dangerous flip


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Pairing: Jimin x reader
Word count: 1.6k
Warning: smut ⚠️
a/n: okay so… I still don’t know that much about Jimin but… He definitely is a) a bias wrecker and b) a great sub. I’m just gonna go like, pray for forgiveness :)

“You’re not going to last,” you mumble. Jimin doesn’t reply, only staring at you with a dark look in his eyes. You trace your finger across his lips, smiling sweetly at Jimin as he tries to remain as still as possible.

You were straddled across his lap on the bed, his back pressed against the headboard with your two legs either side of him. You were dangerously close to him, and he was dangerously close to flipping you over on the spot and taking you right there.

“Come on, baby,” you coo, pressing down onto him harder and feeling his clothes length pressing against your thigh that was against him. “Don’t you want to touch me?”

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Whenever I watch the 19-2000 video I get scared Murdoc is going to inhale/choke on/some how hurt himself with his tooth pick. For gods sake man you’re dricing superfast and upside down stop flipping the dangerous sharp thing around in your mouth! I know nothing happens but it still makes me anxious.

For @dizzybunnies, who wants best bros Lance and Hunk with sick Lance. Based off this awesome scenario I had an anon send me! (Modern AU)

Lance had agreed to go to the mall with Hunk because, at the time, he had been feeling fine. But when the two arrived and started shopping, his health bounced around as quickly as the two browsed through stores. One minute he was fine; the next he was glancing around for the closest bathroom as a wave of heat prickled over his body and his stomach flipped dangerously.

It was incredibly inconsistent, but he was doing his best to hide it, with only one misstep where he had paled significantly in a clothing store after a rather violent wave of nausea washed over him. Hunk had asked if he was okay, and he had swallowed hard before waving away Hunk’s concern as his energy surfaced once more.

After about two hours, the two decided to swing by their favorite smoothie cart to allow their arms, carrying multiple bags, a rest.

Lance was normally incredibly eager to get his hands on a large blueberry smoothie, but as soon as he said his order to the woman manning the cart, his stomach started to churn violently. Heat was washing over him, but he could feel soft tremors coursing through his body. He was thankful for the sound of Hunk tapping away on his phone behind him because that told him that his friend wasn’t watching him.


Lance snapped his attention towards the woman running the cart, who was holding his smoothie out to him with a frown. “Sorry,” he muttered, taking the cup and starting towards a table placed close to a fountain.

He hoped that sitting down would ease the cramping in his stomach, and he all but collapsed into the chair, dropping his shopping bags loudly to the floor. But, he soon found out how wrong he was. If anything, sitting was only making his stomach hurt worse, but he shot Hunk a shaky smile as his friend sat down across from him.

Lance sipped his smoothie slowly as Hunk chattered about what he and Pidge were working on for their science project, but after a while, Hunk’s words became but a faint mutter as Lance’s entire focus went towards his stomach.

With each nauseous flip of his stomach, he was growing hotter. He could feel sweat slide down the back of his neck, and his muscles were burning from the effort put forth to keep from trembling in front of Hunk.

Everything was suddenly becoming too hot and too loud, and Lance could physically feel each small sip of the smoothie threatening to come back up. He shot to his feet.


“Sorry,” Lance said through a forced laugh. “My stomach.” His eyes were already darting around for a bathroom, and when he spotted one relatively close by, he started to move. “Hang on one sec, okay?” He said over his shoulder as he walked quickly on trembling legs to the bathroom.

Lance could thank every single god when he found the bathroom empty, but he held back on bursting into a stall because his stomach had settled some. It still hurt badly, but he didn’t feel an immediate threat of vomiting at the moment. 

Instead, he parked himself in front of a sink and splashed cold water over his burning face. The coolness brought little to no relief for his stomach was beginning to cramp violently again. He spared a glance towards an empty stall, but still, he didn’t feel he was going to vomit right that second.

He gripped the edges of the sink and contemplated sticking his entire head under the faucet to ward of the stifling heat when he heard someone walk up to him.


There was caution and concern coloring Hunk’s tone. Lance stared at his pale face dripping with water in the mirror before turning to meet Hunk’s eyes.

Hunk gasped quietly, lips already curled down into a frown. “You look terrible.”

