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So I made posts long ago about the idea of “okay, angst aside for a moment, if Keith does shift purple it’s going to be a big adjustment and kind of an awkward time for him” and then I just. thought about the Blade of Marmora for a moment.

Not like them as a source of wisdom and security but. How, honestly, this would be kind of terrifying for them.

There seems to be a pretty dang strong attitude in the Blade that you take care of your own. And Keith, at this point, whether or not all of the members are on the same page of “he is almost certainly the child of one of our lost agents” is definitely ‘theirs’ in some way- the Blade at this point likes Voltron in general even if Keith hadn’t gone through the trial.

But like- Keith having needs that have probably been chronically under-addressed his entire life because he’s not the kind of person to speak up if he thinks he can manage it alone, and for the most part probably doesn’t even know it’s there? And then him “shifting” and that just sorta making everything worse/more obvious because there is an entire body of basic medical and otherwise common sense anatomical knowledge Keith just does. not. have.

What if he has those little bony ridges that some of the galra have but he doesn’t know what they are and is kind of uncomfortable, “do these things come off?” and it’s like dear god, no, please do not try and remove those, they’re attached to your skull.

Like. He has no idea how his body works, no idea what’s a serious health concern, and is the kind of person who’s probably trying not to think about it because he’s uncomfortable and a little stressed, and I cannot help but feel like that would be really nerve-wracking to all of the, let’s say people who are more used to being galra.

Especially because, I mean- galra have claws. With some of the closeups on hands we’ve had, they look much more like sharp, hooked claws- more like the claws on a housecat than the blunt claws on a dog. I feel like Keith would definitely go through a period of accidentally scratching himself and others, just like if you had to try and go about your day with a set of small, but very sharp knives permanently welded to your fingertips.

SansxReader Fluff. -Skin-

This is an idea i got from tumblr, and was inspired. its the Skin Au where whatever markings you get on your skin show up on your soulmate’s skin. im doing this au where everyone’s soulmate is can be one year in age varied from yours. and 18 is when the soul-connection starts. its common around the world for people to wait a year after turing 18 to begin writing and contacting. And, because its undertale and magic is a thing, im also gonna say for monsters, they can start writing whenever. in humans it takes longer for the connection to build. so once monsters are able to read/ write, they write. they are told by their parents, though, that its just your true best friend. not soulmate.and its rare a human and monster are paired together.. so magical things happen. allright. enough explination. lets dive in yeah?  - Tean

The markings had started appearing since 5th grade for you.. but then, you didnt know what they meant. you just knew you had a friend in yourself.  the one in your skin had been there for you through alot.. and you were there for him.

you discovered his name was Sans. And he was AMAZING at jokes. and never failed to make you smile. on top of that, he was quite the artist.

you had to perpetually wear long-sleeves because of him though.  no-one else had notes on their arms.. other than adults.. they were the only ones. you didnt know what it meant, but it made you diffrent so you hid it. Sans knew this, so sometimes at school we would draw these beautiful scenes or scapes on his skin for you to see when you got home. It always made you smile.

you both would chat untill your arms and legs were all full of text and doodles. it was good to have such a good friend.


on your 18th birthday, your parents told you the meaning on the writing, and demonstrated on eachother. you went pale but nodded when they told you to wait about a year to write, incase your soulmate was younger than you.

You didnt tell anyone about sans. no-one.


on your 19th birthday, sans had drawn a gourgous cake on your arm that looked good enough to eat.

your heart ached.

Sans?  you wrote

Whats up buttercup?

how old are you?

19. same as you, silly.

i want t-

you stopped mid-sentance and hesitated.

Want what?

nothing. sorry.


i want to meet you..

your arm stayed silent for a  while.


ok?!?! thats all he wrote back?!

im pretty limited on places to go.. you know Grillbys?

no? wheres that?

snowdin. dang. you must live further than i thought. know where mtt resort is?

no?? im so sorry. i ll try and look it up online.

you went to your computer and looked up “mtt resort” and got no results. you tell sans this. he responds with a checkmark, but doesnt reply for a long time.


hey. i was worried. whats up?

