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A Wedding and Two Proposals

Summary: Sequel to Smoulder! Thank the anon who asked me how Smoulder Adrien would propose to Marinette.

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Chapter One: A Wedding

“Ladies and Gentleman, please put your hands together for the Bride and Groom!”

The doors to the reception hall opened and the already dazzlingly bright room (adorned in all manner of vivid reds, oranges and purples) seemed to grow brighter as the happy couple stepped inside to thunderous applause. Adrien jumped, whooping and cheering more loudly than he’d ever done in his entire life. All sense of decorum, all the manners which had been drilled into him since birth, all of that forgotten with an air of “screw it, my best friends just got MARRIED!”

And what a wedding it had been. Less than one hundred people and very intimate. Nino had proposed on holiday, taken by a moment of spontaneity and overwhelming love as he’d brought Alya to Morocco, his place of birth. Alya had been so taken by Marrakesh, the golden sun, the energy, the music as well as Nino’s extended family, that she had insisted on having the wedding here- foregoing a more traditional French wedding. In her own words, “It’s not really our style anyway.”

To Adrien, it still seemed so surreal, even as Nino and Alya made their way over to them, looking more blissful than he’d ever seen either of them. The fact that they’d spent a year and a half planning, the late nights, the never-ending list of things to do, all of it leading up to the moment where they’d stood together, surrounded by a pool of lilies, and declared each other partners for life.

“Oh my god,” Marinette whispered in his ear and, though he was facing away from her, he could tell she was as close to tears as he was. “They’re married! Look at them.”

“I know,” he replied. Marinette must have heard the wavering in his voice, as she reached down to squeeze her hand in his. The interaction was short lived however, as Nino and Alya finished embracing their parents and he was wrapped in a group hug so tight he was sure to stop breathing. The tears fell freely now as Adrien recalled the countless amount of times the four of them had been like this, the years they’d spent huddled together for reasons both joyous and terrible. It was a beautiful constant in his life.

Speaking of beautiful constants.

As they sat down in their seats, ready for the meal, Marinette already had a tissue ready for him. Adrien turned to her, kissing her softly in thanks. Their eyes met, and once again Adrien found himself taken by the strange kind of energy they shared throughout the day. He didn’t know if it was the wedding bringing out his inner romantic, of if something between them had shifted as they watched their best friends of ten years get married. Whatever it was it was…different. “I’ve always got your back, Kitty,” she uttered, snuggling closer to him.

Adrien smiled to himself. She did. She really did.

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Business and Pleasure - Part 4

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,231

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by secretgif-s

The wedding was quick, simple, and in all honesty, it was more of a relief to have it over. There was no big fancy ceremony, no stress of finding a caterer, getting flower arrangements, finding a venue,  or creating seating arrangements. It was easier this way. Quick and easy. This was for the best. At least that’s what you tried to tell yourself.

It had just been you, James, your father, and Mr. Barnes at the courthouse. You signed the necessary papers and that was that. You were married. You were now Mrs. James Buchanan Barnes.

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teen choice awards

requested: “can you do one where shawn meets y/n backstage or something and shes like shy but interesting at first and occasionally he gets her to sing, she sings a whintey houston-ish song you know a big ballad and he’s blown away and wants to make her famous.”

also requested: “hi bb I love your writings!! Could you please write something where y/n is a famous singer and meets Shawn at the Teen Choice Awards and they hit it off/flirt/exchange numbers? Probably kinda weird but I would love it!!!! xoxo” authors note: i thought i would sorta combine these two and i hope y'all don’t mind. also, this imagine is rather long and it takes a bit of time to get to the point so i apologize. i was just trying to figure everything out and make sure it all made sense. idek.

“Please work.” You mumbled to yourself while messing around with the lens on you camera. For some reason it wouldn’t click right whenever you tried to put it on, and you were terrified at the fact that it could be broken. You worked as a photographer and tonight your job was to take pictures of the celebrities who performed at the Teen Choice Awards. You’ve been photographing moments for as long as you can remember but you’ve never had this big of an opportunity until now. You had already met several celebrities backstage and you were in awe at how humble some of them were, and also how rude some of them were. Everyone was different and it was interesting to see.

“Are you okay?” You heard a voice say and you quickly looked up, taking your glasses off and resting them on your head. You really only needed glasses to see things up close, but whenever you were talking to someone or doing anything else, you didn’t need them, and sometimes they’d give you a headache. Before you could respond, the voice spoke up again.

“Oh cool, what kind of camera is that?” It took you a minute to realize, but once you blinked hard a few times, you finally noticed that Shawn Mendes was talking to you. The Shawn Mendes from Vine, the kid you had a huge crush on when you first discovered him in Magcon.

