danger field


Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion had answered a distress call. It had probably been stupid on xir part, but what was done was done.

A small ship, even smaller than xir, had crashed on a barren but breathable-to-most-species moon in the system of Hyaldnar. Xe had been making a delivery for xir mentor when xir communication system picked it up, and since xe was barely past adolescence, the journey of not even five rotations was making xem bored and seeing a crash site would be exciting. After all, it was probably an automated distress call, nothing could survive a crash to a rocky moon.

But there xe was, standing in front of a crumpled and burned wreck and the very much alive creature that had crawled out of it after perceiving xir pod landing. Imirrim cursed xir rotten luck, now xe would have to help the poor thing. Xe had been planning on just sight-seeing the wreck a bit, maybe later contact whatever species it had belonged to to tell it had crashed, if only to look good in front of xir mentor.

After a while of the creature gawking and baring it’s teeth at Imirrim, xe recognized the species as human, the fifth longest living space-faring species. Still, xe belonged to the second longest living, and Thalmors like xemself could outlive five humans each born at the moment of the previous one’s death. What had especially stuck from xir exobiology and alien anthropology lessons was humans’ way of expressing their emotions in strange and backwards ways, and their sheer capability to holding grudges. Great.

Imirrim approached the human slowly. It was approaching xem right back, still showing it’s teeth like it was attacking, but but humans expressed their emotions backwards, so that was good, right? Besides, the human was wounded and limping, and xe could outrun it if things went bad.

“Finally someone answered my call,” the human -a male, xe guessed- said as Imirrim was close enough. “I’ve been here for a week and I’m running out of water.”

A week? How was he alive?

“Oh, where are my manners,” the human said and extended the less damaged of its upper limbs towards Imirrim. “I’m Thomas Warren, from the human colony on Clyzma Al Carrim, farmer by profession.”

Imirrim carefully extended a cheliped to mimic the greeting, and did xir best not to flinch when the human grabbed it and shook it. “I am Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion from planet Skismin, apprentice to the Grand Navigator.”

“It is very nice to meet you,” Thomas said and shook xir cheliped some more before finally letting go. “You mind taking me off this rock?”

Imirrim shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. “Sure.”

“Great!” Thomas said and pulled his lips even further back, revealing even more teeth, more than could possibly fit comfortably into a mouth that small. “I’ll be right back.” He limped back into the small shipwreck.

Imirrim was regretting this. It wasn’t customary to help strangers, especially from other species, since there was no telling what they could do. Humans had a reputation of being unpredictable, especially when wounded. And this ‘Thomas’ was covered in wounds, some looking much too severe for anyone to possibly survive.

Thomas emerged from his wreckage, carrying something that was clearly important if he was willing to retrieve it from a wreck while severely wounded. “So, Imirrim, was it? Where are you headed?”

Imirrim led the human to xir pod and helped him climb over the threshold. “Back to Skismin. You can get better help there.” If he stayed alive that long.

“Lovely, you’re a real life saver,” Thomas chuckled. “I’ll owe you one.”

To Imirrim’s surprise -and relief- Thomas did not die during the two rotations’ travel back to Skismin. He talked xir auditory membrane off and after a while filled the pod with the faint stench of alien blood, but all things considered he wasn’t the worst passenger. Once xe had docked the pod back on Skismin and had helped Thomas and his bag of belongings (which turned out to be an assortment of small possibly decorative items, data storage devices, clothes, and even a few ordinary rocks one could get anywhere but that were apparently ‘cool’) to the nearest emergency clinic, Thomas turned to xem one last time.

“If you ever find yourself in a bad spot, call me,” he said with a serious expression xe had come to recognize during their time at the small pod. “I owe you my life, just call and I’ll pay you back.”

Imirrim stared after him for a long while before turning away and heading to tell the Grand Navigator that hir delivery was received and thanked for, and to tell xir mentor about human Thomas Warren.

After xe had told hir what had passed, Imirrim asked one last question. “Master, what does it mean when a human says they 'owe their life’ to someone?”

The Grand Navigator’s age-reddened crest rose curiously. “Like you probably know, humans are known for holding grudges and for being almost insensibly loyal. While they keep in mind all wrong that has been done to them, they do not forget a good deed done to them either. 'Owing one’s life’ means you have done something to them that they regard highly of, usually the saving of a life, and that they will do anything in their power to, as they say, 'return the favor’. Did this Thomas say this to you?”

Imirrim nodded. “Right before he went with the medical staff, he said he owes me his life, and all I need to do in a time of distress is to call him and he will come.”

The Grand Navigator raised hir upper chelipeds in a sign of pride. “You have done well, my apprentice. To earn a human’s favor is a feat of great bravery and compassion. One day, you shall become a fine and daring Navigator, like the explorers before us.”

Imirrim ruffled his crest at the praise. Maybe answering the distress call wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Time went by, and Imirrim progressed from an appearance to a novice and on, up the ranks, and eventually landed a spot as the head Navigator on the long trade ship Pochella, traveling at high speeds through barely charted nebulas and dangerous asteroid fields. Xe plotted courses through the densest of rock fogs and past dangerous gravitational pulls, and not once did his calculations for the course fail.

