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Kinktober #20: (light) Pain Play

This is a direct result of @kkumri‘s Judo AU, because Hinata grabbing barechested!Tobio and yanking open his gi is GOOD! Also, there may have been some discussion about KageHina + bruises…

Judo is some of the most fun Tobio’s had outside of volleyball, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t painful.

Sometimes, Sunday evenings feel like he’s been through a practice that consisted entirely of flying falls and receiving the spikes of every powerful ace they’ve ever gone up against in the past three years, combined. Much of it is due to the fact that Hinata revels in getting the better of him, which means Tobio sees a lot of time either flying through the air, or with his back slammed firmly into the mat under their feet.

He gets admonished, sometimes, for how quickly his attention wavers. But what else can he do, when his stupid short boyfriend catches him off guard by cheating—like that grin he gets on his face after he manages to lock Tobio’s head between his thighs, Tobio’s face pressing right against his crotch. Or his little sneaky hands prying open the seam of Tobio’s gi to yank him in closer, close enough to steal a hot, messy, possessive kiss, right when Tobio is trying his best to spar.

Hinata did the tongue thing after they had pulled apart. The same tongue that had just been all up inside Tobio’s mouth, poked smugly from the corner of Hinata’s lips, as Hinata, quite frankly, leered at him. It was an expression that clearly said he knew exactly how hard the grabbing and manhandling and warm wetness of his mouth had affected Tobio. He was sizing Tobio up, seeing exactly how fast Tobio had lost focus—dazed and fantasizing now about Hinata ripping his practice robe right off of him, and ravishing him on the hard, spongy mat.

Maybe, Tobio thought hazily, lost in his reverie, staring at Hinata’s lidded eyes and smirking mouth—maybe Hinata would even scold him for it. Maybe Hinata would tell him how easy he was, how it was obvious that Tobio wanted him, right there and then. Maybe… Hinata would tell him what they could do once they got home…

Tobio maintains for the rest of practice that he slipped on the mat and fell, thanks to someone’s (Hinata’s) sweaty feet. He did not pass out, thank you very much. He was entirely conscious and aware of himself the whole way down.

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I’m not sure of who I am, but my blood will tell you that I am both the killer and the corpse. See, my mother has the teeth of a tiger and the soul of a mouse…but she wilted and bent like the branches of a willow as my father burned his way through her forest of a heart. Even after he was gone, she went on burning for years. And I never forgave him for what he did…but I understood. Nowadays, I am the one setting the fires…because I am both the flame and the ash it leaves behind.

-Poetry At Most

Giant: Ch. 17

And if I say hello again
let it be for the last time.
And if I break my bones again
let it be for the last time.

The rhetoric was turned up ridiculously loud. The continued rogue alien attacks grated on the city’s tolerance. Fear prevailed despite the best efforts of the heros. Despite the normal outcry, there were more and more people who sounded an awful lot like the Luthors of old. Jargon slipped in, articles highlighted undercover hate groups. The city and the world were waning.

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[Femslash February]: Rescue

okay so technically it’s not feb. 3rd anymore but as far as i’m concerned it’s still yesterday until i go to sleep so i’m going to pretend this is right on time. i have to do this for 25 more days rip me xD

Day 3: Rescue (Chlonette/Chlobug)

Words: 1616

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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Chloe was actually going to die of boredom at this dinner party. Seriously. She could feel her brain cells shriveling up, and she was going to end up brain dead way before dessert even came. 

Galas were way more fun. Galas had music, endless supplies of alcohol, balconies to smoke off of, and far more opportunities to dance and flirt with the sons and daughters of the other politicians in attendance. Dinners were tolerable only if she happened to be seated around interesting company or had the opportunity to wax on about her own life for the sake of drawing in the attention. 

But she was currently listening to one of her father’s staffers drone on and on about fiscal responsibility in the coming year and Chloe was two seconds away from stealing the bottle chianti, crawling under the table, and getting drunk alone. The man looked old enough to have fought in the damn French Revolution, and all of this economics talk was going completely over her head. It didn’t help that her father and some young son of another staff member were enraptured with the conversation, leaving Chloe to trace the rim of her wine glass and doze off from the conversation. 

