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Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 

Just So You Know (Barry Allen X Reader)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen X Reader
Word Count: 2,872
Author’s Note: Loosely based on this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pts-t0mGEYE, you might wanna listen to it!! Also this is super old omg forgive me if it sucks  </3

“Hey, Barry?” You asked nervously, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear as you rocked on the balls of your feet.

“What’s up?” Barry responded, cocking his head curiously. Why were you so nervous? You had grown out of being nervous around him a long time ago.

“Do you want to go to homecoming with me?”

Barry raised an eyebrow at you. “Weren’t we already planning on it?”

“Yeah but I-“ You started, getting interrupted as Iris bounded into Barry’s room.

“Barry, will you come help me with my geometry homework?”

“Sure thing. I’ll be back in a bit, __y/n__.” Barry said, waving at you before he followed Iris out of the room. You sighed, bending down and slinging your backpack over your shoulder before you slipped out of Barry’s room and climbed down the stairs.

This happened a lot.

You would be hanging out with Barry, Iris would need help with something, and Barry would drop whatever you were working on to go help her. You learned after the first couple of times of it happening that Iris’s homework took hours, and it was easier to just go home than to try to wait for them to finish.

You knew that Barry liked Iris, and you had learned to deal with it, but then something like this would happen and it would just remind you that Barry would always choose Iris over you.


You hummed quietly, nuzzling your head slightly closer to Barry’s chest as you swayed on the dance floor. Barry’s hands were resting lightly on your waist, and you decided that now was as good a time as any to tell Barry about your feelings.



“I kind of-“ You were interrupted by, oh, wow, never would’ve guessed, Iris.

“Hi __y/n__!” She said cheerfully. “Do you mind if I steal Barry for a dance?”

You forced a smile on your face. “No, not at all. Have fun.” You said, untwining your arms from around his neck and pulling yourself from his grasp.

Barry mouthed a “Thank you” to you as Iris pulled him back onto the dance floor. You just waved, waiting for them to disappear in the sea of bodies before you weaved through the crowd, exiting the school.

You could text Barry when you got home, tell him you had a headache or something and that’s why you had to leave early. He didn’t need to know that seeing him fawn all over Iris made you feel like you were getting repeatedly punched in the gut. He didn’t need to know that whenever he chose Iris over you it made you feel like someone was pushing you over the edge of a cliff. He didn’t need to know about your feelings.


You spooned a small bite of ice cream into your mouth, watching the screen intently.

“Don’t go take a shower! Are you stupid? If you shower then you’re going to die!” You called out to your TV, slapping a hand against your forehead as the girl climbed in the shower and turned the water on.

“Headache, huh?” Barry asked, leaning in the doorway to your room with an amused smile on his lips.

“It, uh, went away?” You offered sheepishly, shrugging your shoulders. “Why exactly did my parents let you in?”

“They didn’t have to; you gave me a key, remember?” Barry reminded you, tugging the key out of his suit pocket and waving it at you. 

“Now explain to me why I did that, again?”

“Because I’m one of your best friends and you love me?”

“You’re my only friend, really, but yes, I do love you.”

“Good. I love you too, squirt.”

“You are like three inches taller than me, that does not mean you’re allowed to call me squirt!” You huffed, puffing out your cheeks in annoyance.

Barry just shrugged, moving out of the doorway and plopping down beside you on your bed. “So, are you going to tell me why you left the dance so early?” Barry asked, arching an eyebrow at you.

You glanced at your clock. “It’s nine-thirty, the dance started at eight, I didn’t leave that early.”

“If you had just now left, then yeah, you wouldn’t have left ridiculously early, but __y/n__, you left forty-five minutes ago.”  

“I was bored.” You said with a shrug, scooping a bite of ice cream in your mouth in the hope that he would stop asking questions.

Barry snagged the bowl from your hands, snatching your remote as well and pausing the random horror movie that you had found on Netflix.

