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Who are the pink ladies/barbie saints?

The Pink Ladies/Barbie Saints are a group of women out in zone 2 who have bonded together over similar illness’ or life circumstances. Most of the original members are cancer survivors who escaped Battery City after learning just how steep a price their cures would be. Most of the times getting these ‘cures’ required giving up family members and/or their lives to fully commit to Mom and Dad’s way of living. It’s a steep price just to keep from dying.

Wearing pink hair they do their best to save others and continue pushing the word of good will and promise of a better life through the zones. Those with pink hair are those still suffering their maladies, terminal illness and/or have limited lifespans. Dying your hair shows that you know the witch breathes on the back of your neck and at any time you could succumb and become pure neon.

Not everyone dons the bright do’s. Those who are saved and don’t suffer mortal sickness/wounds just wear pink clothing and continue the work of their sisters/brothers. Taking in anyone and everyone who needs their help they’ve done their part to not only rescue children from bad situations but also hide killjoys from Drac patrols.

Recruitment is by pink hair only so going and hoping to impress won’t always get you in. These women, and men, do their best to show their bravery and courage every damn day. Despite the consequences they preserver and stomp the dust deeper into their soles.

Funerals for those in pink are week long celebrations of life. Each member speaks of their experiences with the departed. There’s much crying, and just as much laughter along with the sentimental moments.

Long live our Pink Ladies. May the witch forever favor her little Barbie Saints.

EXO ‘Lotto’ Ranks #16 Most Influential Album of the Year By Tumblr.

EXO’s ‘Lotto’ ranks the 16th Most Influential Album by Tumblr for the year 2016. EXO is the only K-Pop group to appear on the list.

Complete List

1. Lemonade by Beyonce
2. Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots
3. Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan
4. Made In The A.M. by One Direction
5. ANTI by Rihanna
6. Sounds Good Feels Good by 5 Seconds of Summer
7. The Life of Pablo by Kanye West
8. Agust D by Suga
9. Vessel by Twenty One Pilots
10. 1989 by Taylor Swift
11. Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez
12. Death of a Bachelor by Panic at the Disco
13. Views by Drake
14. 25 by Adele
15. Badlands by Halsey
16. Lotto by EXO
17. Mind of Mine by Zayn
18. Joanne by Lady Gaga
19. Purpose by Justin Bieber
20. Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance 

Congratulations EXO!  

source: https://thefandometrics.tumblr.com/post/153998938514/albums?is_related_post=1

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My favourite My Chemical Romance lyrics on each album


who the fuck do my chemical romance think they are? they can’t just fucking spring this ominous message on us like this? 9/23/16???? WHAT THE FUCK? i hate them. i hate this band.