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NDRV3: Kokichi Ouma

Sooo.  You like Ouma, yes?  You feel that he’s been screwed over by some interpretations of his character?  You feel that regardless of his flaws, he still had good intentions in the end and feels TERRIBLE that people are being murdered (Major rule for D.I.C.E is no murder)?  That he wants to end the game, and that he claims “winning” to keep up that mask he must wear and that it’s really to put an end to the killing?  Though with those flaws he does push people’s buttons too much and probably doesn’t always know when to quit since he’s a prankster at his [coughbrainwashedcough] heart?  

Feel that he’s another character to hold “tragic” to his name in Danganronpa?

(Though tbf, I think the real villain in NDRV3 is the “in-game audience” and “Team Danganronpa”, and that the “characters” are tragic as well.  And, sadly, none of us may never know the truth as to who they were and where the lies stopped and began.  For them, and for us. )

Anyways, if you feel that way about Ouma, then I like you :D  

(Note: If you feel that way about Ouma, but still dislike him just because he’s not your type?  That’s fine, too.)

I’m not here to discuss or debate interpretations atm about him.  I just wanted to say my interest in him.

Especially since he angered my heart, broke my heart, and melted my heart before breaking it all over again.  ;;

Okay, moving on.

Blue eyes

The first time she saw him, her pupils dilated. As if she was opening up a path to him, inviting him inside her soul. He slipped into her mind, poured, drip dropped through those black, wide holes. Molten gold gushing through the eye of the needle.

And when he looked at her, she felt the birds in her throat swell and caw cut and twitch and batter against her throat. She felt as though they might finally cut there way free, and he would see all the blood and words she so wanted to spill for him. 

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