danger field


     There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I’m just remembering.

                  Weapons left in the field…dangers I can still prevent.

                                I think maybe that’s the path

                                         a way to the redemption I’ve been looking for.

Marvel Fancast: Diego Luna as Bucky Barnes.


There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I’m just remembering. Weapons left in the field… Dangers I can still prevent. I think maybe that’s the path… A way to the redemption I’ve been looking for.

I saw and really enjoyed him in Rogue One and upon realizing how much he resembled the character, I couldn’t resist making this.

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A/N: I actually really enjoyed playing around with this! Anyways, all of the majors are what they are looking to get into after high school, so it dictates the courses they’re taking in high school.

  • Naruto: Communications Major. He chose this major because he’s striving to be heard and acknowledged, and communications lets him pursue this personal dream of his. In high school he strives to be class president but never succeeds for two reasons: 1) Poor grades and 2) Kiba.
  • Sasuke: Criminal Law Major. This will help him seek out his convict brother, and teaches him the skill set and gives him the authority to do what he believes to be right. In high school he is that one intellectual with the dark humor and the increasingly annoying superiority complex, who (irritatingly, some may say) also has the intelligence to back up his claims.
  • Sakura: Doctoring Major. Both of her closest friends are pursuing potentially dangerous fields, and so she wants to be able to aid them in any way they might need. In high school she is the captain of every female sports team.
  • Lee: Veterinary Major. He is a great athlete, but he has a passion for the protection and health of all animals. Kiba and Lee get along very well for this reason. In high school, Lee is the school’s best athlete and has broken every record that was ever established before his arrival. The most surprising record break he ever accomplished is arguably the flexibility test records. Watch out, ladies.
  • Neji: Business Major. His family has always been driven to a greater standing in Konoha, and so he is pursuing a business degree in the hopes of working his way into the Presidential office/Relations with the president him or herself. In high school, he had the best grades. He is somehow friends with everyone, even though he’s very rarely seen socializing with, well, anybody.
  • Tenten: Mechanics Major. She loves her tools, and she can outdo you at any project that you throw her way. In high school she is a shop god. With all the labour she does, she has some really impressive biceps too. She can bench press more than Sakura even can.
  • Shino: Wildlife Major. He lives for the conservation of forests and habitats, believing that even the smallest lives deserve to be protected. In high school he is a huge science nerd. He also writes all of Kiba’s class presidential papers.
  • Kiba: K9 Training Major. He loves dogs more than people, what more is there to say? In high school he is the class president. He wins all of the votes using Akumaru.
  • Hinata: Kinesiology Major. Her family has always had a keen understanding of the human body, and she decided to study it in depth in order to gain respect where it had been denied of her for so long. In high school she is the Mom friend. She also has a secret blue belt in Jiu Jitsu.
  • Shikamaru: Politician Science Major. Being a close friend of Naruto, he decided to use his brains to gain a foothold by which he could work his way into a position that he can advise Naruto in the future, in whatever path he pursues. He is by far the smartest student, but he is only awake in class when he has to argue with something that Sasuke said.
  • Choji: Culinary Arts Major. He loves good food, so he wants to be able to make good food. In high school he has taken all of the foods classes and he has befriended the lunch lady and often gets the best snacks from her. He’s also a bass in the school choir.
  • Ino: Psychology Major. Her Father was a psychologist in Konoha’s army, although he uses his gift in order to get information. Ino strives to use the abilities he has taught her, as well as the education that she will get in post-secondary, for good. In high school, she was the valedictorian. She was a cheerleader for some time, but eventually she decided that she was tired of being on the team and focused on her academic success.
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Solve first case as a P.I. – check. Make new friends – working on it. Realize that first case isn’t quite solved and that there’s a much larger conspiracy at work – aw, dang! Kate Bishop’s move to L.A. was off to such a great start, but when the first client of her new P.I. firm, Hawkeye Investigations, goes missing, Kate’s got to put in some serious overtime to find out who’s behind the shady business plaguing Venice Beach.


NEW CYBERTRON! A massive corkscrew-shaped space ship has drilled into Earth, bringing with it a surprising disruption to OPTIMUS PRIME’s plans. Meanwhile—ARCEE fields a dangerous offer that may be too good to resist!


