dang this was a long time ago

So I made posts long ago about the idea of “okay, angst aside for a moment, if Keith does shift purple it’s going to be a big adjustment and kind of an awkward time for him” and then I just. thought about the Blade of Marmora for a moment.

Not like them as a source of wisdom and security but. How, honestly, this would be kind of terrifying for them.

There seems to be a pretty dang strong attitude in the Blade that you take care of your own. And Keith, at this point, whether or not all of the members are on the same page of “he is almost certainly the child of one of our lost agents” is definitely ‘theirs’ in some way- the Blade at this point likes Voltron in general even if Keith hadn’t gone through the trial.

But like- Keith having needs that have probably been chronically under-addressed his entire life because he’s not the kind of person to speak up if he thinks he can manage it alone, and for the most part probably doesn’t even know it’s there? And then him “shifting” and that just sorta making everything worse/more obvious because there is an entire body of basic medical and otherwise common sense anatomical knowledge Keith just does. not. have.

What if he has those little bony ridges that some of the galra have but he doesn’t know what they are and is kind of uncomfortable, “do these things come off?” and it’s like dear god, no, please do not try and remove those, they’re attached to your skull.

Like. He has no idea how his body works, no idea what’s a serious health concern, and is the kind of person who’s probably trying not to think about it because he’s uncomfortable and a little stressed, and I cannot help but feel like that would be really nerve-wracking to all of the, let’s say people who are more used to being galra.

Especially because, I mean- galra have claws. With some of the closeups on hands we’ve had, they look much more like sharp, hooked claws- more like the claws on a housecat than the blunt claws on a dog. I feel like Keith would definitely go through a period of accidentally scratching himself and others, just like if you had to try and go about your day with a set of small, but very sharp knives permanently welded to your fingertips.

SansxReader Fluff. -Skin-

This is an idea i got from tumblr, and was inspired. its the Skin Au where whatever markings you get on your skin show up on your soulmate’s skin. im doing this au where everyone’s soulmate is can be one year in age varied from yours. and 18 is when the soul-connection starts. its common around the world for people to wait a year after turing 18 to begin writing and contacting. And, because its undertale and magic is a thing, im also gonna say for monsters, they can start writing whenever. in humans it takes longer for the connection to build. so once monsters are able to read/ write, they write. they are told by their parents, though, that its just your true best friend. not soulmate.and its rare a human and monster are paired together.. so magical things happen. allright. enough explination. lets dive in yeah?  - Tean

The markings had started appearing since 5th grade for you.. but then, you didnt know what they meant. you just knew you had a friend in yourself.  the one in your skin had been there for you through alot.. and you were there for him.

you discovered his name was Sans. And he was AMAZING at jokes. and never failed to make you smile. on top of that, he was quite the artist.

you had to perpetually wear long-sleeves because of him though.  no-one else had notes on their arms.. other than adults.. they were the only ones. you didnt know what it meant, but it made you diffrent so you hid it. Sans knew this, so sometimes at school we would draw these beautiful scenes or scapes on his skin for you to see when you got home. It always made you smile.

you both would chat untill your arms and legs were all full of text and doodles. it was good to have such a good friend.


on your 18th birthday, your parents told you the meaning on the writing, and demonstrated on eachother. you went pale but nodded when they told you to wait about a year to write, incase your soulmate was younger than you.

You didnt tell anyone about sans. no-one.


on your 19th birthday, sans had drawn a gourgous cake on your arm that looked good enough to eat.

your heart ached.

Sans?  you wrote

Whats up buttercup?

how old are you?

19. same as you, silly.

i want t-

you stopped mid-sentance and hesitated.

Want what?

nothing. sorry.


i want to meet you..

your arm stayed silent for a  while.


ok?!?! thats all he wrote back?!

im pretty limited on places to go.. you know Grillbys?

no? wheres that?

snowdin. dang. you must live further than i thought. know where mtt resort is?

no?? im so sorry. i ll try and look it up online.

you went to your computer and looked up “mtt resort” and got no results. you tell sans this. he responds with a checkmark, but doesnt reply for a long time.


hey. i was worried. whats up?

Where are you from?

you know the mountian where supposedly a long time ago “magic” people sealed monsters underground? i live in the city right outside there.

he responded with another checkmark. your skin stayed silent for a LONG time.longer than it has the entire time you had known him. you were paranoid. when, two weeks later, you felt a hot sting on your arm.

you had a fresh puncture  wound in your arm. it began to bleed a little, then stopped.

you grab the sharpie from your pocket


y/n. you want to meet me right?

yeah. of course!

you know the hole in the mountian?


meet me there. ill be there every day until i meet you, at noon. when the sun is the highest.

okay! Wait, every day? Starting when?

its bout’ 11 right?


starting in an hour then.

omg. im on my way. i live close.

you got a backpack, filled it with a lunch, clothes, and cash, and you took a bus to the closest spot you could get to the hole, and hiked for about half an hour.

you could see the clearing where the hole was and you checked your watch.


you sat on the edge, and dangled your feet over and sat, nervously, and watched for your soul-mate.