Where are you from?

you know the mountian where supposedly a long time ago “magic” people sealed monsters underground? i live in the city right outside there.

he responded with another checkmark. your skin stayed silent for a LONG time.longer than it has the entire time you had known him. you were paranoid. when, two weeks later, you felt a hot sting on your arm.

you had a fresh puncture  wound in your arm. it began to bleed a little, then stopped.

you grab the sharpie from your pocket


y/n. you want to meet me right?

yeah. of course!

you know the hole in the mountian?


meet me there. ill be there every day until i meet you, at noon. when the sun is the highest.

okay! Wait, every day? Starting when?

its bout’ 11 right?


starting in an hour then.

omg. im on my way. i live close.

you got a backpack, filled it with a lunch, clothes, and cash, and you took a bus to the closest spot you could get to the hole, and hiked for about half an hour.

you could see the clearing where the hole was and you checked your watch.


you sat on the edge, and dangled your feet over and sat, nervously, and watched for your soul-mate.





You hear a whistle from below, and nearly fall in. You yell out.


saying a thousand thoughts went though your head at once would be an understatement.

“Sans?” you ask.

“yup. the one-and-only.”

“h-how in the hell did you get down there?”

“I was born down here.”

your mind went to a safe place. so, there were humans who lived down there. theres NO WAY monsters were actually real…


“is there a way i can get down?” You yelled into the darkness below your feet.

“Jump! Ill catch ya’. ITs not far. i promise!”


“y/n. come on. please?”


“yeah, but it aint easy. but i know you can make it if you really wanted to.”

what the hell were you thinking.

“c-c-catch my bag. in 3…2….1!” You lightly tossed your bag into the inky black-ness.

“got it! your turn!”

what the actual hell were you thinking. what if he missed? what if he killed you? what if there was no way for you to get out? what if?

you stepped back, closed your eyes, and ran forward. you cannonballed into the black.

you didnt catch them until you were placed lightly into someones arms.

“wow….” The voice sounded in awe

you opened your eyes

skull. black. .

surprizingly attractive.

Sans burried his face into your neck.

“hi, y/n.”

But guys, when Bill and Bev are alone in the bathroom and she’s dispelling the rumors to him and says she’s only ever kissed one guy, and it was a long time ago, but it was nice, Bill Denbrough G A S P S and looks away and smiles and tries to remember how to talk and it is SO PURE. I just can’t handle how sweet that boy is.

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Hey so a long time ago, on Tapastic you did a QnA and I asked how you colored your art, do you still happen to have that or could you show me again?

Dang, you sure are an old follower of mine. I actually still use that old coloring style sometimes but here’s another one. Sorry the font is so small, I got too lazy to adjust it after realizing it.

And here’s the finished product~

Deep Space Nine RECAP: 7x04

Perhaps the reason why my Trek through Deep Space Nine was on hold for a while, was because the universe knew that this strawberry milkshake of an episode would be exactly what I needed this week.

Season 7, Episode 4: ‘Take Me Out To the Holosuite’

It’s another beautiful day in space — until Sisko’s mood is upended by the arrival of his Petty Nemesis, one Captain Solok.

A) Love a petty nemesis, fantastic, B) am just realizing in this moment that there is no one in the Quadrant more suited to petty nemisery than Vulcans. Those people never forget a detail. In a ‘Which Line In Hamilton Are You?’ quiz all Vulcans get “Here’s an itemized list of thirty years of disagreements.”

“(Sweet Jesus.)”

Solok and Sisko each affect a superior remove while they snip and preen at each other over their respective medals of honor. Then Solok gives Sisko a rundown of the repairs his ship is going to need, and unfortunately for EVERYONE, it turns out that the work that needs to be done on the T’Kumbra’s warp core will take at least week. Aggrieved siiigh.

As he rises to depart, Solok mentions that while here he needs the use of a holosuite. Well whatever your floats your spaceboat; take it up with Quark.

