dangerous panda

I just had a crazy thought..

We all know Lei Lei so far is the most cutest fan (Besides Po) of Tigress

But let’s not forget these cuties too. 

I know many of us don’t consider LoA as canon but honestly sometimes it can be enjoyable and I really loved Zan and Tigress’s relationship in the episode.

As for this little cutie. I included her too in the Tigress’s fan list is cause I remember in the short she had asked Po she wanted to learn the Tigress style and you can clearly see the sparkles in her eyes. I’m sure she totally admires Tigress, I mean she could have easily picked Viper or any other five’s style but nope! She chose the Tigress style.

Conclusion; We just found ourselves the Ultimate Smol Squad for Tigress.

Dangerous Gator and Screaming Fish Rob a Bank (and Quirky Cat Decides to Come Along Too, Part 2)

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