danger here be dragons


“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”

Dancing the tears away

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Mildy angsty fluff for your enjoyment. Newt can get a bit of separation angst sometimes.. Thankfully you are there to fix it!


Newt loved dragons. He absolutely adored them so he kept bringing in dragon eggs to raise. The problem was that Newt couldn’t keep the dragons when they got to large, for a few reasons. The first being that they just got too big and the second being that they breathed fire which turned out to be a real danger. Now here comes the dilemma, saying good bye to his beloved dragons and setting them free.

You always gave him space during the days before he was supposed to say bye. He would always spend his days down with the dragon in question, going as far as to sleep next to it if possible. The day of the separation was always absolutely terrible. Newt would get teary eyed saying bye to the dragon, releasing it into the wild, petting it one last time and then watching as it soared into the air. You never let him do this alone though, always being be his side when he said goodbye for the last time. He’d lean against you, letting his tears out. Sometimes he’d hold it in though if the dragon was extra clingy and had a hard time saying bye too. Apparently as it turns out, dragons are very emotional creatures and understand tears, smiles and anger.

That was the case today. Newt ad kept the Romanian longhorn for almost a year before it finally got too big. He had even gone so far as to naming it Erik. Newt had one hand on Erik’s snout and one hand fisting your shirt. You wrapped an arm around your boyfriend, holding him closer.

“B-Bye, Erik.” Newt said and you could hear the thick sound of tears at the back of his throat. “I’ll miss you, buddy. But you have to go now.”

Newt took his hand away and made a shooing motion with his hand. The large dragon cocked its head to the side and blinked a few times before looking around. Romanian longhorns enjoyed deep forests and water so Newt had chosen a perfect location for it. Eric looked back at you and Newt one last time before taking off, flying away and leaving the two of you on the ground. You lifted your wand and quickly apparated the two of you back to your house.

You gently eased the two of you down in a comfortable laying position on the couch, his head resting on your chest with his arms around your waist. Newt couldn’t hold it anymore and let some tears out with a shuddering sob. He hid his face in your shirt as the tears just came flowing. You hushed him gently, rubbing his back and dragging your other hand through his hair. The tears didn’t face you much since this wasn’t your first rodeo with an emotional Newt.

This time though something was different. He wouldn’t stop sobbing. Usually he’d resort to “manly” silent tears after the first five or so sobs but this time it just kept coming.

“Hey, are you alright?” You asked softly, kissing the top of his head.

Newt shook his head quietly and crawled closer to you, burrowing his wet face in your neck. You stopped stroking his hair to hug him close, feeling his hands clutching at your clothes.

“I-I had a nightmare.” He finally choked out. “Y-You left me and I just.. This just..”

“Reminded you of it?” You asked softly and craned your neck so you could manage to kiss his partly exposed cheek. “Hey, sit up for me?”

Newt hesitantly sat up, rubbing at his eyes with one hand whilst still holding onto your shirt with the other. You lifted your wand and turned on the radio, soft tunes escaping from it. With less grace then you imagined you got up from the couch and grabbed Newt’s hands, easing him up from his spot on the sofa.

You placed a hand on his waist and clutched his hand with the other. Newt sniffled but carefully put his hand on your shoulder.

“I can’t d-dance.” Newt mumbled but you just pulled him closer and kissed the bridge of his nose.

“I’ll lead.” You said and slowly started to move into a rhythm with the music. He kept his eyes on his feet mostly as you danced around the room.

You pulled him closer, forcing him to look up at you. Your hand slid further in on his lower back making him flush lightly.

“Eyes up here, alright?” You joked, making him blush even more. “You’re so beautiful.”

Newt laid his head down on your shoulder to hide the fact that he was blushing and placed a shy kiss on your neck. You noticed how he got slightly more confident as he got the rhythm and actually could dance along by now. He had thankfully stopped crying by now, which was your main goal for the dance.

“I love you.” Newt said softly, lifting his head to look at you now that his blush had disappeared.

“I love you too, my angel.” You said and leaned down to capture his pink lips in a passionate kiss.

anonymous asked:

This just occurred to me: In HLV Mycroft says he doesn't want SH to take the MI6 mission because "there may be dragons to slay [here]" And later CAM calls John "damsel in distress" Couldn't that mean Mycroft knows about Mary? That she is the dragon?

Hi Nonny!

Mycroft absolutely knows about Mary. I’ve long suspected that she is working with Mycroft in some capacity, possibly above him and blackmailing him to ensure she gets what she wants. TAB has me even more certain of this, given that they are working together, which means SHERLOCK HIMSELF suspects that they are in real life as well. But I think Sherlock doesn’t know where her loyalties actually lie because she then comes to Holmes and Watson and leads them directly to the danger rather than Mycroft (in it for herself, is my suspicions).

“Here be dragons,” indeed. Mary is definitely a dragon to be slayed, and John the damsel in distress.

(as an aside: I think TBB will be revisited in S4, so the “dragons” parallel could also link to the Black Lotus, which I think Mary may be a part of).


Gently, we howl at the stars together. Gently, we swallow each other whole.
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Working on a new sub-clan! I will be tagging these guys under both my normal lair tag and “crystal expedition.” 

The Crystal Expedition is a branch of the Etherium sent to investigate an area of troubling arcane contamination near the Crystal Pools. Afflicted by a little-understood phenomenon known only as the Anomaly, all living organisms here have begun developing strange, often dangerous mutations at a rapid pace. Dragons are not immune, and therefore most members of the Crystal Expedition are volunteers who already possess magical conditions, are fatally ill, or have been exiled for criminal misconduct and wish to redeem themselves.