Danganronpa Episode 3 Analysis
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  • So I decided to make posts about each episode that comes out, analyzing it and what not. So we start at episode 3!

Where do I even begin?

Firstly, Aoi Asahina is alive and well. Good good, but with that being said, someone died, and that being Great Gozu. 

From his death, I found it strangely similar to Yukizome’s. He was hanged by wires, she was hanged on a chandelier. 

This could be a repeating pattern in the anime with deaths so it may be something to look out for. I was shocked when Gozu’s forbidden action wasn’t revealed yet, thinking Makoto and Aoi would have checked his wristband, but we will see later.

Then we reveal Aoi’s and Miaya’s forbidden actions:

  • Aoi: Can’t be hit or punched
  • Miaya: Can’t turn right. 

Although, @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl made this genius post stating that Miaya never showed her bracelet, so that rule of hers could be fake. Who knows… 

Now there is still some tension between my babies Ruruka and Yoi + Seiko. We see Yoi refuse Ruruka’s candy again when the two of them wake up. 

Also, they are shown to be very close. With him swearing to protect and not betray Ruruka.

But I think this confirms a few things.

  1. Yoi’s forbidden action must be not being able to eat Ruruka’s sweets. 
  2. If it’s not being able to eat them, than her sweets must have some sort of affect on him. Making it hard to focus or whatnot, since they are in a dangerous situation.
  3. Yoi isn’t with Ruruka for just her sweets.
  4. Their bond is greatly impacted by Seiko.
  5. please please be canon

I say this because whatever happened with Seiko and the 76th built a wall between them and pushed Ruruka and Yoi closer together.

Now, I’m sure that the past will come up and what happened between the three will be at least talked about, but I think both sides have some explaining.

When Seiko and Yoi + Ruruka confronted each other, Yoi quickly protected Ruruka, pushing her behind his back. This could mean that there could have been a fight with Ruruka and Seiko that left Ruruka injured, thus his actions explained. I wouldn’t put this as a full out fist fight, but Seiko maybe pushing Ruruka out of the way, causing her to get hurt and Yoi to become overprotective. Even Koici commented, saying how they are “still not over it yet”. Whatever the tension is, I don’t think it is as horrible and drastic as Ruruka is making it seem, and Yoi sides with Ruruka because Seiko maybe hurt her?

There was a idea floating around that @thecatgirlyang posted here how Seiko’s morals drove a rift through Ruruka and Yoi. I mean, look how sad she looked when Daisuke died. She couldn’t do anything, and right after this Ruruka commented how she “can’t trust some people here”. There are some old wounds, because tbh I think Seiko wants Ruruka to understand what/why she did what she did, but Ruruka won’t give her the time to listen, so she’s forced to act cold and hostile towards her. Notice how her anger is directed towards Ruruka only, not Yoi. Yoi just happens to be there during their arguments, was there when this situation happened.

But in any case, Seiko was having no bs about being called a traitor and pulled this holy grail on my two babies bc she is so honest and good and can’t stand not being trusted.

So she does this orz. 

This also goes against my theory about her not being able to take her pills, and she is already shown trying to help Daisuke when he was dying, so I wonder what hers is. In any case, I’m looking forward to their (Yoi, Ruruka and Seiko) confrontation next episode.

And our bby g Kyouko going out to investigate ; 3 ;

She’s no fool. Any information she can get is crucial, and when she can’t get Ryota to spill on his rule violation she knows something is up. Also when Tengan wakes up, that sneaky little bastard. 

What is this implying? Is he trying to sneakily say that Makoto shouldn’t be trusted? Or trying to say that Kyosuke’s sense of hope is leaning towards despair? Either way, the next few panels go back on this point when Kyosuke and Makoto interact.

And in all honesty, I understood what Kyosuke was saying. The killing game Makoto experienced is nothing like true despair in the real world. None of the students were filled with despair but fell to it BUT notice in all the killings that the ones who “fell” to despair remained calm, their usual selves. They only cracked when they wanted to leave and go home.

This wasn’t despair. They were angry, irritated, scared. True despair wasn’t that killing game. True despairs was what lied beyond those walls. So in a way, yes, Kyosuke was right saying that was just a game. There were rules, punishments. There are no rules for the ultimate despairs, and punishment is a sort of end goal for all of them. 

He wanted to make the world a better place for Yukizome. His whole life goal was based on achieving her dream of hope, for a safe place for her to live. With her gone, so goes his sense of reason. He needs someone to remind him of hope, or what Yukizome would constantly influence on him. His last words to Makoto I think resonate with his feelings on Yukizome and her death. He’s looking for someone whose filled with pure hope. He can’t get that from Juzo, because he kills and hurts people.

Yukizome cared for others. Used her words to convince others and her actions of love to get hopeful results. Who else does that?


Why else did Kyosuke like Makoto’s speech? Because it reminded him of Yukizome. Granted, it didn’t affect him the same way, but he was trying to pull out the answers that Yukizome would give him from Makoto.

Also side note, why you no use door Kyosuke. Oh wait……because you can’t. Mwahah.

WHY KIRIGIRI ISN’T DEAD! Danganronpa Episode 9 Analysis
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Ok so the newest danganronpa future episode killed us all. Juzo died, Ruruka was redeemed and Kyoko has also died––or has she?

Think about it. Kyoko knows she is a target. She is the closest, and the only one investigating, to finding out who the mastermind/traitor is. She knows the most and tbh, is a threat to Monokuma and the supposed 13th FF head who everyone thinks is the traitor.

Now, listen to this:

  • Kyoko knows the most about the poison and its affects. She has investigated Chisa, GG, Izayoi and has seen it before her own eyes with Koichi. She knows how the poison takes affect and what it looks like. 
  • She’s smart. She used to be in the class with the Ultimate Programer. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve discussed about programming before as part of her investigation and own training. 
  • She is in the FF. I’m sure there are certain training requirements needed to be a division head.

Now, this may sound like a long shot, but I feel its our only hope as to how she could still be alive. That being, she faked her own death.

Why would she do that you may ask? Well its simple. 

  • She’s being hunted. With her death she can now roam freely around the FF and do more of her own investigation work. And bc the game/monokuma thinks she is dead, she can now leave the building without fear of any consequences. 
  • She would feel guilty about Ruruka. I think through her investigation she realized that Yoi “willingly” died for Ruruka and covered the door for her. She knew she didn’t willingly kill him and thus, didn’t want to kill her by leaving. Kyoko has no intentions to commit murder in order to solve a case I believe.

