✰ Dangan Fairytale - Once Upon Another Time … ✰

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Once upon a time, two rabbits lived in the Great Forest.  One resided in the White Forest, and one resided in the Dark Forest.  The White Forest rabbit was cheerful, friendly, with a strict adherence to the rules.  The Dark Forest rabbit was harsh and abrasive, wary of others and quick to anger.

One would have thought these two rabbits had absolutely nothing in common.

And yet, despite this, they had more in common than almost any two beings in the Great Forest.

After all…

they technically were the same being.

I wanted to try papercraft again, and I’ve been doodling Bunnyshida all over my notes in class, so?? yeah this was inevitable aHA;;

as i said on my RP account, I headcanon bunnymaru and bunnyshida as literal doppelgangers [though i really love the idea of them being brothers too aaaAH;;] and uh

yeah;; \m/