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Hey everyone ^^ We are really happy to bring some news on the progress of the game - unfortunately we don’t have information as of when it will exactly be released.

But, as many of you know, March 18th-19th there will be this special viewing on Tokyo Dome of Brilliant Party and to commemorate, the game launcher held a live video demonstration of the game play so far. 

We’ll be showing some screen caps below the cut (please notice the low quality is related to internet connection + live feature)

  • main screen

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Fact: Castiel must have one sassy confused one liner per episode he’s in.

E1: No, I don’t have a harp.

E2: I don’t sweat under any circumstances.

Cancer Sun & Sagittarius Moon

I try to hide my feelings, but I am really over sentimental. I always try my best to help others & sometimes i feel very bad for not doing it just to appear not so caring, over worried and “cooler” (what happens very often). My love for others knows no bounds, and sometimes, it is even too much to handle, and it gets me into trouble. However, I love places even more than I love people. I crave adventure constantly, and get bored easily. I require nature and new places every few months, and I’m constantly ridden with wanderlust. Very maternal, I will do nearly anyone for my loved ones (I adore gifting, cooking, and caring for others when sick/hurt), but only if they treat me well. I’m quick to run if I feel like I am in a dangerous or negative situation. [Info on sun and moon signs]

So ofc there’s this new smart pass interview about Mikasa (that no one has yet so praying someone puts their hand on it!) and it’s cool and all, really excited for since we haven’t had any Mikasa-centric content for so long!

but I’m wondering why isn’t Armin one of the people who gave their opinion about Mikasa?
of course it’s not a big deal but it’s such a pity, I mean there is Hanji, Levi, Erwin, Sasha and Eren, but Armin would’ve been perfect! the most perfect one to give their opinion imo tbh
the only explanation I’m thinking of is that Armin is too smart and analytical and knows Mikasa very well so his opinion would be too revelatory or like too spelled out
I mean you have Erwin, Hanji, Levi, they’re all very analytical of other people but they don’t know Mikasa as good
there’s Eren, obliviousness in its human form *sigh*
and then there’s sasha and, oh man I just wished Armin was one of them! 

on the other hand I’m looking forward to what Erwin has to say because we’ve particularly never seen him directly interact with Mikasa, that would be interesting!
Levi and Hanji’s opinions would be pretty cool ,I wonder If what levi knows about the ackerman will influence what he has to say, or is this whole thing is before that?

and Eren ………*closes eyes* anyways!  
or actually let me say, I just don’t know which Eren they’ll play, the oblivious Eren, the bratty Eren, or a serious Eren?? kinder egg surprise right here.
but whatever it is, it will be twisted by the fandom so honestly I’m not really looking forward to new wank and I could live without Eren’s opinion, not in a smart pass content at least, in manga canon I know I can trust Isayama 
and there’s Sasha who would probably say something cute 

of course the most important of them all would be Mikasa herself talking about herself and her feelings *heavy breathing* 
I’m really excited and stressed for this one, I haven’t heard my girl talk in so long, I almost miss her lol, but I hope we will also know when exactly does this interview takes place, it’s really important. 

If you post original gifsets, photos, music and/or artworks and you are terrified by the new tumblr feature allowing people to erase captions in one click clap your haaaaaands



(Source: Okawa Genki ’s twitter)


► Yuzuki Teramitsu (CV: Koutaro Nishiyama)
► Haruhi Teramitsu (CV: Yashiro Taku)
► Akane Fudou (CV: Shoya Chiba)
► Mirouku Shingari (CV: Takuya Eguchi)

(Source: Yashiro Taku’s twitter)

2016.07.10 took place the 『B-PROJECT HAPPY SUMMER EASTAR』event, where the following announcements were made:

①  <Kitakore /MooNs / THRIVE / KiLLER KiNG> NEW SINGLE!!

and also…

② GAME -『B-PROJECT Muteki* Dangerous App』

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i used to ride or die on the Canon Expressway w/ major love for canon compliant fics, new canon info, etc. i got Bored a few years ago and started taking little detours for AU fics. and now i’m just like DANGER DANGER when New Canon Info is revealed and i feel like the Canon Expressway is under major road construction and is an honest to god peril to my characters and also to my nerves. SO…i’m gonna avoid that cluster at all costs n if u need me i’ll be riding sirius black’s motorbike over here in Denial where ron knows how to use his wand, thank you very much

bonniesimmonds and I have put our first ever selfie (taken when we were about 12) on the flat fridge above some fridge magnets that spell out “nothing much to do”. Too far? HOW ABOUT NOT FAR ENOUGH. Oh by the way we flat in the house where we filmed all Bea and Hero’s vlogs for nmtd. HOW ABOUT TOO FAR NOW