More Art Theft

Hot diggity! Another Google Image search result has revealed even more art theft of my Pixel Peacock Potion piece. 

This time, in the form of the description for a seemingly very popular Skyrim mod. I don’t seem to have any way to contact the creator of the mod (private profile?) but it looks like comments can be left on the mod page. 

I’ve already left a note, but if any of my followers have time (and a Steam account), I would really appreciate some vocal support on this page because I am real sad to continually have this piece stolen. :C 

Thank you for understanding, you can find the mod Here. 

Oh dang it also looks like this same piece is also being used as the icon for a video streaming service called DizXir. It has a Facebook page and I would also really support any vocal support on that page as well if you have the time. 

You can find the page Here.

Thank you in advance friendos, ;c

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Okay so since it's 6:30 AM where I live and I'm already crying about Jared, can we talk about how he feels about being touched? Like I think - given everything - he's probably very particular, and there are places most people can never touch, like his neck or parts of his back, and on really bad days he freaks out even when Richard touches him, but he does love being touched and held and loved, as long as it's on his own terms. Thoughts?

Dang it, I missed this message but crying about Jared is what I’m doing at any time of day, so.

Yep yep yep. 100%, Jared loves touch and what it can express (I mean, any time he’s proud or happy, he tries to hug somebody! it’d mean so much to have that sort of affection returned to him). I think there are a number of ways he doesn’t like to be touched, but that his default setting is just to let it happen, because he feels like he can’t say no or defers to the other person. That’s one thing that appeals to me about Jared/Richard: Richard does not want to be the one deciding, well… anything, and - especially early on - it’d mostly be up to Jared to initiate and determine how things unfold. And that’s scary at first but ultimately, immensely fulfilling and good for both of them.

Final thought: Jared’s favorite places to be touched are his ears and wrists.


Wow, I started this acc like 2~3 days ago and I can’t believe that this acc is about to get more followers than my kpop acc😂😂 I really appreciate the love(?) I’m getting from you guys and I didn’t know that this much ppl wanted to know Korean and get to know the Korean culture👍🏻😭this really means a lot to me and thank you so much guys. I, as a Korean will try my best to help you guys out😘 ask me anytime what your wondering about! Oh and the recent post about me filming myself? Tell me if I should do it or not!!! *filled with aegyo* 사랑해~~~❤️❤️❤️

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yea but like why do you need makeup you already look so gosh dang pretty tho

aw thank you haha I don’t really wear makeup just mascara and lip gloss and eyeshadow every once in a while but always like light brown or whatever

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Dang, after the most recent chapter which of you wants to deck the entire vinsmoke family and then some, especially the father?

Benn: Well only Rocinante and I read it so far, since we’re not yet at an equivilatnt point in the fic…depending on how canon it ends up being in our universe-

Mun: While Jaijji himself fits really well I do have some stuff that was already worked out before this chapter so there will likely be some differences.

Benn: -anyway Mihawk and Zeff would be my guesses. Mostly Zeff, Mihawk probably would just be preventing people from escaping. Shanks would be taking pictures.

Rocinante: I am interested in the idea that Sanji may or may no know how to use swords, but then it is his choice whether or not to use them. Law’s perfectly good with pistols but I haven’t herd of him using one since we left Doffy’s crew. Same principle.

Benn: We gave the others the gist of what’s going on this the manga world. Of course Kuzan’s still hung up over his counterpart joining Blackbeard cause let’s face it, that is one weird universe.

I should've probably posted this sooner, but I was busy.

Anyways, I have arrived, and I’ve already done a whole bunch of things.
- I went to the college I’m going to to ask some things. I had to talk since my dad doesn’t know how to speak English that well. I was really nervous, but I did it! (Yet somehow, my parents keep thinking I can’t handle social situations. I can, I might get nervous as heck before it, but if I have to I can).
- Also, I DROVE to the college. That’s right, me behind the wheel. It was exciting, and driving a car here is much easier than in Brazil, but I was still nervous (I think it’ll take a while for me to get the courage to drive alone).
-Went to some stores with my dad, bought some things (a part of me started worrying this would be just like last time).
- We at lunch at Golden Corral. And from that experience, I’m already certain I’m going to end up getting fat again.
- I just now finished unpacking (sort of since there are some things I don’t know where I’ll put).
- I also caught some pokemon (I don’t understand how you catch more).

Hey tumblr; it’s that time again

I am really quite dang broke, having not been able to work enough lately due to mental illness/physical illness/stressful-as-fuqqqq times

so like, much as i hate to do this, i am asking tumblr for money again

if you wanna chuck me a buck or two my paypal is here: http://paypal.me/charlieogrady

feel free to request favours in return, or treat it as a loan I pay you back later on, w/e, no pressure, I am easy and I am already asking too much in doing this in the first place

thank u tumbl frens

xoxo gharles

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Behind the Scenes.

Dang you all want to hear me argue with my murderbutt

       「💔」”How about we talk about the fact that most of the plots that are going on right now are dark and terrifying? Like the thing with Void an’ all. You’ve already freaked a couple of people out. You’re going to lose followers over this, you know.”

(( I have too many anyways. I don’t understand why everyone is here, to be honest.  I really kinda suck. ))

      “It’s definitely not for your gratuitous display of self-esteem, that’s for sure. Give yourself a little credit, okay? You’re a decent host.”

(( Says the guy who sits and mopes when his datemates aren’t around. ))