danger in hazards

Love is smiling after you put seven pillows on your bed and she wants to share the one you are sleeping on.

Love is the hitch in your breath when you see a new picture of her.

Love is the moment your heart and all of time stops when you see her.

Love is wanting to no longer sleep, because she has become your favorite thing.

Love is constantly worrying about her reactions to everything.

Love is committing to be by her side.
Love is knowing that everything is not going to be easy.

Love is wanting to know every detail about her, the good and the not-so-good.

Love is smiling in the middle of you kissing her; you realize that her lips are the only ones you want to kiss.

Love is laughing in intimate situations.

Love is bragging about all of her assets to all of your friends.

Love is melting when you talk about how you feel about her.

Love is congratulating her for every one of her successes.

Love is accepting the danger, the hazardous, the daring.

Love is wanting everything in the world for her, everything to go her way, everything to be alright.

Love is writing your thoughts about her when she cannot escape your mind.

—  Thinking About What We Have

I’m not talking about wether nuclear energy is viable or not, but using Chernobyl as an argument is like talking about swords and calling them a hugely dangerous hazard on the basis that there was once a guy that made a sword out of magnesium somehow and ran blindfolded into a barbecue party near a fireworks factory under a dirigible full of children.

I know that love doesn’t cure mental illness, but fuck, I love you so much it’s so easy to forget, even for a moment, that I was ill in the first place.

Imagine a bad sweater party with all of the Freelancers.

  • Wash has (you guessed it) a fuzzy grey and yellow cat sweater.
  • South’s sweater has a middle finger on the front and it flips off anyone who looks at it
  • York’s “ugly” sweater is a normal shirt with a mirror on the front. you can figure that one out.
  • Maine wore a sweater and just wrapped a whole string of christmas lights around himself. It was a hugely dangerous fire hazard looking back on it but everything turned out okay and it was worth it.
  • Florida literally covered himself in tinsel and glittery garland. He looked like an annoying diamond and when he stood near Maine he turned into an actual disco ball.
  • Connie showed up in the classic paneled sweater, each square depicting a lovely yet horribly unattractive holiday themed design.

Florida and North took knitting requests for anyone who found they were short of an ugly sweater and the turnout was:

  • Carolina ended up wearing an I Heart NY sweater (obviously requested for by York) 
  • North wore his itchy and obnoxiously purple“Team Dad” sweater, made by Florida
  • Florida knitted Wyoming a sweater that was literally a compilation of horrible mustache puns

bethelbee97  asked:

Listen, if Shawn were my boyfriend, I would tell him to either drive or snap from the passenger seat. I've been in a car accident (no one was hurt, thankfully) and I felt like such an asshole about it. If Shawn ever got into an accident because he was snapping, he would feel terrible.

Driving is already so dangerous. To add the hazard of snapping to the mix is foolish at best and quite frankly selfish. It’s not only your own life that you are risking, you are also putting innocent people in danger. I completely agree with you love.

anonymous asked:

How did you meet Myoga?

“I picked up Myouga sometime during my trip to the potion sages mountain. I had met the flea before as he was friends with Yakurōdokusen but it was obvious that he was nervous around me. “ 

“Now let me say this here and now; One does not merely visit the potions sage and expect idle conversation! If you want the sage to talk, you need to drink! The more information you want out of that tricky old man, the more brew you need to down. Needless to say I one day left the sages mountain after a long talk and I could not see the road before my feet never mind the flea buried in my fur!” 

“From then on it was a strange friendship, my blood held some allure he could not resist however my dangerous life was a hazard to his health. Meanwhile I was not a fan of his biting! He could get under my armor and it was quite irritating! Eventually we hammered out an agreement and he became one of my retainers.” 

“A job that was almost short lived! Myouga thought he could voyeur upon my mate who I was courting at the time and myself during an intimate bath. I was used to the flea going about as he pleased, so I had not noticed him. She however…nearly drowned him in a cold rage! “ 

I don’t know if someone pointed this out already… But look at his tats. A deer shot by an arrow. 

Deer = Max’s spirit animal. Bad sign for Max.

A bird with some flower petals around it or something. Rachel or Chloe?

Cards…Maybe he likes to gamble? Hazard? Danger? What do you think?

Life is strange is pretty much filled with symbolism.

Decompressed is inspired by Problem Sleuth and cult hit videogame Space Station 13. MS Paint Adventures meets Star Trek somewhere near Sealab 2021. It is currently concluding Sector 1, the prologue chapter of its story, and will be hitting the road quite soon.

It’s the spacefuture, and you are a hapless background greyshirt Staff Assistant in the brig of a space station. As is to be expected, you intend to escape the brig and leave the space station. This involves getting around mind-controlling aliens, incompetent security, structural hazards, dangerous astrophysical phenomena, shapeshifting biohorrors, mutinous crew, cults, and ruthless mercenaries from enemy corporations.

And that’s assuming you can overcome your own laziness, lacking charisma, and poor attention span to get out of the brig in the first place. Baby steps, everyone has to start somewhere.

Read it here.

AU where almost everything is the same except everyone in Beacon Hills knows about all the weird shit that happens in town and accepts it. And shit gets really weird.

Just last week old Mr. Jansen was dragged underneath his house by what neighbours described as a ‘clawed hell-beast’. Nobody accepts dinner invites from the Smiths unless they want to end up on the menu. If someone disappears odds are a few limbs will turn up around town sooner or later.

Everyone knows you never, ever go into the woods alone.

And on Halloween everyone stays inside and locks their doors because everyone with a half a brain knows that’s when the veil between worlds is the thinnest, when all the monsters come out. But there’s always a few stupid high school kids who try to prove they can survive All Hallows’ Eve.

But of course this would be the year Scott gets stuck outside on Halloween and Stiles isn’t stupid but he can’t just leave him. “Oh my god, Scott. I can’t believe you let the new girl drag you out tonight, I don’t care if you like her. You know what happens to new kids. They die, Scott!”

Stiles is seriously contemplating his life choices when 20 minutes later he’s halfway through the woods and some kind of shadow creature has an inky black tentacle wrapped around his leg. At this point he’s hoping it just kills him because he thinks he saw some tentacle porn that started disturbingly similar to this once.

It’s then that the woods explode with a flash of light and the creature releases Stiles with a hiss and disappears into the night.

“You trying to end up in pieces, kid?” A voice sounds behind him.

“Nope I, uh, totally had that handled.”

His saviours are dressed in tactical gear, their eyes flashing. Hales then, Laura and Derek he thinks. There must be some kind of god watching out for him tonight if a patrol found him.

“Come on, we’ll take you home.” Derek says, looking like he’d rather be doing anything else.

“No way, Sourwolf. My friend’s out here and I’m not leaving without him.” Stiles replies, hefting his bat over his shoulder. Derek’s scowling at him now and Laura’s trying to hide a smile.

“Well, you haven’t burst into hysterics yet like the other people we’ve come across tonight, so I suppose you can come along. Not on us if you get eaten by something though.” Laura grins, showing her fangs. Derek stares at his sister in disbelief.

Stiles takes a deep breath. The things he does for Scott.

“Lead the way then.”