“Canon 5d mark iii.” You said shyly trying hard to hide your flustered cheeks and pounding heart.

“Cool. My friend is a photographer and he’s actually here taking some pics. I assume that’s what you’re doing too? Oh sorry, I totally forgot to even introduce myself, I’m Shawn.” He smiled wide and stuck out his hand. You awkwardly put down your camera on the nearest table and stood up to shake his hand before saying, “I’m Y/N.”

“So is everything okay? I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but it sounded like you were having some trouble.” Shawn said politely. He was just as sweet as his fanbase always said he was.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. I was just having trouble putting my lens on. But it’s okay.” You said laughing a little, trying to make things more casual. You always laughed whenever you got nervous. After a few extra minutes of small talk with Shawn, he eventually had to go on stage to perform and you had to be out there too, taking pictures. You got some good shots of several different celebrities so you were proud of yourself. As the evening went on, it got later and you got tired. Your photography instructor told you take however many pictures you wanted, and she didn’t give you any time frames, so you figured you would give yourself a small break, and sit backstage on one of the couches and listen to Ariana Grande’s performance. She sang her powerful song Dangerous Woman which you loved. Ariana’s voice was strong and beautiful and you always wished you could sing something like that. After you sang along to Ariana’s performance, you decided to sing the song again but by yourself since it seemed that no one was around to hear your mediocre singing voice.

“Makessss me feel like a dangerous wommannn.” You flipped through snapchat stories on your phone as you belted out the rest of her song. You sang the last line, and your heart jumped out of your chest when all of a sudden you heard someone clapping. You almost dropped your phone.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. But that was incredible Y/N!” It was Shawn. Shawn Mendes was talking to you again. You sat there wide eyed, with bright red cheeks feeling a bit embarrassed about the fact that he just heard you sing, but you also felt slightly confused about the fact that he said it was incredible. You never thought your voice was really any good. You sang in choirs before, and you sing in the shower and in the car, but you always looked at singing as a hobby. You wished for it to be something more, but that never seemed realistic to you.

“Uh, thank you!” You said with a small smile, and putting your phone in your back pocket.

“That voice of yours deserves to be on the radio or something, seriously. How long have you been singing?” Shawn walked over, and sat down next to you on the couch.

“I don’t know, for as long as I can remember?” You laughed shyly, and looked at him, still wondering why he even thought you sounded good. Was he messing with you? Were you being pranked?

“You shouldn’t be sitting on a couch backstage, you should be performing, on stage.” Shawn was sitting rather close to you, and his voice was soft. He sounded genuine. You were in shock. Shawn Mendes, someone you thought had the voice of an angel, was saying that you had a good voice. And you didn’t know what to say, so you just looked down and smiled, trying to remain as humble as possible.

Two years later

You played with the cord of the microphone as you tried to keep a straight face, while being interviewed backstage at the Teen Choice Awards. “You’ve gotten quite popular so quickly, do you ever miss when you weren’t famous?” The woman said to you with a smile on her face.

“Of course, but I love this job. I’m grateful either way.” You said simply. After a few more questions, you finally finished the interview. You sat backstage while people reapplied makeup, and you chatted with whoever else was getting their makeup done. Several people congratulated you on your new album that was just released, and you thanked them. Your life has drastically changed after your old friend Shawn Mendes had convinced you to post a over on YouTube. After you did, he shouted you out, causing you to gain thousands of followers and soon enough you were signed. But that was two years ago. You and Shawn talked as friends for maybe 6 months and then stopped. You don’t know why but it just happened. Both of your lives were busy, so you didn’t really let it bother you. Just as you were thinking of someone you haven’t spoken to for so long, Shawn walked into the room backstage. You pretended not to notice by looking at yourself in the mirror, fixing any mistakes your makeup artists made. You weren’t a makeup expert but sometimes your makeup artist didn’t know what looked good on you.

“Y/N?” You heard him. Shawn. You saw him now too. You saw him behind you in the reflection of the mirror and you quickly turned around.

“Shawn!” You said kindly giving him an awkward hug.

“It’s been so long. How are you? Congrats on your album by the way.” He scratched the back of his neck as he spoke.

“Thank you! And I’m great, how are you?”

You remembered very well when you met Shawn two years ago, at this exact place. It was crazy how you went from taking pictures of celebrities, to actually becoming a celebrity and now you watched people take pictures of you. You and Shawn talked for about 20 minutes or so. The awards show was technically over and you were supposed to be attending an afterparty but instead you were here talking with Shawn. You both caught up on each other’s lives and eventually you exchanged numbers. You had his number from two years ago, but apparently it was changed.

