DR3 NG codes - analysis

Now that episode Mirai 12 has been aired, we know all the NG codes / forbidden actions, as well as the identity of the mastermind and their (complex) motives. I’ve done some thinking over the codes, and even though during the series they looked all over the place, now I’m rather convinced that they were carefully chosen for each participant. So, I’d like to make a short analysis on every code, especially on how bad they are for the player and what might have been the masterminds motive for choosing them. I’ll be happy to hear any other opinions, of course!

Spoilers inside, obviously

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the thing that’s been worrying me lately re: juuzo sakakura is that he’s starting to get the kaworu treatment in fandom and by this i mean his sexuality being treated as a character trait and his only one at times. which makes me sad because not only it comes across as fetishizing at times, it is a disservice to how his character is written (i really like the fact that the series shows his orientation in a realistic and non-sexualized way)

please show me sakakura juzo, the former shsl boxer, an unpleasant and rough guy but fiercely loyal to munakata whom he loves, not just (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・GAY JUUZO SAKAKURA IS GAY!!! ✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) he deserves that

Okay so it has come to my attention that many people do not know about what is in my opinion the best event to ever occur in the entirety of the Cesspool that was Early Dangan Ronpa Fandom

Most people can recall the more horrific elements of those days, ie terrible discourse powerpoints. However, very few of my friends have displayed prior knowledge of the one redeeming light at the end of the tunnel

I speak, of course, of the Junkos Meme

It’s not surprising that this meme has been buried and lost to the majority, as it is hidden in the massive amount of commentary on the original SA LP for Dangan Ronpa, and most people prefer to read the actual content of the LP rather than sift through every single comment that follows. In addition, once the forums were moved to the archive, I’m pretty sure all of the comments were lost, unless some dedicated soul has saved them all from the ravages of time.

In any case, I read every single post due to three factors:

  • I love people and communities with all of my heart and nothing brings me more satisfaction than tracking patterns in their behaviour. I ocassionally sift through entire fanfic archives to take a census on reoccuring trends in fic content over time. I’m in deep
  • I thrive off of seeing other people react to things I like
  • I am a shitfuckign memer and want to see whatever Fresh New Memes roll in

This meant that i carefully read through each and every forum post on that LP until i reached the very last installment at the time (as an aside, this led to me learning about the existence of Ghost Trick, Touhou, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Agatha Christie). 

The greatest discovery by far was that of the Junkos Meme

You see, the very first time the cast of dangan ronpa was introduced, someone innocuously posted something along the lines of “I don’t trust the smiley girl with the pigtails.” I can no longer access the original comments to check the exact phrasing, but I think it had something to do with her smile.  

In any case, from there on every time something suspicious happened, at least one person would pipe up with a jocular, “junko’s at it again” or somethign of the sort

This only increased after Mukuro-as-Junko’s death. The joke was that it was so implausible, so ridiculous to blame everything on Junko that it was akin to claiming aliens had abducted one’s hamburger. It was the forum’s pet Eridan-is-an-allegory-for-the-obama-administration theory, the funny kind of idea that couldn’t have any credibility whatsoever.

Then people started puling pieces together. They made long speculation posts, quoting dialogue and images. Junkos wasn’t looking so silly anymore. Still, no one took it seriously, and the meme was used ever more frequently. Pictures of Yasuhiro modeled after the screencap stating, “I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens”  were edited to say  the same phrase with Junkos in place of “aliens”

However, as previously stated, Something Awful hates memes, the translator and poster of the LP hated memes, and a large percentage of the people with banning powers Hated Memes. Junkos was banned shortly before the final installments of the LP.

Which, in hindsight, is perhaps the most hilarious thing of all. 

Wait, no, I changed my mind. The most hilarious part is that Junkos was also banned in the SDR2 LP thread, and yet the end of the game did not only reveal that yet Again it was Junkos but it also had the potential to be Seven Billion Junkos

Tl;dr memes are a powerful force and can tell us much about how we interpret and react to standard tropes and subversions of them. also i love them.