THE RUMORS ARE TRUE! Richard Rider is back from the dead! Even better — he’s back in his Nova helmet! But Earth already HAS a Nova as its guardian, and Sam Alexander isn’t one to be replaced so easily…


Wynonna Earp and Doc Holliday have picked up an unusual ally: a former Pinkerton by the name of Charles Siringo. But they’re gonna need Charlie’s help if Wynonna and Doc are gonna stand a chance against an enemy from Doc’s past. Beau Smith and Tim “Doc Holliday himself” Rozon put Doc through the ringer in this thrilling conclusion!


My big…uh…..littleittybitty find that just sent me over the moon!! At first I thought it was a baby bull that had gotten hit and squished along the road but when I got out to collect it I took a closer look and literally screeched with excitement. The smallest rattler I’ve ever seen. LOOK AT HIS WEE LIL BUTTONBUTT.

He was no longer than 8″. He was very good while I was taking photos and when I hooked him he was trying to rattle but no sound was happening and his tail was just wiggling. HE WAS TRYING SO HARD TO BE SCARY IT WAS SO CUTE.

Put him off in the grass so he wouldn’t get hit. 


Carwash siblings where Wash doesn’t know he’s related to Carolina. Carolina knows, she found that out after he joined the project. But after years in Project Freelancer, and however long it’s been from then to the end of s13, Wash still doesn’t know.

He doesn’t know why the toughest bitch on the squad is so incredibly soft around him. He doesn’t know why she is always the first to pluck him from danger in the field. He doesn’t know that he is Allison’s son. He doesn’t know where the platinum blond hair and freckles came from. He doesn’t know that the Director gave him a self-destructive/suicidal AI on purpose because even though he is of Allison’s blood, he is still the bastard child from another man. 

And he hates himself for it. 

Leonard hates himself for being so caught up with designing the project when Carolina was little and not being around when Allison needed him. He hates himself for letting it get to the point divorce papers and affairs. He hates himself for making her give up that baby boy all those years ago, promising that he will leave the project for good if she did. He hates himself for keeping her in a failing marriage. He hates himself for trying to destroy what he had left of Allison. He hates himself for depriving his only daughter of a life-long friendship with her baby brother.

He hates himself for fucking up so many lives, but most importantly, he hates himself for fucking up theirs.

Long Time- No See

Based on Prompt from @alpha-of-four : “I JUST SAW THAT YOU ARE IN NEED OF A REQUEST I have this thingy but you can play around with it because YOU DESERVE TO HAVE SOME FUN 💕 So, here’s the what if … What if Reader had been a nurse/doctor in the Navy and at one point helped Owen, and they maybe had something but didn’t realize until it was too late? THEN Owen left for Isla Nublar and years later she was offered a medical position there. It’s been years, and they kinda moved on but then again they didn’t. HAVE FUN “

A/n: Sorry it’s so short, I wanted to finish it and post it during class. Hope this is what you were looking for (also sorry if anything is wrong, I did no research about army doctors/nurses or even theme park ones for that matter.) Also tagging the lovely @sis-tafics for being awesome and being my friend! I hope you like my writing style >< yours is so amazing 

When you accepted the job at Jurassic world, you foolishly assumed it would be like out in the field: more dangerous illnesses, injuries, and complications. You pictured dino bites and chaos. However, since you started two weeks ago, the worst you’ve seen is a child’s sprained ankle, and even then, you only admitted the child and calmed him down while the doctor took care of the rest.

You leaned against the wall in the waiting room, waiting for someone-anyone-to come in and make things interesting.

Just as that thought crossed your mind, the bell at the door jingled and a man walked in. Your eyes immediately went to the bleeding gash on his arm and you wrinkled your nose at the smell, but silently rejoiced at actually having something interesting.

“I’m fine,” He said, and you froze when you heard his voice. “Just need a couple stitches.”

He looked up from his arm and met your eyes and you were instantly transported back in time, standing beside the bed of a  young navy-man who was admitted on your first day-your fist patient. He had smiled and smirked and had you laughing by the end of the day, him comforting you on your first day rather than you comforting him. You spent three days spending as much time as you could at his bedside listening to his stories and his past and you loved every minute of it.

