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Hi, there has been something bothering me about the series lately, the thing is in twintuition the twins say that hiccup is a logical thinker and over thinks things. Hiccup himself is all about responsibility when in the movies hiccup is spontaneous and careless always coming up with crazy ideas on the spot he has a witty personality. I feel the over thinking is more of fishlegs or astrids thing. Sorry that came out longer than expected.

No worries, friend! This commentary isn’t too long, but rather a good and succinct description of an interesting facet (or, perhaps, facets) of Hiccup’s personality. 

Hiccup is an individual who does indeed demonstrate many instances of coming up with profound ideas in the moment. He’s always jumping and doing things right in the moment, sometimes carelessly, sometimes brilliantly. So there certainly is a unique sense of Hiccup thinking and acting on the fly. At the same time, I do think that the idea Hiccup is all about logic and careful thought is correct, too. Hiccup is a complicated character, and this multi-facetedness of his character can be seen in how he acts responsibly sometimes, acts impulsively sometimes, acts carelessly sometimes, acts spontaneously sometimes, or acts with a lot of prior thought sometimes. As with many humans, just because he’s one doesn’t mean he can’t be another.

Hiccup and Spontaneity

Hiccup is undeniably an individual who acts with spontaneity. One of my favorite descriptors for his character is “impulsive.” Hiccup is impulsive in his choices, decisions, and “plans.”

In the first movie, Gobber walks Hiccup back to the house after the dragon raid. The reason Stoick has Gobber walk Hiccup back is to “make sure he gets there.” However, the second after Gobber leaves, Hiccup suddenly charges out the back door and into the woods. It always came off as an impulsive behavior to me - probably because Hiccup stumbles out the door so quickly that he falls on his hands. Even if we don’t consider that choice impulsive, Hiccup’s decision to throw away his cheat sheet was impulsive and gutsy when he was riding Toothless. Hiccup’s choice to have Astrid ride Toothless certainly wasn’t planned - he made this action quickly in the moment. Hiccup’s choice to save Toothless and the tribe by getting his peers to ride on dragons was an idea that came right in the moment. Then, in the second movie, Hiccup flees from Stoick and goes to Itchy Armpit at the heat of the moment rather than attending the planned Dragon Racing event. Hiccup later decides to leave Berk last-minute when Stoick is grounding the dragons, deciding instead to pursue Eret. Much of Hiccup battling Drago on Berk was through heat-of-the-moment decisions, too.

We see this pattern of spontaneous decision-making all the clearer in the DreamWorks Dragons series. Hiccup will make a lot of spontaneous choices in the heat of the moment. Sometimes these impulsive choices lead to reckless and dangerous behavior; for instance, Hiccup deciding to fly to the Isle of Night alone with Toothless, not telling anyone or going with them as planned, results in him being kidnapped by the Outcasts in the episode We Are Family Part 1. Other times, these spontaneous choices are the ways in which Hiccup defeats the enemies last minute, such as by using spoons and other metal to attract the Smothering Smokebreaths and then, through these dragon swarms, scaring away the Berserkers.

It’s to note that, while Hiccup’s impulsive choices aren’t always reckless, they can be. They are often dangerous and might have a low chance of success. Hiccup jumping off a baby Scuttleclaw to save Toothless from falling in HTTYD 2 was certainly reckless. So this is an impulsive and reckless choice. At the same time, some of his choices aren’t impulsive but are still reckless: for instance, Hiccup jumping off a cliff side to test his Dragon Fly invention in The Next Big Sting was a carefully planned event, but still, in my opinion, reckless.

Anyways. Hiccup’s spontaneous choices can be placed into several categories. First, as I alluded above, there are the brilliant last-minute decisions he makes to save the day, and then there are the reckless decisions he makes. To be fair, we often don’t know whether it will brilliantly work out or if it will fail horribly. But the point is that some of these choices are brilliant maneuvers and others feel dangerously reckless. The other category of division we can make about his actions is that some of Hiccup’s choices are made in dangerous moments and others are not.

Hiccup will make choices emotionally and impulsively in some instances, such as by choosing to suddenly fly off Berk in HTTYD 2 before Stoick grounds all the dragons. This is not a dangerous circumstance right here and now. Another example of Hiccup making an impulsive choice in a non-dangerous circumstance is in the episode When Lightning Strikes. Hiccup chooses to mount the top of a ship to show that lightning is attracted to metal. His life wasn’t in danger at this point (at least until he made that bold decision to hold up metal on the top of a ship). So some choices are made impulsively out of emotion and not necessarily danger.

In contrast, sometimes Hiccup has to make a spur-of-the-moment decision because he has no choice otherwise. If he is in the middle of the battle, Hiccup doesn’t have the luxury of contemplating whether or not his latest battle strategy will work. He has to just go and try it on the fly because he’s in danger. For instance, Hiccup fighting the Skrill in the first half of A View to a Skrill shows him acting on the fly. Hiccup’s decisions in dangerous circumstances are very commonly spontaneous because, by nature of the sudden incident, they can’t be pre-planned. He never would have predicted the exact circumstances of being chased by these dragons!