Xe had lived many more cycles, many more than a human could ever live. Imirrim had counted- xe had kept a distant eye on Thomas Warren in case xe would ever have a need for the favor he had claimed to owe xem, but the need never came. He had died fifty-seven cycles after xe had rescued him, or seventy-two years, as humans counted time, and even more time had passed after that.

Still, even after all this time xe looked back at him for courage when daily life was hard and xir spirit was down. Xe had met and worked with humans many times now and they all shared the same spirit Thomas Warren had had, but none of them had left quite the same impression on xem as Thomas, who had smiled and joked through nine rotations on broken bones and told fondly of his family and farm back on Clyzma Al Carrim.

Imirrim had plotted a course through a particularly dense asteroid cloud, a course that would save the ship a lot of time and fuel. The ship was nearly out of the cloud when the proximity alarm went off and something clamped into the ship’s hull. The computer showed xir an approximate hologram of the something. It was a smaller and armed ship attaching itself to their ship.

The Cieruna members of the crew -small, short-lived, and feathery things with nimble hands and a sensitivity to electromagnetic fields- were screaming in terror. Pirates, they yelled, we can’t shake them off, we’re all going to die. Shush, xe said, we will not die. I’ll call for help, be quiet.

Imirrim galloped to the unoccupied communication post and sent a distress message on all frequencies. “This is Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion, head navigator of the trade ship Pochella. We are inside the Halfway asteroid cloud. And we are under attack by pirates. Please help us.” Once the message was sent xe stepped away from the console and joined the crew in listening to the magnetic creaking of their hull in the morbid silence that had followed xir call.

The ship could not move, following the already plotted course with the extra weight and bulk of the pirate ship attached to them would be suicide, and finding a new safe route out without knowing the exact dimensions of the other ship was impossible, not to mention useless against the threat. All xe could do was hope for a miracle.

And a miracle xe got. Another proximity alarm sounded, and the computer showed an image of a charging mining pod, ten times smaller than the pirate ship and at least a hundred times smaller than Pochella. Outmatched, outgunned, it rammed the pirate ship and despite being hit by their lasers and missiles, it kept on pounding it with its grappling arms and mining lasers and asteroid bombs, everything it had. And finally, when the pod was leaking air and plasma and fuel into space, the pirate ship released its hold and retreated, engines sputtering and its hull dented and battered, and flew away from Pochella and the mad mining pod to safety of the asteroids.

“What was that? What happened? The Cieruna chirred and cheeped. “It is gone! We are saved!”

Imirrim was still looking at the hologram screen. The mining pod was all but destroyed in the short but fierce fight. Someone exited it, wearing a spacesuit and carrying something, and the pod engaged it’s barely functional engines and sped away leaving a trail of debris and smoke in its wake, until it finally exploded from the damage it had sustained a safe distance away.

Imirrim stared at the hologram for a moment, and shifted xir weight from a foot to another to a third. Xe input a code to the control panel and opened a small airlock near the creature that had saved them all. Xe set off from the bridge where xe was posted and galloped through corridors and climbed down stairs, until xe arrived in front of the airlock that had already closed and the creature that had successfully boarded the ship.

“Are you Imirrim-Chæma-Thiridion?” The creature asked. Xe nodded, all the while looking the spacesuited being up and down. Four limbs, two for walking and two for holding. No tail, short neck but a neck nonetheless. No added room for fins or spikes or crests. It was a human.

The human handed their possession to xem -a lumpy bag that both felt and looked like it had rocks in it- and pulled off their helmet.

The human was ruffled and grizzled and had spark burns on his face and his eyes were serious, but he was baring his teeth in a joyous smile. He extended a hand to greet xem and Imirrim took hold of it and shook it.

“I am Stepa Warren,” the human introduced himself. “You rescued my grandfather from a shipwreck when he was young. He spoke fondly of you til his dying day. It is an honor to meet you.”


Breaking news: famed curse-breaker Dean Thomas has joined private firm Madcap Curse Breakers

Dean Thomas Joins Madcap Curse Breakers

Once chiefly known for having fought alongside Harry Potter in the Battle of Hogwarts, the past decade has seen Thomas build a name for himself in the dangerous and profitable field of curse-breaking. 

Having graduated from the Cairo Institute of Magical Art and Architecture with a First Class Hons. degree in Ancient Art, Thomas went on to work as curse-breaker for Gringotts Wizarding Bank for six years. He then spent two years dragon-wrangling in the ancient tombs of Egypt and China, in what was initially intended as a brief sabbatical.

Upon his return to the UK in 2007, he published his findings in the prestigious Journal of Ancient Curse-Breaking, which led to a high-profile interview in Magi-Archaeology Quarterly. This then resulted in a job offer from iconic magi-archaeology scholar Hercules Hurta; Thomas joined his team to work on translation of Etruscan runes and magical pictographs. He stayed there for three years.

It is rumoured that Blaise Zabini offered him a job at Greengrass and Zabini, but Thomas turned it down for the wider clientele and job scope at Madcap. 

The Madcap headquarters are located two blocks away from Seamus Finnigan’s famous tavern in Camden. According to a local source, Thomas has permanently relocated to the lodgings above the expanded premises, and often instigates raucous shut-ins on Thursday nights. These events have become so popular that tickets are now sold in advance. 

