wooooo ! i actually made a good looking backside of fukawa ’ v ’ i’m happy on how it turned out

dangan fairytale ➡ Naegi, the Extremely Normal Human Boy | Fukawa, the Futakuchi-Onna | Tsumiki, the Mouse | Kirigiri, the ???? | Komaeda, the Maneki-Neko

Full-size please! Tumblr kills the quality. :P

I really like Mondo’s Dangan Fairytale AU  (SPOILER WARNING AT LINK FOR DR AND SDR2) sprite edits. So I thought I’d do some otp art with Dragon!Sonia and Sorceror!Gundam. Dunno if he’s got poison skin for real in this AU (or if it’s just him being the way he is about touch), but I wanted to try and fail calligraphy. 


“Do you feel you are worth to be in the presence, the presence of a Noble Dragon?”

god these guys took the longest to do jfc at least i got them out of the way now! also listening to the muramasa ost really helped w/ kuzuryuu’s design

dangan fairytale ➡ ❧ Noble Dragons Edit❧ Togami, the Dragon of Earth | Sonia, the Dragon of Wind | Kuzuryuu, the Dragon of Water 



Shortly, I’ll be setting up a site where I can archive all of the pages when they come out. However, I’ll still be uploading them in sets like these. Keep an eye out for the first few pages of Chapter.1 coming next!

Hehe, these first few pages aren’t changed much, not so much new stuff, it’s mostly just Mondo’s legend (which is well-written as it is so I really didn’t alter it much), but you guys do get to see the page layout and some drawings.

The Dangan Fairytale AU was created by Mondo!

Once upon a time, two rabbits lived in the Great Forest.  One resided in the White Forest, and one resided in the Dark Forest.  The White Forest rabbit was cheerful, friendly, with a strict adherence to the rules.  The Dark Forest rabbit was harsh and abrasive, wary of others and quick to anger.

One would have thought these two rabbits had absolutely nothing in common.

And yet, despite this, they had more in common than almost any two beings in the Great Forest.

After all…

they technically were the same being.

I wanted to try papercraft again, and I’ve been doodling Bunnyshida all over my notes in class, so?? yeah this was inevitable aHA;;

as i said on my RP account, I headcanon bunnymaru and bunnyshida as literal doppelgangers [though i really love the idea of them being brothers too aaaAH;;] and uh

yeah;; \m/


You … you’re no ordinary human, aren’t you? After all, how could a human like yourself end up in a place like this, a place you would call ‘unreal’? 

WHEEEE Dangan Fairytale Possessed sprites set 1 done out of 2? (or 3) + bonus sprite!

dangan fairytale ➡ POSSESSED! ➡ Bunnyshida | Chihiro Fawnjisaki | Sonia Nevermind | Hiyoko Saionji (repost) ➡ BONUS! ➡ Creator!Naegi
(Creator!Naegi Theory ((in the middle-ish sort)))

a few things about the possessed guys : 

  • Animals get a power up, and can control elements that corresponds to what animal they are. (IE : Saionji can manipulate fire ; Chihiro can manipulate earth / plants / trees)
  • ^^^If they are a magical creature / divine being / wolf / higher status than an animal, their powers get boosts and become 2x times stronger than when they weren’t possessed.
  • Can be manipulated by whoever is possessing them, and only do what they are told to do.
  • Red eyes.
  • Dark sides.