And so, how/why did she do it? Well, thats more complicated and where flaws come into this theory.

  • Firstly, she knows what the poison looks like. As well as having the tools as to convince everyone she was poisoned. Since Ruruka covered Yoi’s face with makeup, it wouldn’t be so far fetched to say she put makeup on her face to get her to look like that. 
    • If you are going to argue about this, think of this. That deep of purple was covered by foundation quickly. It isn’t impossible for Kyoko to do the reverse.
  • Her real NG code. I am still believing that her real code is she can’t discuss any findings with Makoto (and possibly Hina). If she knew her death was coming she would have told Makoto and Hina right? So they could find the real mastermind? But she didn’t. She died with her secrets because she can’t tell anyone. This being said, and discussing with other people in the fandom, I don’t believe Kyoko would tell Makoto that she was going to die because of him. But rather, I do still believe she wouldn’t of died without leaving them any information or clues. 
  • Another troll from Kodaka. Listen, this isn’t the first time someone has had a faked death. Point being, Kodaka could be using this death to trigger Makoto into killing/falling into despair.
  • Whats underneath her???????? (last panel of the gif) Yes yes I know its the notebook now I was too lazy to fix the post
  • We never saw her left hand + her leg wasn’t purple. Granted her hand is covered in her glove, but if her hand isn’t purple and infected with the poison, she ain’t dead babes. This could be the biggest clue as to her being alive or not. Plus, the poison is thought to spread down the whole left side of the body right? Her left leg was completely normal….why else would it pan to these parts of her body for a long ass time??
  • No one checked her body. Granted it happened at the end of the episode, but Makoto and co aren’t big on investigation. My guess is that they will cover her body as a “ceremony” and go find Kyosuke. No one checked her pulse, to make sure the poison spread all the way down her body. 
  • The way her body was positioned. The poisoned side of her body was facing away from everyone, towards the floor. That could be due to her trying to hide any imperfections that may be able to be seen by Makoto and Hina.
  • Timing. She knew that once they woke up, someone would be dead. Therefore, the music would play signaling a death. Therefore, she could be considered dead because of the music. 
  • Finally, remembering the opening? Kyoko killed/hung herself.

What about her NG code you may ask. The only explanation I came up with was that during her interactions with Miaya Robot, Monaca changed it for her to make things interesting. Otherwise, I have no other ideas as to how she could have changed her NG code.


  1. @6uzma commented that she falls face forward when they all fall asleep but wakes up on her back. Hmmm.
  2. @hygiei-2 mentions that this could be the 3rd time limit, because Chisa’s death wasn’t really a time limit. Also hmmmmm…
Danganronpa Episode 5 Analysis
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Again, more heart ache. (sorry for the late post I was at work orz)

We start off with the most adorable flash back with my OTP3 right? What struck me as off was the way Yoi was acting with Ruruka. Although it doesn’t seem strange currently, back when they were kids I wonder what made him act the way he did. 

But back to the previous episode in the Despair Arc, when everyone was calling Ruruka a “bitch” (lack of better word, I don’t think anyone really called her this but im tired and yeah) or “fake friend”, we see here in the flash back that their relationship did start off pure and kind, like I predicted. Plus, it was Seiko saying she would offer Ruruka anything as long as she couldn’t eat her sweets, so when Ruruka mentions that Seiko “still can’t eat her sweets”, I think she was hoping that one day she would refuse her, and try what she made, because she wanted Seiko to enjoy them as much as Yoi does. 

Ruruka just wanted Seiko to appreciate what she could do, because in her eyes Seiko could do so much more. Not saying she went about it in the right form of fashion, but she never outright hated Seiko or the latter. If anything, she just wanted her to recognize how good she was at baking.

BUT what I really want to focus on is the conversation with Tengan and Kyosuke––or more importantly the flashback.

Here we see wounded Tengan, presumably down for the count (or at least bed ridden) but the flashback makes it seem that he was up and ready to face the FF moments, maybe hours later. This is why I don’t believe in his death.

But before that, I wanna touch base on something. Tengan admitted that he wasn’t a remnant of despair, but he didn’t answer any questions regarding killing Yukizome and GG. He didn’t answer to being a traitor. Being a traitor and a remnant of despair are two different things. Look at Sakura, our best example, she was a traitor but not part of the despairs. Something to think about. 

Oh also did I mention that Tengan can’t lie when asked a question? Yeah, thats his rule violation thingy.

If anything, I wonder what Tengan told Kyosuke when he said he knew who the traitor was. My only possible guesses could be:

  1. He admitted that he killed Yukizome and GG
  2. Could say that he witnesses Kyosuke do it bc he was “possessed” when he woke up to kill someone.
  3. Could reveal the truth about Miaya/Monaca.
  4. Yukizome being the traitor.

But again, we don’t know. I am leaning towards maybe the first or second one, maybe even the fourth one, something along the lines of Yukizome, bc Kyosuke states saying, “You think that is going to make me waver” meaning maybe revealing Yukizome’s murderer/she’s the traitor would cause him to spare Tengans life? Again, who knows…

But what I want to state is that Tengan in the FF could possibly be a fake. We see with Miaya that the real one could be captive, could be dead. But she is replaced with a robot. Having a body double, maybe the ultimate impersonator, impersonate Tengan and manipulate the game on the inside wouldn’t be a long shot.  I know it’s funny to think of Twogami being Tengan, but he is the Ultimate Impersonator, so he could do it. We also see that Twogami has incredible physical strengths as well. Just thoughts though….

also want to note that Kyosuke had a “cure all drug” from Seiko because Seiko gave it to him bc she truly loved and cared for him. I bet everyone in the FF that she cared about has one, or at least Kyosuke, bc she valued him the most. Case closed on that one. Kyosuke didn’t murder Seiko or Yoi. dont make me panic about my bby yoi now plz

But finally, we have what I thought of as truly tragic, Seiko dies.

Her final moments (or maybe not bc in this anime anyone can still be alive) are truly sad. Her final thoughts are of Ruruka, her closest friend. I can only imagine how Ruruka will react. 

Now I wanted to pull together some pieces from each murder.

Yukizome was hung atop a chandelier, GG was hung by wires, Seiko stabbed and hung onto a wall & even Tengan was impaled onto a wall in his final hours. The only thing I am certain is that the killer is leaving a pattern, a calling card if you will. 

