MAC Matte 2015 Lip Releases and swatches

A quick overview of the limited edition releases from MAC this year (which are already out in the US). I’m always the happiest girl in the world when MAC brings out their mattes because this is THE matte brand for me.

And what a collection they are releasing this year. SO MANY GLORIOUS COLORS! Everything from soft and neutral, to vivid and bright, to deep and dramatic.There’s something for everyone.

For more info on the complete range including repromotes and shade descriptions for each color (some shades like Matte Royal come off more blue on camera and are more violet in real life), hop on over to blogger.makeup-box.com!


Explorer Sam Cossman’s Drone Footage of a Volcano in Vanuatu.

Using camera mounted drones, research was conducted in order for scientists to better understand the structure of these volcanoes.

Although two drones were harmed in the making of this footage, the team confronted lava and toxic gas to bring back these incredible images. Check out the rest at Nat Geo.

(Nat Geo)