I’m crying

That hinanami scene at the end just… broke my heart.

They built this wonderful friendship and you could tell how close they were since Nanami was waiting for Hinata after class and then it’s going to get destroyed just like that when Hinata becomes Izuru.

Imagine Nanami still waiting for Hinata everyday.

But he never comes.

And then one day, Izuru happens to meet her there at the fountain. Izuru doesn’t recognize her. He doesn’t remember all of the wonderful memories they’ve had together. He doesn’t even acknowledge her presence.

They’re back to strangers again.

Hinata got his talent.
Nanami lost her player two.

And though the ending isn’t clear yet, we know that there can only be despair in their future.

The new despair arc episode in a nutshell

Natsumi: “im not bitter about being placed here nope fuck you guys”

Sato: “fuck you bitch you hurt my girlfriend”

Koizumi: “No dont hurt my girlfriend”

Hajime: “Help”

Chiaki: “You dont need a talent to be happy you fuck dont become izuru just be normal holy shit literally everyone has told you this”

Hajime: “k”

juzo: “fuk u and ur entire life”

hajime: “im sad now ;_;”

hajime: “make me izuru”

literally everyone: “fucking god dammit hajime”

Also twilight syndrome happened somewhere in there but the episode rushed so fast i didnt really notice


What Your Favorite SDR2 Character Says About You


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