“I’m sorry for not talking to you for so long. I’m glad we caught up though, and I’d love to take this conversation further sometime, somewhere else.” Shawn’s cheeks were a pretty pink and it made you smile. Was he asking you on a date?

“Like.. Where?” You teased him and laughed, titling your head.

“You ever been to that coffee shop downtown?”

“I haven’t actually.” And so Shawn and you skipped the afterparty and went on a simple date to the coffee shop, and talked for the rest of the night.

how do i tell the woman who shares a cube wall with me and spends the first hour after she arrives complaining about her life that i would give literally anything for her to shut her tedious gob for five blessed minutes


**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

Pairing: Jimin x reader
Word count: 1.6k
Warning: smut ⚠️
a/n: okay so… I still don’t know that much about Jimin but… He definitely is a) a bias wrecker and b) a great sub. I’m just gonna go like, pray for forgiveness :)

“You’re not going to last,” you mumble. Jimin doesn’t reply, only staring at you with a dark look in his eyes. You trace your finger across his lips, smiling sweetly at Jimin as he tries to remain as still as possible.

You were straddled across his lap on the bed, his back pressed against the headboard with your two legs either side of him. You were dangerously close to him, and he was dangerously close to flipping you over on the spot and taking you right there.

“Come on, baby,” you coo, pressing down onto him harder and feeling his clothes length pressing against your thigh that was against him. “Don’t you want to touch me?”

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anonymous asked:


silk: list songs you listen to for a jam 

Upbeat Track:

Paramore - Hard Times

FOB - Miss Missing You

Glass animals - Season 2 Episode 3

TOP - Forest

1975 - girls

LANY - pink skies

Jensen and The Flips - Dangerous 

Soft Track:

Lord Huron - The Night We Met

Oh Wonder - Drive

EDEN - End Credits

Sleeping At Last - East

Syd Matters - Obstacles

Dodie - Intertwined

The Other (Bucky x Reader) Part 3

Summary: Being a mutant with abilities is difficult enough, without having all this soulmate business to deal with in addition. Y/N meets hers in the least expectant place, but isn’t necessarily as thrilled as he’d hoped. However, a drastic turn of events require them to go to desperate measures to preserve what little they have.

Author’s Note: I do realise that this series hasn’t been very eventful so far, but I’d recommend to get on the wagon right now cos some exciting shit is gonna go down later on. 

Chapter List


Part Three

Five minutes later you had reached the correct grid, and you carefully pushed the grid down. Luckily, it didn’t make a noise. This entire ‘mission’ was only a string of coincidences that just happened to be in your favour. It was a very risky job, but it was the only one you could get. Well, for now.

“Cut the camera,” you breathed, and he sighed. You grabbed the edge of the vent and lowered yourself down silently, so as not to disturb the security guard who was standing almost two metres away. You started swinging yourself back and forth, before finally wrapping your legs around the man’s neck. You squeezed, and he slowly fell onto the ground with a thud.

You looked around at the safes around the room, counting the numbers that were stamped upon them.  You found the files you were looking for and fished a few wires out of your hoodie. You were about to stick them to the safe door, when the voice from the comm stopped you.  

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anonymous asked:

H/c about the Weasley siblings protecting their s/o?

You’re welcome :)

Ron Weasley

  • would be totally angry, if the person he loves is in danger
  • totally flips out
  • if there’s someone else threatening you, he would make them stop no matter the costs
  • wouldn’t go without a fight
  • get help if he can’t protect you alone
  • very emotional and impulsive when he wants to protect someone
  • will have even more fear than his s/o does
  • always protects them in a direct and straight forward way
  • will be pissed for a lifetime on whoever made his protection necessary (except it’s someone he’s very close to and the person says sorry)
  • does his best to calm his s/o down
  • is shocked and totally worried

Ginny Weasley

  • direct and straightforward as well
  • but more thoughtful than Ron
  • if it isn’t a life threat she would be more likely to give emotional support (for example if the case are some Slytherins humiliating the person she loves)
  • would try to fight whatever threatens her s/o verbally first
  • wouldn’t go without a fight too, if there was a physical threat or life threat
  • if her s/o was in danger mentally, she wouldn’t pay that much attention on it
  • would play it down and maybe say some nice standard things to calm them down
  • for her it wouldn’t be a big deal until she sees the effects
  • if her s/o was in life danger or physical hurt she would be very protective

Bill Weasley

  • does whatever he sees as the logical solution
  • his actions are probably more planned and strategic
  • trust his skills and tries to protect them in the best way possible for him
  • if it’s in battle, he casts some safe useful spells, that he’s good at and acts immediately
  • doesn’t fight, if it isn’t completely necessary
  • if his s/o has a problem he will be more likely to offer a plan to solve the problem than emotional support, because that would be more effective in his eyes
  • analyzes the threat and eliminates it step by step
  • more likely to plan carefully