“I have created a special program for my senior staff,” he continues, “and they are quite eager to resume using it.”

Sisko, in a tone that is somehow more dismissive and disinterested than not even responding: “Really.”

Oh yes really. In fact, it’s based on an Earth game.

We don’t even hear Solok say it, we just cut to Ben bouncing up to Kira like “Colonel, gather the team! I mean crew. I mean TEAM.”

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57. “What are you doing out here?” Dragon Symmetra and Junkenstein!

Spicy hot Dragon Symmetra is a little much for the mad doctor~

Wings of a Dragon

Junkmetra. Halloween Prompt — 57. “What are you doing out here?”

The blood moon is rising. He predicted it a long time ago before he stopped looking at the stars and began peering into the unknown of creating life. The witch’s magic is still beyond his comprehension, but he still firmly believes everything has whirling gears that grind together. Just because he can’t see how all the pieces mesh and move doesn’t mean the only answer is magic.

Still, his revenge will be his. What’s more poetic than making his enemies’ blood fill the streets then on the blood moon? The witch approved of the special night as well, telling of her magic’s strength and how they will take his vengeance upon the lord of the castle and all the land. Her heavy price still hands overhead, but he has the secret of life. That is what is important now.

His monster is ready, alive, and he will show them all the wrong they’ve done upon him.

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fiki week, day two - inspired by art:  pirate au

Dwalin had once asked him, bare-headed and rough-skinned, if he’d rather have stayed safe and dry at home, after all. Fili’s gaze had naturally sought Kili, and found his familiar frame pinned against a hazy dawn, his hair still damp from a stormy night on deck. He’d been smiling his secret smile, the young rogue, all pink lips and starlit eyes, his shoulders curled in Fili’s jacket against the morning chill. “No,” Fili had simply said. He couldn’t have longed for home if he wanted to. Home had set sail with him a long time ago, and it was standing right in front of him, mischievous and beautiful and more his than his very soul had ever been. ~by rillils

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I just wanted to tell you that i was there since you started making those thorki cartoons on your cellphone and to watch the level of artistry you have now is truly inspiring!

Thank you soo much!!! <333333333 Your url is very familiar. I am SUPER flattered and honoured you’ve followed me for so long :’) 

Originally posted by the-fault-in-our-stars-swe

Dang, that really was a very long time ago (it’s been like 4 years? And, looking back, those drawings were so childish and bad :’)). As many flaws as tumblr has, it’s played an enORMOUS part in my life and given me a really encouraging and supportive audience I couldn’t otherwise meet. I genuinely appreciate your support and kind words; hopefully I’ll grow even more in the future!

carve him as a dish (fit for the gods)

This was in response to the prompt “kastle, first meeting in The Punisher” but it is a whole big can of AU because based on what we’ve seen this couldn’t happen: I ignore the hair, the beard, and the miser poncho. Also I normally don’t get all excited by what I write myself but dang I love the ending to this.

Karen wakes up with a half-strangled scream, her head pounding and her body sore. She has no idea what has happened to her - other than a few faded wisps of memory clamoring in her mind for attention, a fuzzy, incomplete picture of happened when she went chasing a lead. Last night, she thinks - she’s not sure if it’s morning now, but it can’t have been too long ago. She thinks. She hopes, because everything is dark and she has no idea where she is. No sense of time, no sense of place, and no one to offer any sort of explanation. She’s alone.

She throws off the blanket that was covering her body and stands up on shaky legs. Her shoes are off her feet but she’s still dressed: her skirt is torn, the seams misaligned, and her blouse smells faintly of sweat, untucked, with blood speckling her chest like little drops of paint. She feels nauseated and afraid. The cot she was on was uncomfortable but it looked clean, and she’s in some sort of arsenal, she thinks, a small one room apartment covered with guns and bags filled with what must be ammo. She presses her fist to her mouth and wheezes, keeping the panic curdling in her stomach at bay. She doesn’t know where her bag is, doesn’t know where her own gun is, but she can grab one of these maybe, just to be safe, and then -

She hears the sound of running water and then a door opens. Her eyes dart over and she stumbles back, nearly falls back onto the bed. The bathroom light is a bright, angry yellow in the dim room and a hulking figure limned in black stands in the doorway. She blinks, still afraid, until she recognizes him.

