danger field

I used to be a feminist

It was awful and I am so ashamed of that time.

I was miserable.

I was isolating my family and friends because I wouldn’t listen to their arguments, instead shutting them down because they were being “sexist.”

I saw everything as a sexist slight against women, and began to hate men as a result.

However, slowly, I started to open myself up to arguments from those who opposed me. And I saw that they made more sense than the emotional arguments that I would make. 

The more I was exposed to these arguments, the more disgusted I became with myself for ever believing the crap that feminism forced down my throat. 


I’m a lot happier. 

I treat men as individuals again rather than as a collective. 

I also treat women as individuals rather than as a collective.

My friends and family are willing to engage in discussions with me again. 

So I hope that those feminists who are like I used to be can eventually free themselves from the web of lies that is modern day feminism. Once you stop seeing the world as an enormous danger field that’s out to hurt women, you start enjoying life again.

At least, that’s the truth for me.

Marvel Fancast: Diego Luna as Bucky Barnes.


There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I’m just remembering. Weapons left in the field… Dangers I can still prevent. I think maybe that’s the path… A way to the redemption I’ve been looking for.

I saw and really enjoyed him in Rogue One and upon realizing how much he resembled the character, I couldn’t resist making this.


     There are things from the Winter Soldier days that I’m just remembering.

                  Weapons left in the field…dangers I can still prevent.

                                I think maybe that’s the path

                                         a way to the redemption I’ve been looking for.

Destiny Musing: Radios

Ok so this is maybe just for the #aesthetic, but I have a little inkling that perhaps radios are more common than televisions in The Last City. Maybe because I don’t know… If I remember seeing a tv? In the Tower? There are screens in a lot of places…. I think? At least a few near Amanda and some in the Hall of Guardians. I think I’ve seen some datapad looking things. But like a recreational television, or a monitor? Can’t say I recall one.

(There are for sure tvs out in Ishtar, and Clovis Bray and monitors on Earth and the Moon. If anyone finds a television in the tower do let me know!)

What I have seen/heard is a radio. Over near Shaxx, broadcasting information on Crucible match locations. And that can’t be all radios are for.

So, I would therefore like to propose, radio stories. Just like old fashioned times, tales of heroes of the City and Guardians of the wild. Legends trickling down to the city from the Tower.

  • Some feature nonguardian protagonists who travel with mysterious Guardian guides. These are stories that would hardly ever be accurate, on account of the dangerous realities of field work, but are more appealing to an audience of primarily nons.
  • Some shows feature known crucible champions. Ikora was a reoccurring character for the last generation. A few weeks back, a character of Efrideet made her first appearance.
  • Sometimes tales of The Honorable Man still circle. No one in the City knows who he became. Though Shin Malphur nearly shot Shax’s radio once, when someone had changed the station on accident.
  • There are some stories closer to home, of plots within the City, of Guardians walking among the common people, rooting out evil and fighting criminals. These worry Cayde, some are close to the reality of his Shadowsmiths’ work. Ikora assures him the stories are harmless, and the guise of fiction helps to blur the truth.

Of course there are other radio programs. Some scientific talks, music stations, SRL and Crucible play by plays, weather updates. But the stories are by far the most popular.

Fake Diamonds Are An Interrogator’s Best Friend

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Request: For @angelsdeadromance who requested prompt #26 “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake” where the reader is trying to get a female serial killer to confess so she says that to the unsub to get her angry. Reid is in the interrogation room with her and he has a hard time not laughing. 

A/N: I did take some liberties with this one and put Reid and the reader in an established relationship because it fit better. Also if you want to request a fic just drop a character and a scenario in my inbox or a character and the number for a prompt off of this list. You can make the request as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. Side note: If I used your name for a vic’s name or the name of our killer I do apologize.

Rating: T

Word Count: 2.3K

Warnings: Some mild descriptions of the crime and murder but nothing too graphic, and some mild foul language

“Hotch please tell me we have something other than that she was in possession of the wedding rings and that she ran?” you asked as you stared through the two-way mirror watching the female unsub sit in the interrogation room quietly humming with her legs crossed at the ankle and hands resting on the table. The BAU had been called in to work a case in Baltimore Maryland. Three women and a man had been murdered over the course of the last month, one a week. All had received quite the beating before receiving a fatal gunshot wound to the back of the head execution style. All of them had been found in alleyways, stripped down to their underwear and all of their wedding rings had been taken. The only thing that the victims appeared to have had in common was that they were married. Well, that was until Garcia did a little digging. 


