Reveling in Richonne

#19: The Reveal (6x11)

Now that R&M were together, and Richonne had been officially born, one of the big things I wanted to see is how the other characters would find out and react? Having not yet found places where people celebrate Richonne like me, I had seen a lot of negative comments on social media the week after 6x10. 😒  I know y'all know about it so I won’t go into the plethora of misguided reasons people weren’t down with Richonne.

Also I know there’s some people who just genuinely don’t feel Richonne and that’s fine. But there’s a difference between that and haters lol. But you know how the saying goes: “Haters are just confused fans" 😉😌 Where’s the lie? 😂

There was some amazing positive reactions too tho! And as upsetting as the negative stuff was, I also knew that one day people were going to realize, like I realized, that Rick and Michonne are actually perfect for each other and this isn’t a mistake or a causal thing it’s a soulmate thing.

I don’t really post comments on stuff (this blog is sort of a first for me lol) but the week after they went cannon, even I had to post a comment on TWD’s FB post, listing receipts as to what episodes people could watch to realize that Richonne absolutely did not come out of nowhere and they’ve been feeling each other for awhile.

Since I just barely boarded this ship before it set sail, it was important to share the pre-cannon episodes that helped me learn, post-cannon, about just how long Richonne had been endgame. What helped me was seeing a compilation video of their scenes on Youtube (I didn’t even know people made those before 6x10) and then I went on Netflix and fast forwarded to scenes with the two of them and y’all when I tell you it felt like I was watching a different show! It was sort of mind blowing. I couldn’t believe how I could miss this beautiful slow burn. But after 6x10 I saw the show and their relationship in a whole new light.  

Part of me was upset with myself because I feel like it was my own conditioning, even as a black woman, to think that all the show would ever let them be was best friends. I know some people, myself included, want to say we missed it cuz “we were engulfed in overall story”and that’s true too, but I also know that if this couple had a different appearance I would have seen it coming. Cuz sure their love story was subtle but not that subtle.

In the course of a week, my eyes were so open to this beautiful love story that had been unfolding for three seasons. I finally saw it all. And I was so completely here for it. As someone who had missed this slow burn as it was happening, I wrote my FB comment with receipts hoping that maybe it would get other people out of the sunken place 😂.

But that’s why I’m so extremely glad that TWD made Richonne happen. I know this is a TV couple but it’s also a really important and significant statement. Plus TV has a lot of influence, so for the highest rated show on television to have their leading couple be Rick and Michonne. It’s big and it’s beautiful. Also I think the reason some people have a harsher reaction to them is because they know Richonne is beautiful. They know and it makes them uncomfortable that something they thought shouldn’t work, works so perfectly.

Hopefully they’ll come around, and if they don’t…Richonne will live and thrive either way. So we good lol.  

I’m also glad they made R&M so much more than friends cuz it’s the only thing that made sense. How are you going to have obvious soulmates just acting like pals? Lol it would have felt more forced to keep them friends.

Anyways, I say all this cuz this post is about “the reveal” and Richonne was revealed to me and the public during 6x10. But, beyond the publics reaction, I was curious what the characters reaction would be. I mean this is Rick and Michonne! For three seasons they’ve been around these other characters and getting closer and closer and leading and being partners in crime and now they’re openly in love.

Plus, this would be the first episode where they are fully cannon which I’m sure was nice for long time shippers to know you could watch with no more worry or wondering if. They were in love. It’s been confirmed. And 6x11 let us know they weren’t afraid to show it.

Things can sometimes move fast on TWD (and sometimes not so much lol) so of course R&M weren’t going to get time to strategically reveal their next level relationship to everyone. Instead the characters get a classic and sudden reveal.

In a hilariously candid moment, Jesus reveals to Carl that his "parents” (I love love love that he assumed that R&M were Carl’s parents) are getting dressed. Now for Carl that was probably an awkward moment, but for the audience it was amazing. I know when he heard Jesus say “parents” he immediately knew Jesus meant Rick and Michonne, even before seeing them run out.