I saw some other blogs point this one out too, so I KNOW I ain’t the only person thinking of this. But, I have more to elaborte about it than anyone else has so far or at least let me ramble hehe

Another thing I noticed was from D2:GD gameplay and the parallels with this and the earlier episodes. When Mikan “got infected” with the despair disease, she killed Ibuki and Hiyoko. How? If you don’t remember, Ibuki was hanged and Hiyoko was tied to a pillar, elevated. When Nagito killed himself, he tied himself up, using ropes. Now the second killing game was broadcasted live, and I bet the FF watched (knowing of Makoto’s actions) and I bet the traitor watched and maybe is trying to emulate these actions in some manner, following patters? We know that danganronpa is a series that loves to follow patterns, foreshadow and the like. It could be a long shot, but whoever shows the most knowledge about the despairs and maybe had the best connection with them could be part of the despairs. 

Also, wouldn’t it be a kicker if Yukizome was the traitor.

(gifs taken from @uriekuki post)

  1. We can tell that in front of someone is Junko Enoshima. But who is behind her? I am assuming Yukizome, as in the next gif it shows Yukizome in the front, this time overcoming Junko Enoshima, her hair cascading over Junko and putting her in her shadow. Maybe Yukizome was following Junko, being her pawn and killing for her, forcing Nagito to graduate with the other students of the 78th class and bringing them into despair. She was working with her all along, and thus, when Junko died, Monaca and Yukizome took over. Yukizome entered the FF and helped Monaca get in by kidnapping/killing Miaya.
  2. Although it could also be argued that the girl isn’t Junko, it is in fact Mukuro because of the head pieces, mirroring “Junko” that wasn’t really Junko, and thus the girl behind her is the real Mukuro, holding the knives and wearing the gloves, plus the what could be short hair. Again, we don’t know. Because that could be the real Junko, and what she looked like during her time at HPA, which, is the builing she could be holding. 

(photo set via @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl post)

  1. O K  N A G I T O  K O M A E D A  (all im gonna say)
  2. Like ok no but listen and hear me out on this long ass theory. 
    So Nagito was already pretty fucked up before entering HPA, or just about. What if Nagito read the despair book. Remember, the book mentioned in D2:GD & Danganronpa: Togami? The book that if anyone reads it they fall into despair? Well what if Nagito read it and stopped maybe half way, or at some point? During his time at HPA Yukizome tired to understand him, and he offered her the book to read and understand his ideals. She followed suit, read about half way or so then stopped. This would explain her being able to “blend” into the FF, her comments here, and her affiliation with Junko. Because if she fell into step with Nagito, then meeting Junko and falling into despair seems likely to me. 

It wouldn’t be weird for her to die first then. Junko pulled the same stunt, and then played puppet master. If she was working with Monaca, then she could go around at night and kill FF members, whereas Miaya/Monaca could interact and influence them within the game. Also, it would assure her “survival” within the final killing game and offer her the best chances and opportunities. After all, Yukizome spent the most time with the despairs, understood them the most, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see her fall into despair, to reveal their hideout to the despairs. She cared for them, still does, and I don’t think she would follow Kyosuke in killing them all. She would pull the Ultimate Junko and that would be glorious. 

Also, when Tengan told Kyosuke something that was muted out, it could have been that Yukizome was the killer. That would also explain Kyosuke’s reaction to what he heard + Tengan being a fake and therefore knowing who was the “traitor”, because he isn’t the real Tengan. Then, Kyosuke saying “you think that will make me spare you” makes even more sense, bc he is addressing the fact that he is a fake, but still going to kill him and about Yukizome, which he believes her to be his own Ultimate Hope. Again, just theories, but if my main boy Tengan ain’t the killer, I guess my heart is gonna go after the next SHSL sweetheart imo. (* ˚᷄ 艸 ˚᷅ *)


This is a screenshot of the panel where the FF are having like a meeting or whatever, but these seem to be the leaders of the FF right?

From left to right: Daisuke, GG, Tengan, Kyosuke, Yukizome.

The hope of the FF. But who has died? All 4 expect Kyosuke.

+ where is Juzo? On another mission? Regardless, this doesn’t seem by chance to me…

Ryota knew of Tengans plans! Danganronpa Episode 11 Analysis!
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Lets talk about the first few seconds of the episode.

Flashback to HPA and the door being unlocked. Nbd right? Well a few things to note.

  • Tengan atm is currently running the FF, not Kyosuke
  • HPA has been unlocked??

What stuck me as odd was the reference to “HPA being unlocked”?? What does that mean? Well HPA holds more secrets than we are being given I believe. Remember that Jin locked theses students away in a attempt to preserve hope, what if a secret “cure” or something was left inside to fight the despairs? Also, Tengan knew Jin on a more personal level, so it wouldn’t be shocking that Jin told Tengan that he was going to lock something more than just those kids inside the school. Just thoughts though…

And the big OMG moment this episode was that all the killings were suicides!

Firstly, I just want to state that this redeems Ruruka’s character 100%. I know posts have already been made about this but her death was the most brutal because of her guilt like come on guys can we finally lay off her now??

Anyways this is so interesting because later on in the episode Makoto briefly falls to despairs but is saved via juzo. This shows the power of the brainwashing and how it manipulates your thoughts. So tech Monokuma wasn’t lying in d2:gd gameplay because the brainwashing made everyone think these thoughts.

But can we segway for a sec and talk about the monitors? Its a recording.

No one else is gonna at least like talk about this? 

The fact that it is a recording only raised one question. The new DV3 gameplay is going on alongside this current future arc. I mentioned this in this analysis of DV3 but if this is a recording that means the “main” monokuma can’t be present in two locations, so thats why it is a recording. 

The fact that this is important is going to play into the plot of DV3 later on for sure bc the FF can’t come and save them, and maybe they are aware of this?

Okay, back to the main point of this post. Notice how Ryota isn’t all to happy about hearing about the brainwashing?

Sure, he is scarred. His class fell to despair, Chiaki [and now Yukizome] died because of him, and the FF is ruined it seems. We never get Ryota’s NG code, but I have a feeling that his was don’t let anyone find out you are apart of the brainwashing or something to do with the monitors or Tengan and along those lines. (read further down the post for another possibility for the ng code)

And a shocking revelation comes into play. Tengan is a remnant of despair. *cue dramatic music* or at least, according to Kyosuke…

But still, why is Ryota so shocked by this outcome?