You hear a whistle from below, and nearly fall in. You yell out.


saying a thousand thoughts went though your head at once would be an understatement.

“Sans?” you ask.

“yup. the one-and-only.”

“h-how in the hell did you get down there?”

“I was born down here.”

your mind went to a safe place. so, there were humans who lived down there. theres NO WAY monsters were actually real…


“is there a way i can get down?” You yelled into the darkness below your feet.

“Jump! Ill catch ya’. ITs not far. i promise!”


“y/n. come on. please?”


“yeah, but it aint easy. but i know you can make it if you really wanted to.”

what the hell were you thinking.

“c-c-catch my bag. in 3…2….1!” You lightly tossed your bag into the inky black-ness.

“got it! your turn!”

what the actual hell were you thinking. what if he missed? what if he killed you? what if there was no way for you to get out? what if?

you stepped back, closed your eyes, and ran forward. you cannonballed into the black.

you didnt catch them until you were placed lightly into someones arms.

“wow….” The voice sounded in awe

you opened your eyes

skull. black. .

surprizingly attractive.

Sans burried his face into your neck.

“hi, y/n.”

Seeing cisswaps on my dash makes me itch to draw them, it’s been so long. Here’s a sloppy sketch for the time being.

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I just wanted to tell you that i was there since you started making those thorki cartoons on your cellphone and to watch the level of artistry you have now is truly inspiring!

Thank you soo much!!! <333333333 Your url is very familiar. I am SUPER flattered and honoured you’ve followed me for so long :’) 

Originally posted by the-fault-in-our-stars-swe

Dang, that really was a very long time ago (it’s been like 4 years? And, looking back, those drawings were so childish and bad :’)). As many flaws as tumblr has, it’s played an enORMOUS part in my life and given me a really encouraging and supportive audience I couldn’t otherwise meet. I genuinely appreciate your support and kind words; hopefully I’ll grow even more in the future!

Deep Space Nine RECAP: 7x04

Perhaps the reason why my Trek through Deep Space Nine was on hold for a while, was because the universe knew that this strawberry milkshake of an episode would be exactly what I needed this week.

Season 7, Episode 4: ‘Take Me Out To the Holosuite’

It’s another beautiful day in space — until Sisko’s mood is upended by the arrival of his Petty Nemesis, one Captain Solok.

A) Love a petty nemesis, fantastic, B) am just realizing in this moment that there is no one in the Quadrant more suited to petty nemisery than Vulcans. Those people never forget a detail. In a ‘Which Line In Hamilton Are You?’ quiz all Vulcans get “Here’s an itemized list of thirty years of disagreements.”

“(Sweet Jesus.)”

Solok and Sisko each affect a superior remove while they snip and preen at each other over their respective medals of honor. Then Solok gives Sisko a rundown of the repairs his ship is going to need, and unfortunately for EVERYONE, it turns out that the work that needs to be done on the T’Kumbra’s warp core will take at least week. Aggrieved siiigh.

As he rises to depart, Solok mentions that while here he needs the use of a holosuite. Well whatever your floats your spaceboat; take it up with Quark.

“I have created a special program for my senior staff,” he continues, “and they are quite eager to resume using it.”

Sisko, in a tone that is somehow more dismissive and disinterested than not even responding: “Really.”

Oh yes really. In fact, it’s based on an Earth game.

We don’t even hear Solok say it, we just cut to Ben bouncing up to Kira like “Colonel, gather the team! I mean crew. I mean TEAM.”

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carve him as a dish (fit for the gods)

This was in response to the prompt “kastle, first meeting in The Punisher” but it is a whole big can of AU because based on what we’ve seen this couldn’t happen: I ignore the hair, the beard, and the miser poncho. Also I normally don’t get all excited by what I write myself but dang I love the ending to this.

Karen wakes up with a half-strangled scream, her head pounding and her body sore. She has no idea what has happened to her - other than a few faded wisps of memory clamoring in her mind for attention, a fuzzy, incomplete picture of happened when she went chasing a lead. Last night, she thinks - she’s not sure if it’s morning now, but it can’t have been too long ago. She thinks. She hopes, because everything is dark and she has no idea where she is. No sense of time, no sense of place, and no one to offer any sort of explanation. She’s alone.