It’s Frank.

No, she thinks, watching as he doesn’t look at her, as he walks in and moves towards the sink, it’s the Punisher. His back is to her and she feels vulnerable and exposed even though his eyes aren’t on her. She’s still shaken, a little afraid, and she isn’t quite sure how to ask for an explanation. Any moisture in her mouth is gone and her tongue lays still and dry, mute, as she stares at him. His head turns slightly, once, as he plugs in a percolator and starts making coffee. She doesn’t see his eyes. He’s dressed down, in a black shirt and jeans that sit loose on his hips. His head is shaved and she stares at the smooth curve of his neck as his head bends to look at something on the counter.

He still doesn’t speak.

She can’t leave without shoes, she decides, or her gun. She knows she had it with her, in her bag, and with her wallet and phone inside she needs that, too.

With a shaky breath, she wraps her arms around herself. She hasn’t seen him in a few months and she’s not sure what to say to him. She’s not even sure this is the same man she knew before. I’m already dead, he had told her, already gone. Frank Castle died with his family, and now even the broken fragments of him she knew are gone. She doesn’t know who this new person is, this new animal, but she doesn’t have the luxury to find out.

“Where’s… where’s my stuff?” she asks. “My shoes and. My shoes and my bag.” Her voice sounds strange when she speaks, too loud in a room with only the ambient city noise as a soundtrack. He still doesn’t look at her, though she sees his shoulders tense. It gets a little easier now to talk. “And what happened? Where am I? I woke up, and I can barely remember what happened last night. I met Foggy at a bar, but I didn’t have that much to drink, and then - “

“And then somebody who’d been waiting for you got you when you left the bar.” His voice is so rough it hurts to hear, but it isn’t out of place in here. His hide-out, she assumes. His base. His voice fills the room like smoke and she feels surrounded by him. He still won’t look at her. “You fought him, but he hit you, threw you against a building, knocked you unconscious.”

“Then how did I - “

He turns and she cuts herself off as she meets his eyes. It hurts to see him, hurts in a way she never expected it would. He was dead to her, wasn’t he? Wasn’t that what she told him? Wasn’t that what she meant? Then who is this in front of her, if that man is dead? Who wears his uniform and makes his kills and lives a spartan, war-tempered life here in this arsenal? Karen wants to cry and her lips tremble as she holds back tears. She hates him, a little, still thinks he deserves judgement for his crimes, but she is so, so relieved to see him.

His face is a mask she can’t read. He licks his lips and says “How did you what?”

“How did I get here?” she asks, quiet, feeling timid, though she forces herself to hold his gaze.

“I brought you here,” he says, and his eyes burn. “You think they were going to let you stay there unconscious on the ground? You think they just wanted to scare you?”

“Do you know who they were?” she asks, instead of answering his questions. He nods. “You know why they were after me?” He nods again. She’s surprised he’s been keeping up with what she’s doing - it can’t be a coincidence he just happened on her the exact moment she needed saving. She’s had a target on her back for a week, at least, after what she’s been digging up. She wonders how long he’s been making sure no one hits it. “Did you kill him? The man who attacked me?”

“I did.” Her lip trembles and she pulls it between her teeth. His expression doesn’t change. “He deserved to die. You didn’t.”

She’s not so sure about that sometimes. “You could have left me there, or taken me to a hospital, or called… called Daredevil.”

“Safe here,” he says.

“Yeah,” she says, wondering what that says about her own home. She breaks her eyes away from his and looks around again. “I guess I am.”

They stand there, silent, for a long moment. He doesn’t say anything else and as the silence begins to grow awkward he turns back towards the counter and pours himself a cup of coffee. It’s in a cracked green mug and Karen watches him as he takes a drink, traces the long line of his throat as he swallows. She doesn’t ask for any coffee, though he’d pulled out another cup.