More 21st century wizarding here

For the anons who wanted something on Dean, who was always a personal fave of mine!

Lydia: “You convinced the FBI to bring an intern onto an extremely dangerous field operation?”
Derek: “I’m surprised he didn’t convince them he could lead it.”
Stiles: “I tried. Didn’t work. Anyway, long story short, I basically, you know, had to save his life.”

I used to be a feminist

It was awful and I am so ashamed of that time.

I was miserable.

I was isolating my family and friends because I wouldn’t listen to their arguments, instead shutting them down because they were being “sexist.”

I saw everything as a sexist slight against women, and began to hate men as a result.

However, slowly, I started to open myself up to arguments from those who opposed me. And I saw that they made more sense than the emotional arguments that I would make. 

The more I was exposed to these arguments, the more disgusted I became with myself for ever believing the crap that feminism forced down my throat. 


I’m a lot happier. 

I treat men as individuals again rather than as a collective. 

I also treat women as individuals rather than as a collective.

My friends and family are willing to engage in discussions with me again. 

So I hope that those feminists who are like I used to be can eventually free themselves from the web of lies that is modern day feminism. Once you stop seeing the world as an enormous danger field that’s out to hurt women, you start enjoying life again.

At least, that’s the truth for me.

Teen Wolf 6x20 [finale]