She throws off the blanket that was covering her body and stands up on shaky legs. Her shoes are off her feet but she’s still dressed: her skirt is torn, the seams misaligned, and her blouse smells faintly of sweat, untucked, with blood speckling her chest like little drops of paint. She feels nauseated and afraid. The cot she was on was uncomfortable but it looked clean, and she’s in some sort of arsenal, she thinks, a small one room apartment covered with guns and bags filled with what must be ammo. She presses her fist to her mouth and wheezes, keeping the panic curdling in her stomach at bay. She doesn’t know where her bag is, doesn’t know where her own gun is, but she can grab one of these maybe, just to be safe, and then -

She hears the sound of running water and then a door opens. Her eyes dart over and she stumbles back, nearly falls back onto the bed. The bathroom light is a bright, angry yellow in the dim room and a hulking figure limned in black stands in the doorway. She blinks, still afraid, until she recognizes him.

It’s Frank.

No, she thinks, watching as he doesn’t look at her, as he walks in and moves towards the sink, it’s the Punisher. His back is to her and she feels vulnerable and exposed even though his eyes aren’t on her. She’s still shaken, a little afraid, and she isn’t quite sure how to ask for an explanation. Any moisture in her mouth is gone and her tongue lays still and dry, mute, as she stares at him. His head turns slightly, once, as he plugs in a percolator and starts making coffee. She doesn’t see his eyes. He’s dressed down, in a black shirt and jeans that sit loose on his hips. His head is shaved and she stares at the smooth curve of his neck as his head bends to look at something on the counter.

He still doesn’t speak.

She can’t leave without shoes, she decides, or her gun. She knows she had it with her, in her bag, and with her wallet and phone inside she needs that, too.

With a shaky breath, she wraps her arms around herself. She hasn’t seen him in a few months and she’s not sure what to say to him. She’s not even sure this is the same man she knew before. I’m already dead, he had told her, already gone. Frank Castle died with his family, and now even the broken fragments of him she knew are gone. She doesn’t know who this new person is, this new animal, but she doesn’t have the luxury to find out.

“Where’s… where’s my stuff?” she asks. “My shoes and. My shoes and my bag.” Her voice sounds strange when she speaks, too loud in a room with only the ambient city noise as a soundtrack. He still doesn’t look at her, though she sees his shoulders tense. It gets a little easier now to talk. “And what happened? Where am I? I woke up, and I can barely remember what happened last night. I met Foggy at a bar, but I didn’t have that much to drink, and then - “

“And then somebody who’d been waiting for you got you when you left the bar.” His voice is so rough it hurts to hear, but it isn’t out of place in here. His hide-out, she assumes. His base. His voice fills the room like smoke and she feels surrounded by him. He still won’t look at her. “You fought him, but he hit you, threw you against a building, knocked you unconscious.”

“Then how did I - “

He turns and she cuts herself off as she meets his eyes. It hurts to see him, hurts in a way she never expected it would. He was dead to her, wasn’t he? Wasn’t that what she told him? Wasn’t that what she meant? Then who is this in front of her, if that man is dead? Who wears his uniform and makes his kills and lives a spartan, war-tempered life here in this arsenal? Karen wants to cry and her lips tremble as she holds back tears. She hates him, a little, still thinks he deserves judgement for his crimes, but she is so, so relieved to see him.

His face is a mask she can’t read. He licks his lips and says “How did you what?”

“How did I get here?” she asks, quiet, feeling timid, though she forces herself to hold his gaze.

“I brought you here,” he says, and his eyes burn. “You think they were going to let you stay there unconscious on the ground? You think they just wanted to scare you?”

“Do you know who they were?” she asks, instead of answering his questions. He nods. “You know why they were after me?” He nods again. She’s surprised he’s been keeping up with what she’s doing - it can’t be a coincidence he just happened on her the exact moment she needed saving. She’s had a target on her back for a week, at least, after what she’s been digging up. She wonders how long he’s been making sure no one hits it. “Did you kill him? The man who attacked me?”

“I did.” Her lip trembles and she pulls it between her teeth. His expression doesn’t change. “He deserved to die. You didn’t.”

She’s not so sure about that sometimes. “You could have left me there, or taken me to a hospital, or called… called Daredevil.”

“Safe here,” he says.

“Yeah,” she says, wondering what that says about her own home. She breaks her eyes away from his and looks around again. “I guess I am.”

They stand there, silent, for a long moment. He doesn’t say anything else and as the silence begins to grow awkward he turns back towards the counter and pours himself a cup of coffee. It’s in a cracked green mug and Karen watches him as he takes a drink, traces the long line of his throat as he swallows. She doesn’t ask for any coffee, though he’d pulled out another cup.

“Your bag and your shoes are on the chair,” he says, gesturing with his coffee towards a single folding chair set up across from the bed. There’s a little table set up, as well, covered in rags and a two short stacks of papers and another gun. “You should go home.”