Tengan recruited Ryota into the FF. Everything Ryota most likely did, was because Tengan asked him to do it. He is now realizing everything that he was doing was for despair, and that truth is killing him. And makoto is starting to notice this. I also believe that in Kyoko’s notebook, she raised her suspicions on Ryota, and warned makoto via the notebook to keep a close eye on him. Notice that how whenever Ryota freaks out Makoto watches him intently. 

lol then Tengan texts him like wha! Like, how is he getting service underwater?

But the text message from Tengan explains a lot of things…

  1. Ryota’s ng code could be linked to Tengan via his phone. The text messages Ryota receives are orders and he has to follow them. 
  2. This explains why Ryota stuck with Kyoko. Ryota was with Kyoko because Tengan was with her. He had to stay with her for as long as he did because he needed to be with Tengan, not Kyoko like we all thought.
  3. In the 3rd episode, Tengan won’t let Kyoko go alone, stating, “we will go with you”. Why we? Why not just him or Ryota? Ryota would be more than capable to go with Kyoko while, I dunno, Tengan goes and finds Kyosuke maybe?? And when Ryota freaks out about everyone killing each other, he turns to Tengan as he voices his opinions. Maybe he was directing it at him?

My theory is that Tengan told Ryota that the FF must die in order for hope to come about, hence why everyone is a despair in his eyes. Ryota knew all along that Tengan was playing some part in this killing game and followed along because he gave him his own hope when he took him in from the fuck up Junko did to him. 

Danganronpa Episode 7 Despair Arc Analysis

So ok. I had to make a post. SO MUCH HAPPENED.

Firstly, lets tackle Ryota and Junko. 

Ryota’s anime is in the works, done and needs coloring and final touches. Did anyone notice how much she loved the anime?? 

But don’t forget Junko’s character. She isn’t going to love this anime purly for its “hope” message. Why does she love it? Because she knows that this anime will help bring despair to everyone. How? Not entirely sure. I mean, we don’t get to see Ryota’s anime. But Junko sees it, shes more so the SHSL Analyst rather than the SHSL Pop Star. And lets not forget that her alter ego (lol pun) Ryoko is the SHSL Analyst so this is why she contains this power.

tl;dr Junko sees the potential in Ryota’s anime to help spread despair and he doesn’t realize this.

Secondly, Junko’s encounters with Ryota and Mikan. 

Did anyone notice the looks she gave both of them when she met them?

Now, we all know that Mikan falls to despair in the future, but what about Ryota? Theories have surfaced that he has fallen to despair but managed to come back on the side of hope. I for one, think it’s more likely now noting this exchange she gives them. Fact of the matter is that the way she treats both of them is concerning. 

Just something to note, Ryota and Mikan have similar personalities. They are timid, yet will speak up when it is about something/someone they care about. They are good willed and kind. 

Thirdly, the tragedy.

Holy shit it happened, and fucking fast too. 

So we now know that Izuru was uninvolved in the killing and that Chiaki wasn’t involved too––thank fucking god. I think a few things will happen from here on out with Chiaki’s character:

  1. She will either be killed by a reserve course student out of anger towards HPA. She is her class rep, she might go and talk to them and end up getting killed by one that fell to despair.
  2. Izuru and her will have a confrontation. This could lead to him remembering her and keeping her safe and presently she is on Jabberwack island. This would make sense why she wasn’t in the second game, because she was being kept in hiding by Izuru. 
  3. She could end up being killed by Junko. She’s a threat to Izuru/Hajime. She is probably the closest person to him that could trigger him remembering his old self and therefore ending Junko himself out of his desires of Hope. Her death/life threatened may also be the reason why he sticks with Junko––to protect her.

TBH I don’t think Chiaki is dead. She might be a secret observer of the NWP (bc I still believe at some point she either befriends Alter Ego/Chihiro) or she might be in hiding/captive. 

And with Izuru. Just what is he thinking? What is he trying to get at with being with Junko for so long? But can we also note that Izuru can show emotion. He isn’t emotionless, he’s human like everyone else. I believe this to be very important in the later future arc episodes when he finally appears. 

Danganronpa Episode 10 Analysis
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Firstly, lets talk about what everyone is talking about.

Remaining survivors = 6 people. Who are the 6?

  1. Makoto
  2. Kyosuke
  3. Hina
  4. Ryota
  5. Traitor? 
  6. Juzo/Kyoko

Before I go in depth, Juzo and Kyoko could be alive, or only one. The traitor isn’t necessarily apart of the collective group so who knows. 

My theory is that Kyoko is still alive. (Please god).

I think that juzo and kyoko are still alive. I believe that next episode Kyosuke is going to run to Juzo, and he is going to cheekily pull out a bottle of Seiko’s meds and his wounds will be healed. Why do I think this? Because I can. HAHA, but I would like this to happen. The odds though? Meeh, slim. If one has to be alive it would be Kyoko.

But something interesting I would like to point out is this scene: 

Why did Tengan say this? Yes, yes, his NG code right? Answering a question with a lie? Well, this NG code has a HUGE loophole. Answering a question with a lie means you aren’t telling the truth. The truth as you perceive it. 

We already know that Tengan and Kyosuke’s ideals for the FF weren’t matching up. And by this time Tengan was well in the backseat watching as Kyosuke, in his eyes, ruined everything he built. 

Tengan had views much like Makoto did. He wanted to see the future foundation grow in  order to help rehabilitate the ones who fell to despair, not just kill them off. Don’t you think this is a big part as to why Yukizome was kept alive? Because he knew she was a despair and wanted to help her, not kill her off. Plus, Kyosuke was oblivious to her despair, so, he also wanted to use Yukizome to prove a point that despair could be “cured” and his methods were wrong. 

“You could say the attacker is every member of the FF here!”

Yes, yes you could. In Tengan’s eyes, that is the reality of the situation. Tengan believes that the FF had turned on him, his ideals, and is less hopeful that it started off as. So to Tengan, the truth of his reality is that all the FF are just as rotten as despair’s are, and are just as able to fall to despair just like Yukizome did. So, when Tengan answered Kyosuke, he didn’t lie. He told the truth how he saw it in his reality, and therefore, tricked Kyosuke unintentionally. 

Now, lets get into the main focus of this episode, Kyosuke and Makoto.