-Wait, what’s happening?
-That look is like Season 3B Scott!! The one in the trailer, remember?
-Oh, Scott looks so hot on his bike!!
-Wait, is this like a flashforward? Really?!
-Scott: “I’m gonna tell you a story, maybe it’ll sound familiar.”
-Oh no, it’s barely a minute and I’m gonna cry already.
-Aww, he saved a new werewolf. I wonder if he’ll join the pack.
-Scott: “I’ve got my own story. There were parts I didn’t expect. People who I thought would’ve be with me forever… are the ones that I lost.”
-Chris’ face!! It’s obvious that Allison was hinted there!!
-Scott then looks at Chris: “Some people I thought I could never trust… ended up saving my life. More than once.”
-“Your story, how does it end?”
-Okay, and then we go back to the present. Or would it be the past? Past! Yes, past!
-Fuck these hunters.
-Deucalion is still alive!! He’s crawling!!
-Stiles: “You didn’t think you’d do this without me, did ya?”
-Derek appears.
Derek: “Without us?”
-The last time we’ll get to see the intro.
-Monroe coward!! She’s running away!!
-Stydia banter! Hahahaha!
-Deucalion is dying :c
-“He can’t beat you… and he knows it.”
-Deucalion being an Scott fan ‘till the end.
-RIP Deucalion.
-Aww, Scott’s face. Crying!!
-That Scerek hug!!! I’m crying!!!
-Scott: “You came back for Beacon Hills?”
Derek: “No. I came back for you.”
-Fucking Gerard, die already.
-Drop dead, I’m serious.
-Jackson: “Come a little closer. I’m gonna shove that thing so far up your ass!!”
-“I’m going to tell you where to find all of them.” FUCK
-Parrish!! :(
-Papa McCall! :(
-Scott calling Theo to go and save Liam (and Mason and Corey). Like you need to tell him to save his boyfriend.
-Stiles telling them how he and Derek meet again and came back together to BH.
Lydia: “You convinced the FBI to bring an intern on a extremly dangerous field operation?” THAT’S MY STILES!!
-Stiles’ version vs Derek’s version
-Even if you don’t ship them you gotta admit that was a pretty good scene!
-Nolan is still alive YES!! THANKS!
-Mama McCall to the rescue!!
-Fuck Gerard and Monroe!!
-Scott about the Anuk-ite: “It will find us.”
-Peter, close your eyes!! Peter!!
-Lydia and Stiles to the rescue!!
-Aww, no matter what everyone says, I loved seeing how Lydia and Jackson reacted to the other :)
-Fuck all the haters
-Jackson: “You did that?”
Lydia: “Yeah, I did that.”
Stiles: “I kicked down the door.”
-Loved how the two of the reacted to Jethan. Sweet~
-Loved Lydia.
-Fuck, he’s got a gun! Liam!!
-Liam: “What are you doing here?”
-Lydia’s face as she says “You still have a tail.”
-I’m soo happy to see Thiam together once more! And I was so waiting for the elevator scene!
-I love that hospitals/elevators are their thing.
-theo: “I’m not dying for you.”
Liam: “I’m not dying for you either.”
Me: *gasps*
-Ohmygod, did you see the way Theo looked at Liam and then at his lips. JUST FUCKING KISS HIM!! DO IT!!
-WHY YOU WON’T KISS AND LET ME DIE HAPPY?!! *strangled whale noises*
-Liam: “….But I will fight with you.”
Me: *can breathe again*
-Oh yeah, they’re going to fight together!! Ohshitohshit!
-Power couple
-I’ve always thought that couples that fight badass together, stay together. It’s just a fact.
-Theo and Liam turned to the other at the same time! To protect the other!!
-Also when they got shot they fell beside the other! #Thiam4ever
-Derek worried about his Alpha
-Derek gently helping Scott to lie down *wipes away tear*
-Ethan: “How about we don’t fight it, just get out friends and get the hell out of here?”
-Parrish!! :C
-“Is only three of you.” YES
-“Sheriff. You refer to me by my proper title… deputy.”
-There you have your “60”!!! KICK THEIR ASSES!! #LOVESHERIFFFOREVER
-Jackson, don’t open them! DON’T!!
-Me *sees Ethan*: FUCK
-Yes Papa McCall!
-Oh no…
-Not this bitch.
-I made a post about it and I knew I was right!! Fuck
-Wow, Kate’s already there?
-Family reunion
Kate: “I’m your daughter. I’m an Argent.”
Gerard: “But still one of them.
-Wow, that even hurt me
-FUCK he shot her!
-Did Chris just saved Kate? Wow.
-Fuckfuckfuckfuck VoidStiles VoidStiles
-I’m not ready for that shit nope
-Jeff, how could you do that to– the Nogitsune NOPE
-"You failled everyone. Especially her” AHHH!!
-Poor Scott!!!!!
-“Shoot both of them” that was mean.
-Scott sees everyone! Even the bad guys! (a Berserker, Oni, one Dread Doctor)
-I’m crying!!
-The rules of being a shapeshifter!!
-Scott: “We’ve got weaknesses. And we’ve got lines that we can’t cross.”
-Mountain ash.
-Fuck, Monroe is getting away!!
-Aww, that Jethan moment and then they’re interrupted!!
-“Now it’s over.”
Jackson: “Good to see you, coach.”
Coach: “You too, Jackson.”
-Ow, now that the Anuk-ite is gone and so is the fear, mostly everyone is back to normal. Inlcuding Gabe.
-Theo’s face as he looks down at Gabe, I’m crying! Because even if that kid just tried to kill them (and actually shot him and Liam) he’s still a kid!! And he was afraid!
-Gabe: “It hurts… It hurts.”
-We all thought/wanted Theo taking Liam’s pain but he’s taking Gabe’s!!! Ohymgod!!!
-Character development
-For me, they’re cannon. I don’t care if they didn’t kiss or held hands/hugged or anything, neither did Stydia in this episode and they are cannon.
-Thiam is cannon y'all!!!
-Even Nolan was crying :c
-I never thought I would be sad about Gabe but here I am, bawling my eyes out.
-Back at the Argents
Chris: “Your family… is right in front of you.”
-Wait, Chris, don’t turn around! He can still shoot you!
-Werejaguar eyes!
-Oh, Chris let Kate have him!!! YESS!!
-Chris walking away all badass and leaving Kate to kill Gerard YESS!!
-I never thought I would be saying this to her but YOU GO GIRL!!
-Papa Stilinski, Parrish and Papa McCall was a team I neve knew I needed!
-“Parrish. Drop the weapons.”
“Yes, sir.”
-Monroe: “Someone pick up the radio and tell me what’s happening!”
Liam: “You lost.”
-THAT WAS SO BADASS!! LIKE, DAYUUM, LIAM!! And Theo standing behind him like a proud boyfriend.
-Stydia holding hands, aww.
-Lydia: “Malia, kiss him.”
-Wait, did she just remembered when she stopped Stiles’ panic attack with a kiss? That’s so sweet!!! I hope all Stydia shippers are happy!
-Scott’s eyes are back!! fuck, I was so worried.
-The pack can breathe again.
-Stiles’ reaction, ohmygod
-Scalia :)
-Ohmygod, the people of BH aren’t against the pack!! THANK GOD!! I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT THAT!!
-Liam and Nolan as co-capitans.
-Just like Scott and Jackson were and they also had bad blood between them but got over it.
-Liam: “You did. Because you’re a great coach.” aww my heart
-Coach: “You’re right. I am a great coach.” *cries in Spanish*
-I don’t know if you’ve realized but the shots of Theo, Peter and Morey with Deaton are all from previous episodes. Just saying.
-Because some people were complaining about Theo being in the tunnels and Morey learning about supernatural stuff (and not being Stiles the one to learn). Calm down your tits.
-“Now we’ve got allies who used to be enemies” and they show Theo, I’m so happy!! #rendemptionaf
-“We have protectors.” and they show Peter glowing his eyes!!
-“We have friends willing to fight for us.” - Deaton showing a book to Mason and Corey
-I think that part described the other members of the pack so well :)
-Mama McCall and Papa Argent!!! YESS!!!!! AWWWW!!
-Jethan!!!! AWWWWWW!!!
-Aww, Scott saying goodbye to Chris as he held his hands *crying*
-Monroe, that bitch
-YES, THE PACK!! They’re coming together!!
-And it’s raining, nice touch.
-You know, I know it’s supposed to be like, the central pack (no offense to the others) but I would’ve loved to see Mason, Corey and Theo with them as well. Or maybe under different circumstances, but all of them together.
-Scott’s speech!!
-That wink!! Sciles4ever
-Alec: “Who are they?”
Scott: “My friends. My pack.” YES!!!!!!
-Scott: “And you can be with us if you want. But you’re gonna have to fight.” that’s right, homie boy!! If you want to be in the McCall pack, you’re gonna have to fight!!
-Scott: “You’re not a moster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.” DECEASED
-Slow-motion as the pack comes together!
-I’m not crying you’re crying!!
-The first ones who get together are Derek, Scott, Stiles and Lydia!! That’s like the four that where from the very beggining!!
-And then comes Malia and Liam, important members as well!
-It was weird seeing the new kid between them but meeh…
-Scott should’ve flashed his eyes at the end.
-Oh, the moon!!