She’s not sure if she’ll be safe on her way there, if she needs an escort, if he’ll follow her back whether she wants him to or not. She just nods and goes over to her things, slips her shoes on her feet and the strap of her purse over her shoulder.

“Don’t know if anything is missing,” he says, “but I checked and your gun’s still there.”

“Thank you.” Karen pushes her hair behind her ear. It’s dirty and tangled and she needs a shower. She still feels exhausted. Seeing the Punisher has not helped. “I guess I’ll… go. Head home, then.”

He nods back at her and steps behind her as she reaches the door. She turns to look at him before she goes. His eyes are full and black and burning, and his mouth is set in a firm line. “Thank you,” she says again, and gently she reaches out and sets a hand against his cheek. He’s real and warm beneath her fingers, and his skin is rough with stubbly growth. But he’s here. And he’s alive.

She puts a hand to his face and - Jesus Christ, she thinks. Frank lets her.


So in a Drawpile I was running out of ideas, So I went and drawed that dang catboots inspired dragon boy I made up a long time ago pfrffr

I kinda ditched him though don’t expect to see more of him. He is the rarest boy

I drew a lot of other things too, I wonder where you will find them hmm





Okay, but I’ve wanted to know this FOREVER and I can’t help but speculating, because even his cut off answer of “Well, a long time ago I-” contradicted most of my previous assumptions. 

  1. MY PREVIOUS GUESS: Okay so there are those preliminary character sketches that sensei did of Shouji’s face and I’ve lost it now, but he basically had a dinosaur-y looking mouth, so I thought he might’ve been made of fun of it or something? 
  2. But that doesn’t make much sense because heroes are the MAJORITY in bnha’s society, and there are so many mutant-ish body forms that come with the quirks that I feel like it would be weird if Shouji was made fun for it. And, also, if that was the reason, his answer was fairly nonchalant, so there’s probably not a lot of trauma behind the reason of his mask. 
  3. ALSO he said “a long time ago” and if he did keep the dinosaur mouth in his preliminary design, he probably would’ve had it from birth and he wouldn’t have just decided to wear it “a long time ago” UNLESS it’s referring to how he decided to start wearing it? But all I can think of was that it was bullied into it or something, and again, the nonchalant answer contradicts. 
  4. OR SECOND GUESS: That his mouth just looked so dang scary that he decided to start wearing it for sort of the same reason that blind people wear glasses just because other people are bothered by their eyeballs OTL and I guess that still might still be applicable because Shouji seems like a pretty chill dude and I can his decision “oh shoot the kids are kinda scared of my mouth, maybe I should cover it up” not being a really traumatic one for him. 

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if i get into critical role i just *know* it will suck all my time away but your critical role blogging may yet drag me in ... i've watched little bits & told myself i wouldn't watch more but d&d! found family! characters!! i'd never even heard of critical role before seeing your taz comparison post

Oh dang, it’s the most fun I’ve had with a piece of media in a long time (there’s not just the improv stuff that comes with D&D, there’s the live and unedited element as well, which makes for some seriously weird media-theory stuff), and it might just be the best found-family material I’ve ever seen. But yeah, it really is long as heck right now. Catching up was an intimidating endeavor when I started watching, and that was half the show ago!

If you do decide to go for it, take your time and have fun. It’s definitely possible to jump around a bit, or have it on in the background while you work on something else, or read transcripts, or pop up in my inbox and go “hey eponymous-rose, I’m gonna jump in on episode 78 because that’s my favorite number, what did I miss?” and I will totally write you a personalized rundown to get you caught up. No joke, I will do the thing. Everyone. Hello. I am here. I will do the thing.

For me it was worth it when I hit that moment of realization: “oh shoot my favorite thing has a bajillion hours of content and four more hours every single week”. How often do you get that? Good good good stuff.

Rules: Answer eight questions and tag eight people. Tagged by @somewhatlargerobot

▪Last movie I watched: A Knight’s Tale

The Greatest comedy and dare I say film of all time in general

▪Last song I listened to: The Man Who Sold the World by Midge Ure

I have stuff on shuffle and it came up and it is a good dang song thats fun to sing along to

▪Last book I read: The Hobbit by J. R. R Tolkien 

Christ I haven’t read an actual book in like fucking ages I read The Hobbit back in like Junior year of high school holy shit that was a long time ago

▪Last thing I ate: Almonds (Almonds GOOD)

▪Where would you want to time travel to??: Send my ass to the far off future so I can acquire the sick robot body i was destined to have on the cheap

▪Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Gai Kurenai from Ultraman Orb cuz he seems like a cool enough dude and also hot as hell

▪If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: Honestly here is fine tbh I don’t got a lot of travel aspirations

▪Current fandom obsession?: Warframe. I was getting DEEP into that game not too long ago and its suuuuper fun despite it being a grindhellfuckfest

These nerds are getting called out

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Hello:) I was wondering in you knew of any good ML fanfics that I could read?? ❤️

You’ve probably done this but please go read everything @thelastpilot writes.

