dang those eyes


Dan getting a hint that you like him.

Dan:So, Y/N, what do you like about me?

Y/N: *looks nervously*uhhh what do you mean?

Dan: Oh you know, what do you like about Dan Howell?

Y/N: What the fudge kind of question is that?

Dan: just a.. normal question

Y/N: well… your awkwardness… your humor…. your laugh *gets carried away*… your smile… your eyes… dang… those eyes… that face… *continues*

Dan: *does picture*

Y/N: Oh shut up, Howell.

The other night, the bathroom was packed with children, so I was brushing my teeth outside. My flashlight caught the eyeshine of something at the edge of the trees. ‘Dang,’ I thought, 'Those eyes look much larger and further apart than I would expect from a deer. What could it be?’ I started cautiously walking towards it.

It was a deer, after all, except MUCH MUCH CLOSER than I realized.

I’ve just noticed that one month ago (that is 3rd July) this place hit 1 year of its existence! I want to thank yall so much for all the support and sticking with me through this time!

Man time passes so fast I can’t believe it yesterday bananas today doritos what awaits us?

hell fire