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Donut Stall
Dangan Ronpa
Donut Stall

uh so i tried translating part of track 4 from the dangan ronpa drama cd!!

its about running a donut shop for the school festival and wearing aprons and stuff YEAH

Aoi: Sakura-chan!! Get thi- uggyaHHHH!

Sakura: Ooof!

Aoi: Heh heh… sorry! You were cleaning, weren’t you? I’ll help pick them up. But before that! I was thinking of putting up a food stall for the school festival! What do you think? Do you want to do it with me?

Chihiro: A food stall… Ah! Asahina-san were you thinking of opening a donut shop?

Aoi: Donuts are the best!! Ehe, was it that obvious? You get to care freely line up donuts, then eat them! A chance like this doesn’t come often!

Sakura: If you’re selling them as merchandise at your store… eating them yourself is…

Aoi: It’s okay!! It’s totally okay!! You have to taste test them, don’t you? To let everyone eat delicious donuts, first you have to taste test… all the donuts…. one by one… heh heh heh….

Chihiro: You’ll get fat.

Aoi: Eh?! Uh, then… I’ll only try two of them

…no, one.. I’ll…taste..one of them… is that ok..?

Sakura: That isn’t necessarily the problem..!

Chihiro: Wouldn’t it be fine if Oogami-san helped you with a diet?

Aoi: Once the school festival ends I’m going to do a lot of sports!!! That’ll be okay, right? So, Sakura-chan let’s run the donut stall together!

Sakura: ..hm..mm….

Chihiro: Um! Will you be selling them wearing… aprons? The donuts…

Aoi: That should be obvious!! They are going to be super cute ones!! Why do you ask?

Chihiro: Oogami-san will also be wearing an apr- ah, no, nothing…

That sounds nice… I want to wear an apron too…

Aoi: Then let’s do it together!!

Chihiro: Eh? That would be okay?

Aoi: Of course!! So anyway… if you know how to make donuts, could you tell me?

"Dangan Ronpa"
"Dangan Ronpa"

Every Dangan Ronpa character saying “Dangan Ronpa”, from the Rearrange Soundtrack + Drama CD (Japanese voices, first game).

In order: Monobear, Naegi, Leon, Maizono, Mondo, Chihiro, Celes, Yamada, Ishimaru, Sakura, Asahina, Hagakure, Fukawa, Togami, Kirigiri, and “Junko”.

heckarchive404  asked:

I'm really super sorry if you've been asked this like a 103453 times before but where can I hear more from the drama CD?! where they voiced free time events!!!? where's that shit I need it

Actually I don’t get this question a lot lmfao so don’t worry ;P

Anyway, If you’re looking for the voiced free time events they are all bundled in one track right here! One FTE for each character but the number of it varies from first/second/final/ etc. 

I’m still trying to find the rest of the FTE’s, but they are scattered everywhere @A@ (atleast I managed to get ishimaru’s first FTE) iF SOMEONE COULD POST THEM ALL FOR EACH CHARACTER WITH LINKS I’D BE VERY PLEASED there’s a high demand for Mondo from me cause his VA is damn amusing. especially when he voices a happy mondo omfg :’D)

You can download a rip of the cd that someone uploaded here  But I;m not sure if that file also had the voiced Free time events;; (some tracks didn’t work for me :C) From what I know, these tracks are about the DR cast working on a School Cultural Festival. 

I try to collect all tracks in my dangan ronpa drama cd tag, there’s several translations in there from the School Festival series but nngh not everything UGH i need to organize sometime ( T-T) 

oh and there’s also the dangan ronpa radio tag. I guess that is relevant too.


One last thing about the trailer, before I finally shut the hell up about it.

My knowledge of Japanese societal norms is minimal, so if something here’s wrong, let me know.

Here, Iruma refers to Gonta as simply that: Gonta. No honoriffic. Just Gonta.

Now, let’s look at someone else who doesn’t use honoriffics: Hajime Hinata.

The first words Hinata says here are: Oi, Koizumi. Not Oi, Mahiru, but Oi, Koizumi.

Over in Japan, classmates are usually referred to by last name, unless if you’re on friendly terms. For example, someone like Ibuki uses first names: she probably thinks of everyone as friends, because that’s kind of her style.

She also uses the suffix -chan (ちゃん) to address everyone, even boys. (-chan is primarily for girls.) You can see so in her drama CD here.

Now let’s take Ouma, who also uses some names in the trailer.

You see that? That’s right, it’s ちゃん. -chan. Probably used because it’s cutesy. (Kizakura refers to Chisa as Chisa-chan in the anime when arguing with Juzo.)

But Ouma’s using last names. Harukawa-chan, and Akamatsu-chan respectively.

So that begs the question: Why is Iruma on a first name basis? Is it just her thing? Or, maybe, does she consider Gonta, or perhaps all of her classmates as friends?


DR drama cd voiced free time events: Mondo Oowada

This is fromFreetime event 1, Where Mondo starts the conversation asking what motorcycle Naegi rides. (ofcourse, Naegi doesn’t ride that…)

Everything is basically the same as the gamescript, except a few things in the convo were added like how Naegi asks “When did you start riding?” Mondo answers with “Ah! I started riding together with my brother when we were in elementary school.” to which Naegi is like: “IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?!?!”

Oh, and at the end; you can actually HEAR Mondo being in high spirits about giving Naegi a ride when they get out of school. He also shouts out something like: “Oi Naegi!! This is a man’s promise so you better keep to it, kay? Well, See ya later!” Naegi hurries after him:“W-wait just a sec! I didn’t say anything about a promi—-" But he was already gone.

Naegi at that point was really concerned about his well-being. And life.