Chloe pulled her phone out of her purse and surreptitiously sent a text. 

chloe: is death by macroeconomic discourse possible? asking for a friend.

mari <3: oh my. dinner’s that bad?

chloe: i’d rather use the melon ballers to scoop out my eyeballs

mari <3: ew :P poor thing. it’s only for an hour more right? you can do it!

chloe: :((((((((

chloe: all these old men are horrible i just wanna cuddle with a beautiful girl and make out with her all night is that too much to ask?

mari <3: huh. sorry. don’t know where you can get one of those. 

chloe: you little brat come save meeeeee >.<

She felt her father nudge her side with his elbow and lean his mouth down next to her ear. “Chloe, please put the phone away and behave.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and whispered back “Daddy, you can count on me to be perfectly pleasant and keep any conversation lively, especially if it’s for your benefit. But to be perfectly frank, this conversation died when the salad got here, and this talk about investments is actively drying out my skin.”

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BTS Reaction - You Dancing To One Of Their Songs

Request: Hi! Love your blog. Do you do reactions? if you do can you write a BTS reaction them catching their S/O practicing one of their dances (like bs&t or fire). Thanks!

Note: I don’t usually do reaction, should i do more? Also, I’m going to try and post more often (maybe a schedule). And feel free to requests (I guess I’ll start doing reaction too)


He came home early from practice, he didn’t tell you cause he wanted to surprise you. When he came to the door of your shared apartment he could hear Blood Sweat and Tears playing from inside. He opened the door to see you doing the dance. You didn’t see him at first, so he just watched you in aw. He didn’t expect you to know or learn the dance to any of their songs. A smile crept on his face the you noticed him and got embarrassed. He’d pull you into a hug and praise you for you dance skills.

“Y/N!! That was so good! When did you learn that?”

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He fell asleep on the couch while watching a show with you. When he woke up he saw you weren’t on the couch anymore and went to look for you. He went to your shared bedroom and saw you with headphones in dancing to Fire. He wouldn’t stop and watch you, he went up behind you and backhuged you, making you stop your dancing. You turned to face him and hugged him back. He was smiling but didn’t let you see.

“You are so cute, you didn’t have to learn the dance.”

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He was staying late to practice, you were on your way to surprise him with some food. You went to their practice room and notice no-one was there. You put down the food you brought and played Dope on the speakers. You started to dancing to the music, closing your eyes and feeling the music. Hoseok came back to the practice room and saw you dance. He is very passionate about dancing, so he was very happy to see you enjoying the music and dancing with so much emotion. He smiled from ear to ear and joined you.

“Y/N!! YOUR SO GOOD!! We should do a dance cover some time!”

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Namjoon (Dance Monster):

He was working in your shared bedroom, he had headphones on and couldn’t hear anything. You decided to play some music while you cooked dinner, Danger came on shuffle. You started dancing in the kitchen. Namjoon decided to take a break from working and maybe help you with dinner not cutting onions tho. He noticed you dancing and he immediately started laughing, not in a bad way, he just thought it was funny that you learnt to dance to one of his songs.

“Y/N, you are a pretty good dancer, you are better than me!”

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Jimin is like Hoseok, very passionate when it comes to dancing. He had just left to go to practice, but he forgot his phone, so he went back inside to quickly grab it. He opened the door and saw you dancing to I Need U, he stopped searching for his phone and just watched you, he studied you every move. When you couldn’t get one of the moves, he helped you and ran the dance once or twice with you.

“Y/N, I’m really impressed, you are so graceful when you dance, you should dance with me more often”

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You asked Tae for help on some moves to Save Me, he was surprised when you asked him, he didn’t expect you to learn one of their dances, but he still helped you. He brought you to the practice room and showed you the move until you got it. The rest of the time you guys just did silly dances and laughed.

“Y/N you are better than Namjoon Hyung!”

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He went out to get some stuff from the store. You were home alone for a bit, so you decided to practice the dance for Boy In Love. You lost track of time dancing, Jungkook opened the door and went to the living room to see you still dancing. He had his cute bunny smile on his face, he watched you, he thought it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. You turned around and saw him, you jumped because he surprised you. He pulled you into an embrace and kissed the top of you head.

“You are so cute, what did i do to deserve you?”

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“It was back in March 1992, yet I remember it like it was yesterday. They were premiering his new clip then, ‘Remember The Time’, here in Australia, like they would have been all over the world and with the premiere and the promotion of his upcoming ‘Dangerous’ tour there was also a competition, where the winner and their partner would be flown to America to have dinner with Michael. The anticipation for this video was huge and I remember watching the video clip in awe, over and over again, amazed at how just when you think you have seen all there is to see from Michael he brings out something even more brilliant then before.

The next night, while still at the dinner table with my family, and while writing out the last of my entries for the competition of a life time, a competition that nothing could stop me from entering, I remember turning to my somewhat skeptical family to say the least and saying; “Just you all wait and see, I am going to win this!” The funny thing is that I did win and I didn’t even know it.