Please. http://archiveofourown.org/users/Thelastpilot/pseuds/Thelastpilot/works

Like, I think I’m going to reread Secret Santa again for Christmas, it’s been a year exactly (cries). 

Funny and cute, http://archiveofourown.org/works/5624929 ‘What are THOOOOSE”

I read this a long time ago but I remember it was really good but maybe low key nsfw or maybe that was just the sequel I’m thinking of: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5362856/chapters/12384923 ‘Obsession’

This is the fic that got me into ChloeNath dang it, but it also has some Love Square stuff in it and I cannot recommend it enough it was so funny and amazing: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5180048/chapters/11933591 “Well, excuse me Princess”

This is adorable: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6612559/chapters/15130120 “Paws fur Coffee”

I reread this one a lot it’s great: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5462420/chapters/12627611 “Tandem”

And this was is always great :) http://archiveofourown.org/works/5420141/chapters/12523418 “Telltale”


I have a lot more unnngh but I don’t know. I haven’t read a lot of fanfic recently. Like at all. 

ALSO if you go into my ‘fic rec’ tag on my blog I have a lot of random tumblr oneshots and stuff like that that I really love, along with some other lists. http://pozolegirl.tumblr.com/tagged/fic%20rec

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Nico Robin

Hey, thanks for asking!

General opinion: she’s great, I love and admire her

Hotness level: gorgeous (fashion sense: impeccable) 

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, no doubt. As for Ilvermorny, I’m thinking Horned Serpent.

Best quality: intelligence. Without her the crew would have died a long time ago.

Worst quality: passiveness! I understand why she’s willing to let Luffy and the others get away with most of the stuff they do, but I wish she’d put her foot down sometimes, y’know?

Ship with: this one’s kinda hard, because nothing has really jumped out at me, so I guess I’ll just mention some of the popular ones. Zoro: sorry, that age gap’s just too weird for me. Franky: has potential, could maybe be cute. Aokiji: I…guess I could see that happening? Whatever. Hopefully Robin will find true love one day.

Brotp with: obviously the whole crew is one giant broship, but I specifically like seeing Nami and Robin hanging out, as the only two girls. I’d also like to see Robin have some more intellectual conversations with Law; they both need it

Needs to stay away from: water (obviously). And strong villains that want to cause her and the other Strawhats harm.

Misc. thoughts: Robin is an absolute gift. I was super interested in her from the moment she was introduced as one of Croc’s agents. Her powers are really neat too! A song that I think fits her character well is Wild Child by Enya. 

Thanks again for asking! Everyone else, please feel free to send me some more asks, about characters from any fandom!

EXO Reaction to Losing YOU in a Crowd {Requested}

“Hi❤❤❤ can you do a funny Exo reaction to losing you in a crowd?”

Here you go anon! :)

Xiumin: “What? Where did she go? She was right her– Ohhh I remember now, she bent down to tie her shoe and I saw a sign for s'mores and took off. Oops…um quick, kick me in the knee so that i can say I got into an accident!”

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Luhan: “This is why I told her to hold my hand but nooo she had to be “independent” and “grown”! Well too little too late I’ve got to get to the music store before they close and I can’t wait t look for her. My new flute isn’t going to blow itself!”

Originally posted by luderella

Kris: “Maybe if I take my hat off the sun’s light will reflect off of my shiny head and I’ll be a beacon type light house for her to find! Don’t laugh, this is the best idea I’ve ever had in my whole life!”

Originally posted by vvu-yi-fan

Suho: “If only I was paying more attention to her and not trying to walk and pin cake recipes on my Pinterest board this would have never happened! She’s never going to forgive me….or let me wear my “Daddy Delicious” apron again!”

Originally posted by sorenkingsley

Lay: “Whew no way jose! Do you how many people are down there?! Uhuh, if she wants me she can climb through that sea of fans herself. I almost had my eyes scratched out by those crazies!”

Originally posted by laygion

Baekhyun: “Hmm so she’s lost..and I’m suppose to be “sad”…okay. I mean it’s not like I wasn’t trying to “lose” her and the relationship for the past three years, so maybe this is a good thing.  I mean plus side to her being gone is that I have all the strawberries I want now so…”

Originally posted by wooyoung

Chen: “I left her?!! Oh nooo! Let me try and call he– CRAP my phone is dead….Ugh I really don’t know if I want to go look for her…HEY DON’T JUDGE ME! It’s just that the city is so big and the crowd is so large. It could take days! I GOT IT! I’ll just stand and sing until she finds me! Wolf was always her favorite song.”