“Barrrryyyyy…” You whined, trying to grab your ice cream back.

“I’ll give it back once you tell me the truth about why you left so early.” Barry said, taking a bite of your ice cream.

“I was bored.” You said firmly.

“You are a terrible liar.”

“Can I please just have my ice cream back?”

“No, you’re obviously upset about something and I want to know what it is.”

“IlikethisboybuthelikessomeoneelsebutI’mmanagingitandit’sreallynotabigdeal.” You said in a breath, successfully grabbing your ice cream and the remote back while Barry was trying to decipher what you said.

“How long have you liked them? And why am I just now hearing about it?” Barry asked in mock hurt.

“Since I met him, pretty much. Because I didn’t need you to know about it and I’m handling it on my own.”

“But I could help! I could talk to him, ask him if he likes you.”

You just rolled your eyes, taking another bite of your (now slightly melted) ice cream as you unpaused the movie. Barry groaned at how stubborn you were, casually draping an arm around your shoulders as he decided to let it go for now. He’d get you to tell him eventually.

(I’m not exactly sure where Central City is located, I think it changed from Ohio to Missouri in the comics but I’m going to say that it’s still located in Ohio for distance reasons. Also, we’re just gonna pretend that Harvard has a Criminal Justice major, even though after researching it, Harvard does not.)

“You’re leaving? For how long?” Barry asked, frown marring his face and making his forehead crease.

You shrugged. “For as long as Harvard wants me. I have to go Barry; they have an 8% acceptance rate, and for some reason they chose me and gave me a scholarship.”

“It’s because you’re brilliant, that’s why.” Barry said, offering you a small smile. “I know you have to go, I just wish you would have told me you were applying.”

“You and Iris were busy applying for your own colleges; I didn’t want to bother you. And I didn’t think I’d actually get in, I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.”

“I’m happy for you.” Barry said, wrapping you up in a hug. “But I’m going to miss being able to go over to your house whenever I want so I can steal your food.” Barry teased.

“I’m terribly sorry that my kitchen will now be off limits.” You joked back.

His voice was softer when he spoke again. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, but I’ll be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas and spring break.” You offered; he definitely didn’t need to know that one of the main reasons you were going to Massachusetts was so that you wouldn’t have to see how in love with Iris he was 24/7. You had managed it for your high school years, but your feelings for him hadn’t diminished at all and you didn’t think you could handle it anymore.

Seeing the way he looked at her and the smile that he reserved for her…it just hurt too much for you to bear.

“And I’ll drive up every month so we can continue our Criminal Minds marathons.” Barry said firmly as he pulled out of the hug.

“With what car?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

 “I’ll take a train or a bus or I’ll bike there if I have to, but we are going to see each other once a month.”

“Okay. If you seriously want to, that’d be fantastic as I highly doubt I’ll make any friends there.”

“Nonsense, you’re great at making friends.”

“I currently have one friend.” You deadpanned.

“You’re great at being a friend, if people try talking to you they’ll see that and you’ll make friends, no problem.”

“Thanks for trying, but I’ve accepted that I won’t have any friends. It’s not that big of a deal. Anyways, I’m going to check out the campus next weekend, do you want to come?”

“Count me in.”


“So this is it? This is where you’ll be for the next four years?” Barry asked, glancing around at the large brick buildings.

“Yeah.” You said, swallowing nervously. Harvard was huge, you were going to be alone, and you were extremely terrified.

Barry seemed to sense this, grabbing your hand and squeezing it tightly. “Hey, you’ll do great here. It’s the perfect place for a little genius like you.”

You shook your head. “I’m not a genius, we all know you’re the genius in this relationship, but thanks.” You said, offering Barry a small smile.

“Come on, let’s go check out the dorms and the lecture halls, you need to start memorizing your routes or you are going to get lost.”

“Stop reminding me about my horrible sense of direction.” You whined, making Barry laugh as he started to drag you around the campus.


