dangerous friendship

“Come on Annabeth! This is supposed to be a friendly race!”

“There’s no such thing as “friends” in Mario Kart Jackson!”

A little request from Instagram that ended up being not so little, Percy and Annabeth doing something as friends because they were friends first and foremost before they became known as Percabeth™! (They’re younger in this so they’re not even Percabeth™ yet.)

Annabeth takes video games VERY seriously, so if you don’t mind being absolutely destroyed in every game imaginable, she makes for a great opponent!

(The request was from persassyannabaeth, don’t know if they have a tumblr!)

When we think about meeting people who will have the kind of importance in our lives, it seems impossible that they could live miles and miles away. It seems impossible that we can bond with someone over FaceTime calls and texts. Adults ingrave into our minds that the people we meet on the internet have no purpose in our lives other than to destroy it.

I feel bad for the people who still try to tell us that internet friendships or relationships aren’t comparable to a real life one, because they believe the internet is only full of danger.

Those people don’t know what it feels like…
To finally meet your best friend.

—  poems-she-wrote

I have a confession:
Seto Kaiba’s struggles, and even his setbacks, resonate with me more deeply than most characters’ successes.  

If the first thing we see is how cutting and obnoxious Kaiba can be, the second is how deeply damaged he is, and Takahashi continues to weave these two strands together throughout the story.  Kaiba isn’t simply distrustful, he’s someone who has learned in a very hard school that trust is dangerous, that friendship and attachment lead to loss and betrayal.   

From Duelist’s Kingdom onwards he’s actively trying to be a better person and to build a more hopeful future – and he constantly screws up on both fronts, and then goes right back to trying again, as if he can win through through sheer single-minded persistence.  

Kaiba struggles.  Constantly.  With his future and his past, with everything and everyone… and with himself most at all.  Kaiba not only fails the course in “Socially Acceptable Ways to Grieve 101,” he marches into the classroom, overturns the desk, rips up the final exam and then stomps on the pieces for good measure.

Kaiba is a reminder that both life and loss are messy… and that moving forward isn’t an unbroken victory march.  Instead, Kaiba stumbles through his emotional journey without a roadmap (and often without a clue), taking countless wrong turns while tripping over every roadblock in his way.  And that acknowledgement – that life can be chaotic and occasionally devastating, that sometimes the way that time heals wounds is by creating scars – is something I see so rarely in any media, that Kaiba, in all his flawed and damaged glory, makes me cheer not just for him, but for his very existence as well.

These panels show just how far Kaiba has come.  But I don’t think Kaiba will ever be the person he would have been if his parents’ hadn’t died or if the following years had been less brutal.  They did and they were and nothing can change that. And I don’t think Kaiba needs to become that mythical might-have-been person, as illusory as one of his holograms, anyway.  Kaiba has a different challenge: to learn to accept the person he is.

And maybe you don’t need a unbroken victory march in order to triumph.

The Hogwarts Houses When in Danger


I will stay strong. I will be brave. I will always help my friends when they need me, no matter the danger.


I will read ahead. I will know the most. I will make sure my friends are prepared for the worst in their times of need.


I will be loyal. I will be fair. I will stand against anyone, that so my friends can be safe from the pain.


I will be at home. I will be surrounded by my friends. Because we all knew it was too dangerous and we weren’t risking it.

dear aries,
you remind me of the sun and we burn buildings and skin alike- together. being with you is like smelling smoke in the air and running towards the source. we are bold and curious and courageous.
you take the flames and you swallow them and you breathe words like fire. i love your bright dragon eyes. i love the way you ruin towns. i love the way you ruin hearts.
—  leo

Bc nobody ever thinks that we exist. ever.