The following Monday I called work not feeling well and to advise that I wouldn’t be in. My supervisor did mumble something about Michael, but as I was not feeling well, I didn’t take much notice and hung up. Within a couple of minutes I had a call back from work from one of the other girls hysterical on the phone shouting, “Paula you won! Paula you won!” It took about two more calls from work and another two from MTV before I actually believed it. I swear that when I hung up from that last call the whole neighborhood must have heard me scream. They had drawn the Australian winner the previous Saturday, but we were at a wedding and didn’t even see it. I mean you don’t really think that you are going to win. Anyway, about a week or two later my husband and I were on our way to America to have dinner with Michael.

We were greeted at the airport by a Starlite Limo and driven to the La Belage hotel in Hollywood where we caught up with our MTV representatives and the other winners. There were thirty winners all together and their partners. They held a party for us to all meet that night and the next morning we were driven by bus to the Marriott Palm Desert hotel in Palm Springs where we had time to get ready before they came and picked us up to take us to the dinner to meet Michael that night.

We were driven to a secret location where they had been filming Michael’s ‘In The Closet’ during the day. The feeling was surreal when they took us to take photos on the actual set, before Michael arrived. I look at the photos even now, then look at the film clip with Michael and Naomi and it is still hard to believe that we are actually standing on the same set.

A big Marquee had been set up for the dinner with a real tropical carnival theme going on. There was lots of entertainment organized for us that night, from animals, like an elephant, a cheetah, a camel, a llama, a chimpanzee, as well as a puma who you felt was going to rise up and change into Michael at any moment, like it does in ‘Black or White,’ to a magician, people on stilts, fire eaters, and Rio dancers. The atmosphere was amazing and Michael had spared no expense. The place had been set up like a restaurant with small round dinner tables. We had been seated right up the front and next to our table was an empty reserved one. Much to our delight we were told that this was Michael’s table.

By this time we were overwhelmed by excitement as at any minute Michael was going to walk through the door and come and sit right next to us. We could barely contain ourselves and the agony of the wait was killing us. I remember us going outside and waiting to see Michael arrive by helicopter, but we were soon told we had to go back inside and sit down before he would come out of the helicopter and walk in. We did go back inside and finally Michael walked in. It was like the Earth just stood still. The media had been cruel, even back then, by claiming Michael was strange and weird, but let me tell you, I saw nothing strange or weird. I saw this beautiful, well dressed man walk through the door that was polite, well spoken, and gracious like he always is, and I will never forget that smile, that mesmerizing smile of his that just took your breath away. He truly looked amazing! The only thing strange I remember is how everything he walked past just seemed to light up and of how you just couldn’t take your eyes of him.

Michael greeted people as he walked past and then came and sat down. I remember going over to him with my husband, giving him a hug and a koala (not real of course), that he placed on his lap and started patting. The picture at that moment was priceless. We thanked him for the dinner and asked him whether he was coming to Australia soon and he replied “yes” and said that he would be touring. He was referring to the upcoming ‘Dangerous’ tour. (The Australian tour was later cancelled and we had to wait till the ‘History’ tour to see Michael again.) I had gone over in my head all the things that I was going to say to him and here I was up close and the words just wouldn’t come out. He literally left me speechless.

I remember Michael getting up and dancing the Conga. He and Naomi were both pulled up by one of the Rio Dancers and everyone else joined in a line behind. Here we were dancing the Conga with Michael…Not something you do everyday. I also remember how they called us and Michael over for our photo shoot together and of how my husband who was positioned directly behind him for the photos, placed both his hands on Michael’s shoulders and kept them there, even after being told to take them off by the photographer and of how Michael just turned his head around and gave this adorable smile. I also remember Michael turning around once the photos had finished and shaking our hands and bowing his head to us as we bowed to him. Here is this huge superstar, the world’s biggest Entertainer ever, that still has this humble nature about him. The only thing that night that I don’t seem to remember, even though it was a dinner, was eating any food. I know that there was plenty of food there, all personally prepared by Michael’s chef, and I remember Michael taking the first mouth full to start the dinner, but I don’t remember eating a single thing. Believe me that with Michael being so close to me, food was the last thing on my mind that night.

Michael was supposed to stay for only half an hour that night but he ended up staying for about two and a half hours. These were the best two and a half hours of my life and they will be remembered and treasured along with Michael for the rest of my life.