“Sam, Jess, hey!” You greeted cheerfully, opening the door to your dorm and letting them inside. Your roommate was out, and you had invited Sam and Jess over for dinner.

You had met Jess, a sweet, pretty blonde girl, your first week of college and you had become friends almost instantly. Not long after, Jess introduced you to her boyfriend, Sam. Sam was tall, like, freakishly taller than anyone you’d ever met, with a head of shaggy brown hair.

You loved them both to death, but you missed Barry. In the six months you had been at Harvard, Barry’s plan to visit you monthly had succeeded only twice. The four times he missed, his excuses were all related to Iris. “Iris has an interview and needs my help; Iris invited me to dinner; Iris this; Iris that.” And it hurt. You had left to get away from him always choosing Iris, but it was still happening.

You were tired of it. But of course, you didn’t actually have a reason to be mad. Iris was Barry’s friend too, she was his friend before you were, even, but you just wished that he would choose you over her once. You had known that there was only a very small chance that Barry would actually stick to his plan, but the fact that it was his idea and then he didn’t show up because of Iris had only made it worse.

It just…it made you sad. Barry was your best friend, even if you weren’t his, and you were worried that soon you wouldn’t even be talking to him on a regular basis. At least for the time being, you and Barry were still Skyping and texting regularly, but you were honestly terrified that he would stop and end up forgetting about you.

“Hey, __y/n__!” Jess greeted back, hugging you briefly before she stepped into your tiny kitchen, putting a container of ice cream in the freezer for dessert.

“Hi, __y/n__.” Sam said politely, concern filling his face as he studied you. “Are you okay?”

“Hmm?” You asked, Sam’s voice snapping you out of your thoughts. “Sorry, yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about someone. So, what do you want to do before dinner? The pizza, rabbit kind for you Sammy, is in the oven.”

“Doctor Who!” Jess exclaimed, and wow, that only made you miss Barry even more, but you just smiled, plopping down on the couch in your living room and loading Netflix.


“Mr. Allen, you’re late.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry.” Barry said, removing his bag from his shoulder and dropping it to the ground as he glanced over at the crime scene. His shoulders tensed, eyebrows creasing in a frown. “Who’s that?”

You looked up from the tire tracks you were studying. “Oh, hey Barry.” You said, standing up and tugging off your gloves before sticking them in your pocket. “The car is an old Chevy model, an Impala, I think.”

“What are you doing here?” Barry asked curiously.

“Graduated, figured it was time to come home.” You said with a shrug. You shot him a small smile. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too. Are you working here now?”

“Yeah, Mr. West helped pull a few strings; I’ll be working with you from now on.” You said, playfully nudging him in the side with your elbow.

He grinned at you. “Great, though just so you know, the car is a Chevy Delray, not an Impala.”

“You barely even glanced at the tracks!” You said, disbelief and admiration evident in your voice.

“What can I say, I’m good at my job.” Barry teased.

“Can you two tone down the flirting a bit?” The detective to your right asked as he scribbled down some notes on a pad of paper.

“We’re not-I don’t-she’s like a sister to me.” Barry said, but you were surprised to see that his cheeks were tinged slightly pink (not nearly as red as yours were, though).

“Y-yeah. What he said.” You added unconvincingly. The detective rolled his eyes and muttered “Sure.” under his breath. You bit your lip, following Barry inside the store to inspect the rest of the crime scene.


“Sorry I missed so many of our Criminal Minds marathons.” Barry said quietly, walking into the lab that he now shared with you.

You jumped slightly, almost spilling the contents of your test tube. You carefully placed it in its holder, placing a hand over your heart. “First off, you know I scare easily, so thanks for that. Secondly, it’s fine, I know that you and Iris were busy.”

“Yeah, I kind of, um, lied about just how busy I was.” Barry said sheepishly. “It just, it hurt a lot when you left, and it was really hard to only see you once a month and I was afraid that if I kept coming to see you I’d do something that would destroy our friendship.”