“Tell me something good Baby Girl.”

“More of a question than a statement, but how do you feel about polygamy chocolate thunder?”

“Mh really not into sharing sweetness,” he shot back smiling. 

“You and Kevin looking into trying some new things, Garcia?” JJ asked. 

“Nothing icky like that my sunshine. Now back to the reason I brought it up. All four of your vics are actually married. Well let me rephrase that, Ian is married to Jessica, Rose, Theresa and here’s the kicker he’s got a fourth wife. Here name is Miranda Kent and she lives well within the desired hunting zone,” Garcia explained and you could hear the keyboard clacking as she typed. 

“I’m sorry you’re telling my this man was married four times and not one of these women had a clue?” Emily asked. 

“Sometimes love can make us blind to the truth,” Rossi replied.

“But only for so long. This is starting to sound like a tale of murders committed by a jilted lover,” you muttered. “Tell me this jerk doesn’t have any more wives.”

“No my sweet, the pig’s last wife and the only one to outlive him is Mrs. Miranda Kent and I have just sent the work and home addresses to your phone,” Garcia replied. 

“Good work Garcia. Morgan, Reid, and Prentis take the work address. JJ, Rossi, (Y/N), and I will go to the house. Kent’s either our killer or she’s our next victim,” Hotch delegated and everyone grabbed their kevlar.

“Spence, wait one sec,” you said jogging over to him. 

“Hm? What’s up?” he asked spinning around to face him. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. You felt him start smiling against your lips as he moved his hand to your neck and tangled a hand in your hair. After years of being together you’d both warmed up to the idea of public displays of affection, always doing so before arrests or dangerous field work just in case something bad happened.

“I love you and please be careful,” you muttered as you pulled back and rested your forehead against his. 

“I love you too, and same goes to you about being careful,” he replied, reaching around to smooth down the velcro on your vest. 

“Hey, lovebirds! You can make out later, we’ve got a suspect to bring in,” Morgan teased, holstering his gun and headed out for one of the SUV’s. The two of you laughed. Even after dating for two years and being engaged for about six months, Morgan never got tired of teasing you and Spencer about how caught up in each other you both were. Spencer pressed one last kiss to your forehead before you both jogged over to separate SUVs. Miranda Kent had been at her house that she shared with Ian, polishing four different wedding rings. 

(Back to the present)

“Unfortunately no. All we can prove is that she was in possession of rings and because they are wiped clean of prints and blood there isn’t any way to prove she was the one who murdered them,” Hotch said as he came up and stood beside you. “We need a confession.”

“And you’re planning on getting one how?” 

“Not me, you and Reid are.”

“Excuse me?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him. 

“We profiled that these were crimes both premeditated and crimes of passion. You and Spencer are one of the happiest engaged couples I’ve ever seen. If Miranda is our killer she probably realized that her husband was finding happiness somewhere else. Seeing a happy couple might just put her on edge,” Hotch explained. 

“Makes sense, just give me a minute to grab Spence,” you said and walked off toward the break room. You found your lovely fiance enjoying a cup of coffee and talking to Morgan. 

“How’s interrogation going?” Derek asked.

“Hasn’t started yet. I need to borrow you,” you said turning your attention back to Spencer. 

“Sure what’s up?”

“Well, Hotch seems to think that seeing a happy couple would somehow trigger an agitated response which might get us the confession we need to convict, but I’m thinking we need to come at this from a different angel,” you explained. 

“Whatcha thinking mama?” Derek asked taking an interest in your plan. 

“Well think about it, Miranda killed the three women and her husband because they weren’t being faithful. Ian wasn’t being faithful to their marriage and each of those women she saw as one of the reasons for him being unfaithful.”

“Not following how this is going to help us in interrogation. What are you going to do convince her that you and Reid are having an affair of some kind?” Morgan asked, laughing at the ridiculous idea. 

“Exactly,” you answered. “Now let’s see,” you commented pulling Spencer so that he was standing up straighter. “Morgan go find me something that looks like a wedding ring.” Derek rolled his eyes and muttered something about having to do all the work. After he’d left, you tugged Spencer’s tie over his head and undid the top two buttons on his shirt. 

“What are you doing?” Spencer asked, going slightly rigid as you pressed your lips against his throat. 

“Because we are amping up the sexy cheater aspect,” you clarified as you pulled away satisfied with the hickey that was now visible on the high right side of his neck. 

