dangan ronpa pixels

Toko Fukawa Idle animation update

I’ve said numerous times I wanted to go back and improve the older ones in my series of Danganronpa idle animations, and of course Fukawa, who didn’t even have any actions originally, would be first on the list. I had this exact animation in mind very early on.

There’s a lot more motion in this than the other ones, and of course the Genocider Syo/Genocide Jack part only made things more challenging… I decided to add an iconic background, too - the cafeteria from DR1- since I had already come this far and wanted to go another extra mile.



Fun facts:

1. Nekomaru doesn’t know how to use a bed.

2. Akane’s boobs can not be restricted by a blanket.

3. Mikan likes to go on her knees.

4. Akane likes this too, but only outdoors.

5. Gundham’s eyelids match the color of his eyes.

6. Nekomaru can dig the pavement with a spade.

7. Akane can do it too… with a toy spade.