“Your bag and your shoes are on the chair,” he says, gesturing with his coffee towards a single folding chair set up across from the bed. There’s a little table set up, as well, covered in rags and a two short stacks of papers and another gun. “You should go home.”

She’s not sure if she’ll be safe on her way there, if she needs an escort, if he’ll follow her back whether she wants him to or not. She just nods and goes over to her things, slips her shoes on her feet and the strap of her purse over her shoulder.

“Don’t know if anything is missing,” he says, “but I checked and your gun’s still there.”

“Thank you.” Karen pushes her hair behind her ear. It’s dirty and tangled and she needs a shower. She still feels exhausted. Seeing the Punisher has not helped. “I guess I’ll… go. Head home, then.”

He nods back at her and steps behind her as she reaches the door. She turns to look at him before she goes. His eyes are full and black and burning, and his mouth is set in a firm line. “Thank you,” she says again, and gently she reaches out and sets a hand against his cheek. He’s real and warm beneath her fingers, and his skin is rough with stubbly growth. But he’s here. And he’s alive.

She puts a hand to his face and - Jesus Christ, she thinks. Frank lets her.

Seeing cisswaps on my dash makes me itch to draw them, it’s been so long. Here’s a sloppy sketch for the time being.

BNHA Chapter 159: Thoughts and Spoilers

Simple, this was a great way to wrap up the fight. I was glad we got to see all the characters that participated in the raid. So let’s get into it.

I was wrong in my guess about the relationship between Chrono and Overhaul. Apparently they have been friends for a long time, and Chrono has absolute faith in Overhaul (to bad they were up against some grade A heroes). And dang, Chrono was ready to straight up murder Aizawa. I mean, I know that Chrono is a villain, but killing someone who can’t protest at all is less of murder and more of an execution. Good thing my boy Suneater came in with that swordfish that Fatgum gave him what feels like ages ago. Suneater even had his buddy Lemillion with him, I am really glad that it was Amajiki that found Mirio, it is fitting. Then “Ribbit-Ribbit girl” comes in and you know any scene with Tsuyu instantly becomes significantly better.

Deku is busting up Overhaul, freaking judo flipping the massive monster after a flurry of 100% punches. Notice this to: Deku flipped Overhaul in a space that Overhaul had already destroyed, keeping damage to a minimum. I really like how conscious of the whole situation the heroes are. Now we get to see Overhaul’s face, and I was surprised by the plainness of it. The dirty/bruising that he has on his face gives an amazing sense of roundness (Kirishima had this awesome shading on his face too right after his fight with Rappa), I am always impressed with Horikoshi’s artistic style. Speaking of art style, the sheer intensity of Eri’s quirk on Deku and her surroundings is a sight to behold.

Eri’s quirk has the potential to be gentle as Deku said, but at the current unrestrained stage, I can kinda see where Overhaul is coming from. The usage of her quirk pains Eri and the effects seem like a mix between an explosion and a lightning strike. While, Deku is simply trying to withstand Eri’s ability, Overhaul has one last surge of strength. His eyes are whited out in this scene so my conclusion is that Overhaul is strong in his convictions, they are so deeply rooted that he continued the fight after he no longer was conscious. That may be a bit too exaggerated, but he definitely was not thinking straight, he continued fighting on instinct. As much as he became an ass towards the end, I gotta admire the tenacity he has.

Buuuuuttt that last effort was proven worthless with Eri’s power. Not only did she stop Overhaul’s attack, but she also pried the big guy out of Overhaul’s mixed form and healed Overhaul (though he remained unconscious). Without missing a beat, Uraraka jumps in and restrains Overhaul. Honestly I am so amazed with this. She was watching this fight go down and the instant, the very instant she sees an opening, she seizes it. Plus the fact that Overhaul is most dangerous with his hands, so she has the precision to grab the wrists to keep herself safe. She never forgot any of the training she underwent with Gunhead too and I am amazed with that. Forgetting something like a takedown I feel would be incredible easy to do if you are actively practicing it all the time (what’s the term? Headcanon? Aiight, so headcanon that Uraraka asks her classmates to be practice buddies and she just f*cking throws them down to the point she scares some of them and she has to ask someone else).

