Contamination-seeking drones - IBM Patent 9447448.

Stay back and let the drones do the dirty work. Patent 9447448 makes cognitive drones able to inspect and decontaminate places so humans don’t have to. The drones’ on-board AI system can collect and analyze samples, so it can identify and clean up any bacteria or outbreak. Meanwhile you get to hang back, safely out of harm’s way.

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Hello! I’m an anti-terf here to warn you all that TERFs are planning to make a TERF magazine, most specifcally directed at young, impressionable girls. This is not only concerning, this is possibly endangering to trans people by giving TERFs a platform to spread their dangerous ideology.

And if you think I’m kidding:

So basically, we need to get this site taken down.

Io sono quello che tace e non acconsente
cerca ancora la sua pace interiore ma inutilmente
tu sei quella che per me c'è stata ed è sempre presente
pronta a dare tutto a me che sono niente.
—  Nitro- Storia di un presunto artista