So, since this was a large chunk of text let me recapitulate: yes, Hiccup is spontaneous. Sometimes his choices are impulsive because of emotional reasons. Sometimes his choices are impulsive and can turn out to be reckless. Sometimes his choices are on-the-fly because he’s in the middle of danger and he doesn’t have the luxury of thinking situations through thoroughly before enacting a plan. But in all these cases, we see that Hiccup is an individual that works with spontaneity.

Hiccup and Careful, Critical Thought

Near the start of Race to the Edge Season 4 Twintuition, Tuffnut says, “As usual, Hiccup and Fishlegs are overthinking everything.”

At the same time that Hiccup can be an individual who is very impulsive, I still don’t disagree with Tuffnut: Hiccup can be someone who is a careful thinker and close planner. There are times in which he thinks carefully - something that Tuffnut himself (not a planner) would classify as “overthinking.” Here are some instances in which we see Hiccup not acting spontaneously, but as someone with critical thought:

Whenever Hiccup develops an invention, the creation by nature has to be full of careful thought. His inventions do require testing and modification, yes, but they also necessitate careful planning. Hiccup’s crossbow shield contains clever mechanisms that would have needed drafting beforehand. And even in the first How to Train Your Dragon movie, we see that Hiccup draws blueprints of his inventions before he creates them. He draws up a plan for Toothless’ tail, works methodically on the saddle, and creates his own cheat sheet for how the saddle-tail mechanism works. An organized chart like that is logical, careful organization. Beyond that, Hiccup even has a whole room full of invention ideas and sketches - while we do see his corner of the workshop in the final film when Stoick visits him, we learn more about his various inventions and drafts in the deleted scene “Axe to Grind” when Astrid stumbles across his blueprints. Hiccup here, while inventing, is being a very logical and methodical thinker. This is not spontaneity.

Furthermore, there are many times that Hiccup encourages a thought-out course of action before entering danger. While Hiccup doesn’t always have the luxury of planning battle plans beforehand, when he does have the opportunity, he does outline plans for the gang. This has been done many times throughout the franchise, starting with the plan Hiccup implements to fight the Red Death in the first movie. Hiccup carefully plots how to attack Viggo’s base in Family on the Edge over a period of several days before he puts the plan into action (even making a model of the location in the planning process - careful work!). Hiccup meets with Viggo on the island at the start of Maces and Talons Part 1 with an obvious plan. The raid on Auction Island was not without prior thought. The truth is, there are many times in which Hiccup and his companions go into an enemy engagement with a plan already made: something that Hiccup carefully concocted beforehand. Tuffnut’s used to seeing Hiccup create logical game plans.

Hiccup even yells at Snotlout for going out of line and acting spontaneously at the start of Cast Out Part 1. Snotlout’s spontaneous actions place Astrid in danger, causing her to fall out of the sky and nearly die. Hiccup grounds Snotlout and forbids him from flying because Snotlout’s impulsivity is unpredictable and unreliable. Hiccup is disciplining someone for being too spontaneous! Hiccup wants order here. And then again, when Stoick leaves in Dawn of the Dragon Racers and puts Hiccup in charge, Hiccup doesn’t want the youths to invent a spontaneous new sport. He wants to keep order, follow his dear father’s instructions, and hold to tradition with the annual Regatta. All of this is Hiccup discouraging impulsivity in a leadership position.

It’s to note that even in day-to-day matters, Hiccup likes to have methodical orderliness. He is the one who is upset if the twins are not on guard duty on Dragon’s Edge. He is the one who suggests that they need to create order when they first arrive at their new island home. He is the one who is often the leadership organizing and putting into place all the daily rituals and duties that the youths do on Dragon’s Edge. He is the one who came up with specific flight formations for the youths to follow when they were in the Dragon Academy. He is the one who came up with all the training exercises and strict regiments and trivia games for Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk. He is the one who leads the youths and expects them to obey his orders on the fly. Hiccup is not always spontaneous and careless. While there definitely are instances where he is spontaneous and careless, there are also just as many instances in which Hiccup is the opposite: careful and methodical.

One of your comments is that Hiccup is all about responsibility seemingly in the television series, but not in the movie trilogy. Because of this, I will leave this section with some demonstration of Hiccup caring about orderliness and responsibility in the movies and material directly created by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. Hiccup is consistent throughout the franchise (give or take the aging process - but all people metamorphose naturally as they mature) in terms of his beliefs of responsibility. 

In The Serpent’s Heir, written by Dean DeBlois, Hiccup is chief and is trying to keep his chiefdom in order. He’s focusing on the responsibility of his leadership role. Earlier, in How to Train Your Dragon 2, even though Hiccup is running off spontaneously from Stoick sometimes, he also has with him a carefully formulated plan he systematically upholds. Hiccup’s plan is always to speak to Drago and try to arrange for diplomatic peace talks. The reason Hiccup wants this is not out of an impulsive reason (though it sometimes leads to impulsiveness). The reason Hiccup wants to talk to Drago is exactly because he believes it is responsible. When Stoick complains about Hiccup’s actions, his son balks, “I’m trying to protect our dragons and stop a war! How is that irresponsible?” The truth of the matter is that Hiccup, from the very start of How to Train Your Dragon 2, believes that trying to talk to Drago - his goal throughout the movie - is the responsible thing to do.