“By making it look like we had a quicky in the break room?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at you. 

 “Well something like that,” you replied smiling goofily and slipped your engagement ring into your pocket. “Having an affair with a married man might just get under her skin.” You ruffled your hair so that it fell in a more alluring way around your face and ditched your blazer. 

“Alright here’s your- woah, am I interrupting something,” Derek asked walking back in and taking note of both of your changes in appearance. 

“Just some last minute additional touches to sell this thing as much as possible,” you replied fixing the collar on your shirt. 

“Whatever you say Baby Girl and here is your ring. Borrowed it from Officer Jackson and promised to return it within the hour,” Morgan told you and handed the ring to Reid who slipped it on. You looked yourself over and Spencer, deciding that it was quite convincing. You slipped your hand in his and dragged him off toward interrogation. 

“(Y/N) what did you do?” Hotch asked, clearly confused as the two of you came around the corner. 

“Trust me Hotch, I’ll get our confession,” you assured him and picked up the case file, straightening your pile. Hotch gave you a look but chose not say anything as you and Reid walked into interrogation. “Miranda Kent my name is Special Agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and this is Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid,” you said taking a seat in front of her and Spencer sitting down beside you. 

“Pleasure to meet you Dr. Reid and to formally meet you Agent (Y/L/N). You look much nicer when you’re not handcuffing me against a wall for crimes I did not commit,” she said smiling sweetly at you.

“Well you know when you try to run from law enforcement, it tends to cast a guilty shadow on you,” you shot back resting your hands on the table.

“I’m behind on my rent,” she defended, crossing her arms. 

“And the landlord usually sends the FBI to collect rent?” 

“Look I don’t know what you think you have on me, but I didn’t kill my husband or those women. I don’t even know them,” she snapped. 

“You were in possession of the women’s wedding rings as well as your husband’s,” Spencer said. 

“Sometimes my husband takes his ring off and forgets to put it back on when he’s home,” Miranda explained. 

“Now see I don’t think a happily married man would just forget to put his ring back on or for some reason be in possession of three other sets of women’s wedding rings. I mean, Spence would you?”

“No, I shower with mine,” he replied. 

“I know you do,” you chuckled running your fingers up his arm. Miranda’s eyes flicked between the two of you. “Oh sorry, sometimes I forget that our relationship shouldn’t be brought up during work.”

“Relationship? You two married or something?” Miranda asked.

“Well, I guess we would technically call it an affair because he’s married but I am about to become a sister wife,” you squealed feigning excitement. Spence looked like he was about to bust out laughing and you pinched his thigh. “See people like you are what ruin our kind of relationships,” you said getting up and draping yourself over Spencer’s shoulders. “A wife like you is bound to get jealous.”

“For the hundredth time, I do not know those women. Look I just lost my husband and I’ve got no idea where the other wedding rings came from,” she said frustratedly. 

“So the rings of three dead women as well as your husband just happen to be in your possession?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. Have you ever considered it might all be one giant coincidence?”

“You’re lying Miranda.”

“And I’m going to let you in on a little secret,” you said leaning forward, “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.” You watched as she narrowed her eyes at you and visibly paled. You saw Spencer raise an eyebrow at you and smirk like he was about to start laughing so you stepped on his foot. You had no clue whether or not it was fake, but you were baiting her and it was working. 

“What are you talking about?” she demanded. 

“You see the way that the light is glinting off that stone, it doesn’t sparkle like a real diamond would. That is nothing more than some cheap glass. Ian probably bought it for you at a costume jewelry shop,” you clarified, sitting back down in your chair. 

“No, no that’s not possible,” she muttered trying to keep from shaking. 

“Oh but I’m afraid it is, and its funny the diamonds in Jessica, Rose, and Theresa’s rings were all authentic. He must’ve cared about them more than he cared about you. It’s a good thing that my future hubby loves me as much as he loves his wife. I’ve been promised a 1.5 carat diamond ring with two rubies surrounding it,” you explained wrapping your arm around Spencer’s and leaning your head on his shoulder. That was the final straw. Something in Miranda broke and she lunged across the table for you. Both you and Spencer quickly recoiled back as Morgan and Hotch charged the room, pinning Miranda back in her chair. 

“You’re wrong stupid bitch! Ian loved me most, those other whores were just distractions that kept him away from me!” she growled.

“That’s why you killed them? To get your husband back?” you asked, “if so why would you kill Ian?”

