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to the anon that requested me this challenging request; i’m never going to work on a video for months now lmao

here you go guys! freakin is hinata gay or european parody

anonymous asked:

Hope episode! Hajime with heterochromia! If you still take requests (if not - or u don't like the idea! - u can ignore this) Izuru is sick and Hajime decides it's prank time. He goes to school with one of his eye red (contact lens) and either pretends he assimilated with Izuru (they're close and Hajime can act like him with no effort) or Hajime acts as if there never was Izuru and he doesn't have a brother (Chiaki and Ko are playing along?). In the end Izuru isn't impressed with Hajime^^

Izuru is sick and Hajime decides it’s prank time. He goes to school with one of his eye red (contact lens) and either pretends he assimilated with Izuru (they’re close and Hajime can act like him with no effort) or Hajime acts as if there never was Izuru and he doesn’t have a brother (Chiaki and Ko are playing along?)


Izuru: When we were young, it was really difficult to tell us apart.
Hajime: But why do you look so happy in this picture?!

Dude, your request made me draw five pages of comic. lol

Anyway, I suggest to everybody to read it twice.

PS: I shouldn’t draw when I am tired. lol

Aaaaaaaaa v3 is SUPER CLOSE!! <3

This is a redraw of my first v3 doodle from September, when the designs were first shown! I still love these two a lot!

NDRV3 Teacher/School AU

In which all the NDRV3 kids are faculty at a high school of some kind

• Kaede is the music teacher. Possibly also Band Director/Orchestra Director/Choir Director. If she’s involved in choir, she insists on playing piano with the students. Every time.

• Angie is the art teacher, obviously.

• Maki is…I wanna say guidance councilor? She’s good with small kids so she either teaches the youngest grade or is a guidance councilor

• Kokichi is that one history teacher who is WAAAYYYY too invested. His favorite units are the ones about empires and conquering. He also really likes the one day when he gets to talk about European Piracy.

• Amami is that one substitute everyone loves because you walk in and just KNOW you’re not doing ANYTHING that day

• Shinguji is an English teacher and he loves the mythology unit (I’m not sure if that’s a standard unit for most schools but it came up in two separate years for me so *shrug emoticon* )

• Himiko is a science teacher. I kind of want to say Chemistry.

• Saihara is an English teacher that loves mystery novels (especially Murder Mysteries).

• Gonta is the biology teacher HANDS DOWN I’m not sure if he would love the dissection unit or would have to do his best not to cry. Either way he’s really nice to the kids who Do Not want to deal with dissection and has an alternate assignment avaliable

• Tenko is the intense gym teacher who actually makes you do sports

• Hoshi is the other gym teacher who doesn’t care what you’re doing so long as you’re doing SOMETHING other than homework or messing around. If you’re not doing something he’ll come whoop your ass into shape though. Beware the small man.

• Keebo/Kiibo is the computer/graphics/coding teacher. If it involves technology he’ll probably be teaching it. He’s kinda awkward and has a bit of trouble explaining how to do the more simple stuff because it’s second nature to him now.

• Tsumugi is…I want to say Home Ec? Every school calls it something else but that one Life Skills Class you get. Idk I imagined her teaching people how to sew and I’m rolling with it.

• Iruma is the OTHER technology computer/robotics/mechanics teacher. She’s in charge of all the stuff that involves building. Sometimes she has to drag Kiibo/Keebo in to help kids code the robots.

• I REALLY WANNA SAY TOUJO IS A JANITOR but I’m just gonna say she helps Tsumugi with the home Ec stuff but Moreso the laundry/cooking parts

• Momota is the astronomy/earth science/earth&space/etc teacher. He really likes space. His final is literally all the unit tests put together he didn’t change a single problem.


The voice-cast greeting Dangan Ronpa in their character’s voices!

They are all taken from the Drama CD, cut and pasted together by me. 


I’M SO NOT COLORING THIS. It took me two days jfc. My ideas are silly and OOC I know. (Monokuma was not invited and Monomi just came along)




I’m a horrible person, I know.

Can you imagine Yukizome’s trip? But she should be resistant to it, she’s already a Despair…