So Hiccup can be someone who cares about responsibility. Hiccup can be someone who loves to plan and organize. Hiccup can be someone who approaches a variety of situations with critical and careful thought.

Hiccup is, interestingly enough, both someone who can be spontaneous and impulsive, and someone who can be methodical and careful. These personality traits do not clash, but are complicated facets of his three-dimensional character. As we see in how Hiccup tries to talk to Drago in peace, he can use both spontaneous actions and careful thoughts about responsibility to try to achieve his goals.

Tuffnut and the Context of This Quote

Now the question is: does Hiccup’s consistent belief in responsibility and methodical approach to situations count as “overthinking”? After all, what Tuffnut says in that quote in Twintuition is that Hiccup is “as usual” overthinking. Overthinking is a little different from just thinking.

There can be times in which Hiccup overthinks throughout the franchise, but what is especially relevant is that Hiccup overthinks in Race to the Edge. Overthinking is part of Hiccup’s specific circumstance in the here and now. He’s doing it more than usual because he is interacting with Viggo - someone who is a crafty manipulator. Hiccup, trying to best Viggo, has had to carefully think through situations himself. This results in Hiccup worrying and overthinking through scenarios with Viggo. At this current time in Hiccup’s life, therefore, he is overthinking and overanalyzing scenarios far more than usual. It’s because he’s trying to do everything within his brainpower to stop his current antagonist.

So when Tuffnut remarks that Hiccup is “as usual” overthinking, I think that makes sense in the context of the situation. Since Hiccup and his friends have settled on Dragon’s Edge, Hiccup has been obsessively thinking about Viggo and trying to outmanipulate the man at his own game. As far as Tuffnut has seen, Hiccup recently has been consistently thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking. It doesn’t matter if twelve year old Hiccup overthought scenarios or not. It doesn’t matter if twenty-four year old Hiccup will overthink scenarios or not. But in the here and now, yes, Hiccup is pondering through scenarios exceedingly carefully. He’s still not successfully outmanipulating Viggo, true, but he is certainly pondering strategy closely.

On top of that, there’s an important thing to consider about Tuffnut’s quote: he’s criticizing both Hiccup and Fishlegs simultaneously. Hiccup and Fishlegs are, as usual, overthinking, according to him. This is a little different than Hiccup by himself overthinking. It’s the joint team that Tuffnut’s not thrilled with currently. And it is true that when Hiccup and Fishlegs are together, they tend to engage in deep, intricate scholarly pursuits. The two bring out the nerd in one another, and as is such, like to think critically together. So when Tuffnut talks about Hiccup overthinking, he’s talking specifically about Hiccup-when-he’s-with-Fishlegs overthinking.

The last thing I believe is relevant to consider contextually is that Tuffnut is not a thinker himself. Tuffnut is someone who is intelligent and capable of good thought, but his preferred lifestyle is one of going with the flow. He doesn’t like to plan ahead. He doesn’t like to adhere to schedules or regimental order. Tuffnut likes to casually mosey through life with no plans beforehand. This does contrast with Hiccup’s personality from the first HTTYD movie through the end of The Serpent’s Heir; Hiccup has always been more methodical and planning-oriented than the carefree Thorstons. So from Tuffnut’s angle as someone who doesn’t prefer to think things through at all, he’s going to categorize Hiccup’s careful analysis of situations (in this case in Twintuition, how to break a chain) as “overthinking.”

There is something to be said about how Fishlegs and Astrid think or overthink through scenarios in comparison to Hiccup, but I also don’t think that what Tuffnut says is erraneous with what we know about Hiccup and the present scenario! Hiccup is a complex character, and given the context of our current scenario, I think it makes sense that Tuffnut would make this criticism of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third.

(Magic Academia) Familiars

Let it be said up front, Oscar really did like animals. Back on the farm, he may have mostly been involved with growing things, but that didn’t mean he didn’t enjoy working with animals. Chickens, cows, sheep, pigs; the young man got along with them pretty well.

With that being said, they were just ordinary animals. Not magical beings that had sentience and could cause permanent physical or mental damage if they wanted to.

Which perhaps explains why Oscar felt the increasing desire to slowly back away before running away as fast as he could with all of the familiars’ eyes on him. Heck, the little wolf’s fangs alone were enough to make him sweat. But he knew that he had to get used to them so when Jaune was about to take the familiars out of the dorm for some exercise Oscar had asked to help.

And now here he was, out in the Courtyard where seven familiars of his new friends eyed him unnervingly.

Right next to him, Jaune Arc eyes the former farm boy with a concerned expression. “Are you sure you want to do this Oscar?”