“Because he found out what I was doing and tried to stop me. If I couldn’t have him to myself, no one could,” she growled. Miranda looked you and Spencer up and down. Until this point, you hadn’t realized that he was holding you. “That’s all you whores are, homewreckers.” 

“Do you know how I know that diamond is a fake?” you asked quietly reaching in your pocket as you leaned toward her. 

“No, but I’m sure you are going to tell me,” she sneered. 

“Because mine is the real deal,” you replied sliding your ring on your finger. “He’s not married and we aren’t having an affair. He’s my fiance. Your first mistake was not leaving your asshole of a husband when you found out he was cheating on you and got married to the other woman,” you said in the same sweet tone that she had used with you earlier. You smiled and grabbed Spencer’s hand, starting to leave interrogation and headed for coffee. 

“You were awesome in there,” Spencer said as he poured two cups, one for you and one for him. 

“Eh, all in a day’s work. Just had to find the right angle to get under her skin. Although, you did almost ruin it when you started laughing,” you replied bumping his shoulder. 

“Sorry, it was hard to keep it together. The idea of sharing your significant other with another person is ridiculous to me,” he explained stirring his sugar. 

“Not into sharing, Dr. Reid?” you asked teasing him by quoting Derek from earlier that day. 

“Not at all,” he said lowly, almost growling as he wrapped his arms around you, lacing his fingers together behind your back. You giggled draping your arms over his shoulders and brushed your lips against his. 

“When we get back, I’m thinking we go out tonight. Dinner, drinks, and then head back to my apartment for some more private entertainment,” you suggested, pulling his bottom lip between your teeth. 

“Sounds like a plan,” he muttered in reply. 

“Alright you two, let’s pack up and go home,” Hotch said sticking his head in the room. “And don’t even think about joining the mile high club on the jet ride home.” You and Spencer both burst out laughing at his comment. You pulled away after giving him one last kiss and walked off in search of your bag. 

 “Told you I’d get the confession,” you muttered as you passed Hotch. He gave you on of his rare smiles and shook his head. 


“It is right that we should celebrate the progress which has been made, thanks to the difficult and dangerous work of the field teams.”

“We must also acknowledge that there is more which needs to be done to fulfil the commitments of the Ottawa treaty,”

- Prince Harry giving a speech at the reception for Land Mine Awareness Day | April 4, 2017

The Curve: May


Lexa hadn’t slept that first night in Clarke’s apartment.  She’d stared into the quiet darkness, the only noise the sound of her heartbeat pounding in her ears.  Clarke was the daughter of Jacob “Wild Man,” Wechadtowski.  The thought became an infinity loop, as Lexa stared at the sleeping girl curled up against her chest.

Long into the night, Lexa had wracked her brain for a way to broach the subject when morning came, bringing with it the incontrovertible realization that Clarke’s secret was out.  "But why on earth was it a secret?“ Lexa wondered.  A second date being what it was, keeping one’s personal information precious was certainly understandable.  On the other hand, choosing not to mention that one’s father was a major sports icons seemed a rather deliberate subject to avoid.  What was more, despite several opportunities she’d had to bring it up, Clarke had chosen to withhold; going so far as to play coy with Lexa.

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How about DA:O companions reacting to the Warden being badly injured in battle?

Alistair: He panics for just a second, but training and instinct tamp that down almost immediately. Instead he moves to their defense, eliminating any enemies that remain and forcing them to drink a health potion if there is not a healer in the group. If there is he immediately gets their attention and helps stabilize the warden until they are well enough to move or be moved.

Morrigan: No enemy wants to face the witch of the wilds, especially if they have hurt one of her companions. They are dealt with contemptiously, and then she turns to the warden. A few words, a burst of power and they are no longer bleeding quite so badly, and she will inform them that they should not plan on being so foolish again.

Lelianna: She rushes any foe left standing before turning quickly to her friend. If they are without a mage she is quick with potion and bandages otherwise she stands watch as healing is performed. Silently she decides to watch over them more carefully.

Sten: No one wants to face a Qunari on a mission, which means that in short order the Warden is out of danger. The Qun teaches field medicine as a matter of course, so Sten can either patch up the warden for travel or stabilize them until more proficient help arrives.

Zevran: Healing and field care are at the opposite end of his spectrum, so the assassin moves instead to secure the field and bring the matter to the attention of those who can better assist.

