dangan acen


dr shoot stuff!

bit of a disclaimer: we came in late and my location  was DISMAL (i was waaaay off to one side) so these pictures are… not great, as you can tell 😭 only a fraction of the ones i took are actually usable but everyone did great!

(the asahina had an asahina itabag… it was amazing)

souda: @shirachancosplayer

souda kiibo: @mara360

mondo: @apurplesupervillain

saihara: @calmbelowthedipper

left ouma: @oumaofficial

right ouma: ME!

I actually saw this pair as we were leaving the Dealer’s Hall on the last day, but they were doing something at a booth and I felt bad interrupting them, so i left them alone. As we were waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the hotel, Twenty-Seven pointed them out and was like “Hey is that the Komaru and Fukawa pair you saw earlier?”, so I kinda jolted back inside to get a photo of them. Glad I did, too!


Acen photos!! Let me know if you want to be tagged! :3

2fathoms as Bee 

thelastknightofrage as Apollo Justice
Lavinark as Trucy

aberrantkenosis as Brewster

danielvxavier as Akihito Kanbara
2ammiipant2 as Mirai Kuriyama
toppledcards as Hiroomi Nase 

spacemadchen as Kyoko Kirigiri 
vriskaes as Junko Enoshima