The young man gulped, but nodded. “Yeah. Professor Port said that I’m almost ready to get my own familiar, so I really need to learn what to expect. Anyway, I’m sorry I’m bothering you.”

Jaune shook his head. “Don’t be, caring for these guys and girls is one of the things that make it clear I can use magic, but that doesn’t mean doing everything on my own is completely enjoyable. Besides, I owe you after what happened with Cardin. First things first, how much do you know about getting familiars?”

“Professor Port said that no one has any control over what kind of familiar they’ll get though what animal does end up choosing you can occasionally indicate what kind of magic you specialize in or something about you as a person.”

Jaune nodded. “Right, you have no control over what ends up picking you. That’s why you could get anything from a harmless little mouse to a fire breathing dragon.”

Oscar warily glanced at the golden dragon not too far away. “Well, I think Yang has us covered on dragons.”

“Fair enough. Anyway, familiars have a lifelong bond with their magic user. If the magician dies, so does the familiar. It also kind of links them mentally. Don’t be surprised if it takes a while to understand your familiar. They don’t really understand you until some time has passed. Starting out, it’s kind of like taking care of a baby, which I got really used to with my sisters’ familiars.”

Oscar nodded. “Got it.”

Jaune smiled. “Good. Alright, we’ll start this from least scary to….well, you get the idea.”

Hazel eyes warily glanced at the still glaring wolf. “Can we leave off the wolf for last?”

“You know, if you want a chance with Ruby, you’re going to have make peace with her. But alright. Okay first up, Suzu come here!”

A rather big fat grey and white cat preened for a moment before making it’s way over to where the boys were. The feline familiar looked up at them smugly before Jaune took out some kitty treats. “Okay, okay; here’s your treat.”

Suzu snapped them up quickly, licking her lips as she rubbed Jaune’s legs before going over to Oscar. The tanned boy sat on the ground to her, which allowed the cat to crawl into his lap so he could scratch her head. “Can’t believe this is Blake’s familiar. Their personalities are complete opposites.”

“Yeah, you should see her get along with Zwei. They absolutely LOVE messing with her.”

Oscar looked a tad surprised as Suzu climbed out. “Huh, I guess it’s true what they say. Even the worst of enemies can unite for a common cause.”

“Yeah, true enough. Next up is Mr. Pancake, but I really don’t want to rush her.”

Oscar’s eyebrow rose as both looked at the sloth, who looked ready to go back to sleep next to a small panda who looked also ready to fall asleep. “I still can’t believe Nora named a male sloth Mr. Pancake.”

Jaune’s expression was incredibly deadpan. “Well, you haven’t lived with her long enough. And since Ping looks like he’s ready to nod off, I’d suggest not getting close. Pandas are pretty vicious when they want to be.”

The blonde then turned to an artic fox, pulling out a pretty looking hair brush and giving it to Oscar. “Okay Celsius, grooming time!”

What would have sent most pets running in fear, sent the little artic fox dashing into Oscar’s lap. It’s tail wagged for a moment, anticipating being made pretty.

Oscar cautiously began grooming, relaxing a tad with the little white fox. “Huh…Weiss must do this a lot.”

Jaune nodded, not noticing a body with four legs rushing towards him. “Yeah, she does.”


And with that, Jaune was now beset with lion licking from a young lion cub to which he protested. “Titan! Stop! We talked about this! Besides, Pyrrha isn’t here right now!”

The lion did not stop in the least, to Oscar it looked as if the lion liked messing with Jaune.

Finally, the golden dragon roared at the lion, as if admonishing him. The lion seemed to roll his eyes before going back over to where the dragon was.

Oscar felt a tad surprised at the turn of events, stopping his brushing to which Celsius got out of his lap. “Wow, Titan really likes you.”

The blonde sighed. “Yeah, but it’s kind of getting annoying. I’m pretty sure he keeps getting me and Pyrrha alone together on purpose. Once when I fell asleep in the lounge area, he dragged me back to the bedrooms and put me in Pyrrha’s bed while she was there sleeping. Man, waking up that morning was awkward! Though….come to think of it, I think Ping might have done something similar to Nora with Ren back during the Dance.”

The hazel eyed teen glanced towards the lion who looked rather smug at what Jaune was saying and the panda whose ears were twitching. Note to self; familiars will occasionally ship their owners.

Then he glanced to where the dragon was, seemingly eyeing everyone. “It seems like Fang is the one in charge here.”

Jaune nodded, going over to scratch behind the golden horns which the dragon seemed to love by the way his tail was wagging. “Yeah, he’s the one who seems to run these guys when no one is here. Then again, that might have to due with the fact he’s a dragon and the most dangerous animal here.”

Then came the low growl which had Oscar gulp. He slowly turned around to see the small gray wolf cub eyeing him like she’d love nothing more than to eat him.

He felt his voice crack as he tried to smile. “Hi San…..”

San snapped her fangs at him causing the former farmhand to yip and scramble to his feet, hiding behind the Arc.