Wynne: A wave of her hand, a whispered word and the warden is well. But that is the least of their concerns– their task is too important to risk such injuries on, and Wynne has every intention of telling them. As soon as her hands stop shaking in reaction.

Shale: This is the problem with squishy ones. Theyy drag the warden -carefully- to a healer and proceed to smash the other squishy ones who caused the problem.

Loghain: He’s been a soldier all his life, and he’s learned some tricks. More than enough to keep his erstwhile leader breathing while a healer comes.
Oghren: He might be drunk most of the time, but his axe makes short work of enemies regardless. And he knows enough to put pressure on the wounds until someone gets there to help, and he offers the warden a nip of something string to dull the pain until they arrive.

Dog: Licks their face frantically after charging their enemies away. Drags someone over who can help.

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A/N: I actually really enjoyed playing around with this! Anyways, all of the majors are what they are looking to get into after high school, so it dictates the courses they’re taking in high school.

  • Naruto: Communications Major. He chose this major because he’s striving to be heard and acknowledged, and communications lets him pursue this personal dream of his. In high school he strives to be class president but never succeeds for two reasons: 1) Poor grades and 2) Kiba.
  • Sasuke: Criminal Law Major. This will help him seek out his convict brother, and teaches him the skill set and gives him the authority to do what he believes to be right. In high school he is that one intellectual with the dark humor and the increasingly annoying superiority complex, who (irritatingly, some may say) also has the intelligence to back up his claims.
  • Sakura: Doctoring Major. Both of her closest friends are pursuing potentially dangerous fields, and so she wants to be able to aid them in any way they might need. In high school she is the captain of every female sports team.
  • Lee: Veterinary Major. He is a great athlete, but he has a passion for the protection and health of all animals. Kiba and Lee get along very well for this reason. In high school, Lee is the school’s best athlete and has broken every record that was ever established before his arrival. The most surprising record break he ever accomplished is arguably the flexibility test records. Watch out, ladies.
  • Neji: Business Major. His family has always been driven to a greater standing in Konoha, and so he is pursuing a business degree in the hopes of working his way into the Presidential office/Relations with the president him or herself. In high school, he had the best grades. He is somehow friends with everyone, even though he’s very rarely seen socializing with, well, anybody.
  • Tenten: Mechanics Major. She loves her tools, and she can outdo you at any project that you throw her way. In high school she is a shop god. With all the labour she does, she has some really impressive biceps too. She can bench press more than Sakura even can.
  • Shino: Wildlife Major. He lives for the conservation of forests and habitats, believing that even the smallest lives deserve to be protected. In high school he is a huge science nerd. He also writes all of Kiba’s class presidential papers.
  • Kiba: K9 Training Major. He loves dogs more than people, what more is there to say? In high school he is the class president. He wins all of the votes using Akumaru.
  • Hinata: Kinesiology Major. Her family has always had a keen understanding of the human body, and she decided to study it in depth in order to gain respect where it had been denied of her for so long. In high school she is the Mom friend. She also has a secret blue belt in Jiu Jitsu.
  • Shikamaru: Politician Science Major. Being a close friend of Naruto, he decided to use his brains to gain a foothold by which he could work his way into a position that he can advise Naruto in the future, in whatever path he pursues. He is by far the smartest student, but he is only awake in class when he has to argue with something that Sasuke said.
  • Choji: Culinary Arts Major. He loves good food, so he wants to be able to make good food. In high school he has taken all of the foods classes and he has befriended the lunch lady and often gets the best snacks from her. He’s also a bass in the school choir.
  • Ino: Psychology Major. Her Father was a psychologist in Konoha’s army, although he uses his gift in order to get information. Ino strives to use the abilities he has taught her, as well as the education that she will get in post-secondary, for good. In high school, she was the valedictorian. She was a cheerleader for some time, but eventually she decided that she was tired of being on the team and focused on her academic success.
60 Seconds (Part 3/10)

Summary: You’re part of the Avengers team, but that doesn’t mean you get treated the same by everyone. Your relationship with Bucky is playful, but as your past comes back to haunt you, things might change.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1300

Warnings: Language.

A/N: Part 1 broke 200 notes!!! That’s CRAZY. I hope everyone continues to enjoy this story. Also, what do people think about me adding gifs or pictures to the story? They’d probably be of Bucky/Seb, but let me know what you think. 

