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So apparently the secret formula to every BTS surprise birthday party is Jimin being the cake fairy and Jungkook just trying to eat things?

Big List of Fantroll Facts from Hiveswap

This is all pulled straight from the game with 0 (or attempted 0) bias from me or @peckonthecheek

We have both played the game so I can verify several things on the list. Most of the information comes from @peckonthecheek​ who exhaustively did everything in the game and recorded useful information.

If you want to add to this post, feel free to screenshot what you want to add and send it to me!

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I was playing TFTBL again today and at one point I had Rhys ask Vasquez how he keeps finding him on Pandora and Vasquez said something really interesting:

Vasquez: Rhys, you’re Hyperion property. Never forget that.

Then, when Jack is pleading for you to side with him he says:

Jack: let me get into your subsystems.

As well, when you first talk to Jack he says “don’t wet yourself you’ll fry something down there”.

Early on Vaughn makes a comment that since Jack’s been dead, the loader bots have been getting smarter.

So needless to say, I’m wondering if Rhys is actually human.

He’s Hyperion property, Rhys doesn’t argue this fact. Plus even before Rhys uses Nakayama’s security clearance, Yvette tells him they’re looking for something in Rhys’s head. Not to mention, what job does Vasquez give Rhys at the beginning? Janitor. There are zero human janitors on Helios. That act is preformed by the various robots up there. Plus, he’s able to access various data terminals and use his ECHOeye and I might be wrong but I haven’t seen other characters with that ability, plus Jack can upgrade him AND physically take control as when Jack uses Rhys body to slap Sasha’s ass.

I think Rhys is a synthetic. I think he was one of Hyperion projects to create an robotic working force that would be obedient and unquestioning of Jack, or Hyperion, authority and survive various dangers and hazards. I think Vaughn, is either his handler (or Bro) or another synthetic created by Hyperion.

This also leaves me wondering if Rhys, if he was a synthetic, if he was designed for another purpose and that was to be an artificial siren (going with the tattoos) because only sirens can charge the Vault keys, but what if synthetics like Rhys could do it in much shorter period of time?

R realistic
H humanoid
Y yielding (throw up your own suggestion if you want)
S siren

One last thing!

Rule #1 of the loader bots: Jack is god.


The luckiest day of his life 😳😳😳
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Imagine Harry Hook

Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

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Imagine Harry thinking your drowning so he tries to save you.

Harry grumbled to himself as he sulked around the forest. It had only been an hour ago that Fairy Godmother had sent for him and asked that he give her his sword for “safe keeping”. She had said that his possession of the weapon was “too dangerous” and “a safety hazard”. Harry scoffed at the recollection of the conversation. If the school could have a sport team that used swords, why couldn’t he keep his?

Frustrated at the sheet stupidity of it all, Harry kicked a rock out of his way. A few seconds after he kicked it, he heard the splash of it hitting water. Momentarily distracted from his sulking, the pirate swiftly strode over a small hill and onto a ridge that overlooked a lake. Harry scanned the tranquil lake, calmed ever so slightly by the presence of the water. As his eyes continued to skip over the surface of the lake, they eventually landed on a figure floating in the water, seemingly motionless. Upon a closer inspection, Harry realized that it was you floating in the water.

Without much thought, Harry whipped off his coat and boots before diving into the water and swimming toward your motionless body. It didn’t take long for him to reach you, and as soon as he was close enough he wrapped an arm around your waist. The instant he grabbed you, you brought your head up out of the water and started to push Harry away.

“Let go of me! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You snapped at who you now realized was Harry Hook. Harry complied to your demand and pulled his arm away from your waist and began to tread water.

“No need to thank me, Princess.” The pirate said in way of response, a smirk painted on that smug face of his.

“Thank you?” You spluttered out indignantly, “Why on earth would I thank you?”

Harry rolled his eyes, believing you were just being difficult since the two of you didn’t exactly get along at school, before drawling out an answer slowly, “Because I just saved your life, sweetheart. Doesn’t the handsome pirate usually get a kiss after saving the maiden from drowning?”

“You stupid wannabe pirate!” Your blood boiled with anger at the Scottish boy, “I wasn’t drowning! I was watching a school of fish swim by so I was staying still to make sure I didn’t spook them.”

“How was I supposed to know that? You just looked so helpless, like a fish out of water, really. I didn’t even know you could swim.” Harry relayed all of this with a nonchalant shrug, knowing it would get a rise out of you.

“I’m the daughter of Ariel and Eric! I know damn well how to swim.” You spat at Harry before pushing him underwater and swimming off haughtily.