Jaune sighed before he addressed the wolf. “Now San, do you really think Ruby will be happy if you maul him?”

The wolf did not look happy, but nonetheless stopped snarling.

Oscar peeked out from behind. “I swear she’s plotting my death.”

Jaune shook his head before getting a pensive expression “No, she’s not. She just doesn’t like anyone getting close to Ruby; she didn’t even like Yang or the rest of her family at first. Actually, now that I think about it aside from Ruby, I was the only one she liked that first week. Maybe she was pitying me for not having a familiar of my own…”

That diverted Oscar’s attention, knowing very well Jaune had some confidence issues with his magical abilities given that he lacked a familiar and lacked an elemental affinity. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s funny, sometimes when I used to think about lacking a familiar, Chronos would come over here.”

The name sounded rather familiar that Oscar spoke without really thinking about it. “Ozpin’s familiar?”

He nodded. “It was kind of creepy how that owl always seemed to know what I was thinking, but in a way it was like he was trying to cheer me up. At first I thought he liked in checking in on all of the students, but according to Qrow Chronos didn’t like leaving Headmaster Ozpin’s side. That’s why I can say without a doubt that Ozpin is dead since Chronos isn’t around any more.”

Oscar fell silent for a bit, uncertain why he suddenly felt this wave of sadness over a familiar he had never met before. Finally, he spoke up. “Well, if familiars die when their magicians do, that makes sense.”

Jaune nodded, turning away and pointing in that direction. “Yeah, I’m going to go get San’s favorite toy, maybe she’ll focus on chewing that instead of you.”


He waved Oscar as he left, feeling a little bad but also kind of satisfied at getting Oscar out of his comfort zone. “She’s not a hellhound! And like I said, you need to make peace with her if you want any chance of asking Ruby out!”

Oscar was about to call out the obvious crap Jaune was doing by leaving him alone when a sudden bark made him freeze. He turned slowly to see the wolf, not looking all that happy.

He cursed inwardly as his voice cracked. “Mercy?”

Then the wolf just shook it head, her eyes still looking angry. You are so lucky that Ruby threatened to take away my treats if I bite you again.

Oscar shrugged before realizing what was wrong with that line. “Oh good….wait, you can talk?!”

She seemed huff at that. No you dense idiot, but all familiar are capable of telepathic communication. However, normally a magician only hears once they’ve gained a familiar of their own. You’ve got quite a lot of magic, Kansas.

Oscar shot a dry look at the wolf. “Don’t call me that.”

I will call you what I please. And the day you hurt my mistress, I will rip your entrails.

“Pleasant. Anyway, why are you talking to me now?”

Because of Jaune. That young man has done quite a lot for me and the others as well as Ruby. If you can friends with him, I suppose you’re not all bad.

He was rather surprised by the wolf’s answer. “You really like Jaune that much?”

Of course, all of us do. Mainly because he’s…..well, he’s different. You see, most magicians by now have grown into their elemental magic and gained a familiar.

“Are you saying know why Jaune doesn’t have that stuff?”

Oh, he actually does. But the thing is, he’s not ready.

Oscar felt midway between surprised and confused. “Excuse me?”

It’s not the fact he doesn’t have power. In fact, his latent potential is quite astonishing. The problem is that his elemental power, the eighth element, usually surfaces only one in a generation, occasionally skipping it, and that power is a late blooming one.

“Wait, what do you mean? I thought there were only eight elements.”

San seemed to grin at that. Get me some treats and maybe I’ll tell you more.

Yeah bad cut off point, but I can’t write anymore than that right now.

Familiars: San(Ruby), Celsius(Weiss), Suzu(Blake), Fang(Yang), Mr.Pancake(Nora), Ping(Ren), and Titan(Pyrrha). I may go into why I choose those animals for them in another post.

But next time, I think it’ll be either a Rose Garden or Flown North post.

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Prompt idea (it's prinxiety btw): How about one where Princey is out doing his thang and fighting and stuff and he was supposed to be back within 2 days but its taking longer and it's been like a week so when he finally comes back Anxiety is all happy and just fluff please. Thank you!

A/N: i took a Little Bit of liberty with this because i’ve been looking for an excuse to write contemporary fantasy, and you just gave me an in, so thank you. if this does not meet your needs, i am more than willing to fill a new prompt for you . x
Warning: slight depiction of injuries, but nothing extensive; slight depiction of panic attack, but brief
W/C: 2.7K (i’m so sorry jfc)
Pairing: Prinxiety

In which the sides are humans in a contemporary fantasy au; I’m sorry for what you’re about to read

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It was with the flaming skeleton of the Hindenburg dying next to them, pandemonium and screams puncturing the night air, that she stood with Garcia Flynn for the first time. He loomed out of the darkness, a tall creature wreathed in shadow.

“It’s time we talked,” he said, and the charcoal-smudge impression in front of Lucy resolved into a man. A tower of a man holding a gun trained in her direction. She had to tilt her chin up to meet his blistering gaze, while he tipped his down. Firelight burnished his hair red. The two-dimensional image Agent Christopher had shown her had not prepared her for the weight and vibrancy of Flynn’s presence. “You need to understand who and what we’re dealing with,” he said. His eyes traced her face as if seeking an answer to a question she didn’t know how to ask yet.