We weren’t allowed to take any photos of Michael ourselves, and had been told that if we did, Michael would probably just get up and leave and no one wanted that. I guess this way he could relax a little more and enjoy the night without it feeling like a media attack with cameras constantly in his face. We were however sent a few photos and a short video of Michael with us by MTV. I frequently look at the photos and play the video to remind myself that it did really happen, that it wasn’t just a dream.

Michael may have been taken away from us physically but he is embedded so deep in both mine and my husband’s heart that no one can ever take him away from there without taking our hearts out as well.

Thank you Michael for this beautiful memory - Thank you Michael for all you have given us and for all that you were. You will always be loved and you will never ever be forgotten!”

-Paula Katsikas

Dear Journal,

After we came back in the castle, we went to the great hall to eat dinner. I was happy. My friends were happy so therefore, I was happy too. Sirius was sitting next me and i could feel him staring. I tilted my head to look at him and he was looking lovingly at me with a huge grin on his face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I said smirking.

“I like when you smile. I like when you’re truly happy”

He blushed and looked down. He tilted his head to kiss my cheek and it made blush even more. We were eating today’s soup and heard Dumbledore clear his voice.

“Students of Hogwarts, I have an announcement to make. A dangerous person has been able to enter Hogwarts. This person is known for being fond of the dark arts. For your protection, all the students need to go back in their common rooms and stay there until you are notified that the danger is eliminated. Dinner will be sent to your common rooms.”

Sirius took hold of my hand. He was holding it really thight, making sure i wouldn’t leave his side. James was holding Lily in his chest.

“James.. I’m scared..” she said.

“It’s okay Lily.. just stay close to me.”

We were heading to the common room, following the crowd and i felt Sirius’ hand leave mine. I looked at him and he was walking to a corner of the hall. I followed him, trying not to push anyone. He went on his knees and I saw this little girl, hugging her legs close to her chest. She was lightly sobbing.

“Hey.. it’s gonna be okay.. don’t worry.. what’s your name?” Sirius said to the little girl.

“I-I’m Cloe.. I’m s-scared..” she said, her eyes full of tears.

I bent next to Sirius.

“We need to go to the common room okay? I’m Sirius and this is my boyfriend Remus, we are Gryffindors too, look.” He said showing his Gryffindor crest to the little Cloe.

“Do you want to come with us? We will protect you don’t worry…” he handed his hand to the her.

“O-Okay…” she whispered, her small hand in Sirius’.

We walked to the common room and when we arrived the little girl ran to a fifth year boy.

“Cloe! Merlin where were you? You scared me Clo..”

“I-I was scared but Sirius and Remus protected me..” she said with her little voice.

The boy looked up at us and smilled full of relieve.

“Thank you.. I don’t know what I would’ve done if i lost my little Cloe..” he told us.

“Is she your little sister?” I asked him.

“Yes.. both of our parents are muggles, so they told me to take care of her..”

James called us from the couch and we went to sit next to them. The teachers arrived with boxes of pizza to calm everyone down. Sirius even whistled to McGonagall handing out pizzas! After the younger ones got to bed, the 5th, 6th and 7th year all hung out in the common room. We couldn’t go anywhere else so.. we tried to have fun with what we had. James was telling us an horror story and Sirius was being cudly.

“Do you want to go to bed?” I whispered in his ear.

“Hmmhmm…” he mumbled.

We walked upstairs and Sirius put on his pyjama. He layed down on his bed and looked at me.

“Are you coming?” He asked.

“I eh.. I can’t take my shirt off.. I’m still sore from the full moon..”

“Oh.. I’m so sorry babe I forgot.. Here sit on the bed, i’ll help you..”

So i did. He slowly and carefully pulled my shirt up.

“We need to change your bandages baby… do you want me to do it? I know Lily has fairy fingers and she usually does it but.. I can try..”

“You can do it.. ”

“Okay.. wait here, I’ll get the first aid kit in the bathroom..”

He came back one minute later and kissed my forehead.

“Turn around for me.” He said.

He slowly took off the old bandages full of blood.

“That might burn a bit..”

He applied the ointment on my cut and i flinched.


“I’m sorry..”

“It’s alright.. You were quite good with that first year. You will make a great dad you know..”

He blushed.

“You think so?”

“Yes.. I do..”

“You will make a good dad too… we will be the best parents don’t you think so?!” I giggled.

He slowly covered my fresh scar with new bandages. He help me put my pyjama shirt on and layed down on the bed.

“I’m going to read a little bit okay?” I asked.

“Kay.. I love you moons..”

“I love you too..”

He layed his head on my tummy and i brushed my fingers in his hair and got started on reading my book.