Eri is still using her quirk. It is genuinely terrifying. IN one of the scenes she looks like a little demon with the horn to match. I don’t know if Eri will go into hero work or not, but if she does she will be a force to be reckoned with, but most importantly I want Eri to have a loving family and a happy life. Also massive props to Tsuyu for realizing that Aizawa is trying to help and immediately puts him into a position where he can help. Seriously, all the heroes have A+ fighting sense and cooperation, it’s great that they all work so well together. I don’t really get why Aizawa apologizes to Deku for using his quirk, I suppose there might be some feeling of etiquette that Aizawa has to deal with the same way the Shinso might feel bad about using his quirk on a friend.

Then Eri falls into Deku’s arms (freaking beautiful panel). We see all the heroes checking up on each other, Kirishima being extracted from his little hospital room (love how tall Fatgum is), heroes talking with police officers, villains being detained and police officers going through the rounds to check for civilian injuries and searching for Twice and Toga. Sir even manages to tell Deku did in fact manage to twist the future, even though he has a spire going through his body and is missing an arm. I guess it is kinda ironic that Sir now has an injury that matches All Might’s, since both injuries are lower right abdomen.

Slight tangent, I am not sure how I feel about Deku coming out of Eri’s power completely fine. I understand that he was in immense pain right after the fight while the reversal was still happening, but I figured there would be some kind of long term effect, since that is a theme that is consistently brought up. I think someone pointed out that one of the scars on Deku’s arm was missing too? (though that could just be the angle) So not only did he come out of this unscathed (generally) but miraculously healed to the point that his arms aren’t on the verge of being unusable? I feel like it goes counter to some of the themes but I am willing to overlooking it because Eri is awesome and Deku deserves to be able to use his arms since the were put in a bad state super early in his heroing life.

And finally, Handsy, Dabi and the real Compress drop in on the party. Not only do they drop in, but they are targeting the wounded villains.  Can I say that Shigaraki is really starting to look like an antagonist? Like real final boss type material. Bro, he is crouched on top of an eighteen wheeler casually talking strategy and killing kings in that cool ass coat that’s flapping in the wind. He’s got the villain flare down pat, even if Dabi is trying to correct  Handsy’s oversimplified shogi strategy. Now I am not sure if they are really going to kill Overhaul and his injured lackies or capture them, I’m leaning towards the latter just because saving them could really be beneficial to the League of Villains.

Alright, that is all. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Again, I am late but at this point I feel like that is the schedule at this point. I try to get them out when I am not busy. I hope you all have a great day.


So in a Drawpile I was running out of ideas, So I went and drawed that dang catboots inspired dragon boy I made up a long time ago pfrffr

I kinda ditched him though don’t expect to see more of him. He is the rarest boy

I drew a lot of other things too, I wonder where you will find them hmm





Okay, but I’ve wanted to know this FOREVER and I can’t help but speculating, because even his cut off answer of “Well, a long time ago I-” contradicted most of my previous assumptions. 

  1. MY PREVIOUS GUESS: Okay so there are those preliminary character sketches that sensei did of Shouji’s face and I’ve lost it now, but he basically had a dinosaur-y looking mouth, so I thought he might’ve been made of fun of it or something? 
  2. But that doesn’t make much sense because heroes are the MAJORITY in bnha’s society, and there are so many mutant-ish body forms that come with the quirks that I feel like it would be weird if Shouji was made fun for it. And, also, if that was the reason, his answer was fairly nonchalant, so there’s probably not a lot of trauma behind the reason of his mask. 
  3. ALSO he said “a long time ago” and if he did keep the dinosaur mouth in his preliminary design, he probably would’ve had it from birth and he wouldn’t have just decided to wear it “a long time ago” UNLESS it’s referring to how he decided to start wearing it? But all I can think of was that it was bullied into it or something, and again, the nonchalant answer contradicts. 
  4. OR SECOND GUESS: That his mouth just looked so dang scary that he decided to start wearing it for sort of the same reason that blind people wear glasses just because other people are bothered by their eyeballs OTL and I guess that still might still be applicable because Shouji seems like a pretty chill dude and I can his decision “oh shoot the kids are kinda scared of my mouth, maybe I should cover it up” not being a really traumatic one for him. 

