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*points @ yuseirra* that my girl is doing mankind's greatest deeds, she's giving up her time and showering us with endlessly inspiration and love, what do we deserve to have someone keeping the dangan ronpa fandom alive

Ahh anon ;v; you don’t know how much this ask helped me, I think I found and read this right after I came out from an exam and it cheered me up a lot..!////

I feel like haven’t been contributing that much to this fandom lately ><.. not much fanarts, or anything else really so I feel really shy, but I’m happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying what I could offer!

I’ve been revisiting PQ songs after my exams, so I thought I’d draw naegiri in PQ’s art style! I hope you like it! Hopefully they look like it too because I didn’t trace or anything ><;;// I just looked at the official arts and.. yeah

PQ’s artstyle looks so cute… I bet they’ll go along with anything! :) Have a nice day, and I’ll try to do more things related to dr when I feel like it///♥

@oumasaiweek Day 3: Truth/Lies

The outside world isn’t what any of them expected beyond the wall. It’s not what they remembered, but it’s not quite like how Shirogane described it either. The world has largely moved on from Dangan Ronpa, as if it never happened. Saihara wishes they could prosecute Team Dangan Ronpa, but they’ve vanished without a trace, leaving the three of them alone in a world they can’t make sense out of.

As much as Shirogane lied, she did tell the truth about their classmates. They were all tossed in an unmarked grave nearby the End Wall. They only found it because of Harukawa-san’s familiarity with them. It’s not unmarked anymore.

Here lies the contestants of the final season of Dangan Ronpa.
May their sacrifice be remembered.

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