Tags: @hymnofthevalkyries @xenaathena @lilasiannerd @andhiseyesweregreen @pandarosita @skeletoresinthebasement @the-freakin-cookie-monster @ailynalonso15 @your-puddin @colouredwater @hellomissmabel @clairefxkingtemple @feelmyroarrrr @the-hidden-seeker


The days seemed to all blur together, as you had your routine. Wake up, hate Bucky, eat breakfast, hate Bucky, go and train, and try your best to kick his ass. And when you’d fail at doing that, you’d hate him even more.

         He obviously seemed to notice your frustrations with him, and you knew that thought made him just want to egg you on more. And he proceeded to do just that. Very, very well.

         First it was the milk cartons. But then it was your cereal, too, your leftovers, your soda. You even tried eating all sorts of different food, some you even knew he hated, but your food would be gone far faster than it normally would. You wouldn’t mind sharing with your teammates. It was the fact that the teammate doing said food stealing was an asshole.

         He’d constantly make stupid remarks to you, even when you weren’t fighting. Seemed tired? You were probably up all night thinking of how he’d kick your ass in the morning. Hungry? Well, just go eat some of your favorite foods (that would of course be gone). You hate him? It’s probably just you trying to channel your attraction to him in a different form.

         And one day, you’d had enough.

         When you woke up that morning, you went immediately to Nat’s room. She was up already, a natural early riser. For obvious reasons.

         “I need something,” you told her. She raised an eyebrow questioningly. “I want to get Bucky back. But not just once. He’s declared war, and he’s going to learn not to mess with me.”

         She smiled. “I think I have a few ideas. Can we get Wanda in on this, too? She could be very useful for a few ideas I have.”

         You returned the smile. “I was thinking the same thing.”

         After calling in Wanda too, you stayed in Nat’s room, saying all of the ways in which you could get Bucky back, and changing them when a better way was found. You three were dangerous on the battle field, and back at home, too.

         You wanted to start mildly at first. Not so much as to raise his suspicions too much, or to start too big and end up making the rest of your plans pale in comparison. No, you were going to mess with him like he did you, and he wouldn’t see what was coming.

         You sauntered into the training room, trying to hide the small smirk on your face. Bucky crossed his arms when he saw you, trying to read you.

         “What’s that about?” he asked you.

         “What?” you asked innocently enough. He reached over, pressing his finger lightly into your smile line.

         “That. That smirk. Are you finally realizing how fun it is to get your ass kicked by me or something?”

         You nodded as you got into your defensive stance. “You read right through me, Bucky. How do you do it?”

         He shrugged, mirroring you. “I’ve had practice, doll.”

         There it was, that stupid nickname again. He had started calling you that the day of the milk incident, and he hadn’t stopped since. You thought the nickname for you inflated his ego even more, stemming from his days as a ladies’ man in the 40s. You were certainly all for him remembering his past, and healing, heaven knows he needed that. But you were certain he could do all of that and not get on your nerves.

         You began sparring, and when Bucky pinned you, slamming his arm into the mat with force to show you exactly how he could seriously kick your ass if he wanted to, you took that opportunity to look to Wanda. You winked at her, giving her your signal.

         Kicking Bucky off of you, he laughed as he watched you get back up on your feet again.

         “Oh, doll, do you want me to go a bit easier on you? Or do you prefer it when I’m on top of you?” he asked with a wink.

         “Come at me and see,” you replied.

         As you and Bucky began fighting again, you did your best to wait until Wanda started to do her thing. And, as Bucky moved to hit you with his left arm, you saw Wanda move out of the corner of your eye. Bucky’s arm continued to roll forward, until it stopped just short of you, as he had been standing farther back than he had anticipated. His brow furrowed in confusion for a brief moment before you laughed, taking his distraction as an opportunity to land a knee to his abdomen, and then to his groin.

         “Misjudged that hook there, soldier?” you quipped. “Maybe someone needs to relearn how to punch.”

         He narrowed his eyes at you, and came at you again.

         Every time he would try to hit you, he’d fail. He would stop short, or when you dodged it, find himself lunging a bit too far forward with his momentum. Naturally, he was confused, and frustrated, much to your excitement.

         Little did he know that that was just day one.

         Wanda proceeded to help you out during training, manipulating Bucky just slightly enough to gain you the upper hand. You then set in motion your second phase of your plan – sabotage his stuff.

         During moments when he wasn’t training, or with the others, Bucky liked to watch movies or TV, in order to get a little bit more caught up with pop culture and history. You went and sat on one of the couches, curled up with a blanket over you, your favorite book in your hand. Bucky waltzed in, making sure to grab a drink (you noticed it was a glass of milk – the bastard) before sitting down on the couch across from you.