I hope they’ll catch the intruder.

January 28th 1976.

Get on top, buy him dinner, wear dangerously heavy eyeliner, give him flowers, open doors for him, wear cute dresses and bows; gender roles are impermanent. If your true and generous self makes him uncomfortable, make him wildly uneasy and be you.

Rare Opportunity (James Wesley)

You were in a bit of disbelief. Your brother had called you and demanded that you break thing off with the man you’d been dating for several months. He had seen him on TV standing next to his employ-, Mr. Fisk, you reminded yourself, and determined that the well-mannered, proper boy you were seeing was going to end up getting you hurt.

You pleaded with your brother to see that nothing had changed and that Fisk was true to his words of only wanting to improve the city but your brother wasn’t having it, continuing to insist that you split, as he put it “for your safety”.

The irony was that James Wesley had the ability to make you feel safe in a city overtaken with drugs, gangs, and violence. Not to mention the masked devil or whoever running around. You were usually pretty willing to comply with your brother, he had a way of making you see things his way but not this time. You eventually just settled the matter by telling him that James would be home soon and you weren’t going to be screaming at your brother about breaking up with the very man when he arrived.

You slammed the phone down irritated but then you thought about it. Until a couple days ago Wesley had always referred to Fisk as ‘his employer’, you didn’t know much more than the fact that he worked as an assistant and translator. That and his highly irregular schedule left you room to question but you shrugged it off. He was just a rather closed off person, you both were.

Realizing you had actually had a full out fight with your brother about your boyfriend you began to tear up a little. You loved your brother, but, you were forced to realize that despite his occasional moodiness and distaste for your more childish side you’d grown to love a lot more than the sharp looks of James Wesley. He was a lot different with you than he was Fisk, you’d learned that yesterday when Mr. Fisk himself had invited you and Wesley on a double date with him and his lovely girlfriend Vanessa. As you thought about the date even more anger towards your brother filled you. Mr. Fisk was a true gentleman, not a danger; hell, you ate dinner with bodyguards around the table, doesn’t get much safer than that. Then you realized you had to eat inner with bodyguards, why would Fisk need protection?

Your confusion only escalated your desire to cry tears spilling out a rather rapid pace and you tried to calm your mind to no avail.

James Wesley spoke many languages, woman however, was not one of them. SO when he came home to you sobbing on the couch he had to fight the instinct to leave and say he had worked late, he did have that thing to discuss with Leland. 

“Y/N?” He questioned holding a breath.

You jumped and Wesley cursed himself for scaring you in an obviously fragile state.

“My apologies, I didn’t intend to scare you.” Wesley muttered adjusting his suit jacket.

You didn’t mean to but a giggle escaped your lips as you realized he’d slipped into his “professional self”.

Despite laughter being a generally good sign Wesley just raised an eyebrow, from crying to laughing he did not understand women.

“Are you okay?” He asked sitting besides you on the couch, his softer side coming out at the sight of your distress.

“Yeah, I’m fine James, I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ve had a long day, don’t mind me.” A small smile spread across his lips.

“Well, in the middle of translating today I learned Mr. Fisk speaks mandarin so I actually had a pretty easy day, I think I can make time to hear about what has you sobbing on my couch.” Wesley’s undeniable charm had taken over the conversation reminding you why you fell for him in the first place.

“My brother and I got into a fight.” You stated simply unsure whether or not to tell him the subject of the argument.  As per usual when confused, especially due to lack of information James’ left eyebrow raised silently asking you to continue.

“He thinks you’re not safe.” you mumbled but he had heard you his face not giving away any emotions he felt on the topic.

“Well, not so much you as being associated with you.” Wesley’s lips pressed together, her brother had a point he couldn’t deny that but there was no way he’d admit that to you, or your brother for that matter.

“Y/N he’s your brother isn’t he supposed to worry about you? I mean you live in Hell’s Kitchen.” He added not hiding his distaste for the city as he did.  

“Yeah…, but he’s never had a problem with my boyfriends before, he’s worried about me and I screamed at him.” You sighed overwhelmed with the situation especially now that James was involved personally.

“It is your life, would you like me to talk to him?” The multiple ways for that scenario to play out crossed through your mind, you knew James was a gentleman, but didn’t know how he and your brother would handle this situation.

“No, no, it’s my problem not yours.” Wesley sighed not sure how to continue, showing genuine emotion was not his strong suit. 

“But it made me realize that I don’t that much about you..” You both sighed, you finally confessing something that had bugged you long before you’d been able to to admit and him because he’d finally have to address the issue that had slowly become an elephant in between them.

