danger poster

Write a story including a set of three things

1) An island, a brick, something broken 

2) A mysterious force, a gun, an abandoned building 

3) Aliens, a cat, a motorbike 

4) Marbles, summer, a cardboard box 

5) A ghost, a childhood game, a thunderstorm 

6) A pack of wolves, a dance, a photograph 

7) A disturbing retelling of a fairytale, an empty room, a scar 

8) A natural disaster, a dangerous mistake, a missing poster 

9) A house fire, a childhood memory, a forest 

10) A lie, a fight, a trapdoor 

Look what I found!

For you younger kids, FormalWear FreeFall was a hugely influential band in the way beginning of the Zones. They played with The Mad Gear and Missile Kid back when it was just called Mad Gear. And Mad Gear would open for them, so that gives you an idea of how big a deal they were.

Half the gang got ghosted when an exterminator squad crashed the party years ago, and that was that for the band. I think the guitarist from Someone’s Son was killed, too. Back then they had concerts way too close to the city.

Anyway, this isn’t from that concert, but I’ve never gotten my hands on an old FWFF flier before. Pretty psyched. Still looking for a FWFF flier with Mad Gear… Let me know if you see one.

-Nuclear Tide.


Been a busy start to 2017, with a move, deadlines among other things. Including these two new items. I’ve submitted these 2 poster parodies for RIPT Apparel’s  RIPTcademy awards parody poster contest - ‘Schwifty’(Arrival) and ‘Monster From The Sea’ (Manchester By The Sea) Hope you enjoy and wish me luck! :)


Michael Jackson Collection Part 1:

•Posters (Continuously adding)

•Books (left to right):
- The King Of Style
- The Making Of Thriller
- The King Of Pop (Tribute)
- Legend~Hero~Icon (Tribute)
- Dancing The Dream (by Michael)
- Man In The Music
- Moonwalk (Autobiography)
- 83 minutes

•Films (left to right):
- Number Ones
- This Is It (2 disc edition)
- A fan’s collection
- Life Of An Icon
- Captain EO
- Moonwalker
- The Wiz
- Private Home Movies
- HIStory I & II
- Vision
- Wembley 1988
- Off The Wall*
- BAD 25
- A troubled genius

•*Off The Wall Documentary (The journey From Motown to Off The Wall). OTW CD and piece of chalk to draw on the inside.

•CDs (left to right):
- The best of Michael Jackson and Jackson 5
- The Motown Collection
- The very best of The Jacksons
- Off The Wall (special edition)
- Thriller (special edition)
- Thriller
- BAD 25
- Dangerous (special edition)
- Blood on the Dancefloor HIStory in the mix
- HIStory
- Number Ones
- Invincible
- This Is It
- Michael
- Xscape (Deluxe)

•Authentic piece of film from ‘This Is It’.

•Limited edition commemorative bank note

•Limited edition commemorative bank note 25th anniversary of Thriller.

•Fact cards and on the back, photos of Michael. Including original 80s gum.

•Original 80s keychains and badges.

•iPhone case.


•Olodum shirt.

•Two pillow cases.

•'Moonwalker 16’ personalised shirt from a school friend for my 16th birthday.



i like violence, she’d shrieked at me

__________ I BLAME MY MOTHER.