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Chanyeol: “Yeah I was wondering why she wasn’t responding to my conversation but I figured that she was just giving me the silent treatment. How long has she been gone? 45 minutes!But I only noticed about 2 minutes ago! Well dang it next time she gets lost she better do it with some cow bells or something!”

Originally posted by essentyeol

D.O.: “Finally”

Originally posted by kyungception

Tao: “Her dad is going to kill me when he finds out that I lost his daughter  on our tropical vacation because I was running from a butterfly! I gotta come up with a better story! Umm….I’ll tell him it was a hippo! An angry hippo that charged her and I threw myself in front to save her but the hippo passed and she ran away! Wait….hippos don’t live in the rain forest. I’m screwed.”

Originally posted by chan-lay

Kai: “Ah yes I do seem to recall that I was walking through the crowds with someone, but then I heard someone yell “TWO FOR ONE CHICKEN DINNER” and I ran like a bat ut of hell. Hey I have my priorities! Food first, females second.”

Originally posted by byunbaeks

Sehun: “Only the strong and pretty survive. She’ll be fine and if she’s not then oh well….Don’t call me harsh I’m just a realist!…Okay she did tell me earlier that my rap game was weak so I’m still a little sore about that. Maybe her getting lost will make her appreciate my smooth rhymes. I’ll clap with joy if it does.”

Originally posted by oh-sehun-please

I finally got around to doing this!!

I was tagged by my birthday twin @leslietendo to do this a forever ago (thanks!) and I finally am, so here we go!

Last movie I watched: Rogue One, I think

Last song I listened to: 26 off of Paramore’s new album. its so prettyyy

Last book I read: I started reading the Night Vale novel. I love Night Vale.

Last thing I ate: Some homemade potato chips!

Where I would want to time travel: oh gosh. uhhhhh victorian england :)

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: I would want to hang out with Elizabeth just to gauge how well we would get along! i feel like we’d be friends

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: this is cheesy but my boyfriend is traveling and wont be home for two months, so I would want to be with him :)

Current fandom obsession: I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, but I’m most active in the kuroshitsuji fandom right now

I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Sans Evidence Master Post

This is a huge master post containing tons of lines of dialogue and all the proof and my logical interpretations of Sans. Here is the TL;DR.
Sans is highly hinted at as being in a costume. He eats food that  he can drink through the immobile teeth in his mask,  eating more than monsters, he is always tired and sleepy, he can teleport, use magic, and has advanced powers, he may emit slime, he knows about humans, he once lived in a place different from the current surface world and gave up using the broken machine to go back, he is linked to science and some organization that monitors and protects timelines, he knows things only someone that has lived in human societies would know, he lacks any determination, he doesn’t have a visible human soul, he is trained to investigate and perceive timeline related changes and alternate universes despite not being able to save or reset or remember resets.  Sans also has a connection to Gaster, and knows about determination.

He isn’t a skeleton, he isn’t a normal monster, and he isn’t a normal human. 

want to know more or want evidence because youve got a bone to pick with my interpretations? read below!

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City Girl.

So I came up with this idea for an AU and I wasn’t going to go through with it, because I didn’t know if you guys would like it, but I decided to post it, and if no one likes it, I’ll delete it.

So, Riley moves to Texas from Miami with her mom, her dad staying in Miami. She shows up and she meets the group. Lucas, Zay and Farkle are the three most popular guys in school, but they’re not your typical jocks, they’re just all loved by everyone for different reasons. Isadora is Lucas’ half-sister and Maya is Farkle’s cousin, who lives with his family(I’m not going to tell you the reason yet) as well as Katy. This is a rucas fic, as well as smarkle and zaya. I don’t think Josh will be in this story, but Cory will be mentioned and I haven’t decided yet, but he might actually show up.

Please message me and tell me if you like this, because if no one does I will be discontinuing it!

Love you guys!

“Seriously, Em. Texas is really beautiful. We live in Austin, and it’s such a small town, when I walk down the street, everyone greets me and tries to make me feel welcome. I never thought I would love it here, but I do.”

“That’s great, Ri. I can’t wait to come visit. I miss you already.”

“I miss you too. Look, I gotta get leave for my first day of school now, but I’ll call you either on my lunch or tonight. Love you.”

“Love you too, girl.” When Emma hangs up, I feel my anxiety building up. I’ve never been so nervous. Back in Miami, everyone was so confident, because each and every person had their own style, and people respect that, but today is my first day of school, in a new place, which I’m guessing is not like that.