“I mean I know you’re smart and charming, you look amazing in suits and you’re Mr. Fisk’s assistant but I don’t even know what he does, why do you need to translate Mandarin and Russian? Not to mention your hours are horrible irregular for an assistant, the body guards, how you wouldn’t say his name until a few days ago.” He sighed once again knowing that you were onto the true details of his occupation, he didn’t want you in any danger, your brother was right about him and he hated it. He almost hated that he cared so damn much about you.

“James, I honestly think I love you but how can I love you when I don’t even know you? Wesley, i just, I need some answers, tell me my brothers wrong, or that he’s right for all I care, just tell me something.” You pleaded needing some assurance you weren’t falling in love with a stranger.

Wesley however was taken aback, he’d always turned his nose up at the notion that hearing ‘I love you’ could inspire any special emotions but when you said it he felt it and almost felt like he might be sick.

He removed his glasses and took off his tie, you knitted your eyebrows in confusion but he felt that removing them would help him be as honest as possible, removed his professional image. He just made you look him in the eyes and you had to admit they were better without lenses covering them but that wasn’t important right now.

“Y/N,’ he paused gathering his thoughts how he wanted them.

‘I thought by not telling you things I was protecting you but obviously I was wrong. Fisk does things that aren’t exactly safe, occasionally not legal.. I have a dangerous job, I can’t lie there.” A million things crossed your mind, was Wesley working for a mafia boss? More questions flashed through your mind but his voice drew you from them.

“I may be in danger a lot but I promise you are never in danger, I won’t let that happen because I too think I might be in love with you. I could not allow my work to cause you harm.” He gently pressed a kiss to your temple, a very affectionate gesture for him.

“Fisk wants to rebuild the city, make it something beautiful, we can have a life then, I won’t be in danger anymore but until then we need funds to be able to fix the dump that is this city.” You always found humor in his hate of the city but not while the ways for them to acquire enough “funds” to rebuild a city flashed through your head.

“The Russians-’ he started to elaborate but you cut him off pressing your lips to his.

“I don’t want to know, I don’t need to. I just wanted honesty, no more questions.” You smiled content with his sharing.

“I don’t care what you are at work, because I know who you are when you aren’t wearing thousand dollar shoes and I like that James Wesley, my James Wesley.” You smiled and he did too, something about you calling him yours made him incredibly happy. 

The thought that this was what Fisk felt for Vanessa crossed his mind but then vanished when you kissed him once again. Making him want to forget all about the man he’d essentially dedicated his life too existed. He felt your hands work their way into his hair not even caring that it would undoubtedly make it rather messy. 

“I love you James Wesley.” You said looking right into his eyes finally glad you were getting the rare opportunity to see the real Wesley.

“I love you too.” Wesley replied, the words feeling a bit foreign on his tongue, foreign but somehow comfortable. Unbeknownst to either of you was the fact that the “rare opportunities” would soon be anything but rare.


Okay so this one was definitely not going to be a two part imagine, but then I started writing, and I wanted to give it some context, like a bit of story before Chibs gets left by Frankie, and then the little bit of context ended up being quite a lot of context, so this is going to have two parts, this being the first part and then the second part being after the reader gets the call.

“I’m in here,” you yelled from the kitchen when you heard the front door open.

Shit had been going down with the club recently. Big time. Your husband, Chibs had just had to rush to the hospital after Gemma, Tommy, and Abel were in an accident, Chibs and a few of the other guys had just been attacked that night too, and then there was the whole Nomad business with Frankie Diamonds. It seemed like every day something new was going wrong, and you were growing more and more concerned that something would happen to Chibs.

So it was definitely a relief to hear him walk through the front door, and you were looking forward to actually eating dinner with him for the first time in about a week. That was the other problem with there being so much shit going on with the club: at times like this, you barely saw your husband.

“Hey babe,” he said, walking into the kitchen and shrugging off his cut, “what’s for dinner?”

“Stir fry,” you said, putting your knife down and turning your concentration from the peppers in front of you to Chibs, “is everything okay?” you asked, “the boys?”

Chibs nodded and you smiled, relieved, “aye,” he said, “Tommy boy’s fine, that kid is indestructible, Abel has to stay at the hospital for a few days, but everything’s looking good with him too.”

“And Gemma?” you asked.

“She’s fine, a bit bruised up, nothin’ too bad.”

“Good,” you said, turning back to the dinner you’d just started cooking, unsure of what else there was to be said.

As you began slicing again you felt a hand cover yours, motioning for you to put the knife down. You turned around again, Chibs’s hands on your shoulders, “you alright, love?” he asked.