     There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I’m just remembering.

                  Weapons left in the field…dangers I can still prevent.

                                I think maybe that’s the path

                                         a way to the redemption I’ve been looking for.

The Sun and His Sunflower

Request: “Hi!! Can I ask for a neville x reader fic where he tries to change and tries to be popular to impress the reader but the reader loves him for who he really is? :) Thanks!!” + “Hey!! I don’t know if requests are open, but it says they are in your bio, but if I’m wrong please just delete this!! Anyways, may I politely ask for some Neville Longbottom sMUT?? Idk I’m so thirsty for this boy”

Pairing: Neville Longbottom x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k


It was Wednesday, Neville realized as his finger followed the jotted plans in his notebook. Today he would visit Professor Sprout to help her with the new Shrivelfig saplings. He’d try to squeeze in a bit of cardio in the afternoon, but crossed that out with a huff, knowing he’d either be too tired or lazy by the end of the day. He had made an important note to check the growth of his collection of Mimbulus Mimbletonia, since some of them were in the early stages of a rare flowering, and would require constant observation and care. At this moment, he sat with his favourite one: a tall, spiky, dull green plant which closely resembled a cactus. When it needed water, it made an effort to move its limbs, a little twitch that Neville found quite cute. Since it was a plant it didn’t have bones, nor muscles, so its movement was extremely limited.

“Whatcha working on Neville?” You asked, jolting him out of his hasty note scribbling.

“Oh, hi (Y/n).” He blushed, unable to look at you directly. He had to take at least a minute or two to become accustomed to your sunny presence. “I-I’m just planning out my day.”

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anonymous asked:

I've never been to a dog park before and don't know the protocol. I have a friendly goofy little chi mix puppy, and while he's gotten along with every dog he's met, he doesn't have great recall. Do I keep him on the leash at first? Does someone RUN the dog park? I can't wait for him to make some friends, but I'm nervous about 'doing it wrong'

Dog parks are unattended to use at your own risk. Since you have a Chihuahua mix, you’ll want to pick a park that has a section for small dogs only. While interacting with big dogs is not an issue for little ones, it is dangerous in an open field, off leash setting like a dog park.

You’ll want to make sure your puppy has had all his vaccines, too. He should be around 6 months old before he starts going. Lots of things can go wrong when you’re dealing with strange dogs and strange places, and you don’t want to create a fearful dog. Keeping him on leash first is a good idea, just until he has met everyone that is in the small dog area. If there aren’t any issues, then you can let him off leash.

You can work on building his recall at the park, bring some treats and give them to him any time he comes to check in with you on his own, or when you call him and he returns. It’s a great age and place to learn recall, lots of distractions! But don’t feel discouraged if he doesn’t listen at first, just make sure you reward him for coming up to you at anytime.

Good luck!

*Not the same tips I would give for big dogs! Fyi!!

Park Woojin Hogwarts Au

This was actually easier to write than I predicted, so here we go~

• So you’d grown up moving place to place to place, country to country constantly growing up,
• You’re parents move around a lot as they’re both some of the world’s best healers, moving place to place to teach people new techniques or ideas on how to treat rare illness’, or how to treat common ones more effectively,
• They also travel to wherever is in need of healers - say a disaster happens or a new wave of flue, they’re be there,
• So you and your twin sister just go with them, learning what they teach and picking other subjects up yourself as you go along from whoever was around you,
• Or when your parents had some spare time,
• Which was rare,
• All of this adds together to make you and your sister extremely close, your best friend - or only friend ,
• A study buddy,
• A partner in crime,
• Simply company, as the two of you are often the only ones around,,
• But you’re sisters, and ones that look identical at that, so there’s going to be arguments,
• Big ones,
• But yanno, let’s leave your dark past behind,

• Unlike Woojin himself,
• But then your parents decide that maybe you should be getting a legitimate education, not just picking things up as you go along,
• They both went to Hogwarts so they decide that’s the best place to go,
• Because Hogwarts is the best school there is, obviously,
• Although you where doing completely fine with that, and the thought of being surrounded be so many people in a school and making friends scared you tenfold,
• I mean, you’d often been in crowds before, there where a lot of incidences in cities where you’d explore and experiment with the language and play with things,
• But school is different okay,
• So many rules, so many restrictions, you where forced with people,
• You’d met other kids before and they’d talked about how some of the classes weren’t specialized or they where old fashioned, how hard it was to just learn,
• Smh @ school system,
• But your twin is excited at the prospect of an adventure, of gaining something, making the most of her new environment, probably to show off her knowledge of the world, of playing quidditch with others,
• And she did absolutely everything to persuade you, so you agreed to go because it’d make her happy,
• And people had always assumed if one of you where happy, the other was as well,
• But your parents are still in Thailand dealing with a new advanced flu going around, so you end up at kings cross by yourselves,
• You’d been to England many times and you’re used to having to blindly find your way, but the instructions on how to get to your platform are the least helpful,
• And it doesn’t help your opinion of school, what kind of school has some vauge ass instructions on just to get there?