When he resurfaced, Harry watched as you swam away, a mischievous smirk lighting up his face as an idea came to mind.


The language in here is a bit NSFW. Here you can watch a very dangerous oil well blowout. Original caption:

It’s one thing to have a blowout when drilling a well, it is another thing to have a blowout from a “live well”; producing oil. This is a video clip of a crew on a workover rig trying to cap the blowout. The fluid you see rushing out of the well is actually oil and not drilling mud. This is a very delicate scenario as any spark could have resulted in an explosion.

NSFW A-Z (NCT Taeyong)

A/N: I got this template from chantenyongs and I could not find the original creator to give proper credit to.

A = Aftercare

He’d be out like a light as soon as the do is done. Obviously he’d ask you how it was and if you were okay but other than that his conscious is clear and he’s worn out.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

Taeyong will loovveee hissss fiinnnngeeeeeeersss. His favorite thing is seeing you beg for him to touch your core once with just one of his fingers like the tease he is. For you he can’t get over your eyes as cheesy as t may sound. The way they flutter shut when you’re close is a sight he’ll never get tired of.

C = Cum

Taeyong lets you cum first no matter what before coming inside of you. He wouldn’t wear a condom for only two reasons, 1) if you’re on birth control and 2) if you two are trying to get pregnant. If those to don’t apply then you’ll catch him wearing a condom because he doesn’t trust his pull out game.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)

He wants you to top just one time. He’s always the one starting the physicality and playing the final move, he just wants to see how you’d begin and see what you’d do to him even if it’s just one time. You’ll never hear him ask for it though, he’s too shy and would be too nervous to ask you such a favor.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

Taeyong is an adult so I can probably safely assume he’s no virgin but it’s not like he fucked every girl in sight, probably only did it once or twice so I bet he’s pretty knowledgeable about the situation and knows how to make it enjoyable for the both of you.

F = Favorite position

He’s sitting on the edge of the bed (or on a couch), you’re sitting on his lap with your back facing him. Taeyong’s fingers are toying with your clit while his legs are keeping yours spread out for him. His head lies on the crevice joining your neck to your shoulders while your wiggling around from his movements. This is his perfect position before going doggy on you.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

I can’t picture Taeyong being giggly or cracking jokes during sex but bet you’d hear him make snarky remarks the day after.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)

Like JB he likes to keep clean unless he hadn’t had time to shave so usually he’s trimmed down.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

I wouldn’t say romantic but he’s not disrespectful or anything. His main focus is to keep you satisfied before himself. He’d get romantic for special occasions or if you two just made up after an argument.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

He can’t get going without you so let’s say you two are at a distance because he’s at the studio or something. He’ll legit tell you he needs a nude (depending on the stage of the relationship you guys are at) and he’ll use that in the company showers when no one is around.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

Lowkey Taeyong’s into Finger Kinks if that’s a thing still??? I also don’t see him having a problem with fucking in public, just as long as you two don’t get caught.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Other than your house or the studio Taeyong likes to have sex in public bathroom stalls. If someone comes into the bathroom they can’t see you two but they’ll get out when they hear what’s going on.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Taeyong’s #1 turn on would be you letting your hair down/taking off a piece of clothing because you’re hot and talking to him in a sexy voice. The thing that keeps him going would be the fact that you haven’t came yet.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He would never use gags on you. Why would he want to keep you quiet? Besides he thinks they’re a bit dangerous because some have choking hazards so he’d like to avoid any serious damage being afflicted on you.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

Wouldn’t mind eating you out (would love it tbh) but like I said before he silently hopes you’ll take charge so when you lean down to blow him there’s no way he’d stop you.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

fAsT AnD rOUgH especially with his hands! Imagine taking his dick while he’s rubbing your clit at rabbit speed! Ughhh……

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He has the stamina for a quickie but would like more time to actually communicate with you afterwards. He’d feel bad if you two just had sex and he had to leave immediately before he had the change to even help you get dressed.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He’s pretty new to the whole sex thing so I think he’d be down for anything if you were too, just as long as it was safe and respected both of your boundaries. The risks he’d be willing to take is getting caught by members or even strangers, it all depends on where you two are at while “performing”

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

SM pushes their idols to the max and so this man will push himself to the end as well. He can probably go for 8-9 rounds without clocking out??? He’d stop when he felt the time was right I guess.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

The only toy I can see him having is a pocket-sized vibrator he got as a gag gift one time but actually ended up using it on you.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He’d tease you for hours if he had the time to, you’d have to take charge or beg if you wanted to move along any more.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

