On the subject of Junko Enoshima... (Crowds random rant)

Junko: ”Hey… Isn’t this world of preexisting harmony boring?”


I have to say that I find Junko Enoshima, the villainess of the Danganronpa series, to be a fascinating deconstruction of the ”chessmaster” (that is, a person who is able to think many steps ahead of everyone else).

To be honest, I used to find Junko to be a character that was kinda hard to get a grip on. I’m not sure if it’s because I hadn’t read the Danganronpa Zero novel or if my memory of the past two games is a bit hazy… But after the latest episode of Danganronpa 3 (Despair episode 6 or episde 12 all-in-all), we got a truly fascinating scene between Junko and Izuru Kamukura.


Izuru: ”Junko Enoshima, you have super analytic abilities, which allow you to see many steps in advance. So why did you do this, knowing you couldn’t win?”

Junko: ”Oh, so you don’t know? You ought to have super analytic abilities yourself, though…”


Junko: *smile/smirk* ”See?”

 Junko: ”Despair is an unknown. Because of my super analyctic ability, I was thoroughly bored with this world. The ’hope’ everyone longs for is just preexisting harmony. But despair was the one thing that was different. The heart-racing excitement of messy despair has a taste like you’ve never known! Despair is the one thing that brings chaos to this world. Just like a single bullet setting off a world war, despair has the power to throw this world into chaos! Look at me now! I’m having so much fun! Even now, I’m filled with despair and excitement!”

Junko: ”Can you understand me?”


Junko made it clear from the very beginning, in the first Danganronpa game, that she does things for her own amusement, or as she puts it: for “despair”. Now, if despair is something that she associates with the unknown and unpredictable… then her actions and obsession makes a lot more sense to me. She’s still a horrible person, don’t get me wrong… but as a character, she’s a fascinating deconstruction of what can go wrong when you can predict literally anything coming your way… and then get BORED out of your mind with that. It’s the same as with Izuru. They find the world to be mindbogglingly boring, and searches for something… ANYTHING… that can relieve that boredom. It doesn’t make what they’re doing right in any shape or form. Definitely not! But it does make them somewhat more understandable as characters.

Well, I think that Asahina and Oogami would probably have matching cell phone charms (more than likely picked out by Asahina).

Kuwata’s phone probably had a cracked screen…

Hagakure’s phone… was probably abducted by aliens…

Celes would definitely have something sleek and black (and more than likely kinda expensive)!

Togami would have the newest, most expensive phone.

I… can’t really see Fukawa owning a phone, honestly…

Kirigiri… well, she probably wouldn’t have anything with a touch screen since she’s always wearing gloves, so she probably had a flip phone of sorts!

I think that Ikusaba and Enoshima would have matching cases on their phones! 

Maizono’s phone would be decorated with cute things like bows (those are what girls find cute, right?).

Yamada’s phone would be full of… what did he call them again…? His… “waifus” I think?

Fujisaki’s phone would have Alter Ego on it! 

I’m sure Oowada would have a strong and durable phone!

And Ishimaru probably had a walkie-talkie… because you know… phones and school don’t really mix well.