Kyosuke has a skewed perception of hope because of Yukizome. He watched her fall to despair before his very own eyes and couldn’t save her, couldn’t help her. His rage is fueled by her death and the loss of her 100% imo. Without her, and for what she embodied for him, he thinks that true hope will never fully be reached. 

I’ve said this before, but Kyosuke sees Yukizome in Makoto, hence why he is so hard to press her ideals into him in a mocking way. He’s wanted Makoto to prove to him just how possible her version of hope was. But because her hope was tainted by despair, Kyosuke feels that its worthless to believe in her and what she “believed” in.

It’s pretty sad that Yukizome has moments of hope and moments of despair (from what I consider it to be). She could be doing what Junko does, and faking her “hope” or normality but I find it, and kind hope it is, that she has this split personality way of despair. Because it makes more sense that way. If Yukizome was actual hope and actual despair, her actions in the FF make more sense. If she was actual despair, she would have killed Kyosuke a long time ago imo. But she stuck by him, because the hope in her wanted to be with Kyosuke. 

Anyways, back to Makoto and Kyosuke. 

I called this sort of resolution to happen a few episodes ago and am happy it did. I love Kyosuke’s character, and happy to see him “back to normal” and everyone gathered together, ready to “face the final trial” and Monokuma/Junko(?). 

But more importantly, the four gathered together are not the traitors. Why? 

If Ryota was the traitor there would be no way Hina would take him with her, and if she were the traitor there would be no way she would mention this to anyone. Makoto can’t be the traitor because Hina is about to tell him who it is, and Kyosuke can’t be because Hina is willing to say this in front of Kyosuke, which, I believe she realizes that he could kill all 3 of them easily.  

So, the question we’ve all been asking. Who is it?

  • There is none. The theory of AI Junko is still up for grabs. I find this highly unlikely at this point that her AI is in one of them, but I’m not ruling out a reappearance of her. 
  • Chisa Yukizome. Her death could have been a fake much like Junko’s was in the first game. I’ve been on this theory for a while now and still sticking by it to some degree. I wouldn’t put this past her as a actual confirmed despair of the FF Mutual Killing Game to fake her death to achieve a higher goal. Maybe to make Kyosuke fall to despair?
  • 13th Division Head. The mysterious person who has yet to appear. They are either leading the siege to Jabberwack Island or are in some way apart of despair imo.
Danganronpa Episode 8 Analysis
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Honest to god there isn’t much to discuss in this episode bc everything is pretty cut and dry…

So we get a inside on Koichi’s past. He’s been fighting (a lot it seems) on the FF front lines with other teachers and FF members. He’s lost a lot of people, seen shit. I already knew this was gonna be bad for him taken the last despair arc episode.

A random thing I want to note. Miaya Robot turned right. She probably doesn’t have a wrist band code, but if she has a real one this confirms that she lied to Makoto and Hina. Just wanted to point this out.

Monaca (kinda) is still protecting Makoto and Kyosuke has completely lost his shit. Great. 

And now oh shit lets talk about Kyoko, Koichi and Ruruka which is the pain part of this episode.

Well firstly, all the theories about Yoi probably being alive are thrown out the window. He dead, and bc of Ruruka and im salty. Tbh the main reason why I liked Ruruka was bc of Yoi. Now he gone and im left feeling meh?

There was a post I saw, idk who the tumblr user was, but they mentioned that Juzo and Yoi’s eyes were similar bc of the sweets, and Ruruka was controlling Yoi all along. I disagree. Yoi and Juzo’s behavior’s are so polar opposite that I find this hard to believe. Juzo’s breathing is ragged, he’s deranged. Yoi never displayed these emotions + he hadn’t had Ruruka’s sweets the whole time in the killing game. He didn’t display any side affects. 

This being said I still like Ruruka, like I don’t hate her bc she has her own motives and shit, but damn I’m salty she attacked Kyoko & killed Yoi like UGH 

I expected a lot of character development from her. Seiko’s death was supposed to change her imo and it didn’t. She was cold, she was cold with Yoi. She did only care about herself in the end. No wonder why she didn’t like the FF, because they cared/care about the interests of all of humanity meanwhile Ruruka only cares about her own wellbeing and those important around her who can help/protect her and what she cares about. Is this wrong? Yes and no. But it’s up to the people around her to realize/find out the truth and make their own decisions and its up to Ruruka to decide her own path. This is what she chose. A life where killing anyone at any means comes almost natural to her. This being said, I do not hate Ruruka nor want to see any hate on her. Can we please remember that Junko did the exact same thing? She killed Mukuro and Matsuba to fall into despair and twisted them around her fingers to do what she wanted them to do. Flirted with them, insulted them and then killed them. You can’t hate one and not the other, even when the latter does more damage too. 

And that flash back with Juzo? I guess there was a time in HPA, probably around the events of D0, where Juzo came across Junko and failed to kill/capture her and disappointed Kyosuke and he is still haunted by this. Probably when the security guards/trustees/idk who they were whoops were killed outside and Kyoko found them, and Junko danced on their corpuses? I think this happened idk my memory is fuzzy but ANYWAYS I think this interaction happened here but who knows. 

And Koichi oh Koichi god bless his soul. So he saved Kyoko, and probably the first class in doing so. I don’t think Monaca calculated that Koichi would throw away his life but then again, maybe she did?

And we can see that Ruruka’s candy isn’t that powerful because Juzo was unaffected as well. Only for a brief moment he was. Plus we got Ruruka’s NG code and more proof on Juzo’s. 

So, whats next? Remember only a few episodes are left! My predictions…

  • Well Kyosuke will probably defeat Miaya robot for good. This is gonna end Makoto’s protection. 
  • We are gonna get a cut to Monaca who is watching as a NEET in space (orz) and she is probably gonna reveal a clue about the killer.
  • I am expecting a Kyoko and Togami meet up by the direction that Kyoko is running and the fact that the building is sinking (wut) and he is now locked in too. He doesn’t have a NG code, but he is now apart of the game.
    • How funny would it be if the timer ran out and when they all fell asleep he got a NG code LOLZ 
  • Makoto is going to run into Ruruka probably and Juzo, that is, if Juzo doesn’t kill Ruruka by either leaving or plain killing her. 
  • Ruruka either gonna die or gonna die probs.
  • I think Juzo has a change of heart towards Kyoko. He probably gonna find Kyosuke and be all sorts of confused.
Danganronpa Episode 4 Analysis
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Holy. Hell.