SILENCE WHO? I only know bed creaking, your screams, his praises, and his moans that can be heard through out the entire building.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

It’s cannon that Dotae is a thing so if Dooyoung’s down and if you’re okay with it Taeyong would like a threesome please and thank you.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

It’s always the quiet ones you gotta look out for so I can picture Taeyong’s a good eight inches easy.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

His sex drive would depend on his mood. If today was a good day he won’t say no to sex, but if he just isn’t in the mood there’s no way to make him hard.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

Immediately after checking on you



Oops easy there 🙈🙈
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Since Sansa mentioned that the Northern Lords wouldn’t sit and wait for Jon just like Ghost, then that means that Jon specifically asked Ghost to stay in Winterfell - offscreen. Reasons ? Too dangerous, yes, too hazardous and ALSO ! Well… someone important is staying in Winterfell too. So the deleted Ghost scene also happened; Jon did ask Ghost to stay in Winterfell to watch and protect Sansa - offscreen. He just didn’t tell her. There. Headcanon accepted.


What were they thinking 🙈🙈 #accident #fire #stupid #petrol #hazard #flammable #crazy #manonfire #unbelievable #dumbass #unsafe #flames #dangerous #fail #riskybusiness #danger #fails #explosion #shocking #help #madness #bad

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“I’m not saying I CAN’T.” The indignation was strong in Haruka today, even by indignant Haruka standards. “I’m saying I don’t think it’s a great idea.”

Usagi hopped as they walked along, her pigtails trailing behind her like enthusiastic bannermen heralding the arrival of another grand and glorious adventure. “It’s the BEST idea! Who else would I ask?” She nudged Haruka with her shoulder, and Haruka hrmphed, though certainly not to cover for the way the casual touch forced a smile to her lips, no, never that.

Experience – of which Haruka of course possessed near infinite amounts, as she would happily remind anyone who would listen – whispered its caution. Saying no to Usagi was difficult enough when the world was at stake. Teaching her to drive? Generally a lower-ranking disaster than, say, Galaxia.


As she felt a shoulder bump into her again, she very intentionally stared straight ahead, and not at Usagi’s beaming, expectant face.

Teaching someone to drive wasn’t a matter to be taken lightly, Haruka did not say. There were responsibilities that came with every Mission, factors to be weighed, obligations to be met. Usagi would take her life into her own hands when she got behind the wheel. She needed to understand the rules of the road, there was safety to consider, dangers to anticipate, hazards to navigate. Speaking of navigation, what if she got lost?? Should lessons (which absolutely should not in any way happen, Experience screamed from an ever-quieting corner of her mind) include a chapter on map reading? A PowerPoint presentation was already forming. The accompanying workbook would need at least fifty pages.

“—think it would be so fun, and when you race, I can—“

Oh god, what if she wanted to race?! Haruka felt her heart seize in her chest.

“Nope. No way.” Usagi’s bouncing slowed then stopped. The bannermen flopped dejected at her side. This information passed to Haruka reluctantly from the corner of her eye. She peered with renewed dedication at the store sign they were passing. A make-up sale, two-for-one mascara. FASCINATING AND IMPORTANT, Haruka firmly demanded.

She could ignore the sniffles that reached her ears, and feel absolutely nothing for the rising tears she refused to see.

There were many things Haruka could and often did say about herself. Some were true. Some were harsh, but still true. Some were grossly unkind and patently false. That she would forever insist on her ability to stand proud and immune to any of this was basically just naïve as shit.

“Hey, hey, don’t get upset,” she soothed mere seconds later. “We can go over some basics, maybe. Street signs. General maintenance. Heel-toe downshifting.”

“Really?” Usagi squeaked, the tears wobbling and threatening to fall at any moment.

Haruka’s eyes achieved laser-precision focus. One drop was quivering on the edge. She could already see it spilling over, tracing a wet path down Usagi’s flushed cheek. It was possible she had felt worse at some point in her life, but under oath, she wouldn’t have sworn to it.


Usagi squeaked again, with delight this time, and wrapped herself around Haruka’s arm. Were the tears already gone? If Haruka thought to be suspicious, it was too quickly replaced by a sweeping wave of relief. Usagi was humming now as they walked side by side, and Haruka squeezed Usagi’s arm, like a hug with the benefit of plausible deniability. “How about some ice cream?” she offered, feeling like she’d conquered the world and not quite ready to let that go.

“Ice cream!” cheered Usagi in agreement, and she favoured Haruka with her brightest smile yet. “Can I drive?”