shadow remembered all the times he had resented that touch; of course, that was before he recognized it as the encouragement he had been seeking for so long. He and Silver had not always seen eye to eye, but together, they had found the path to happiness - one just as unconventional as the dirt road they were traveling on.

It led them below that mountain, revealing many others in the process, so that they were then surrounded by a rugged skyline. Shadow stopped at the edge of some sand, and took a moment to breathe the fresh air around him. He stepped off his bike, and locked hands with Silver as they made their way onto the beach, toward the lake they had travelled so far to see. They removed their shoes, and soon hung their legs off the end of a dock to feel the cool water on the pads of their feet.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Silver finally spoke, his golden eyes sparkling in the light of the sun. “In my time period, I would always come here to relax. It wasn’t nearly as pretty as it is now, though; in the future, the lake is all dried up, and most of the land is bare,”

“Every time you speak of the future, it scares me a little more, ya’ know that?”

Silver’s voice shook as he chuckled, “Yeah. It’s okay though, hopefully it won’t end up that way again.” He leaned back, stretching his neck to examine the looming clouds, “Have you ever been here before?”

Shadow shook his head, leaning over the dock to watch fish swim in the clear lake. “No. I’ve been by here many times, but I never would’ve imagined something so amazing lied past these mountains.”

“Kinda’ like life, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

Silver shrugged, twirling water around with his toe-claws, “Well, we all go through stuff, have our own obstacles, ya’ know. And they look terrible when you’re trying to get over them, because they’re the last things you wanna’ see. But once you get around them, and you’re sitting in the middle of it all, looking around at everything you overcame to get there,” he closed his eyes, and smiled at Shadow, “you realize how beautiful everything is.”

The ebony hedgehog’s face was solemn, “I’ll never understand how you can find the bright side of anything. It’s what keeps me going a lot of the time.”

“Hey, maybe that’s why we were destined to meet in the first place.” Silver glanced over, and saw that Shadow was still frowning. The albino grinned, and stood up before lowering himself into Shadow’s lap, facing his lover. He kissed his cheek, “One day, I’ll be gone, and you won’t have me here to remind you. But I can show you these places, I can tell you how bad it gets, so that maybe you’ll remember to protect this world when it starts turning bleak. You have that power, Shadow. I know you do.”

Shadow ran his hand through Silver’s chest fluff, causing the albino to chirp as his tail whacked between his mate’s thighs. The elder hedgehog chuckled, “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you.”

Silver rubbed Shadow’s shoulders, sensually rocking against his abdomen with a knowing smirk. “You stayed true to yourself. And I know you always will. That’s why I love you, Shads.”

The ebony one couldn’t take it anymore, and he grasped Silver’s cheeks to pull him in for a kiss. Silver wrapped his arms around Shadow, stroking his back quills, pulling them even closer together. Though the albino would never say a word of it, he felt a tear trickle down Shadow’s muzzle, and onto his own. Knowing this, they held each other tighter, and only parted so that Shadow could mouth a reciprocation of their love. He couldn’t form the words, for he knew his voice would convey his every emotion in that moment. Shadow grasped his lover’s waist, kissed his neck, stroked his excited tail, touched every inch of his body with loving hands - all to ensure he knew it would go without saying. Silver did, of course, just as he always had.

A peculiar sound escaped Shadow’s lips at the end of their carnal bout, just as the hedgehogs locked hands and pressed their foreheads together. It erected the albino’s attention, and flicked his ear around, for he had never heard it until then; truth be told, he didn’t realize how much he needed to hear it until it was said:

“Thank you for everything, Silver. You’ve saved me.”


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Cr: Love Music - Arashi Special Interview (Power of the Paradise single promo)

NB: Pardon any errors in translation

100+ kpop songs you should be listening to

🎃 halloween version 🎃


4minute: black cat, volume up, what’s your name

f(x): dracula, shadow, dangerous, red light

gain: paradise lost, tinkerbell

iu: cruel fairy tale, lost child/mia

sunnyhill: midnight circus, pray

it hurts by 2ne1, cleansing cream by brown eyed girls, dancing queen 2.0 by crayon popsinister by kahi ft. bekahhate you by ladies codeswing by lee hyori, v by lee jung hyuntouch by miss a, bbi ri bba bba by narsha, reason to became a witch by ns yoon-gdon’t be shy by primary ft. choa & iron, manyo maash by puer kim, bad by queen b’z, black swan by rainbowwitch’s dairy by spica, full moon by sumni, lovey dovey by t-ara (zombie version), devil’s cry by taeyeon, like ooh-ahh by twiceone black night by wonder girls


ajax: insane, one 4 u

boyfriend: bounce, witch

cross gene: billion dollaplay with me

epik high: don’t hate meparanoia pt1

exo: wolf, mama, monster

g dragon: coup d’etatshe’s gone

infinite: monster time, bad, btd

shinee: married to the music, nightmare, evil, orgel, medusa i

topp dogg: playground, the beat (halloween version)

tvxq: tri-angle, mirotic

vixx: voodoo doll (clean version), hyde, on & on, secret night, fantasy, error, light up the darkness, beautiful killer, after dark

vixx lr: beautiful liar, ghost (ravi solo)

xia: flower ft. tablo, tarantallegra ft. flowsik

beat by 100%, heartbeat by 2pmface off by a6p, sacramental confession by bang yongguk, zero for conduct by bastarz, shadow by beast, stalker by beatwin, monster by bigbang, obliviate by bigflo, jackpot by block b, thriller by btob, war on hormones by bts (halloween version),  monster by cheondunge.r by dmtn, d.o.a by high4, psycho by history, bing bing bing by jjcc (halloween version)animal by jo kwon ft. j-hope (live), u by john park, mine by kim jaejoong, what are you? by kim janghoon, can’t be friend with you by m.pirerun by mblaq, hero by monsta x (halloween version), vampire by npi, beautiful ghost by nu’est, pierrot’s tear by outsider, disapper by royal pirates, christmalo.win by seotaiji (band version), zombie party by speed, opera by super junior, i’ll be there by taeyangdoom dada by t.o.p, under the moonlight by vav, tarzan by wonderboyzthe trap of the north gate by yesung, ghost of the wind by ze:a


sweet dream by mfbtygoing crazy by song jieun ft. bang yongguk

disclaimer: mvs may not be suitable for all audiences.

also, feel free to add anything you think i’ve missed/forgot!


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