His voice, she knew it—had heard it ring out across the barren landscape of her dreams, even if she had never met its owner before. The rough timbre of his speech and the way he elongated his A’s—all of that was familiar to her in a way that defied understanding. “I understand that you’re a psychopath trying to burn everything to the ground,” she said, ashamed at the tremor in her voice.

“Well, that depends on your point of view, Lucy.” Her name slipped from his lips like a caress—the murmur of a thumb stroked over the top of her hand.

Babylon burned all around them, and this man, this stranger with the voice and the eyes she knew somehow— This man was responsible. Terrorist, they called him. Danger, her mind whispered, here there be dragons. Ignoring the klaxon that blared in her head, shoving aside all common sense and logic, Lucy stepped closer to him. “How do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you.”

He held open a book, a journal, and showed her pages filled with her own handwriting. Of course she recognized her own penmanship, but how could that be, when she possessed no memory of writing the words? Impossible, and yet… Hadn’t she journeyed on a ship back through time?

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Basic Broad Supernatural Classification

Trying to work out a very basic outline of supernatural beings in any and all systems, and I’m looking for input.  @tyrantisterror in particular.

Higher Mythology

Deities: Beings directly worshiped or embodying overarching concepts (”the Moon”, “Fire”, “The World”, etc.).  Embodiments of natural forces, or ‘rulers’ of natural systems. 

Divine Beasts: Monstrous animals and beings, often very dangerous/embodying chaos of nature. Many Dragons here. 

Divine Servants: Lesser beings who serve deities.  IE: Angels, Devils, Accusers, etc.

Lower Mythology:

Natural Embodiments: Beings drawn from natural forces, but not seen as ruling them.  Subdivisions include Fresh/Salt Water, Trees/Forests, Earth/Stones, Clouds/Mist, Air, & Fire.

Predators: Things which explain why people disappear in the wilderness, or to enforce social order (IE: Boogiemen, Ogres, Werewolves, Demons)

Maladies: Explanations for bad luck, sickness, or other misfortune (IE: Vampires, Hags, Gremlins).

Psychopomp: Beings which draw from the collective fear of death and aging, or the after effects thereof. (IE: Undead and things which ferry the dead)

The People Who Are Not People: The ultimate out-grouping of foreigners into nonhuman beings. Humanoid (usually) and sentient, but not counted as ‘people’ because of what they are/do. (IE: Faries, Merfolk)

Exotic Foreign Beings: Entities which are totally real animals (tm) that live really far away from here. Where?  Well, not here of course. Could be simply from the distant past rather than distant locations. (IE: Amazons, Blemmyea, Monopods)

What categories do you all think are missing?


Gently, we howl at the stars together. Gently, we swallow each other whole.
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Reign of Fire

Things change ever so slightly when the Dragon Knight Volga meets The Hero several years before Cia’s conquest. While fate might already have been written in stone, what of that which came before then? A simple meeting might lead to something more.

Started off as a small oneshot which grew to another idea. Dunno how I’m going to tackle it, but it’s going to be Volga/Link, and I hope you guys enjoy.

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Wild-Type: Allure

Commissioned by Anon, who wanted a fic from Levi’s POV describing his initial experiences with the allure. (Chapter 4 spoilers). Thanks, Anon! Commissions page here. 

Success was taking much longer to achieve than Levi had anticipated. He blew a hard breath into the damp leaves he rested on, expelling just enough fire to warm the tip of his chilly nose without being seen by anyone else. Everything felt damp in the woods. He didn’t dare burn away the soggy ferns he lay in, unprepared as he was to meet any more of his own kind in his condition. His body throbbed dully and thoroughly, every single muscle bitching at him about how brutally it had been misused. He’d come north following the darkness he saw on the horizon, thinking darkness meant safety.

A goddamned, rat-shitting dragon colony. 

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Map Cartography & (Legendary) Lands

Map cartography is the study and practice of making maps. 

Here Be Dragons

The phrase refers to dangerous or unexplored territories, referring to the Medieval practice of putting dragons, sea serpents, and other mythological creatures in uncharted areas of maps.

The latin phrase “HC SVNT DRACONES” is also used. The term appeared on the Lenox Globe around the east coast of Asia, and might be related to the Komodo dragons in the Indonesian islands; this suggests that the term may have supposedly been used quite literally at times. 

Isle of Demons

It is a legendary land that was believed to exist on Quirpon island, Newfoundland in Canada. It was generally shown as two islands. It began appearing on maps in the beginning of the 16th century, and disappeared in the mid-17th century.

It was believed to have been populated by demons and wild beasts. The demons and wild beasts would torment and attack any ships that passed or anyone that was foolish enough to wander onto the island. 

A legend tells of a sea captain’s niece who became pregnant while having an affair with one of the sailors and was left on the island, along with her lover, where they were tormented by demons and evil spirits.

