danger days the true lives of the fabulous killjoys

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Yo, d’you know any cool head cannons for p!atd as killjoys ? I’m havin’ trouble finding any good ones

I’ve seen some cool hcs about them here and there (can’t remember exactly where though), but here are a few of my own I just thought up:
I imagine as a crew they’d go with the Pretty. Odd. aesthetic - waistcoats, roses, all that jazz. They’d probably be chill to hang out with. I feel like they’d create a lot of art around the zones and spend evenings playing songs around a fire on old acoustic guitars. Very warm and welcoming to lost/new runners. They’d have names like Weather Vane and Jealous Orchard. Believers of the Witch - they’d leave small, pretty offerings for her regularly. Not a famous crew, so to speak, but their gentle nature and mysterious art would leave them popular wherever they travelled. Constantly on the move, too.


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A concept: Pete, Patrick, Joe, and Andy are killjoys. They keep their distance from others, except for when they decide to perform. It’s usually only every few years, but they play loud enough for all the zones to hear, and it’s always new and different sounding music. They’re also known for being willing to teach others in the ways of sound and rebellion, especially those younger than them. Lately they’ve been spotted in purple gear, and llama costumes. (Also happy birthday dude !)

I absolutely live for the concept of Killjoy FOB (especially America’s Suitehearts video style) ((also gigs in the zones are something I think about a lot, like, groups of ‘joys just coming together and bringing old abandoned venues back to life for a couple of hours))

If you play blood at 23:59:50 on New Year’s Eve the first thing you’ll hear in 2018 is silence and that’s all you’re getting out of MCR for the year


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