Lance was eternally grateful for Hunk keeping his voice soft because his head was beginning to throb, and it was doing nothing for his churning stomach. He nodded in response and watched as Hunk set the drinks and bags down before closing what little distance was left between them. 

Lance welcomed the gentle hand on his back, and it took all of his effort to not collapse into Hunk’s arms.

“Have you thrown up?”

Lance took in a few shaky breaths before shaking his head. “I’ve been feeling on and off bad since we got here, and it just got to be too much.” When Hunk hummed in agreement, Lance’s forehead creased in confusion.

Hunk smiled gently at him. “I was a little hesitant at first when you got really pale while looking at shirts in the Blue Paladin, but you really tipped me off when you were barely drinking your smoothie.”

Lance could only nod in response. Just the mere mention of his smoothie left him trembling. Luckily, it didn’t take Hunk long to pick up on that because he watched Hunk move to throw the two drinks away before gathering all of their shopping bags.

“If you haven’t been sick by now, it’s probably best to go home.”

Lance watched as Hunk moved all the bags to one arm, and his face softened once Hunk motioned for him to come over with his free arm. Before he knew it, he was leaning hard against Hunk’s side with a strong arm wrapped around his shoulders.

“Let’s go home, buddy. Some sleep will do you good.”

Lance nodded, and with Hunk’s steady support keeping him upright, the two started towards the mall’s exit. 

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It makes me so upset that all the cosmic witches on here love and support ladystardvst. She harasses people like wild. I told her not use gems as dildos as they can be dangerous and she flipped out, called me a moron, and blocked me. There are so many better things to do with gems other than make them dildos anyway lmao


Seduce Me Imagine...

…Sam being a firefighter and there’s a huge wild fire that erupted on the west coast, consuming everything in its path. There’s a call out for volunteers and Sam goes, knowing that they need him there. To him, there’s no need for him to be a hero– he needed to be there. He can make a difference in someone’s life because he knows he has the stamina and strength to do something so tedious and dangerous.

You are a flipping wreck waiting for him to come back home. You know there’s really no reason to be nervous. Sam can fend for himself and, honestly, he’s a demon. But he’s been gone for weeks. He can’t always contact you either, so getting updates is scarce. You watch the new like a hawk, trying to get any information you can about the situation. Sometimes, you get afraid to open the door for your guests… you’re afraid it’d be one of the guys from house 4 with Sam’s helmet in hand.

But one day, Sam just comes home in uniform, his jacket already stripped off and his suspenders being the only things keeping the rest of his gear on. This over joys you– this relieves you to know that he is home safe and sound.

And when he first spots you? Sam’s hair is messed up. He’s got some soot smeared on his face still, and he smells like a bond fire. But you don’t care.

He’s home.

Elide x Lorcan

Am I the only one that is pissed off at Elide for the horrible things she said to Lorcan at the end of EoS? I mean she was willing to look past all his killing and rudeness and his questionable past. But the minute he calls maeve because he thinks Elides life is in danger she flips out? Aylin knew he called for Maeve and did nothing! Lorcan, who has spent his entire life to prove himself and his love to maeve, called to her because he believed she was the only one capable of saving the one person he has ever cared about besides maeve. yes he crawled to her and yes he called her to them. but he has been bonded to her for hundreds of years. he has trusted her. so elide has every right to be mad. and even pissed. but she went to far and she said horrible things. I really hope that they are able to get past this in ToG6. 

So this is how my morning went *laughs*

[6:30:50 AM] Dragoon Sama: no but like, i keep thinking about what happened when arthur woke up
Dragoon Sama: like he’s just in a panic, realizing he’s not in his own body, completely off kilter due to the differences
Dragoon Sama: and there’s the teens/young people, who can be just as bad as the old crazies but also tend to be more athletic, harder to get away from, and what sort of cult is this, what do they /want/?
Dragoon Sama: where were lewis and vivi and mystery?  were they safe?  if it was just arthur, that was better, but he wanted to know where they were (help him), and he’s trying not to panic
Dragoon Sama: and the mystery inc guys, they don’t /believe/.  they want to know why shaggy’s playing such a silly joke, how far he’s going to take it
Dragoon Sama: and by their acting like arthur/shaggy is the crazy one, only reinforces arthur’s fears that this is their plan somehow, they want him to forget his own life for some reason he can’t figure out.
Dragoon Sama: and it’s scooby who calms things down, who gets both parties to realize that there’s something Wrong here.  because scooby could tell.  shaggy, even if he were inclined to do such a prank, wouldn’t do it without scooby knowing.  he wouldn’t let it go this far, to the point he was in a real panic attack, /scared/ of his friends.
Dragoon Sama: oh hi are you awake
Dragoon Sama: i was just rambling to you offline didn’t realize u would be there
Dragoon Sama: >>