The Isle of Demons first appeared on the map of Johannes Rysch in 1508. It may be a variation of the older legend of the legendary island named Satanazes, meaning “devils” in Portugese; it was normally depicted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, north of Antillia. 


In Classical European literature and maps, it is a region in the far north. The term “ultima Thule” in medieval geographies also denotes any distant place located beyond the “borders of the known world”

the most northerly of the Britannic Islands, is farthest north, and that there the circle of the summer tropic is the same as the Arctic Circle.

The inhabitants or people of Thule are described by Strabo in his Geographica, along with eye witness accounts of Pytheas during the 4th century BC:

…the people (of Thule) live on millet and other herbs, and on fruits and roots; and where there are grain and honey, the people get their beverage, also, from them. As for the grain, he says, since they have no pure sunshine, they pound it out in large storehouses, after first gathering in the ears thither; for the threshing floors become useless because of this lack of sunshine and because of the rains.

Ilha da Queimada Grande

Also known as Snake Island, it is a real island off the coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. It is home to one of the most venomous snakes in the world, with a reputed “1-5 snakes per square metre”; and the island is 4.6 million square feet in size. Access to the island has been banned by the Brazilian government.

It is home to the Golden Lancehead Viper, with a venom so strong it can kill its prey almost instantly. It is said to be able to melt human flesh

There are known deaths caused by the snakes of the island. One tale tells of a fisherman who, although unaware of consequences, enters the island to pick bananas. However, he gets bitten by (one of) the snakes. Although he manages to travel back to his boat, he dies due to the snakes’ venom. He was later found in a great pool of blood on the boat deck.

Dancing the tears away

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Mildy angsty fluff for your enjoyment. Newt can get a bit of separation angst sometimes.. Thankfully you are there to fix it!


Newt loved dragons. He absolutely adored them so he kept bringing in dragon eggs to raise. The problem was that Newt couldn’t keep the dragons when they got to large, for a few reasons. The first being that they just got too big and the second being that they breathed fire which turned out to be a real danger. Now here comes the dilemma, saying good bye to his beloved dragons and setting them free.

You always gave him space during the days before he was supposed to say bye. He would always spend his days down with the dragon in question, going as far as to sleep next to it if possible. The day of the separation was always absolutely terrible. Newt would get teary eyed saying bye to the dragon, releasing it into the wild, petting it one last time and then watching as it soared into the air. You never let him do this alone though, always being be his side when he said goodbye for the last time. He’d lean against you, letting his tears out. Sometimes he’d hold it in though if the dragon was extra clingy and had a hard time saying bye too. Apparently as it turns out, dragons are very emotional creatures and understand tears, smiles and anger.

That was the case today. Newt ad kept the Romanian longhorn for almost a year before it finally got too big. He had even gone so far as to naming it Erik. Newt had one hand on Erik’s snout and one hand fisting your shirt. You wrapped an arm around your boyfriend, holding him closer.

“B-Bye, Erik.” Newt said and you could hear the thick sound of tears at the back of his throat. “I’ll miss you, buddy. But you have to go now.”

Newt took his hand away and made a shooing motion with his hand. The large dragon cocked its head to the side and blinked a few times before looking around. Romanian longhorns enjoyed deep forests and water so Newt had chosen a perfect location for it. Eric looked back at you and Newt one last time before taking off, flying away and leaving the two of you on the ground. You lifted your wand and quickly apparated the two of you back to your house.

You gently eased the two of you down in a comfortable laying position on the couch, his head resting on your chest with his arms around your waist. Newt couldn’t hold it anymore and let some tears out with a shuddering sob. He hid his face in your shirt as the tears just came flowing. You hushed him gently, rubbing his back and dragging your other hand through his hair. The tears didn’t face you much since this wasn’t your first rodeo with an emotional Newt.

This time though something was different. He wouldn’t stop sobbing. Usually he’d resort to “manly” silent tears after the first five or so sobs but this time it just kept coming.

“Hey, are you alright?” You asked softly, kissing the top of his head.

Newt shook his head quietly and crawled closer to you, burrowing his wet face in your neck. You stopped stroking his hair to hug him close, feeling his hands clutching at your clothes.

“I-I had a nightmare.” He finally choked out. “Y-You left me and I just.. This just..”

“Reminded you of it?” You asked softly and craned your neck so you could manage to kiss his partly exposed cheek. “Hey, sit up for me?”

Newt hesitantly sat up, rubbing at his eyes with one hand whilst still holding onto your shirt with the other. You lifted your wand and turned on the radio, soft tunes escaping from it. With less grace then you imagined you got up from the couch and grabbed Newt’s hands, easing him up from his spot on the sofa.

You placed a hand on his waist and clutched his hand with the other. Newt sniffled but carefully put his hand on your shoulder.

“I can’t d-dance.” Newt mumbled but you just pulled him closer and kissed the bridge of his nose.

“I’ll lead.” You said and slowly started to move into a rhythm with the music. He kept his eyes on his feet mostly as you danced around the room.