• Do they want you to attend or not?
• So you hang around until you watch a group of older kids run head first into a damn solid wall and not crack their skull open but disappear,
• You would be amazed but you’ve gotten used to being surprised constantly with the wizarding world,
• So your sister grabs your hand without a word and drags you towards the wall with a huge grin on her face,
• The platform is buzzing with activity as you pop onto it and your sisters eyes light up instantly but she grabs your hand to comfort you straight away, knowing you too well,
• You manage to snag the smallest compartment to yourself, right at the end of the train where you already know no one else will look,
• Your sister takes off quickly to go to explore and chat, so you sit and watch the scenery go past for the trip,
• Completely alone,
• You just pretend you’re in some moody music video and try not to think about how scary this all is,
• As if starting your first school year isn’t scary enough, you have to get sorted with the first years as well,
• But then you adopt some Muggle born kids and have to ignore everything on the boat ride to the castle to get sorted,
• Because the only time you’re not awkward and shy?
• When someone else is more awkward and shy than you,
• So you pretend you know exactly what’s happening and that you totally aren’t afraid of what could be in those waters,
• You know too much about magical water life,
• And you entertain them with stories of when your sister and you adopted an injured Kneazle that sulked the streets in Switzerland that you refused to leave,
• Your parents where all for it, especially because he was injured,
• But tbh you’d take the kneazle, now named Schutz, whether your parents let you or not,
• And that’s why you had a beautifully weird looking silver speckled cat with a lion’s tail,
• He l loved you but was, okay, maybe slightly aggressive,
• You gave a warning to the first years to maybe stay away if they wanted to stay un-injured,
• (That kneazle only seemed to love you and your sister solely oops),
• So you wonder in with the first years and have to stand at the front, a good head above all of them but at least you have your sister, who walks confidently and with a smile that could charm anyone),
• You’re incredibly embarrassed but you watch as your sister gets sorted into Slytherin,  smiling and she bounces towards the green group of smiling students about her height,
• And then you wobble up to the hat,
• Your sister sends you a warm smile and a thumbs up, which spikes your confidence,
• It’s on you for less than 5 seconds,
• Gryffindor,
• You feel like crying as you trudge towards the red and gold students, wondering how a hat can go so wrong,
• Although they look warm and fun but you can’t help but wonder what the hell you’re going to do in this scary castle on your own,
• Because your sister is already happily chatting with some of the others, bursting into laughter, and you can already feel yourself being distanced,
• And it feels like falling,
• So when you have to move into a room full of girls who are completely new, and are expected to quickly adapt, and everyone wants to talk to you about where you’ve been and what you’ve done,
• It’s a little too much, yanno,
• And while the people in your new house, Gryffindor, are as welcoming as it can get, you still find yourself unable to adapt,
• You sit with your sister at meals, but she’s always chatting to her new friends, ones she made easily, and you’re just like a shadow,
• You learn that there’s really no point, so while everyone sits eating in the hall, you find yourself in the library or walking around the lake or hiding in your home room,
• You spend a hell of a lot of time with your cleaver Kittie Schutz, becoming your closest friend and most trusted confidante,
• Schutz also seems to find it hard to adapt, following you most of the day, hissing at certain people,
• (Who you then stayed well away from, Kneazle’s have good senses for people),
• And keeping a healthy distance from other people, wary of tummy rubs even from the nicest Hufflepuffs,
• After everyones eaten you trudge all the way to the kitchens, you just pop in and the house elves become quite fond of you,
• But you’re not a Gryffindor, obviously not loud and adventurous and extroverted- like your Slytherin sister,
• You become an elusive figure at Hogwarts, only your sister coming to find you occasionally to tell you the latest gossip, unaware of your discomfort at the school,

• And if you do walk around the school without obvious Gryffindor uniform everyone mistakes you for your sister,
• And she breaks your heart, how she doesn’t seem to care much for you anymore, how she’s distanced herself and is living her dream,
• But you don’t say anything to he because you don’t want to bring her down, she’s always been more outgoing, which makes you question why she isn’t Gryffindor,
• But the classes are weird,
• You’re massively ahead on some things,
• Mainly the subjects that help healing, you excel in everything to do with that, your parents always very keen to teach you everything there is,
• Madam Pomfrey who?
• But have huge gaps in your knowledge with other things, so trying to stay with it all is challenge in itself,
• But it’s weird for a different reason,
• Your year of Gryffindor’s take classes with the Hufflepuffs’s so at least the class has a warm enough atmosphere,
• But,
• There’s this one boy that sits next to you no matter what,
• Woojin is like your knight,
• He doesn’t expect conversation, but sit next to you completely relaxed, always offering to be your partner,
• He seems to pick up where you’re struggling, where your gaps are, and explains the topics with an efficiency that’s amazing,
• He constantly smiles at you although it seems rare he does it to anyone else,
• And you start to smile back and occasionally add comments or give him insiders secrets on all of your healing knowledge,
• Then your sister fills you in on Park Woojin, although unaware you know him at all,
• She tells you about how he’s part of the most popular friendship group in Hogwarts, how he’s close to 10 other boys but holds a distance to almost everyone else, 

