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Self proclaimed nature enthusiast Tobias Meyer is a 22 year old nature photographer based in Switzerland. Meyer photographs nature spontaneously rather than a dedicated theme set to the series of his global treks and expeditions through valleys, lakes, beaches, mountains, forests and picturesque locations.

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New Danganronpa V3 Dated, Character Names and Talents Revealed

The Danganronpa 3 anime is ending this week, so I guess it’s as good a time as any to start piling on the details about the next game.

In this week’s issue of Famitsu, Spike Chunsoft revealed the official Japanese release date for New Danganronpa V3: January 12, 2017 (for PlayStation 4 and Vita, in case you forgot). The game will be receiving a limited addition version, which includes, besides a copy of the game, obviously, a calendar, a Monokuma strap, a soundtrack and cast comment CD, custom themes for your system, and, most interestingly, an anime OVA titled Super Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the World Destroyer. Dear god, they’re giving Hopeman his own anime.

In addition, the names of the new cast has been revealed, as well as their Super High School Level talents. In the picture above, from left to right, their names and talents are:

  • Korekiyo Shinguji: SHSL Folklorist
  • Angie Yonaga: SHSL Fine Artist
  • Zanbi Toujou: SHSL Maid
  • Shokichi Ouma: SHSL Dictator
  • Tsumugi Shirogane: SHSL Cosplayer
  • Kiibo: SHSL Robot
  • Tenshi Chabashira: SHSL Aikido Practitioner
  • Kaede Akamatsu (Protagonist): SHSL Pianist
  • Kaito Hyakuta: SHSL Astronaut
  • Maki Harukawa: SHSL Nursery Teacher
  • Shuichi Saihara: SHSL Detective
  • Ryoma Hoshi: SHSL Tennis Player
  • Rantaro Tenkai: SHSL ???
  • Himiko Yumeno: SHSL Magician
  • Gonta Gokuhara: SHSL Entomologist
  • Usagi Iruma: SHSL Inventor

That tiny dude is a tennis player? He looks shorter than most tennis nets. Maybe that’s his secret. And that Tenkai guy… I don’t know why, but I have a really bad feeling his talent involves murder.