Charlie McCarthey: He smells DIFFERENT too which is what starts it. But instead of getting on edge, Scooby was raised that way-to be aggressive to strangers, especially ones so frightened they can’t peel themselves from a corner.
Charlie McCarthey: HIIIII yes I live

“masculine privilege” harms women

It’s a bullshit framework. It constructs a narrative that implies masculine women are not women and don’t experience misogyny. I’m so tired of it. Stop alienating other women from womanhood. Just fucking stop.

It silences women, it builds barriers that do not need to exist. It misrepresents structural power. It frames certain kinds of women as inherently predatory and violent. It’s queer liberal bullshit and it fails to address the social positions that these women occupy and how the world actually treats them. Just because butches may not be objectified in exactly the same ways femmes are does not mean that they have men’s approval or respect. It does not mean that they are not targeted. Getting read as a man occasionally does not equate to male privilege. Getting misgendered is actually really fucking dangerous. People will flip on you in a heartbeat. Every moment of acceptance is conditional. Men hate gender nonconforming women for not being men, for beating them at their own game. They hate seeing a woman succeed in “masculine” areas where they do not. This often incites violence–and it’s shockingly socially acceptable to swing at a butch. Women (especially straight women) vilify gender nonconforming women and exclude them from womanhood, sisterhood, solidarity, mutual protection & care.

Lesbians don’t have the male gaze, are not inherently predatory. Grow the fuck up and stop rehashing the same old homophobia and pseudo-feminism. Stop imposing heterosexual frameworks on relationships between women. Stop misrepresenting power dynamics to turn women you don’t approve of into ~basically men. Femmes are not damsels in distress, doubly marginalized & victimized for being feminine and for being women. That is the other side of this coin, that’s what is implicated by this framework–and honestly that’s just plain offensive. Just because men try to “bro out” with butches by roping them into objectifying women with them doesn’t mean that they’ve been granted access to the boys club–it doesn’t mean that they are like men. Stop shaming women-loving-women for their sexual desire for other women. Just because femmes are treated as trophies and prizes doesn’t mean that butches are not. I’ve seen it. Women tend to pounce on the hottest butch in the room. That kind of visibility may be useful, but it’s not always wanted and it certainly isn’t a privilege. There are a lot of fucked up sexual expectations that go along with that kind of desirability. We’re all capable of mistreating each other, but that discussion doesn’t need to involve constructing yet another misleading privilege/oppression framework.

Masculine, androgynous, and gender nonconforming women experience misogyny in different ways than feminine women do. Just accept that. Accept that you cannot know all experiences of womanhood. Build the room for more narratives, more theoretical frameworks. I’m writing this as a femme. I’m writing this as someone who is dog-tired of seeing women I love being treated like men and not-women. This is close to my heart, but it isn’t mine in the truest sense. I’m just trying to start a conversation. Some of y’all need to be reigned the fuck in.

Gender nonconforming women are not privileged over other kinds of women. I don’t know how many times someone has to say “hypervisibility is not a privilege” before it sticks.

Reasons Not To Listen To Spring Awakening While Driving:

  • During Bitch of Living you will accidentally stomp your foot on the gas and almost die.
  • While belting Touch Me at a stoplight, you will get strange looks from people walking by because you left your window open.
  • Totally Fucked is dangerous because while flipping off the world, it will appear that you are giving the middle finger to every drive you pass, on rhythm.
  • Don’t leave the music playing because someone will borrow your car and you’ll have to explain.
  • In general, since the Deaf West revival, you will attempt to sign the songs, which will force you to let go of the wheel.