A few years back the creators of Homestar Runner and Strongbad emails came to SCAD Atlanta to talk about their creations, and let me tell you, those guys are so humble and awesome.  It’s sad that they’re not updating as much as they used to, but at the same time it’s not sad because they put importance on their family life and whatnot, which is super cool.

I asked them a few questions like their inspirations, methods, and their odd dialog choices (“The Ab Abber 3000!  They’ll Be All Up Ons!”).  My friend Rachel O. made fun of me for my star-struck self, but how could I not?  Those guys were a contributor to my desire to become an animator!

After their “lecture” I walked up to them with my sketchbook in hand, because I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to get their signatures, but as I waited in line, I wondered if I could maybe ask for a quick sketch or something.  A lot of artists don’t do free sketches like that, but when I asked them they looked at me funny and was oddly embarrassed by the idea.  They said their drawing skills weren’t that great compared to students in art school.  I told them it wasn’t true, and if they didn’t want to draw in it, that’s fine.  I kind of felt bad anyway for asking.  I definitely wanted their signature, though.

So the above picture was scanned from my sketchbook.  Mike sat there for a while talking to people with my sketchbook open and blank and he kept apologizing when he would remember it was in his lap.

I tried very hard not to be a fan girl.  To my perception I kept it mostly cool, but every time I look in my sketchbook I get giddy.  They are cool guys with cool ideas that probably still don’t even realize how big they are.

For those of you who have no idea who these characters are, please go here.

Dangeresque: the Ask Meme Reboot Nobody Asked for
  • Dangeresque 1 - Dangeresque, Too?: Ever had to work with someone against your better wishes?
  • Dangeresque: What is the most undeniably cool thing you've ever done?
  • Renaldo: Anybody who's your trusty sidekick? If not, do you know anyone you'd prefer to make your trusty sidekick?
  • Nunchuck Gun: Something you can always rely on, no matter what
  • Dangeresque, Too?: Ever met somebody who has the name as you, but is nothing like you? Doppelgangers don't count.
  • Perducci: Ever ruined somebody's plan?
  • Hot Tub: Has anybody ever confirmed your suspicions about them, indirectly or not?
  • Killingyouguy: Favorite instance of hyperbole in anything ever. Period.
  • Cutesy Buttons: Any love interests? Are you still in a relationship with them?
  • Dangeresque II - This Time, it's not Dangeresque 1: Quickly, make a vague statement that may or may not be related to current events!
  • Baron Darin Diamonicle: Has someone ever screwed up your name?
  • Dangeresque - Put 'em on Ice!: Do you think an absurd ice skating spin off of you favorite franchise will ever happen?
  • Dangeresque - Puppet Squad: How far would you go for your stolen lunch?
  • Szechuan Steve: Are you any good at escaping things?
  • Dangeresque 3 - The Criminal Projective: Something you waited forever on and absolutely hated/was just as good as you hoped it would be?
  • Uzi Bazooka: Ever framed someone/been framed?
  • Craig: Most undeniably evil person you've ever met?
  • Sultry Buttons: Any past failed relationships?
  • The Monster: A mystery you'll never solve?
  • Dadgeresque: Does your father/father figure still have an active presence in your life?
  • Professor Experimento: Have any rivals?
  • Dangeresque 0 - the Prequel Begins: A story that has yet to be told?
  • Kowalski: Something best left unexplained?
  • Dangeresque - Roomisode 1 - Behind the Dangerdesque: Ever been locked in a room with (seemingly) no way to escape? How did you escape?