And then for all the squad and Day Ones to be on the stairs with their weapons out. 😂  It was great. Cuz they all officially find out about Richonne when R&M run out from the bedroom. To this day I’m like “How did Michonne have time to get fully dressed but Rick couldn’t put a shirt on?” I’ve heard people speculate that it was cuz he was helping her get her stuff and I am here for that theory!

And pretty much everyone has a subtle reaction to seeing R&M. Everyone except Daryl, who keeps his sight on Jesus, cuz he’s been did known that Richonne was inevitable. Like this was literally Daryl’s reaction…

The reactions of everyone as they tried to play it cool was classic and well done. My favorite reaction is from Glenn (😭). Glenn (😭) has always had such an up close and personal view of Richonne and you can tell he wanted to try and just stay focused on the threat of Jesus but he could not help reacting to R&M’s arrival.

And when Rick realizes it’s a dang reunion on those stairs and his son is right there to witness it all, Rick cutely looks back to check on Michonne, who’s low key trying to hide behind him a little bit lol. But then she returns back to her queenly self enough to subtly put a hand up and let everyone know they can chill about Jesus. It’s adorable that Rick’s first thought is to check on her.

It’s funny because I know that R&M mainly only cared that Carl was seeing all this. And I think they would have preferred having some sort of game plan on how to tell him and yet Carl finds out in what would be a lot of teens’ nightmare lol.

Anyway, because TWD isn’t a romance (yes I’m aware of this lol) they have to move on rather quick from the reveal of Richonne, as they sit with Jesus and learn just how big the world is now. But even that has an amazing moment where, in one smirk, we know exactly where Carl stands on this newfound relationship. 

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I love that smirk, cuz it’s Carl still so clearly seeing Michonne as his friend. And it’s also Michonne, who’s more private, having to realize that she’s been fully outed and Carl knows what’s up, but more importantly Carl approves.

At first I expected a bigger reaction from some of the characters but then I realized their subtle reactions are pretty perfect, cuz they’ve been seeing the love and progression between R&M for a while now. Richonne was never a matter of if but of when to them.

So for most of them it wasn’t a shock, it was their own “of course” moment.


I say this often, but just a reminder that I love y’all. stay alive frens -/

Plot: [Can I request an imagine where you’re Tyler’s little sister and the reader and josh both like each other? But Tyler’s over protective. Love your writing!]

“Y/N! wake up!!!” you heard a faint yell from down the stairs, you forced open your eyes, rolling onto your stomach and groaned into the pillow.

The voice was getting closer when suddenly your brother Tyler was in your room. He was already dressed for the day in black jeans and a gray tshirt, you noted that his hair was getting long.

“Get out,” you mumbled.

“No, you have to wake up,” Tyler said.

“and you have to stop shouting,” you rolled your eyes and turned away from him.

Tyler jumped up onto your bed and was bouncing up and down by your feet. He was chanting something, but you were doing your best to block it out until about the fourth chant when you noticed he was saying “Josh is coming! Josh is coming!” repeatedly. You sat up quick, and pushed Tyler off the bed. He stumbled backwards and fell onto his butt. He lifted himself up and shoved you slightly, causing you to lay back down.

“Tyler!” you yelled as he ran out of the room.

You hadn’t seen Josh in a minute and the last time you saw him the chemistry was through the roof. You hadn’t told Tyler you liked Josh because you knew his immediate instinct would be to stop anything from happening at all costs or to scold Josh on how you deserved to be treated, neither option was truly ideal. You fingered through the tshirts in your dresser upon getting out of bed, and decided you would just throw on a romper instead. It was a maroon romper with ruffles around the hem of the shorts line, and halter straps on the top. You fastened a flower headband into your hair, threw on some mascara and walked down stairs.

“Dang. Got a hot date today?” Tyler joked noticing your rare attire.

“Nope. Just felt like dressin’ up a little,” you avoided the truth realizing he wasn’t connecting the dots. You grabbed a red bull from the fridge mid conversation and popped open the can.

