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Hm... hello ! Need to say I love your work ! <3 And... I would like to know how Varric react to Hawke say to him "I love you" for real ? Don't know if you have already aswer this question. Sorry... and sorry if I made a mistake... I'm French. :(

Sorry I forget something for the requests about Hawke say i love you to Varric. Can you aware for male Hawke and female Hawke ? Don’t know if Varric answer the same thing ? Thank you for all !

Throwing the secondary ask in here to that this makes sense!

Male Hawke:

Varric has no words, when Hawke has finished speaking. He has loved him from  for so long that the very idea that this man -this crazy, remarkable, stupidly brave man- returns those affections is astonishing. But after the idea sinks in all the dwarf wants to do is hold Hawke. Hold the man he loves and make sure that nothing happens to him.

Of course the logical part of his brain knows that it isn’t possible. That Kirkwall’s champion is unlikely to avoid harm simply because they are -hopefully!- in a relationship now. Varric knows that there will be more adventures, more injuries and more dangers for them. But together, side by side as they have always been? They seem like nothing. Instead he simply pulls Hawke down to him, giving into years of wanting to embrace this man as more than a friend, and is for the first time in too long content.

Female Hawke:

It steals the breathe from his lungs, when she says those words. Years of being content with just being in her presence falls away with the joy of it, and for long moments he can’t move. Hawke, everything she is and everything she is not, has been the star on his horizon for so long- has been what has shaped his life for so long- that being able to even reach for her hand is almost more than he can bear.

Because she is perfect, and there has never been a part of his life when Varric has not been completely aware of his luck that he can be near her. But this? A future, a relationship, just having her at his side during those moments when they need each other most? It is more than one heart can hold at one time, and when she holds him close Varric refuses to let go.

(Forgive my French, it’s been a few years since I studied it.)

Male Hawke:

Varric n'a pas de mots, quand Hawke a fini de parler. Il l'a aimé depuis si longtemps que l'idée même que cet homme, cet homme fou, remarquable, stupide et courageux, renvoie ces affections étonnante. Mais après que l'idée coule dans tous les nains veut faire, il faut tenir Hawke. Tenez l'homme qu'il aime et assurez-vous que rien ne lui arrive.

Bien sûr, la partie logique de son cerveau sait que ce n'est pas possible. Le champion de Kirkwall est peu susceptible d'éviter un préjudice simplement parce qu'ils sont, parfait, dans une relation maintenant. Varric sait qu'il y aura plus d'aventures, plus de blessures et plus de dangers pour eux. Mais ensemble, côte à côte comme ils l'ont toujours été? Ils ne semblent rien. Au lieu de cela, il tire simplement Hawke vers lui, donnant des années à vouloir embrasser cet homme comme plus qu'un ami, et est pour la première fois un contenu trop long.

Femme Hawke:

Il vole le souffle de ses poumons, quand elle dit ces mots. Les années de se contenter d'être en présence de sa présence sont éloignées de sa joie et, pendant longtemps, il ne peut pas bouger. Hawke, tout ce qu'elle est et tout ce qu'elle n'est pas, a été la vedette sur son horizon depuis si longtemps - a été ce qui a façonné sa vie depuis si longtemps - que pouvoir atteindre sa main est presque plus qu'il ne peut supporter.

Parce qu'elle est parfaite, et il n'y a jamais eu une partie de sa vie lorsque Varric n'a pas été complètement conscient de sa chance qu'il.

–Mod Fereldone

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