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"im gonna yell about my bloodswap au as much as i can" dang dude, i would love to hear about it. please yell

TG: oh my god yall have no idea okay i made this blog a week ago but ive been spriting this damn au for over a year i love it please listen to me scream okay here we go
TG: uh actually theres more under the cut because this is gonna be long as fuck

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So, I am basically new at the zutara fandom, even though I watched Avatar a long time ago, but recently I re-watched the whole show and I know that the zutara fandom is huge, but I have like no idea of the size of kataang fandom, can you tell me if they are as huge as our fandom?

Hey, Jessica! Sorry this is a late reply, but WELCOME TO THE ZUTARA FANDOM!!! Come join in our angsty suffering :)

Alright, so I know there are actual polls/statistics to back this up, but I’m honestly too lazy to look them up right now, so apologies for the lack of sources…But from what I remember from over a decade ago, the K*taang and Zutara fandoms were pretty neck-and-neck during the shows run, but for obvious reasons, the K*taang fandom was much more well-known. Even so, the Zutara fandom was chugging along pretty successfully after the series finale, which both disheartened (the parting shot of K*taang kissing in the sunset), and encouraged (tHE INfaMoUS LIGhtnINg saCriFICE) us fans. However, an unholy fire was lit under our asses when Bryke decided to mock Zutara stans by making a video featuring beloved pieces of artwork from ATLA-loving artists circa 2011(?), and from the pure spite burning in our veins, we birthed the first ever Zutara Week, which in turn shot our fandom through the roof and it began gaining even more popularity than before. From there, the Zutara fandom surpassed the K*taang fandom in popularity, although the K*taang fandom also remains active and well today! 

Generally, if you look up polls about Zutara vs K*taang, the results are overwhelmingly in the Zutarian direction. Whether that is because Zutara fans are just more active on social media or not, I can’t say, but regardless I think that it represents the sizes of the fandoms pretty accurately. From personal experience, almost everyone I know who grew up with ATLA has expressed to me that they also believe Zutara should have been canon. And most of those people are not actually active in any ATLA fandom, they’re just casual watchers.

However, I definitely don’t miss the times where Zutarians and K*taangers used to fight with teeth and claws, because at the end of the day, we’re all allowed to enjoy what we enjoy, and it’s not a crime to be on either side. With that said, thanks for the question, Jessica! I hope you stay connected with us Zutarians!

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if i get into critical role i just *know* it will suck all my time away but your critical role blogging may yet drag me in ... i've watched little bits & told myself i wouldn't watch more but d&d! found family! characters!! i'd never even heard of critical role before seeing your taz comparison post

Oh dang, it’s the most fun I’ve had with a piece of media in a long time (there’s not just the improv stuff that comes with D&D, there’s the live and unedited element as well, which makes for some seriously weird media-theory stuff), and it might just be the best found-family material I’ve ever seen. But yeah, it really is long as heck right now. Catching up was an intimidating endeavor when I started watching, and that was half the show ago!

If you do decide to go for it, take your time and have fun. It’s definitely possible to jump around a bit, or have it on in the background while you work on something else, or read transcripts, or pop up in my inbox and go “hey eponymous-rose, I’m gonna jump in on episode 78 because that’s my favorite number, what did I miss?” and I will totally write you a personalized rundown to get you caught up. No joke, I will do the thing. Everyone. Hello. I am here. I will do the thing.

For me it was worth it when I hit that moment of realization: “oh shoot my favorite thing has a bajillion hours of content and four more hours every single week”. How often do you get that? Good good good stuff.