“Hey, grab me one of those,” Tyler requested staring at the TV.

“Yes sir!” you saluted, mocking your agreement to get things for him.

You tossed him the red bull can, and he caught it without even looking your way.

“Josh is going to be here in five.” Tyler said.

Five… you thought. Five minutes…crap.. you better brush your teeth again. You abandoned the red bull, ran upstairs and squeezed your toothpaste onto the brush, repeating the steps you did barely twenty minutes ago.

The doorbell rang. That was not five.

“Hey man!” you heard tyler say in a slightly higher voice.

You jogged downstairs and walked around the corner, “Oh hey,” you said trying to sound casual.

Josh’s face seemed to freeze in time when he noticed you standing at the bottom of the stairwell, his bottom lip dropped only slightly, and he barely made out the words “Hey, Y/N,” Tyler looked back and forth at the two of you as if he was watching a tennis match while you and Josh just stood there staring at one another. Tyler gave Josh ‘the look’ the look that read, “Don’t even think about it.” At least Tyler was finally using his brain, you thought. Josh finally made his way all the way through the door. Tyler led the both of you into the backyard where a picnic was set up for you all to enjoy. The picnic wasn’t anything fancy, just a blanket, a bowl of strawberries, and some chips and guac.

“Yes! Guacamole!” Josh said, digging in already.

“Hopefully you like it, I made it,” you replied.

“You did?” he asked impressed.

“Yeah just something I threw together.”

“In two hours,” Tyler laughed reminding you of the many mistakes you made preparing it.

You glared at him, raising your eyebrows.

“Well it tastes great, so it paid off,” Josh smiled.

“It’s alright,” Tyler complied.

“I’m going to go grab some napkins,” you announced.

“I’ll help you,” Josh said.

“I think she can carry napkins by herself,” Tyler said.

“Take it easy over there bud, just trying to be nice,” Josh replied.

“Yeah well do that a little less.”

“Tyler… you’re acting childish,” you said ironically as the younger one.

You and Josh stood up regardless of Tyler’s plea for you to do it on your own, and walked back through the sliding glass doors, shutting it behind you. You were on your tiptoes opening a cabinet, when Josh hugged you from behind, resting his head on your shoulder. You turned around, still in his grip, running a hand through his hair.

“Did you tell him?” he asked, interrupting the romance.

“No. I think he just kind of figured it out,” you replied.

“Figured it was one of the two, he’s practically your father right now.”

“I know… he just knows you’re older than me, and knows how guys have treated me.. he’s just worried,” you said.

“But it’s me.. Y/N. Don’t you think he’d be okay with it?”

“I think he’ll warm up to the idea, but when it comes down to it no guy is going to be enough for me in his mind.”

Tyler walked in, finding the two of you in each other’s arms. He went to leave, but then turned back around realizing this would probably become his new normal. You moved away from Josh, hopping up on the counter as Josh walked around to the other side.

“You don’t have to do that…” Tyler said.

“Do what?” You asked.

“Move away from each other. Sorry for the way I acted out there, I think I can manage the two of you together. If anyone is going to date my sister I’m happy it’s you Josh,” he said finally relaxing, clearly having a minute to cool off outside on his own.

Josh went over to Tyler giving him a hug, and then walked back in your direction, without touching you still trying to respect Tyler and his adjustment.

As the day continued it turned to night, and Josh was getting ready to leave. You walked him outside barefoot, and sat on the hood of his car as he held both your hands, resting his body weight against your knees. You saw a light flip on from the front porch and noticed tyler’s eyes peeking through the blinds, and quickly leaving once the two of you made eye contact. Josh looked in the direction of your gaze, then looked back at you, kissing you holding your head with the back of his hand. You clasped your hands behind his neck and rested your head on his chest after the kiss.

“I’ll call you tomorrow Y/N?” josh assumed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” you winked as he got into the car, waving one last time before he drove away.