“What could you possibly do that would destroy our friendship?” You asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“Maybe,” Barry said, moving closer so that he was in your bubble of personal space. “Something,” His face was inches away from yours now. “Like,” Centimeters. “This.” And then Barry was kissing you, and you were extremely confused because last you knew he liked Iris but you didn’t want to question it so you just kissed back, hands moving to the back of his neck and lightly tugging on his hair. Your pulse was thundering in your ears, your heart was hammering, and you felt like you could cry because you were finally kissing the boy you’d been in love with for the better part of a decade.

You were reluctant to break the kiss, afraid that once you did you’d wake up and realize this was just some horrible, extremely lifelike dream, but you did it anyway, keeping your face near his.

“What about Iris?” You asked hesitantly, peering up at him.

“What about her?”

“You’ve been kind of in love with her for pretty much the whole time that I’ve known you, what changed?”

“My feelings did. I did like her for a while, but then I realized that I couldn’t actually see myself being with her. We’re too different. She doesn’t understand me when I go off on my rants about physics but the thing is, you do. You understand when I start talking about that kind of stuff, and I don’t know, I just finally realized that that’s really important to me? You’re just as nerdy as I am, and I love it. Do you remember that Skype call where we talked about molecular and atomic structure for three hours?”

You nodded.

“That was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had with anyone. While you were at Harvard, I tried to watch Doctor Who with Iris. I only ever tried the one time, because while she tried for the first half hour to pay attention, she thought it was boring and started texting her boyfriend. But you and me, we watch Criminal Minds together and Doctor Who, and I just really love that about us and anywayscanIpleasekissyousomemore?” Barry said, voice rushing near the end as his eyes started to drift towards your lips.

You didn’t say anything, just closed the already decreasing distance between you and pressed your lips to his. It was just as good as the first kiss, and you smiled against Barry’s lips as his arms wound around your waist.

“Just so you know,” Barry started as you broke apart once again to breathe. “I’m going to be doing this a lot now.”

“Good.” You said firmly, tugging on the collar of his shirt to get him to kiss you again.

End.   <3





I collaborated with @superbrankman so there’s more but I want him to show his designs >:U -waits patiently-

THESE ARE NOT ALL THE STICKERS besides Branko’s designs missing, i took out some that are precious to me and will only be revealed when we get the set in our hands 8)

hint: i’m missing 5 GF stickers, 3 OTGW stickers, and 6 BL stickers (there’s a rhack sticker in the set lol)

SO STAY TUNED! 8) i’M SUPER EXCITED FOR THEM! they’ll be arriving next month (we’re going through JiMi) BUT STAY TUNED! 8) who knows.. i could throw in the other designs on twitter B)

Characters©Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, and Borderlands
art and stuff©moi :U

anonymous asked:

this is random but have u ever started a rumor on twitter? i have once, it was like 3 years ago though. i think it was about nate,paul & torrey. i remember i only tweeted it once & then everyone on my tl tweeted it. i was like dang, people actually read my tweets? then people that isn't following me tweeted it but then i was thinking that it probably wasn't a rumor. it could have been true

Whaaat? No way. No, I have not but from the time I’ve been in this fandom it wouldn’t surprise me. Remember those horrible Kai/Bonnie rumours we had not all that long ago? And I was still pretty new to the fandom when the BD kiss rumours kept popping up. Oh and that awful girl who spread all that fake BD stuff all season so yeah, I guess it doesn’t take much…

Be careful what you say, honey!

* a happier memory from a time long, long ago…

^^Bonus doodles from when i was warming up for Asriel^^.

I refuse to believe that any child of Toriel’s is any less than the fluffiest kid in the world. So idk, i was kinda like, “wow there needs to be WAY more happy stuff in Chara and Asriel’s tags like dang” so this happened! I’m always happy to see Chara being a little shit, but the kid definitely wasn’t 100% all the time, y’know? So here, happy Chara and Asriel!!