         “What are you reading?” he asked you.

         “Pride and Prejudice. It’s my favorite.” You looked over to him, as he didn’t reply to you immediately with yet another stupid remark. Instead, he stared at you for a few moments, his expression concentrated, but that was all you could make out. “What are those things on your forehead?”

         He looked up at you. “What?”

         You furrowed your brows together, and touched the spot between them on your forehead. “Those. Those wrinkles. I mean, I know you’re nearing 100, but maybe you should do something about those.”

         Bucky rolled his eyes, and grabbed the TV remote. “I’m watching TV now, so if you don’t want background noise, go somewhere else.”

         You sighed, turning your page. “Got it.”

         He flipped through the channels until he found a TV show to settle on. You realized it was one of his favorites, and if you were being honest, one of yours as well. But that didn’t mean you weren’t going to mess with him.    

         Suddenly, the channel changed, to a kid’s show. And not even one of the better ones – a preschool one, where they were being taught to play nice with others. Bucky’s brow furrowed again, but he switched the channel back. But a few moments later, it flipped back again. And again. And again.

         “What the hell?” Bucky muttered, looking down at the remote and then at the TV.

         “You know, I could help you out with technology if you really need it, old man. It’s just a few simple buttons,” you told him.

         He shook his head. “It’s just… it just keeps going back here, but I’m not even touching it!”

         You laughed to yourself, flipping another page again. “Probably a faulty signal. Looks like you’re stuck watching these guys.”

         Bucky grunted in frustration, turned the TV off, and left the living room.

         Of course, even with all of Bucky’s lessons on technology and how it all worked, there were still things he didn’t know. Like being able to control a TV with an app on your phone, for one.

         And you were just getting started.

I Own You - Theo Raeken (Part 3)

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word count: 1136

Pairing: Theo Raeken X Reader

Warnings: nah

Part 1 , 2 , 4

You knocked three times on Stiles’ door and no longer than a minute later the bright smiling, brown-haired boy opened the door. ‘(Y/N)! I’m so glad you could make it!’ He cheered and he indulged you in a powerful hug that had you chuckling. ‘I knew how upset you’d be, I don’t like seeing you upset.’ You told him with a smile. ‘You’re sure you’re okay, though? I don’t want you doing this for me.’ He said as he stepped aside to let you into his home. ‘I’m fine, Stiles.’

‘(Y/N) BABEEEE!’ Malia yelled from the living room. You popped your head inside and smiled, they were all cuddled up on the couch. ‘Come one, (Y/N)! We were waiting for you!’ Stiles said excitedly. He grabbed your hand and dragged you towards the couch pulling you down between him and Scott. ‘Here, we don’t want you getting any sicker.’ He said as he reached for a blanket and wrapped it completely around you. ‘Awh, cuties!’ Lydia giggled and you rolled your eyes, blushing slightly.

The movie began and you all quieted down. There were the occasional whispers here and there but for once everyone seemed to really enjoy the movie. Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you subtly checked to see who it was.

Ew, Theo: What are you doing?

Me: Movie night at Stiles’? Didn’t you hear?

Ew, Theo: If you hadn’t noticed I was otherwise occupied

Me: I know. I was there.

Ew, Theo: Aren’t they suspicious because you were “sick”?

Me: Nah, Stiles has me wrapped up like a burrito

Ew, Theo: He into you or something?

Me: Is that jealousy, Theo Raeken?

Ew, Theo: I don’t even know what that is

You had to admit that it was getting really hot inside your cocoon. You wondered if it was because of the fact that you were talking to Theo. It couldn’t be, right? You were just texting him, surely he couldn’t have that kind of effect on you. Still, you felt like you were boiling from the inside out. You let out a sigh before unwrapping the blanket from your body, finally allowing your body to breath. ‘Eh, (Y/N)?’ Scott suddenly whispered to you. ‘Hm?’

‘Who left that thing on your neck?’

This drew Stiles’ attention, you wondered how he didn’t get whiplash by the speed in which his head turned towards you. Your eyes widened as you stared at the screen in front of you. Stiles grabbed your chin and turned your head to get a look at your neck. ‘Holy shit, (Y/N)! Is that a hickey?’

‘What?’ ‘Holy shit!’