You bit your lip, looking down, “I just-” you looked back up again, meeting Chibs’ eyes, “people are going after Gemma and the kids now? Do you even know who’s coming after you now?”

You could see the concern in Chibs’ eyes, “we’ll find ‘em,” he said, “we’ll find ‘em and we’ll stop ‘em,” he brushed your hair from your face, “hey, I love you, I love you more than anything, no one is going to hurt you, ya hear me?”

You reached your hand up, resting it against his cheek, “it’s not me I’m worried about,” you said.

Chibs sighed. You’d been together long enough, seen enough stuff together, that he wasn’t going to promise you that everything was going to be okay. He knew there was no point. So instead he leaned down, and he kissed you.

It started gently, but soon enough his hips were pressing against yours, any gaps between your bodies were gone, the taste of cigarette smoke and whiskey mixing in your mouth, his lips rough on yours.

Your arms tightened around his neck as he ever so slightly bit your bottom lip and you moaned lightly into his mouth, forgetting about the dinner, the danger, the shit going on with the club.

“Shit,” Chibs said, his forehead resting against yours as he grabbed his phone out of his pocket, “it’s Jax.”

“What if you just didn’t answer it?” you asked.

He laughed, not a humorous laugh, a dry laugh, “you know I have to, love.”

“I know,” you replied, “but what if you didn’t? Just once?”

He kissed your forehead, then put his phone up to his ear, “Jackie boy, what is it?” he said, his tone immediately back to business, “yeah? Alright, I’ll be right there,” he said, then he hung up, sliding his phone back into his pocket.

“You gotta go?” you asked.

Chibs nodded, “they needs me at Diosa,” he said.

You pushed yourself onto your tip toes, pressing a kiss to his mouth, “call me when you’re done, I’ll warm some food up for when you get home,” you said.

“It might be late,” he said, “I’m not sure what’s going down, might be five minutes, might be five hours.”

You nodded, “I know,” you said, “call me anyway, and be safe.”

He kissed your forehead, “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” you replied, then he turned, grabbing his cut and heading back out.

You turned back to the vegetables, carefully slicing them as you heard the rumble of his motorcycle engine fade into the distance.


You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing. Sitting up and rubbing your eyes you looked around. It was still dark out, the sun hadn’t risen, and you’d fallen asleep on the couch waiting for Chibs to call. You looked at the phone, not recognizing the number.

“Hello?” you said, answering it.

“Hello, is this y/n?”  a woman said back to you.

“Yes,” you replied, “who’s this?”

“I’m calling from St. Thomas’s Hospital, we have you down as Filip Telford’s emergency contact, we’re calling to let you know he’s been admitted to our care,” she said.

You felt your heartbeat grow stronger in your chest, your hands starting to shake, “oh, my god,” you said, “what happened? Is he okay?” you asked, standing up and grabbing your car keys.

“I don’t have any details, ma’am, the doctor will talk to you when you get here,” she replied.

“Okay,” you said, trying to stay calm, “okay, I’m on my way,” you hung up the phone, running to your car.

Lovesick // closed

It’d been a long few days without Tony. Things just felt so….empty, without his lover within reach. Hours in the lab, he could stand, even a day or two was manageable, but this felt like torture. Sure, there were texts, there were phone calls, but nothing could replace having his sole companion around to keep him distracted and relatively at ease. It wasn’t like he could talk to the others, either. Loki understood that they would take quite some time to warm up to him, and he didn’t mind, but their wariness toward him meant he was never at the Tower or the Mansion unless Stark was around so that the rest of the team felt that they were safe from him. 

He’d tried most everything to keep himself out of that locked room and the dangers within it. Eating dinner out just reminded him that the seat across from him was temporarily empty, and no amount of new and shiny things could keep his attention for long. Dancing gave him something to do, and he did adore all the attention, but it wasn’t anything like how Tony looked at him, and what was he supposed to do in the daytime, when all the clubs were closed? Not seeing another option, he gave in, opening up the protected padlocks on the little metal boxes he hid his favorites in. After all, he had time. The stuff only lasted a few hours, and Stark wasn’t due home for another day. 