The apartment building where my mom and I live isn’t far from my new high school, so I put my headphones in and start walking. When I reach the front of the school, everyone is hanging out on the front lawn and inside the school. Not only is this my first day in an new city, new school, it’s my first day in a real school. I’ve been online schooled for as long as I can remember since my dad moves around a lot.

I walk in and make my way to my locker. I put all of my stuff in there and lock it, and decide to walk around the school to get to know it, since I still have 20 minutes before I have to get to class. As I walk around the school, I see that high school is not like the movies. There aren’t really any cliques. There are groups of friends but it seems like all of the personalities are mixed. I can easily tell the jocks, from the geniuses, from the rockstars, to popular chicks, but it seems like they’re all best friends. I’ve already seen a jock and genius bro-hug.

Well, I probably shouldn’t have listened to those teen high school based movies. As I’m lost in my analysing state, I bump into an extremely tall, blonde-haired cutie.

“I’m sorry.” I say, taking my earbuds out.

“It’s my fault.” He smiles. “Hey, are you new here?”

“What’s with you people?” I laugh. “I feel like I’ve been asked that 12 times already.”

“Sorry. It’s a small town.” He chuckles. “I’m Lucas.”

“Riley.” I stick my hand out and he shakes it.

“Hey, Luke!” I hear a voice coming from behind Lucas. I peer out and see two boys who look to be my age running down the hallway. One has dark skin with a muscular form and is holding a football. The other is light-skinned, a tiny bit less muscular (just slightly) and sports a wide smile. They’re both pretty dang attractive, like Lucas. If I knew Texas had this many cute boys, I would’ve begged daddy to fly me here a long time ago.

“Hey, guys. This is my friend, Riley. She’s new here.” Lucas introduces me.

“Yeah, we can tell, Lucas. It’s a small town, you know.” The light-skinned boy laughs and sticks out his hand. “I’m Farkle.”

I shake his hand just as the other boy speaks up. “I’m Zay. Nice to meet you, Sugar.”

“Nice to meet you too.” I say after shaking his hand.

“Okay, we have to go meet our other two friends. You can come with us if you want?” Lucas suggests.

“Sure.” Ten minutes in and I’ve already made a few friends. This isn’t so bad.

We make our way through crowds of students, and I listen to Lucas and Zay’s conversation on a football game coming up. Farkle stays beside me, and he tells me about their two other friends. One’s named Maya, and she’s his cousin as well as Zay’s girlfriend. He tells me that Maya and her mom live with him, since they aren’t exactly financially stable right now. Then there’s Isadora, who goes by Issy most of the time. She’s Farkle’s girlfriend and Lucas’ half-sister. We all stop at a locker on the other side of the school, and Farkle tells me that it’s Maya’s.

“Issy, Maya, this is our new friend, Riley.” Zay introduces me.

I shake Maya’s hand and then Isadora gives me a hug as everyone laughs.

“Sorry.” She laughs. “I love hugs.”

“It’s okay, I love them too.” I reply and Maya pulls my schedule out of my hand.

“Yay! We have second period together!” She smiles and I smile back as Zay peers over her shoulder.

“We have first together.” He walks over to me. “I’ll show you the way.” We bid our goodbyes to the group and Zay leads me down the halls to his locker.

“So, it’s your first day and you’ve already made five friends. That’s better than I did, and I’ve lived here my whole life.” We both laugh. I get the sense that Zay is the funny one in the group. He’s very chatty too, which I like, because so am I.

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The Ending of Kaitou Joker (Season 4)

…So it ends. Dr. Neo has been captured, Phoenix has gone home with Acrux, and Dump will- though likely not all at once, recover with the help of Spade and company. I just want to say how much I adore this final episode- there was some speculation that it might not top season 2′s finale but I say that it did just that and more. 

In this season finale we’ve gotten to see so many dear characters; I absolutely want to point out just how right this show gets character development first off. Not only this, but it pays an absolutely surprising amount of attention to side characters when it can. Previous villains are not just kicked to the side to never be seen again and others (like Viridian!) Get at least more than one chance at screen time. It makes them feel less like token characters and characters that we’re actually supposed to care about. With how often some showed up- I even started to become attached to characters like DJ Peacock. 

The villains specifically, while some certainly a bit more shallow than others, have had a certain depth to them that have led me to personally enjoy their existence and care for them. Once villain characters also now seem like friends, which is rather rare and daring! ( Shadow Joker and President D– they made it a just right balance to give the viewers some disdain for them only for us to warm up to them as things went on. I cannot put into words how much I adore this sort of writing as it’s a breath of fresh air away from the commonly bland ‘evil for obvious reasons’ villains. )

I think that a good way to explain why and how this finale was so good and made me so excited was because not only was it a well put together huge range of emotional twists, it took all that was Kaitou Joker and made it absolutely SHINE just to make us remember exactly how far we have come in the series and how awesome the rest of it has been (even with some weaker episodes- but every series has at least a few.) 

