dangan ct


Emily recorded live Class Trial lines with Kel, hijinks ensued…

tumblr list

I think I got everyone’s so I’ll post a list. If I missed you or I don’t have your character next to you/got it wrong message me and I’ll edit the post. ^^

  • I was Genocider Syo
  • demosolly (dead!Sayaka)
  • toukofuckawa (Aoi that kILLED EVERYONE IN MAFIA)
  • iknowyouwantthed-etention (Chihiro possibly?)
  • genocyder (Mikan that lead the meet)
  • revelationspurseowner (God Junko)
  • superpancake (Togami I think the one that was Doctor)
  • thebaffledprince (Naegi)
  • proportioned-prospitians (Akane)
  • rad-apples (idol!Sayaka)
  • twinkcas (Junko with pink streaks)
  • nicespins (flowercrown/donut plush!Aoi)
  • getinlosers (Sakura)
  • gothpeople (Aoi that was in a group with me I’m sorry I can’t think of another identifier)

Day Two update:

  • secretshadesofblue (Nanami [the one playing lemmings?])
  • homestuckmofo (laptop!Chihiro)
  • leonkomaeda (whale!Komaeda)
  • chikainanami (Fukawa that didn’t play Mafia)
  • ms-monochrome (Celes)
  • toukufukawa (Homestuck but not the one that killed us all)
  • mooeydooey (Ishida)
  • drunkaradia (Fukawa I killed in literally ever game >:D)
  • oatmael (Chihiro that came to the game room not laptop)
  • torchlightyaoifestivals (Jane Crocker)
  • kaijis (Chihiro too many Chihiros I’m done with identifiers)
  • demonstarr13 (pink hair!Junko)

Can you tell I started running out of identifiers