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Wait a minute is that…..it is, holy shit it is!!!!!


*Edit* I found a better quality picture, compliments of therandominmyhead


And as promised on the previous page, here’s the new characters that appear to be “blood relatives” of previous students…..

Hiroko Hagakure (CV Chihiro Ishiguro)
A woman with the same family name as the former Hope’s Peak Academy student and Ultimate Clairvoyant, Yasuhiro Hagakure. Though she doesn’t resemble him in appearance at all, she could be thought to be his mom or his older sister or something from her dignified manner?

Yuta Asahina (CV: Toko Aoyama)
A healthy boy with tan skin. He has the same surname as the former Hope’s Peak Academy student and Ultimate Swimmer Aoi Asahina, who appeared in the first game. Going by his young outward appearance, it looks as though he might be her little brother?


Screencaps of the latest trailer’s dialogue boxes, in the order they appear. Translations courtesy of the Google Translate app, so some of them are a bit rough.

1- mom… dad… big brother…! (aw, she’s worried about them)
2- although I came to evacuation to hear’s safety of this town, and have got caught up in such a riot… (This one’s sorta weird, tense-wise, but you get the gist of it)
3- Was placed in the hands and now “bullet of the program”, electric cars over there that I could use. (telling you to shoot the car, okay)
4- I’ve got to say though… experiences like. (talking about what’s been going on with him since The Incident, maybe?)
5- 01’m number Monokuma… amazing! (so many enemies)
6- Well, and do we have scattered kick the guys? Mendokuse – I
Alt- Well, Mendokuse over I ‘llll’ don’t do not scatter kick the guys
(I am REALLY not sure what she’s saying here, but it seems to be something along the lines of a plan of attack?)
7- Don’t forget that I’m here with you.
Alt- Don’t forget, we’re in this together.
8- I wonder… I wonder if I get to believe what if me, though not the enemy really…
9- Okay, it was input. It’s “Kusakawa-chi” and “Komaru-chi” (oh my god Hiroko talks like Hagakure, cutie babe)

If you have a better translation of any of these, please tell me and I’ll fix it right up :)

Edit: Sep 12. Fixed the #7 translation, courtesy of kuro-i-sakura. Thanks a bunch!


The animation team behind Dangan Ronpa The Animation also worked on the special fully animated event scenes. In these 4 shots, you get a look at how she looks before Komaru begins running around everywhere in the game. However, there’s of course no trace of her family, only solid looking prison bars. Maybe she’s been imprisoned somewhere after the events of the first game?

(captions in images)