• Just like Schutz wow,

• And that confuses you, but you nodded and smile as your sister gushes about Seongwoo, one of Woojins friends and a Chaser of Gryffindor,
• And she talks about how she’s become a Slytherin chaser, and you have enough knowledge to know she’s dangerous on the field,
• And it just so happens that the next day that’s exactly what Woojin is stressing to you about,
• Because he just talks to you and you listen and add the odd comment,
• “Seriously Y/N, one of our chasers has a sprained wrist and we have a competition against Slytherin next week, and your sister is a damn annoying thunderstorm we have no idea how to tackle,”
• You look down at your notes as the words slip out of your mouth,
• “I could fill in if you want,”
• “Woojins eyes snap to you because??? This isn’t like you??? Has he finally broke your shell??
• "You can play? You think you can beat her?”
• You take a deep breath before turning you head to face him with a smaller smile and roll your eyes,
• “Of course I can, I’ve been playing with her since we where tiny. Woojin, I know a all her weak points,”
• Woojin can’t help but wrap his arm around your shoulder and squeeze you tight,
• Which makes butterflies flutter around your stomach,
• Because with Woojin being a constant kind figure in your life, he always makes butterflies appear,
• So he appears out of nowhere as you wonder around the castle avoiding your homeroom and drags you off to practice,
• You’re greeted by a rowdy group of 6 who all suffocate you in hugs after they see you fly, and you finally get to know this Seongwoo,
• It would be overwhelming but you love quidditch and the team seems welcoming, you get the sense they actually want yo there because they like you, but they also leave you to your own devices when you want to,
• You just hope your team checks your colours and not just your face before throwing you the quaffle otherwise they could accidentally throw to your sister,

• But you still feel like an impostor on the team, as you’re not really a Gryffindor,
• But you bear with it,
• And then the day of the match comes and you feel like throwing up constantly but Woojin wraps a secure arm around your shoulders and doesn’t leave enough time for you to be nervous,
• And when you walk into the pitch you can feel the shock of everyone around at seeing you, all eyes on you,
• The team didn’t let anyone know that your where playing, keeping you a complete secret to shock the other team,
• So the rest of the school is probably quite surprised to see the schools ghost walk into the pitch, Woojins reassuring arm wrapped around you,
• “This is brave, Y/N, your a true Gryffindor, even if you’re a quite one,”
• And that makes confidence spurt Through you because, yeah, maybe he’s right,
• And when the Slytherin team walks on, they all look equally shook,
• And you kinda love it,
• And while your sister looks shook, a grin quickly spreads onto her face, knowing this wont be a walk in the park and relishing the idea of a Challenge and proud that you’d finally, finally, come out if your shell a little,
• She sends you a wink and a thumbs up, but a smirk that promises a challenge,
• And it is,
• It’s like a private battle between the two of you,
• Having spent a lot of spare time playing on your brooms with quidditch balls growing up,  as well with your parents whenever they had some spare time, you where an infamous pair currently unmatched in skill,
• So the two of you keep each other busy, a whirlwind,  taking away each others powers, making the victor whoever had a stronger team minus the two of you,
• *cough cough Gryffindor*
• I’m sorry,
• But the Slytherin’s had bet a lot of their money in your sister as their strong point and then you’d come along and ruined it,
• But when the match ends with a Gryffindor win both you and your sister speed towards the ground,
• She swallows you in a hug and it’s the rebirth of your sisterhood in a new fashion,
• But after the match a lot of things change,
• Because you’re forced out of your shadows and with your tiny bit of new confidence,you don’t mind as much, you’re happy to share your stories of Russia or Canada or Japan,
• But Woojin still keeps you close, and you start eating with him and his friends, not alone,
• And you learn that he keeps his distance from others because he’s also a little shy,

• And he never, not once gets you confused for your sister, which actually means a lot to you,
• And sometimes your sister invites you over or you revise together and you get to know her friends as well,
• You’re sat with Woojin one night,
• It’s like insane time, everyone else is asleep so your alone in Gryffindor common room, sat facing each other on one of the sofas,
• And your watching amazed because Schutz is Rolling all over Woojin and almost begging for ear scratches,
• And your honestly feeling a little betrayed,
• “He’s never like this with anyone but the two of us,”
• Woojin just smiles all fluffy and heart melting and you lower your eyes back to your kneazle because you can’t keep his beautiful eye Contact,
• “Woojin, why did you stick next to me? When I first came here?”
• The question had been bothering you since you first came to Hogwarts and it seemed a question fitting to ask in the dead of night,