  • You’re still in the closet so I’m your date to all your events
  • Please stop calling me a plant it’s fucking annoying
  • This is the moment I choose to come out as ace to you and all you can ask for is a grilled cheese sandwich
  • I am a small innocent aro please stop trying to ask me on a date
  • Our friendship level has exceeded the mortal plane and every time you come out to someone you call me to tell me the reaction and I live for it
  • We act like a couple but we are two innocent aro/ace people who live in a dangerous hetero society
  • (gayce being gay + ace)

And finally

  • If you’re aro/ace, and I’m aro/ace, thEN WHO’S FLYING THE PLANE?????
  • Hawke: Fenris, where's my stave?
  • Fenris: What?
  • Hawke: Where. Is. My. Stave?
  • Fenris: I uh...Put it away.
  • Hawke: Where?
  • Fenris: Why do you need to know?
  • Hawke: I need it!
  • Fenris: Nuh-Uh, you are not going out and saving any Mages.
  • Hawke: Kirkwall is in danger!
  • Fenris: Your friendship points are in danger!
  • Hawke: You tell me where my stave is! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Fenris: Greater good? I am your husband, and I am the greatest good you are ever gonna get.
For girls known as “those two”

I ask you to teach me something, teach me something real, something I need and you laugh because there are three months between us but they’ve always felt as long as years

Your lips stretch into a target that I want to hit and you say that I’ve always had a thing for teachers haven’t I?

I ask you to teach me something and you take my arm and put jewelry and underwear into my purse then you march me right past store security

Later, as we lick the melting ice cream off of our hands and I feel my stomach twist in on itself in fear of the sugar, you ask if that was good enough

I shake my head and ask you to teach me something

Your eyes glow like a lighthouse in a storm, and I’m distracted wondering if I’m the storm, the ship or the rocks, and you press a lighter into my hands and hold a pipe to my mouth

Later, in the bathroom with all the windows open we pass the eye drops and water back and forth, and you ask if that was good enough

I shake my head, harder this time and grab your wrist, your bones shifting underneath my grip and ask you to teach me something, something I can use, something important

In class you flip your hair over your shoulder and smile at everyone, everyone, you use every secret I’ve ever told you and you dangle them above me, your lips are painted coral and I’m remembering that coral can cut if you swim too close

Later, on the phone, you’re crying about hating yourself and it’s making me cry and I realize your power now, I see it, the rise and the fall and I understand now but it’s still not good enough

I want you to teach me something

Because girl, girl after my own heart, sworn enemy and best friend, girl who likes to call me out and refuses to listen when I pull the same stunt

Girl, if I don’t learn it from you who is ever going to teach me?

I want you to teach me something

You were right, I always have had a thing for teachers, I always have loved tripping along after, always the girl on your heels, grabbing you and begging to be dragged along

Girl, please tell me you didn’t drag me along just to leave me in the dust with nothing learned

I forget the point of this

You were always the one reminding me

You were always the lighthouse in the storm, you grounded me, you directed me 

But your light was too far for a shortsighted child

I still haven’t figured out if I’m the ship or the rocks

I still don’t know if your lighthouse eyes are guiding my way or tricking me into ruination

Something I think that I’m neither

Sometimes I think I’m the girl standing on the shore with wind in my hair, watching a ship crash and sink, watching the lighthouse keeper laugh then cry

Sometimes I think I’m the water, with no choice but to eat the drowning innocent

Sometimes I wish I’d learned whatever it was that you were trying to teach me

Mostly, I wish that I’d just been your friend before you left to sink some easier ships

- L.D.

EXO Reaction to all of them liking the same girl

TBH, I think they would talk about it before putting their friendship in danger. I love you, Admin A~

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Chanyeol: *Serious Chan* “Listen guys, I’m into her and I won’t let her go. I’m determined and nothing will stop me”

Kris: “Say all the things you want. She loves me and no one else. I’m Galaxy Kris, what did you guys expect?”

Sehun: *He doesn’t mind that they are fighting for you. He will go straight ahead and tell you his feelings. No one takes what is his*

Tao: *Cries* “But guys… I told you I loved her… Why can’t you respect that?”

Kai: *He would play fair and give his all. If the others want you too then they would have to get your heart, but he never looses so don’t worry he won’t stop until you choose him*

Xiumin: “You better stay away from her. All of you!” *Like a boss*

Baekhyun: “Do you guys think you stand a chance? We are talking about me! The almighty Baekhyun!” 

Luhan: *Pissed* “She needs a real man! Not you guys! So she will be with me!””

Chen: *Just laughs at them* “You guys must be stupid. She loves me and only me!”

Kyungsoo: *Hearing tot heir nonsense while he is secretly planning something to win your heart*

Lay: “You guys like her too?! Isn’t she amazing?” *Fangirling with them*

Suho: “We all need to talk about your future mother! We need rules guys!”