We’ve got these characters who have just come so far and if you’ve been a fan of this show since around it started airing– well, it hits you the strongest. Joker and Hachis close connection is shown to its most strong extent. Joker may have cared for Hachi at the beginning of the series, but certainly not to such an extent as shown in this finale. Joker says that without Hachi, treasure would mean nothing– Hachi has become such an important person in Joker’s life that without him, being a phantom thief would hold no thrill or purpose because he could not do it with him. That is absolutely intense.

Shadow Joker (Cyan) and Rose reappear as an ever dynamic duo. While their screentime was eased down since the ending of season 2, it’s fantastic to see them together and to see a glance at Rose still using her magic abilities. Shadow Joker has much more notable building fondness for Joker, especially in this season. While he was out to get Joker for misguided revenge previously, their relationship is clearly much more of a friendly rivalry now while Shadow has been revealed as much more of a dork than the angst-driven, somewhat one-dimensional character he was in season 1-2. 

To explain even Dump’s development in the past two seasons is a big thing– (I will not go over this as extensively as when it was officially revealed that President D was indeed Dump our tag had an ABSOLUTE field day and discussion on that) but what has made him most likable for me is that he changed from what seemed to be the common villain to…Well, an understandably hurt and lonely boy that really just needed Spade and everyone else to find and reach out to him. Though his actions weren’t justified in this reveal, he is not inherently evil like many villains are played out to be. He is also a much more prominent and big example of side characters from previous seasons being taken and having more done with them– Dump was not at all the sort of character you’d think you’d be seeing again. 

Many seemingly useless characters were not treated as such in the long run and most seem to have achieved a form of strangely satisfying happiness, even the comic relief duo of Mr. Kaneari who absolutely cannot avoid blowing up his property in some spectacular shape or form and the ditsy appearing assistant, Kaneko. In season 1 you certainly wouldn’t have expected Kaneko to be an absolutely RIPPED woman. And even more you wouldn’t have expected that comic relief seeming moment to evolve into an ongoing thing where a once terrified Kaneari comes to fall in love with the true Kaneko as they get married and sustain a happy marriage! ( This in particular is very important to me– with the whole ‘Kaneko wins the competition and marries Mr. Kaneari as he looks absolutely mortified’ joke you’d expect it to be a non-plot point dumped off the edge to never be seen again but NO not only is it permanent, it’s no longer a joke in further episodes! )

As for Phoenix and Acrux… …Well let’s start this off with: I really adore this bird alien dude. Frankly, he’s utterly bizarre. This guy rises from being locked away and then he’s revealed to not only be some kind of alien, but he has HEALING BLOOD THAT CAN BRING HUMANS BACK FROM THE DEAD. How cool is that? Amazingly cool. I frankly care so much for this guy. So much. It was so awfully painful to see him go- but another part of me understood his longing and that it was pretty selfish to wish him to stay on Earth. Through the two seasons his negativity towards humans lessens quite a bit as Joker helps him understand how selfless one can be and that there may be some hope within humans despite the corrupt ones– especially with Hachi’s death, Phoenix comes to understand firmly how “the one greatest treasure is one’s life” is applicable to humans and why this is so.

 Phoenix who would and most likely has turned his head away from tragedy with the mentality of ‘why save this particular human?’ with only the exception of the mother in an earlier episode, uses his power (which he has little of at the time) to save Hachi is also a very expressive act– he cares enough for these particular humans to do so; and for a being that has lived so long to see and fully understand the fragile cycle of human death and its inevitability…This absolutely means so much. If Joker can even convince a being of 10,000+ years in age of something very human, then it’s pretty dang clear that Joker is a breathing and walking absolute enigma.

And with all this in consideration…I’m totally satisfied with the ending of Season 4 and it’ll probably be in my mind for a long time to come. I mean– with our final corner with Silver Heart, the whole team not only decides to appear out of absolutely nowhere announcing their favorite foods– it’s an actual reference to what happened two seasons ago and brings memories back to that huge feast!

Joker and Phoenix better not forget their promises, too…

Phoenix, you need to visit, and it better be sooner than 200 years!

And you two better do just that! Preferably with everyone else, of course.

…And though cheesy, let’s leave this off at a very familiar note.

Welcome to the Shining Night!

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i don't know if the other ask sent or not but in case it did not succeed can you Draw commander peepers with A Gun? I asked you to draw Goat Mom with A Gun a long time ago and that was amazing. You do art Real Gosh Dang Fucking Good-like.

commander gun