dangan ronpa 1 spoilers

Summary of Danganronpa Chapters

Chapter 1: Always had some kind of obvious evidence which everyone somehow doesn’t notice. A character who seems really important dies first

Chapter 2: The Emotional Chapter. Either about bonds in the past or an emotional outburst. Or both.

Chapter 3: The double murder where the killer is someone greedy or mentally ill. The murders get more complicated here.

Chapter 4: A normal murder, but done in an unusual way. Different from the other murders.

Chapter 5: The chapter where everything is really complicated and the way of murder is very unusual. Everything in this chapter is always messed up and the victim has something to do with the murder.

Chapter 6: Somehow the Mastermind is always Junko Enoshima. ALWAYS.


In a nut comic by @kyoryu

Voice acting by Ed and Atsuyo! 

Nagito Komaeda

Is really the Ultimate Bullshit.

Beside cheating death multiple times, he also achieved the near impossible. 

He rolled 6 on all 10 dices. Which isn’t really surprising, since he is the Ultimate Lucky Student, but what so special about this lucky outcome is for Komaeda to roll all 10 dices and have them all show 6 is a:

1 in 60,466,176 chance.

Or in percentage that would be.

0.00000165381716879202% (approximately)

(I am almost surprised that no one was shocked, but maybe they got used to Komaeda’s luck.)

Like no joke. If that’s how far he is blessed with luck, I don’t think he could ever die. 

(Sidenote: This could be a sneaky reference to a game called Zero Time Dilemma where if you don’t remember (for those who played it already) Akane talked about to Carlos about a similar thing. 


using piktochart because I’m a massive infographic nerd


edit: my eczema condition is better now but i still wanna continue this until i move out to UK. (I really just wanna fill in all the slots)

edit edit: okay so today i went to apply my student visa and the payment amount does not look good at all so i would like to earn as much as possible before i study abroad!

*This is my first time doing art commissions so if I make some mistakes please forgive me!*


1. TAKEN BY @doesenjolrasisgay

2. TAKEN BY @peppypigeon

3. TAKEN BY @fuschiaghosts

4. TAKEN BY @photoshopronpa

5. TAKEN BY @askdonutqueen

6. TAKEN (local)

7. TAKEN BY @irumamiubestgirl

8. TAKEN (Local)

9. TAKEN BY @fifty-shades-of-morally-grey

10. TAKEN BY @kokichirin

Brief process:

1. You email / pm me what character, pose, art style and other simple details

2. I send you the draft, you approve

3. You send in the money (full payment)

4. I complete the artwork and send through email


  1. Prices stated are all in USD.
  2. Art commissions will officially close at the end of August!!
  3. I’ll post the artworks with watermark so please tell me if you want to keep it private :^)
  4. I have the rights to decline a commission if I feel uncomfortable to draw it.
  5. One person can request maximum of 5 artworks (still count as 1 slot!)
  6. Maximum 3 characters in 1 artwork please!
  7. I can try to not draw anime / manga related stuffs.
  8. To be quite honest, you can pay me any amount as long as it’s not lower than the price stated.
  9. Please do not be surprised (or think that I did not put effort) if I submit the artworks just a few hours after your payment, they’re quick and easy  commissions after all.
  10. 1 slot = 1 commissioner, commissioners stated above will have the privilege to commission more when all slots are full. 
  11. When the slots are full, commissions will be closed temporarily. I’ll open to commissioners who already commissioned me (aka has their name stated here), but I’ll consider opening to 1 or 2 more new commissioners if I still have the time.
  12. Fan art that I’ll 1000% do:
  • Anyone from the dangan ronpa series as long as it’s not ndrv3 spoilers
  • JJBA (part 1 ~ 8)
  • The entire ace attorney series
  • Mystic messenger
  • Kagepro
  • Osmt
  • Persona 3 and 4 (try not to give me p4g spoilers)
  • Yuri on ice

edit: You can bank in your money locally if you’re Malaysian (Please pm for prices in RM). Otherwise, please pay via paypal only. :^)

If you have any questions you can either email me, tumblr chat me or just knock on my heaven’s door aka my ask box!

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writers for the despair arc english dub:

writer 1: alright, here’s the scene where junko meets izuru for the first time. it needs to be intense…meaningful…

writer 2: *types* and then junko says, “kamukura! kamukura! yas, queen!”

writer 1: *slams desk* GENIUS