Charlie Weasley

(imagine him however you want to, I just used a random gif that popped up when I googled Charlie)

  • thinks about the situation and tries to understand it
  • will use both practical and emotional protection
  • will fight without any fear
  • and probably wins the fight, since he knows how to use his skills in the best way
  • protects them in his own special kind of way
  • takes action immediately
  • uses details he realizes for his and his s/o’s advantages
  • probably the best protector in the Weasley family except for Percy maybe

Percy Weasley

  • if some students would threaten his s/o, he’d totally do the “I am the prefect” thing xD
  • would only take action, if the danger was visible and perceivable for him
  • would be a very good protector if this is the case
  • knows where his responsibilities are and stays calm while protecting his s/o
  • if it was in battle, he’d probably get angry and fight whoever threatens the person he loves immediately
  • uses a lot of logical conclusions and careful planning
  • his fighting and protection style is probably similar to Bills

Fred Weasley

  • would try to sneak their way out of danger
  • if it were students who threaten his s/o he would play a mean prank on them
  • would be more offensive than George
  • keeps a positive attitude
  • would try to make his s/o smile and cheers them up with some pranks
  • if it was in battle he would develop a cunning and complex plan to defeat the enemy

George Weasley

  • more gentle and sensitive than his twin brother
  • in battle Fred and George have similar techniques of course, but I think George would be more likely to cast protection spells, while Fred attacks the enemy directly
  • if the culprits were students, he wouldn’t immediately confront them or play a prank on them, but would let himself get a better view on the situation first
  • while Fred keeps a positive attitude, Georges attitude would be more neutral

Fireteam Dumbfuck

Maine: A veteran Striker Titan who seen a whole history of warfare and violence, Maine’s been sick of people for about a decade now so it’s amazing he’s even on a fireteam. He’s a quiet sort… mostly because his vocoder is jacked up and he can’t speak analog languages. Be assured: that growling sound is Exo Mechanical and his Ghost says he says you’re a fuckface. Probably don’t ask him what his real name is. Really don’t touch him. Definitely don’t mention that York’s put kitty stickers on his back armor. 

Carolina: The definitive fireteam leader, Carolina’s a Striker Titan of legendary reputation and extreme but charming ballsiness. Her blinding speed and ability to break the most overwhelming enemy lines is almost as well known as her ability to find literally the most trouble physically possible, then get out of it again. Carolina’s a bit flip about danger, like, even for a Guardian which is saying something. The most remarkable thing about her might her ability to say things like, “Oh man! That was a close one!” and not get punched by irate squaddies. 

York: Supposedly the team infiltrator, York’s a Gunslinger of the highest caliber with the worst luck in the goddamn universe. Habitually performing feats of astounding martial artistry followed quickly by the most spectacular pratfalls one might manage while standing still, it’s fortunate he’s found a team of Titans to watch his back out there. His interests lie primarily in thievery, namely from large angry incredibly dangerous alien beings that would rip him limb from limb if they caught him. Nicknamed himself York to fit in with Maine and Carolina. What a tool. 

Canon Parallels: Anything

Tell me something,” Zane murmured.

Anything,” Ty offered in a whisper as he brushed his nose against Zane’s.

  • Sticks & Stones (Kindle Locations 3310-3311).

“So tell me something.”

Anything,” Ty said in a low whisper. Just like the first time he’d answered with that, months ago in a tent, Zane’s stomach did a happy flip.

  • Armed & Dangerous (Kindle Locations 4413-4415).

Tell me something, Zane.”

Zane stared at him in the darkness, wallowing in the relief of simply being with Ty. “Anything.”

  • Stars & Stripes (p. 268).

Just Desserts

Requests: So, I kinda smashed a few requests together for this. I had several requests for a sequel to Just For Fun, my Soulless!Sam fic. I mixed those with one of my kink submissions of using food during sex to come up with this plot-less piece of gratuitous smut. Happy reading, guys! XOXO

Word Count: 1659

Warning: smut, some dirty talk, is using ice cream during sex a warning?

A/N: I’m actually almost done with the next installment of this as well, should be up tomorrow! (Also, I think classyrapist and idjitmonkey should check this one out, since they liked the last one. <3)

Sam wasn’t the problem. Sam had done nothing but give you the best sex you’d ever had. Three times. You’d finally stretched out in your bed afterward, alone and satisfied, never to mention it again. That was how you had both wanted it, and how it should have happened. But neither of you considered Cas.

“You had sex with Sam,” Cas said to you the next morning as you poured your cereal.

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