Zookeepers and animal care workers around the world are having an awesome time recreating a scene from Jurassic World in which Chris Pratt’s character, Own Grady, manages to hold off a fearsome trio of velociraptors using his voice and body language. Fantastic photos are popping up all over The Internets of these brave animal experts fending off everything from walruses and rhinos to spiders and hedgehogs. So many zookeepers have gotten in on the fun, demonstrating the dangers they face working with penguins, otters, and wallabies, and so on, that the phenomenon has now become its own Twitter meme via #JurassicZoo.

This photo by Jason Smith is one of our favorites. After all, birds are living dinosaurs:

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Photos by Feminerds, Lion Country Safari, Liberty Science Center, Susie the Five-Toed Sloth, Oregon Zoo, Georgia Aquarium, Elmwood Park Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, Imgut upload, and the Taronga Zoo respectively.

[via Neatorama, Dorkly, and Bored Panda]