This episode had me on the edge of my seat. A lot of interesting things happened, & by far my favorite parts were with my OTP Ruruka/Yoi + Seiko and the appearance of Monica at the end. 

First, we have Kyoko & co vs Juzo. 

From this encounter a few things are certain-ish:

  1. Juzo’s forbidden action is punching/using his fists, as he so clearly could have punched Tengan but didn’t.
  2. I still don’t trust Tengan.

I don’t understand his strength, and the weapons are explainable, but him defeating the Ultimate Boxer strikes me as strange. His flamboyant attitude puts me off, and I don’t like how every tense situation results in him laughing and brushing it off. Something is up with him and I’m not pushing that aside. 

And I was right about Kyosuke trying to find Yukizome in Makoto. Because when Tengan addresses how Kyosuke is acting the way he is because Yukizome is now dead, he loses it, and Tengan uses that to his advantage. He still doesn’t want to face reality, especially without her. 

Now addressing Ruruka, Yoi and Seiko.

They still be on da run from monster Seiko. What is interesting is what happens latter on in the episode, however, when Ruruka is cowering in fear.

They all got each other expelled from HPA. How? Why? So many questions are left unanswered. If whatever happened to them broke their friendship, it must have been during HPA and not when they were in the FF. I still wonder what it is though?

Whatever it may be, it is clear it has something to do with Seiko’s “transformation”. Ruruka is cowering in fear, and even Yoi knows that when she is like this, escaping isn’t gonna work out. Even when Ruruka calls out to Seiko, claiming they all “used to be friends”, when Seiko says it’s too late/denies it, it hurts Ruruka, and so she insults her as a traitor again.

I don’t have any solid theories on this. I think Yoi might get hurt from protecting Ruruka because she is scared of Seiko. I thought it was romantic and cute when he was carrying her, but I think he was carrying her because  Ruruka was paralyzed by fear from Seiko. Whatever happened to the three must have something to do with Seiko’s transformation. My only guess could be when she finalized these drugs Ruruka was scared of her, and maybe she told on her to the headmaster? Everything is still up in the air for these three imo.

Then Kyosuke’s fight with Tengan.

Oh me oh my this fight.

Firstly, idk how Tengan matches up to Kyosuke in fighting, but he does––and it ends like this, with Kyosuke agreeing to talk to Tengan and listen to him. 

What I don’t understand, or rather picked up on, was him laughing at his current state. Wouldn’t a normal reaction be more…real? Panicked maybe? Idk if this is just due to his character, which we have seen many times before at how he seems to laugh in the face of danger, but I find him having some despair inside him. Who else looked forward to their own deaths, to despair meeting hope in the ultimate ending? Junko and Monica. Just a thought, however, because I still suspect him as the traitor.

But remember, Kyosuke said that the Traitor could end the game at any time. Him dying now could end the game…or maybe Kyosuke will help him?

And now, for a side note before the big kicker of this episode and the whole Danganronpa fandom…

Koichi was indeed looking for Kyoko. Remember in the last episode when he said he needed to go find “her”? Well her = Kyoko, as he accompanies Kyoko & Ryota in the investigation of GG’s death. Finally, someone is gonna investigate. But why did he want to find her? Who knows! He did mention that he needs to stay close to the detective to find answers so we shall see.

And lastly, the moment that made me literally gasp.

Miaya = Monica.

Oh the irony. The handful of posts alluding to this and so many people fighting over her character, Miaya is indeed Monica. Besides this, this spikes a few questions that I thought of:

  1. So, if Miaya is Monica, then how did she get into the FF?
  2. Monica appears to be fused with Junko (or resembles her a lot), so is she fused or merely playing her part?
  3. Again, where did Nagito take her/did her help her fuse/become the new Junko?
  4. Since Monomi is with Miaya, does she know that Miaya is controlled by Monica? If so, then does Monica control the NWP in hopes of bringing Junko back or maybe uploading her AI into her?

Well, if Monica created Miaya, then her factory creating Monokumas is still up and running, meaning, that they are still out killing the “demons” aka adults and anyone who doesn’t conform to despair.  

I also stand by Nagito helping Monica. We didn’t really see much as to where Nagito was, only that he was back with the despair kids in the opening of the first episode. I still believe he helped Monica to where she is and still is, just like the despair kids are still helping her because they fell back into despair. 

It should be interesting because Junko’s “love interest” Yasuke was killed by her. Does this mean that Monica’s “love interest” Nagisa will also die later on? Who knows, but we all know parallels are big in Danganronpa so anything is possible. 

And the NWP.

I’ve been on this for a long time now. We still don’t have any solid proof as to what happened to the NWP after the Ultimate Despairs got out. I think it is still up and running, because Monomi (+ Chiaki and Alter Ego) is/are operational on Miaya’s screen, and therefore, Monica is in hold and has control of the NWP. What does this really mean? Well she could use this to capture people and willingly convert them to despair, that way its more efficient than them wearing those headsets and being controlled. Again, anything could happen. 

But doesn’t this make the audience think that Monica/Miaya is the traitor? If she is trying to emulate Junko, then she put herself into the final killing game just like she did, with no ones knowledge of who she is. But what’s going to happen from here on out? Again, the “traitor” in the first killing game wasn’t Junko, so therefore, it can’t be Monica if we are going off these principles of her copying Junko to a T. 

Because remember, in the first killing game, Sakura was the traitor, not Junko. Junko was the mastermind. If Monica is copying Junko, than she is the mastermind and not the traitor. She is simply playing the game because she is so filled with Despair. Thats exactly why she is close with Makoto, because she want’s to understand the hope that Junko found in Makoto and why she loved him and who he embodied so much. 

Also, why did Miaya accompany Tengan and Aoi rather than go wit Kyoko? To follow Tengan, the traitor, and to make sure he doesn’t do anything rash/die maybe…?

But who da faq knows anymore.

Danganronpa Episode  5 Despair Arc Theory?

So ok I’m not making episode analysis like I do for the future arc, but gdi I needed to make this post.

in the opening scene of the episode we see Yukizome say this:

She states that she suffered, loss hope, pandemonium. Did that strike anyone else as odd or at least raise any attention ??

But she seems her cheery self, until she asks Juzo about the Kamukura Project.