However, when you finally got the nerve to do something about your budding feelings for him, you got into work to find his bed empty. Your boss said he had been checked out that morning. No note, no number or address, nothing left behind. You tried your best to forget this man who did weird things to your heartbeat and made you feel as amazing as he did, but you never could.

“Grady.” You said, instinctively.

As the recognition hit his eyes, he smiled warmly and nodded, “ Y/L/N.”

“I can’t belie- what are you doing he- wait you’re bleeding.” You shook your head and realized you shouldn’t make him stand there with a wound and talk about why he didn’t give you his number. “Come with me.” You said authoritatively and lead him to the back room. You were silent as the doctor stitched him up but couldn’t force yourself to leave the room, lest he leave again.

He glanced at you and smiled many times, but he never said anything other than answering the doctor’s questions. He worked with the raptors. He got too close to the fence. The “Beta” took a snap at him. You listened intently as you could tell he was using his storytelling voice, if only for your sake, that he used many years ago.

When he was all patched up, you lead him back out to the waiting room.

“Y/n,” He began, almost seeming at a loss for words, which was the one thing Owen never was. “I thought I’d never see you again.” His smile warmed your heart, but you wondered at his words. Did he mean he thought he’d never have to face you which is why he didn’t say anything to you. Your mind swirled around many possible reasons as to why he wouldn’t be excited to see you when his words broke you out of your revier.

“I mean, you never wrote me, but I was so sure that you-”

“Wait, what?” You asked, mouth dropping open. How the hell could you write him without any information?

“When I checked out, I thought you would write me but-” You cut him off again, a bad habit, but you were so confused.

“How was I supposed to write you? You disappeared without even saying goodbye.”

He looked at you dumbstruck for a second and slowly opened his mouth. “I gave the nurse the letter, she said she would give it to you.” You thought back to the women you worked with at the time and thought of Angela, the redhead who worked the cots next to yours and always looked at you with jealousy when Owen talked all day with you.

“Red-head?” You asked, holding your hand up, “About this tall?” He nodded and you laughed at the absurdity of it. He did leave you a letter, but that jealous bitch must have throw it away. You couldn’t even be mad in the moment as you were so relieved that he didn’t just ditch you… at least not on purpose.

“Well, It never got to me. She didn’t exactly like me.” You said, shrugging. He smiled down at you, hope in his eyes and stepped forward and closed the distance between the two of you suddenly.

“Well, should I tell you what it said?” He asked as he looked down into your eyes. Your heart beat unreasonable fast at the proximity and you swallowed hard before nodding, a small smile on your lips. He placed a hand on your cheek and spoke.

“I said that I loved seeing your smile every day, and hearing your laugh. I truly believe you’re the reason I got better so quick.” You tried not to smile too widely, but failed miserably. “I said how much I liked you and how beautiful you were. I asked you to write me and call me.” He brushed a strand of hair out of your eyes.  “And I told you how bad I had wanted to kiss you before you left the night before. If I had known I wouldn’t see you the next day, I would have done it then and there, and I regretted it. I wanted you to know that I was pretty sure I had fallen in love with you already.”

Traitor tears had come to your eyes and you begged them not to fall, but when they did, he brushed them away. “And in case you’re wondering, my feelings haven’t changed.”

He leaned down close, his face just inches from yours. He paused, giving you the chance to reject him, to push him away. Instead, you grabbed the collar of his white shirt and pulled him down the rest of the way, his lips meeting yours suddenly and moving together perfectly. His hand went to your waist and you threw your arms around his neck, relishing in this long overdue kiss. When he finally broke it off, you were both breathing heavily, staring into each other’s eyes.

“Finally.” You said, in a hushed whisper, and he laughed.

“So,” he said, his voice low and rough, with a happy smile across his face, “I suppose you feel the same?”

You laughed and nodded, laying your head against his chest. Who knew three years ago that you would end up seeing him again, let alone that he would declare his love for you.

This job, you think to yourself, Maybe it’s not so boring after all.

You’re beautiful.
You’re wanted.
You’re amazing.
You deserve to feel good.
You have people who care for you, even if you don’t notice or want it.
You CAN do anything you want.
I believe in you.
Nothing you have ever done will make me feel differently about you.
You are a beautifully dangerous rose in a field of daisies.