Settling himself on the couch, headphones in to block out reality even more thoroughly, he didn’t bother to clean up the evidence. The doors were locked, and the only person aside from himself with a spare key was Tony, so why bother? It hit him fast, and before he even realized it, the songs he listened to simply turned to ambient noise, words indecipherable by a mind barely functioning. 


anonymous asked:

Ciao~ Nsfw anon here! How about something sexy like Ren n his SO getting randy during winter in the kotasu? @-@

Okay, I hear you loud and clear! So you want Ren nsfw with a side of kotatsu—Wait, Tamaki is this you?! I know it’s gotta be you! Over here ordering kotastu smut like I wouldn’t figure it out… Smh. LOL

You and Ren had hosted a small dinner, where you’d invited an old friend and their spouse. During the entire dinner, Ren would try sneaking his hands under your skirt any chance he could. You’d successfully caught him each time. It was actually kind of thrilling, trying your best to keep composed.

You’d all spent so much time chatting over dinner that no one had realized how late it’d gotten until you’d offered dessert. Unfortunately, your friend had business to attend early the next morning so they wouldn’t be able to stay. You’d gone to show them out while Ren sat back and waved. When you returned the strawberry blonde had a small smirk on his face, cheeks tinted pink from all the wine he’d downed.

“That was fun!” you giggled, taking a seat back under the warmth of the kotatsu. “It’s been a long time since I laughed that hard.”

“Mm, yeah that was fun.” Ren leaned in to kiss you.

You smiled, breaking the kiss, “And dinner was great. Thank you, Ren.”

He chuckled, lips still dangerously close to touching, “Dinner was great. But I’m a little more excited to find out what’s for dessert.”

“Okay, which did you have a taste for?” you asked.

He closed the gap in between you and whispered, “You?”

Before you could respond, he captured your lips in a heated kiss. His warm hand slowly making it’s way to what was under your skirt.

“S-Sorry, Ren. Not on the menu.” you whispered into the kiss.

You gasped at the feeling of his middle finger entering you.

“Yeah? But you’re so wet.” he chuckled, “It’d be a shame to let it go to waste.”

“Ren!” you gasped.

He flashed you a seductive grin before once again crashing his lips into yours. The sudden force had knocked off your balance, he carefully guided you on your back. He hadn’t broken the kiss for a moment. You moaned into his mouth as he began thrusting his digit in and out of you. Using his free hand, he unbuttoned your shirt. He felt your walls tightly squeezing his finger. Of course that only encouraged him to pick up the pace.

“Does that feel good?” he whispered against your lips.

Trembling moans escaped your lips, as he now worked you slowly gliding his finger in and out of your warmth. Why was he slowing down all of a sudden? You let out and irritated sigh causing the man above you to chuckle.

“May I please have dessert?” he asked, playfully nibbling at your jawline.


“You want to come, don’t you?” he asked.

You nodded. Ren smiled before kissing you once last time, removing the digit from you. He peppered kisses down your neck, making his way down you body until he got to the band of your panties. He pulled them down using nothing but his tongue and teeth. His lustful eyes heavy on you the entire time. He’d managed to get them down to your knees but he used his hands to snatch them off completely. He parted your legs even further, devouring you with only a look.

“Little lamb…” he whispered before diving in between your legs. You open your mouth to cry out but your voice failed you. As he eagerly lapped up your juices, lewd sounds seemed to echo through the room. You reached to take a handful of his hair. He inserted his finger into you once again so that he could flick his tongue against your sensitive bud. Your walls tightened around his him again and your hips began to rise. He added a second digit and started jostling them into you relentlessly.

You gripped his hair tightly causing him moan at the slight sting. An overwhelming sensation washed over you body and all you could do was moan. He licked your juices from his fingers. Ren smiled as your lie there, panting and body trembling. This was exactly what he liked to see.


He pulled his shirt over head and tossed it away. You’d known from the dangerous glint in his eyes that this was far from over…

His Hands

Harry: They know every inch of your body so well. They know where to go when your sad, or angry.  And they know just where to go to get you to feeling ultimate bliss.

Niall: They may be calloused and rough to other people, but to you their like home. Familiar, comforting, and always your safe place. You know that at the end of a long day, you can come home and they always have a way to get you to forget about your stresses of the day.

Liam: Their always playful and teasing, and usually at the most inappropriate times. Whether it be under the table at dinner running dangerously slow up your thighs or tickling your sides he lives for that smile on your face and that faint blush too your cheeks.

Zayn: They are always connected to you in some way. Whether it be resting on the small of your back, holding your waist or even running his fingers delicate through your hair, they always manage to be on you. Just as a reassurance for himself really, so he can remind himself that you’re really there, and that you’re actually his.

Louis: They fit perfectly around yours, his thumb nearly always rubbing soothing circles on the back of your hand. They’re always connected to you like a magnet always making sure your there, and always making sure that you know, you’re his greatest accomplishment.