She’s intent on getting more information, but why? She seems to already put the pieces of the puzzle together, by linking Hajime to the project. Why does she need more information that she has to physically be there in order to confirm what is going on?

I understand her position as a FF member, but her curiosity and intent on being more involved in the project urks me. She even goes as far to put Juzo’s life at risk in order to do so, a move I wouldn’t see her making before she went to teach in the Reserve course. This is Chisa Yukizome we are talking about. The lovable, caring teacher and person that would do anything for anyone, keep anyone out of harms way and help them grow, jesus even defend someone who bombed the school. Her putting Juzo at risk like that, when he implies that death could be a outcome, strikes me as unnerving and unlike her normal character. She completely disregards Juzo’s concerns…

And what strikes me as even more odd is when Junko shows up. 

When Makoto enters the school for the first time, what does Junko say?

“Maybe I’ll have a fated meeting with someone?”

Then, it pans to Hajime…

This is Junko Enoshima. She wasn’t about to enter HPA if there wasn’t any chance of her spreading despair. She would have gone a different route, used her fame as a pop start to get her what she wanted. She knew going into HPA that something was going on in order for her chance to be handed to her on practically a silver platter.

I believed that someone tipped her off about the Kamukara Project. I like to believe that Yukizome told her about the Kamukara Project, and here are my thoughts.

  • Once Yukizome went into the reserve course and she tracked down Nagito (either out of guilt by failing him, worry, whatever the reason she found him like she found all her students before), and he either talked her into despair (which I find unlikely) or he did what I assume caused him to fall to despair––gave her the despair book.
  • How did Nagito come across this book? He’s SHSL Lucky Student––he just did.
  • Yukizome read it but stopped half way, and fell into this twisted view of despair and hope, and thats when Nagito introduced her to Junko. How did Nagito know Junko? His SHSL Luck allowed him to meet her and talk about despair and hope.
  • Yukizome discussed with Junko about this “project” that she’s heard about and doesn’t know what to do. & this makes Junko enlist into HPA.
  • Junko also tells Yukizome to get more information about it, how it happened and details, ect. And this is why Yukizome is so insistent on Juzo getting her that access pass because she is being fueled by despair.
  • Remember when Junko told Mukuro that they were going to attend HPA? She wasn’t exactly all that informed before hand, in fact, she was shocked to some extent. It was a spontaneous decision, why? Because the Kamukara Project had just finished and Junko wanted to meet Izuru for herself. 

But what’s more interesting? kinda

Who does that look like to you? Or resemble?

Kyosuke Munakata.

Maybe it’s just the hair, or the white suit, or the red tie, maybe it’s me reaching for clues and answers, but gdi anything could be a hint or clue. Not that this is necessary in my theory, but just something to note.

This series gives these “blue characters” either no characteristics or very important ones. Just something to watch for in the future I guess. 

Danganronpa Episode 6 Analysis
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We start with Kyosuke reflecting on his time with Yukizome and Juzo. Personally, this reflection means more than just him grieving over her death. He is remembering her in order to let her go. Why? I feel that he plans on doing things that she wouldn’t be proud of and therefore needs to let her go in order to do what he has decided to accomplish. That could be my only reasoning for him stabbing Yukizome as he left. He is making sure that her ghost can’t haunt him anymore, and that she can’t weigh on his mind forever. She’s gone and he needed to realize that. 

I’m taking this thought all the way back to the last episode. Seiko and Izayoi, because as you all know they are dead. But in typical danganronpa fashion, there is another pattern.Yoi and Seiko both were stabbed in the chest. Whom else repeated this action in the opening scene. Kyosuke. This would explain how he got Seiko’s medicine and Yoi’s weapons. 

What I found off-putting was that Ruruka didn’t react the way I thought she would. I wanted tears, screaming, pain. But she was so….composed? We do see however how she latched on to Kyoko & Co, claiming that she “can’t do anything on her own” which most people already knew was true. She seems to already be latching onto Ryouta to me. I still think she is unaware of Seiko’s death.

I also wanted to touch on Makoto’s dream he had.

In it, Kyosuke’s words are haunting him. This isn’t a game, and Makoto now realizes this. But I wanted to point out Kyoko’s position in this dream. She was the victim of his incompetence. He failed. Her death I think would trigger him much like Yukizome’s did for Kyosuke. Mark my words, if Kyoko dies (or is injured) Makoto isn’t going to take it lightly. 

Then we have Kyoko & Co out investigation.

What I find interesting was the interaction between Kyoko and Koichi. He implied that “The only reason there are murders is because there are detectives to solve them” (along those lines). Koichi is a interesting person. Much like Kyoko, everything he says has a meaning, a reason. He himself is trying to weed out the traitor. Me like. I also would like to know who his “friend” was that hated detectives. 

But lets talk about what really urks me.

Byakuya appeared, my salty baby finally is gonna shed some light on the situation. Firstly, we are informed that the Mutual Killing Game hasn’t been broadcasted worldwide. Wanna know why? Because what if there was really no traitor? The Mutual Killing Game is just that––mutual killings. FF pinned against each other all because maybe Chisa Yukizome took her own life and brought the rest into despair.  We also know that IRL Miaya is dead and that Byakuya knows that she is a fake. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to call this the 3rd killing game? Why Mutual? Because there is no intended force to kill anyone. Monokuma and Monaca are simply playing this game out and watching everyone turn on one another.

Some things to note at the end:

  • Byakuya is coming to help the FF. Seems to me like he is the new leader of the FF by the way the animation makes him look.
  • FF peace members are heading to attack Jabberwack Island. 
    More importantly, wtf is up with Hajime. In the 1st episode he appears to be Izuru, but now he looks like Hajime/Izuru combination. His attitude is off putting as well. 
  • Toko and Komaru are in Towa city, most likely going to be sent to find Monaca via Byakuya. 

I wanted to touch on Hajime as well.

We see that in the final scene, he seems joined with himself and Izuru. Before, when Makoto referenced him in episode 2/3, he was Izuru, and in the opening of 1 he was as well. This leads me to believe that after the NWP and the 2nd killing game he realized who he was. He remembered his time at HPA and the Reserve Course and Chiaki and everything that happened, he just didn’t know what to do about everything. I believe that he made up the excuse that Junko could be saved from the NWP and that’s why Monaca and Co haven’t destroyed it yet. The NWP is the only shining light to save the Despairs I think, so it would make sense to destroy it right? Well Hajime doesn’t want to. Granted there might be a real chance to save Junko, but I believe that Hajime remembered Chiaki and knows that she is alive in the NWP & therefore wants to save her. 