• You’re pretty sure he has the same thing as you, only coming out of your shell when faced with someone shyer,
• He brings his eyes to meet you before blushing and keeping his eyes on Schutz,like you had earlier, and running a Hand Through the Kneazle’s thick hair,
• “I guess you where shy  and I knew how you felt, I kind of hated your sister for leaving you and you looked as if you need a friend. A mystery I wanted to crack.”
• You smile at that,
• “Well you cracked me,”
• He holds your eyes, his brown ones becoming intense and his hand stilling, taking a deep breath before smiling,
• “Y/N, You have so many stories, and I want to hear them all, from you. I want to play quidditch with you and sit next to you in class and spend holidays together, travelling, show me the world through your eyes. Make sure you never feel as if you have to become a shadow again.”
• You know what he’s asking without him having to say so, and it’s the start of Hogwarts sweetest couple,
• Your sister gushing with you about it and threatening Woojin like an overprotective parent,
• Both of you are shy so spend a lot of time at night together or doing simple things, taking it slow,
• His quidditch jumper the damn comfiest thing okay,
• And like during holidays?
• You either go to his parents or if your parents aren’t in a crisis the two of you travel with them, you sister sometimes tagging along as well,
• And Woojin starts learning a hell of a lot about healing okay,
• And he could possibly be one of the safest people on earth,
• Because you know the spell or potion for everything, he could do anything and you be there in a second, waving your wand,
• Because you create a few of your own healing spells,
• You fly to the roof of Hogwarts and watch the stars sometimes, when it’s just the two of you when any words can be whispered,
• And while your still shy, you have a new confidence at Woojins’ side, and the two of you explore together, learning and becoming braver, adventuring, and he shows you the secret traits of Gryffindor
• Not the loud ones,
• That sometimes bravery is just doing something small that scared you,
• Like catching that spider,


Hiking the lava fields…

altheabxo Final post of my lava seeking adventure. Notice the cracks and deep fissures…these can range anywhere from 12 inches to 30-50 feet deep and if you so happen jump onto an area that is hollow, you may end up breaking through into a lava tube and who knows how deep that can be! Btw, after I arrived home, I inspected my shoes and the rubber on the bottom looked like it had been scraped off with a steel BBQ brush, probably from the times I was stepping onto cooled lava that was still hot (if that makes any sense). Just look up dangers of lava fields, it’ll give you an idea of what I was up against. I’m posting this so that others may be aware

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A/N: I actually really enjoyed playing around with this! Anyways, all of the majors are what they are looking to get into after high school, so it dictates the courses they’re taking in high school.

  • Naruto: Communications Major. He chose this major because he’s striving to be heard and acknowledged, and communications lets him pursue this personal dream of his. In high school he strives to be class president but never succeeds for two reasons: 1) Poor grades and 2) Kiba.
  • Sasuke: Criminal Law Major. This will help him seek out his convict brother, and teaches him the skill set and gives him the authority to do what he believes to be right. In high school he is that one intellectual with the dark humor and the increasingly annoying superiority complex, who (irritatingly, some may say) also has the intelligence to back up his claims.
  • Sakura: Doctoring Major. Both of her closest friends are pursuing potentially dangerous fields, and so she wants to be able to aid them in any way they might need. In high school she is the captain of every female sports team.
  • Lee: Veterinary Major. He is a great athlete, but he has a passion for the protection and health of all animals. Kiba and Lee get along very well for this reason. In high school, Lee is the school’s best athlete and has broken every record that was ever established before his arrival. The most surprising record break he ever accomplished is arguably the flexibility test records. Watch out, ladies.
  • Neji: Business Major. His family has always been driven to a greater standing in Konoha, and so he is pursuing a business degree in the hopes of working his way into the Presidential office/Relations with the president him or herself. In high school, he had the best grades. He is somehow friends with everyone, even though he’s very rarely seen socializing with, well, anybody.
  • Tenten: Mechanics Major. She loves her tools, and she can outdo you at any project that you throw her way. In high school she is a shop god. With all the labour she does, she has some really impressive biceps too. She can bench press more than Sakura even can.
  • Shino: Wildlife Major. He lives for the conservation of forests and habitats, believing that even the smallest lives deserve to be protected. In high school he is a huge science nerd. He also writes all of Kiba’s class presidential papers.
  • Kiba: K9 Training Major. He loves dogs more than people, what more is there to say? In high school he is the class president. He wins all of the votes using Akumaru.
  • Hinata: Kinesiology Major. Her family has always had a keen understanding of the human body, and she decided to study it in depth in order to gain respect where it had been denied of her for so long. In high school she is the Mom friend. She also has a secret blue belt in Jiu Jitsu.
  • Shikamaru: Politician Science Major. Being a close friend of Naruto, he decided to use his brains to gain a foothold by which he could work his way into a position that he can advise Naruto in the future, in whatever path he pursues. He is by far the smartest student, but he is only awake in class when he has to argue with something that Sasuke said.
  • Choji: Culinary Arts Major. He loves good food, so he wants to be able to make good food. In high school he has taken all of the foods classes and he has befriended the lunch lady and often gets the best snacks from her. He’s also a bass in the school choir.
  • Ino: Psychology Major. Her Father was a psychologist in Konoha’s army, although he uses his gift in order to get information. Ino strives to use the abilities he has taught her, as well as the education that she will get in post-secondary, for good. In high school, she was the valedictorian. She was a cheerleader for some time, but eventually she decided that she was tired of being on the team and focused on her academic success.