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dating embryooOOoooOoOoooOoOOOo


- let’s face it Embry’s shy as shit so if he ever imprinted on you it would probably take him weeks if not MONTHS to actually strike up a lasting conversation with you
- remember my headcanons from before when i was like “Embry runnin around his bronze ass birthday suit tryna find a pair of shorts after phasing out but flashes a poor girl on a hike and Embry imprints on said girl” yeah only Embry would get into a situation like that lbr here
- and honestly Jake and Quil would probably give it away that he likes you and you would kinda just be in this weird limbo with him at the start where ur like “Um ok when is this kid EVER going to talk 2 me” and Embry is like “fuckin hell she knows how the hell am i going to do this ;~; help”
- once he FINALLY asks you out you would probably go on sweet, classic little dates to the movies or the cinema and be that incredibly cute couple that everyone kinda goes all heart-eye-emoji for :“’)
- as for introducing you to the rest of the pack may Lord Almighty of the Highest Heavens help u bc no-one else can trust me
- Embry is probably putting that off for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE and everytime u ask he’s just like "UM LOL BABE TRUST ME U DON’T WANNA MEET MY FRIENDS THEY’RE SHITHEADS” and ur just like “OK BUT EMILY THO CAN I AT LEAST MEET EMILY”
- and Embry really does want you to meet Emily but he knows that Emily = Various Heavenly Baked Goods, and that Various Heavenly Baked Goods = Overgrown Human Mongrel Dogs that Will Chew Embry Up and Spit Him Right Back Out
- but he eventually relents bc Lol Imprint and as he’s walking up the porch of Emily’s house he can those familiar rumbling footsteps and whoops and hollers and he’s like in his head: Here Comes the Shit-Show™
- and the first one out is PAUL OF ALL PPL and he just comes sauntering up to you and Embry with that big ol’ pleased and mischevious smile and Embry tries his hardest to reel in Paul but he just keeps on flirtin non-stop (Rachel probably swats him on the ass with one of Emily’s wooden spoons or Kim’s many textbooks to make him stop tho)
- and surprisingly the evening goes well with the pack and Embry makes it out of there alive with minimal damage suffered to his dignity!!! (you spent the entire night laughing at the stories Jake and Quil tell you about their childhood and Embry is super embarrassed but ur just like Lol Boyfriend Please I’m Still Heart-Eye-Emoji For You Okay)
- Embry is probably (jk definitely) the sweetest and most sincere boyfriend you could ever ask for and he’s constantly surprising you with all the little things he does for you like record your favorite tv show when it plays at his place so when you come over you can watch it if he gets called on patrol, or stocks up on your favorite snacks and leaves them in your locker to find after your worst class, or how you go up to his room to take a nap while he’s out on patrol to find a picture of you he took on his phone during class or when snuck into ur room at night or smth just sitting on his bedside table with a tiny little heart and smiley face that he mustbhave drawn himself in the corner and u just melt bc Embry’s just sO FUCKIGN CUTE THAT U WANNA JUST SCREAM AND UR LIKE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ALL THE TIME
- and even tho Embry is usually shy you always keep an eye out for his random perverted moments (bc lbr he has to share a mind with Paul ok he’s gonna rub off on Embry eventually) and one day out of nowhere he’s just like “nice butt can i write my name on it so everyone knows its mine” and ur like Embry No and he’s like Embry Yes

hoo dang this was an emotional rollercoaster for me to write i fuckin love embryo and this is dedicated to @quileute-girl aka my lovely friend Keleah who Embry should rlly jump on lmao anyways luv u Keleah hope u liked it ;););(;(;))););;));););)):):))

セルフパラ: self-para #2

date: 12th october, 2017.
location: kyocera dome (osaka, japan).
word count: 679.
summary: kangjun finds his place in the world — the stage.
notes: none.

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