And once again, all the attention was on you. You groaned and lowered yourself in your seat, trying to sink through the ground which of course wasn’t possible. ‘Who’s the lucky guy, (Y/N)?’ Lydia grinned. Malia on the other hand, had a confused and suspicious look on her face. ‘No one you know…’ You muttered under your breathe. ‘Were you ever even sick?’ Stiles sighed next to you.


‘(Y/N)! Why didn’t you tell us there was a guy?’ Lydia whined. ‘There isn’t “ a guy” Lyds…it was just some dude. Nothing serious.’ You shrugged. ‘Can we please just watch the movie?’

You could see by the look on her face that she wasn’t done with you, but since the movie was still playing she let it go, for now. You let out a quiet sigh of relief. Something felt different though, a kind of weird tension. You turned your head to look at Stiles.

‘Stiles, are you sulking because I made out with some dude?’ You whispered to him.

‘What? No! I’m not sulking, you’re sulking…’ He replied, not once taking his eyes off the screen. You rolled your eyes with a slight chuckle. ‘I just didn’t think you’d be the type to…randomly make out with some dude.’ He continued with a sigh. ‘It was about time (Y/N) got some action! Get some girl!’ Malia called causing you to roll your eyes again.


When you got home that night you were so tired you were surprised you even made it home. Stiles had made you watch at least 5 movies. Stiles had offered for you to stay over at his place, which wasn’t an unusual scenario after movie night. But tonight something was telling you to go home.

And when you got home you were in for quite a surprise. You opened your bedroom door and frowned when you found someone in your bed. Normally you would’ve screamed, but your recognised the person immediately. The fact that it was just Theo didn’t make the situation any better, though. What was he doing here? Did he wait for you and fell asleep? You decided not to wake him, since he looked so peaceful. He didn’t look like Theo the “bad guy”. As you changed into your pj’s you wondered if he really even was the bad guy. There had to be more behind him, you just didn’t know what yet. You got into your bed and stared at the ceiling for a while. You really were playing a dangerous field. If Scott or any of your friends ever found out, you’d lose all of them. You still didn’t know why you were letting Theo get to you the way he does, you just couldn’t help it.

‘Aren’t you gonna kick me out?’ His sleepy voice suddenly sounded next to you. ‘Never wake a sleeping wolf. It’s bad luck.’ You muttered, a small smile playing on your lips. ‘Alright, maybe I was a little jealous. Only a little though.’
You couldn’t hold back a laugh. ‘A little jealousy caused you to break into my house?’ You asked. ‘No, I just wanted to see you.’ He replied with a shrug. ‘You see me every day at school?’ You frowned. You turned to your side and propped your body up with your elbow. It was pretty dark in your room but you could still all his features clear as day. ‘School is different.’

‘How so?’

‘For example, I don’t get to do this.’ You hadn’t even realised what was happening before his lips locked with yours again. This kiss was different than the one in the car, this one was slow, soft…loving almost. Something you most certainly weren’t expecting from Theo Raeken. But you were loving every second of it. Your hands wrapped around the base of his neck to pull him closer to you. But before you could really get into it, he pulled back. He stayed close to you though, your noses nearly touching. ‘I shouldn’t have to be jealous.’ He said leaving you slightly confused. ‘Do you know why?’ He asked you.

‘Because you own me?’

He grinned a boy-ish grin and pecked your lips again. ‘That’s right, princes.’


Carwash siblings where Wash doesn’t know he’s related to Carolina. Carolina knows, she found that out after he joined the project. But after years in Project Freelancer, and however long it’s been from then to the end of s13, Wash still doesn’t know.

He doesn’t know why the toughest bitch on the squad is so incredibly soft around him. He doesn’t know why she is always the first to pluck him from danger in the field. He doesn’t know that he is Allison’s son. He doesn’t know where the platinum blond hair and freckles came from. He doesn’t know that the Director gave him a self-destructive/suicidal AI on purpose because even though he is of Allison’s blood, he is still the bastard child from another man. 

And he hates himself for it. 

Leonard hates himself for being so caught up with designing the project when Carolina was little and not being around when Allison needed him. He hates himself for letting it get to the point divorce papers and affairs. He hates himself for making her give up that baby boy all those years ago, promising that he will leave the project for good if she did. He hates himself for keeping her in a failing marriage. He hates himself for trying to destroy what he had left of Allison. He hates himself for depriving his only daughter of a life-long friendship with her baby brother.

He hates himself for fucking up so many lives, but most importantly, he hates himself for fucking up theirs.