You pulled him closer, forcing him to look up at you. Your hand slid further in on his lower back making him flush lightly.

“Eyes up here, alright?” You joked, making him blush even more. “You’re so beautiful.”

Newt laid his head down on your shoulder to hide the fact that he was blushing and placed a shy kiss on your neck. You noticed how he got slightly more confident as he got the rhythm and actually could dance along by now. He had thankfully stopped crying by now, which was your main goal for the dance.

“I love you.” Newt said softly, lifting his head to look at you now that his blush had disappeared.

“I love you too, my angel.” You said and leaned down to capture his pink lips in a passionate kiss.

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This just occurred to me: In HLV Mycroft says he doesn't want SH to take the MI6 mission because "there may be dragons to slay [here]" And later CAM calls John "damsel in distress" Couldn't that mean Mycroft knows about Mary? That she is the dragon?

Hi Nonny!

Mycroft absolutely knows about Mary. I’ve long suspected that she is working with Mycroft in some capacity, possibly above him and blackmailing him to ensure she gets what she wants. TAB has me even more certain of this, given that they are working together, which means SHERLOCK HIMSELF suspects that they are in real life as well. But I think Sherlock doesn’t know where her loyalties actually lie because she then comes to Holmes and Watson and leads them directly to the danger rather than Mycroft (in it for herself, is my suspicions).

“Here be dragons,” indeed. Mary is definitely a dragon to be slayed, and John the damsel in distress.

(as an aside: I think TBB will be revisited in S4, so the “dragons” parallel could also link to the Black Lotus, which I think Mary may be a part of).

nansible :

Your blog is incredible, and I’ve sort of caught your Eret fever. Normally, I’d put this in an ask, but I wanted to give you the pictures along with it.  One scene that always gets me is this one. It goes so fast, and the first time I watched the movie, I didn’t really process it. I assumed Eret was loyal to Drago until Drago tried to kill him. Ok, here we go:

Stormfly senses danger before all the other dragons, so she gets up first and flees. Eret takes the chance to arm himself as soon as he can. The other dragons then notice, but it is too late. They are shot down, ambushed. The teens run to their dragons, only to find them all caught. 

The ambushers face off Eret. Eret points his sword at them, not at the teens. He even pulls out his other sword. Further aggression? The teens join Eret inside the circle, all fending off the ambushers. 

The ambushers continue to advance. Fishlegs throws his hands up in surrender; Astrid and Eret are still very much on the defensive, weapons up. It seems almost like they have each other’s backs, weapons pointing in opposite directions. Like they are fighting a common enemy. 

Then, as the ambushers continue to draw closer, Eret and Astrid put their weapons down, seeing the futility in fighting further. They pretty much exactly mirror each other. 

At this point in the movie, judging by Eret’s actions in this scene, I feel that he trusts these random Berkian teenagers more than Drago’s men. It’s not that he is being defensive until he figures out who his attackers are. No, he knows exactly who they are, and still feels the need to be defensive. So, I guess I’m wondering, why does he stay with Drago for so long? Is it because he is forced to stay? What are your thoughts on this?

This is actually an incredibly interesting point! Thank you for bringing it up! :D

We know from Eret’s past that he’s had some unfortunate encounters with Drago. I think it’s also clear that the polar-beared warriors work for Drago, and are separate from Eret’s crew. Eret’s crew is loyal to him. The polar-warriors are not.

As I have it, Drago’s men helped hold Eret down for his branding. When they’re advancing, Eret knows he doesn’t have any sort of sanctuary just because he’s working for the same man. He also knows Drago’s unforgiving. He knows the man’s wrath first hand. He knows he just lead an enemy into Drago’s camp. These men, who have likely hurt Eret in the past, are advancing on him as well as the others, and he has no reason to think he’ll be spared any sort of punishment.

Now, as for why he stays with Drago: Eret’s priority in the beginning was “Keeping his head”.

From the dialogue he shares with Hiccup and Astrid upon first meeting them, we learn that Eret believes no one–no human or dragon–is safe from Drago. He knows Drago is expanding his hold, his power, and moving across the Barbaric Archipelagoes with great success. Drago has him convinced that the only way to live with dragons is to control them, to keep that control over them, and weaponize it. And, as far as he knows, Drago’s the only one who can control dragons.

Drago is terrifying, and powerful, and unbeatable, and he’s going to rule the B.A. someday. That’s the image Eret has of the man and he, at the very least, wants to be on the winning side of that war. It’s out of self-preservation and foresight. He might live in fear, but, until meeting Hiccup, he was never given any shred of hope that Drago could be stopped. That there could be an alternate life to living with Dragons.

That’s why Hiccup’s so important to him: he showed Eret a possible he hadn’t dared to dream of in years.


It’s here! The full trailer for Dark Dungeons, the new movie based on Jack Chick’s legendary 1984 tract about the dangers of Dungeons & Dragons (For a related video, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/79987600965/holy-shit-a-trailer-for-dark-dungeons-a-new)