Or maybe this is me being a big hinananami shipper orz

Danganronpa Episode 7 Analysis
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So I am basing this analysis off of @shokumei-no-yugi‘s post on a quick summary, which is basically all I needed to raise some questions and theories. Check their post, but this screencap is a summary of the episode.

So, the question I’ve been asking since day numero uno is what did Nagito do to Monaca.

Or, more so, where did he take her?

Firstly, if you never played D:AE or watched a playthrough, you should. It’s really gonna answer a lot of questions on the Ultimate Lil’ Despairs and how they got where they were and Komaru and Toko’s friendship and backstory and such. You can go to this youtube link and watch just the cutscenes too, thats really all you need you don’t need the game play.

So I posted a while ago, and idk where/what the post was but I basically said where did Nagito take Monaca after AE? Well, I want to state some things/theories/idea/thoughts

  • Nagito has Junko’s hand (her right one I think). What if Monaca has a part of Junko as well? We know she wouldn’t have her hands, because both are shown in multiple episodes. But what if Monaca has Junko’s brain? Or in the process of getting her brain and uploading her AI into it than into her? Thoughts, idk how possible that is in the DR universe.
  • Nagito took Monaca somewhere. I think wherever he took her is super important. But where he took her he had to have left her, because then he was put into the NWP. 
  • Nagito convinced Monaca to follow Junko. Honestly, D:AE Monaca wasn’t entirely devoted into despair imo. Nagito pushed her, implanted the idea of her becoming Junko rather than trying to impress her. 

Now, with those thoughts said, I wanted to touch on this as well. Monaca said that she isn’t hope or despair, she’s doing her own thing basically. Why is this important? Because 1 she isn’t like the ultimate despairs. She shows that she has some reason to her, having the monokuma’s fly her away rather than facing Toko because she knows she can’t win. Would Junko run away? No. We saw her attack Izuru, pull out a eye ball of a HPA trustee, kill people. Junko wouldn’t run away, hell, she faced her own ultimate punishment. Monaca hasn’t tasted despair like Junko, and honestly, I believe she is afraid of that.

& 2 Monaca wants change. And I think the beginning when she is emulating Hitler (I know this comparison is out there but listen) that she is demonstrating that she has the power, the will to push forward with her ideals, but won’t do the dirty work herself. She puts her “threats” in a killing game, and has people controlled by monokumas/monokumas robots do her work for her. This is exactly how hitler had his people blindly follow him, and putting the intended “threats” to Germany in camps. 

And I want to state with that comparison, I’m not trying to be rude. I wanted to point this out in relation to Monaca’s character. Sorry if I offended anyone!

What’s this mean? Well basically it shows just how scared Monaca is of failure. She doesn’t want to fail Junko, but can’t take that final plunge into Despair. So, I think Monaca is going to write her own rules. We see how Monaca has developed a “personality disorder” where she gets bored easily and changed personalities much like Junko did, and I wouldn’t be shocked if she did have another personality. 

We even see her fear in D:AE where she gets crushed by the building from the mega monokuma. Before she got crushed, we was ready for the “despair” bc she truly thought that she was gonna die and embraced it bc she wanted to be like Junko. But she didn’t. Even worse for her it left her paralyzed from the hips (or so) down and very much alive to live in her own sorrow and shame. That’s not despair, its failure

tl;dr Monaca is afraid of true despair. 

Now, Monaca states that she isn’t the mastermind, but knows who it is. And we also have a traitor running about. Thoughts?

  • Monaca could be referring to Junko still being the mastermind, because Monaca isn’t on the side of Despair.  I find this unlikely though.
  • I find Nagisa being the mastermind unlikely.
  • I also find Izuru being the mastermind unlikely.
  • If I had to pick anyone from the future arc I’d pick Yukizome. I’ve explained many reasons on how she emulates Junko, but to summarize…
    • Yukizome died first, much like “Junko” did.
    • Yukizome was heavily involved with the 78th class of despair and Nagito. Wouldn’t be weird if she came across Junko at some point at HPA.
    • Yukizome stated herself that she suffered, loss hope, felt pandemonium during her time in the Reserve Course. 
    • SHE STATED THAT SHE   L O S T   H O P E  ! ! !
    • Anyways, *cough cough*, Yukizome has put people she “cares” about at risk of being fired, or worse. (When she got the trustee pass from Juzo). 
    • Junko knew about the Kamukura project. From who? Maybe Yukizome told her…
    • Also, Yukizome is the Ultimate Housekeeper  while Monaca was the Lil’ Ultimate Homeroom. Don’t these sound…similiar? Yukizome was a homeroom teacher as well in HPA. Also, Monaca was from a large, wealthy family. What if Yukizome did undercover work while working for the Towa group? 
  • Point being, there are a lot of possibilities/chances for Yukizome to fall into despair and for her to help Monaca. 
  • This could mean that, yes, Monaca/Miaya is the traitor amongst the FF, but Yukizome is the mastermind.

 And, uh, Monaca flew…but into space? 

Anyways, I want to also discuss about what Monaca said. She told Komaru, who then told Makoto, that someone from the first class in the killing game will die. Hmm, possible options/theories on this?

  • Makoto: Might be forced to take his own life down the road in order to ensure hope.
  • Aoi: Will die from her wrist band thingy by protecting someone (makoto or kyoko).
  • Kyoko: Will either be killed from Juzo, since the last panel showed them both. Or maybe from Kyosuke? She also hasn’t been around Makoto, and if her wrist band thingy is that she can’t talk to him, she might tell him her thoughts, or give him her journal as her last effort to help before she dies via poison bc she is being chased. 
  • Hagakure: well he is just dodging lasers outside currently so….
  • Togami: Plane could always crash, get swarmed by Monokumas, lil’ ultimate desparis could end him maybe?
  • Toko: Same as Togami I would assume.
  • Junko: Now, listen. Her AI could still be alive, meaning, she is “alive”. Monaca could destroy her AI and officially break away from Junko as the new leader of the new found despair.

My thoughts? Either Makoto, Aoi or Junko’s from above seem the most likely to me. But what are your thoughts?

When the subbed episode comes out I may add screnecaps or change some things if they aren’t true. Stay tuned!