dangan crafted

“Let me sing you a song of despair”

Oh look some art!

And oh look it’s not a sprite edit! OMG! :D

Anyways yeah, I was in the mood of drawing a Mastermind version of someone and I chose CaptainSparklez.

… ‘Cause why not?

The design is fairly simple since there wasn’t really a lot I could edit.  I mean… he’s already got a good amount of black and white.  All I had to do was add clips and a stop sign belt.  And pink blood.

I wasn’t in the mood for some really intricate Mastermind design to be honest but I’m glad with how this came out.

sharkkisser  asked:

What's Dangan Crafted :?

Glad you asked Zayomi my friend! :D

Dangan Crafted is a collaborative comic between myself and the wonderful Lex.  We basically took the entirety of Team Crafted along with other YouTubers who aren’t Team Crafted and put them into the classic Dangan Ronpa scenario where they are stuck in Hope’s Peak and have to deal with this School Life of Mutual Killing.

Lex and I have been exchanging the jobs of drawing and coloring and I am currently coloring in the seventh page of the Prologue.

We (and by “we” I mean mostly Lex while I’ve helped with a few changes here and there…) also made a blog for it which can be found right here.  So that should give you a bit more information about it.

Check out the comic if you’d like to! Lex and I are enjoying working on this so far!  And if you do join, you’ll be getting into the most interesting part of the Prologues.

Hope that clears things up!