Los Dangles Update 5.1: Welcome To Nightvale

Welcome to Los Dangeles Update 5.1, in which I invite you, intrepid explorer, to take a trip to the small desert community of Nightvale. Explore the open expanses of the Dog Park, read a book in the Library, or listen to some quality broadcasting from the Community Radio Station. New things time!

  • Nightvale Community Radio Station - Get all of your news here. Don’t like the programming? Why not speak to station management…
  • The Dog Park - Do not enter. At all. Don’t even look at it.

  • The Whispering Forest - So complimentary. What nice eyes you have. Have you done something to your hair? Come closer and talk to us…

  • The Vacant Lot - You should come in here and huddle nestle with us. Who are we? Good question. Come to the vacant lot and find out.

  • Carlos’s Lab - Where all the Nightvale scientists gather to discuss science matters.

  • The Dark Box - Who knows what is inside? Not me.

  • StrexMart - For all your wheat and wheat by-product needs. Warning: it is illegal to consume wheat and associated by-products.

  • Glow Cloud - Hovering over the Emergency Press Conferen- ALL HAIL.

  • Nightvale Subway System - Two entrances, but never anyone coming out…

  • Petting Zoo - Featuring starving wolves and rabbits to feed them (the wolves have a habit of disappearing occasionally, however).

  • Big Rico’s Pizza - The best and ONLY pizza place allowed in town.

  • Library - Why not take part in the Summer Reading Programme? Whatever you do, don’t wake the Librarians.

  • Nightvale Waterfront - A mass hallucination, nothing to see here.

  • Town Hall - Got an issue in the town? Come to the Town Hall, where the members of the Town Council will happily direct you to the upstairs Re-Education facilities.

  • The House That Doesn’t Exist - It’s right there when you look at it, but scientists have confirmed that it does not, in fact, exist.

  • Meditation Zone - Dedicated to our dear friend Beatrix Loman, the meditation zone is currently closed due to a Pyramid on site. The Sheriffs Secret Police are currently investigating the matter.

  • Logo - Just in case you forgot where you were, not that losing your memory in Nightvale is anything less than ordinary.

That’s all for now folks, see you next time!

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Today’s proverb: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single command from a satellite-activate mind control chip.

I just found out that apparently Rey made a hammock for herself according to Rey’s Survival Guide

So imagine this, Kylo and Rey sleeping together in her hammock. Kylo taking up the majority of the space, legs dangeling out of it, barely fitting into it. Rey would be curled up next to him, snuggled into his arms which are wrapped protectively around her.