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Here’s the halfway point for my animation project! A little less than halfway actually, I decided to cut it off at a part that’s better thematically for the song, I think. There’s a clip I forgot to upload near the beginning, but that’s ok, you’ll see all of it eventually!

Anyways, I hope you are hype! From here on out it’s gonna be pretty dang action-packed, and I’m certainly excited because this is what this project’s been building up for me–I just wanted to animate a bunch of cool fight scenes with cool music. It’s certainly been worth the patience of doing all this setup stuff, hehe.

I hope you’re enjoying what it is so far! :D



 MacKenzie Mauzy was originally cast as Ilse on the 1st National Tour of Spring Awakening, but had to leave the cast because she wanted to play that (basically) 5 minute role of The Seamstress in A Tale of Two Cities on Broadway.

 You probably know her from the 2014 Into the Woods movie where she played Rapunzel! And did a pretty dang good job. But did you wonder where she came from?

 Well after A Tale of Two Cities she then went on the understudy the role of Natalie in Next to Normal on Broadway and went on multiple times. Here is a clip of her here [LINK].

 She then went on to star in a new musical call White Noise in Chicago but it doesn’t seem to have done very well.

 Mackenzie also went after the role of Cosette in the 2012 Les Miserables movie and it came down to her and Seyfried. Here is her audition video [LINK]. I would have been very interested to see her version of Cosette.

 She has also done a lot of TV work, for instance you might recognize her as Abigail from ABC’s new show Forever.

 Sheesh MacKenzie has done a lot and she’s only 26!

Watch on socrushin.tumblr.com

Utopia [Music Video]

Justine Skye

*She’s so dang pretty!*

Wow I really relate to Beyoncé’s If I Were A Boy she’s so right I’m going to be just as a good wife as she is a husband in that music video……in a straight way….with a Male….a good Woman wife married to her good Man husband otherwise it would be w e I R D right???? Ahahahah gosh she’s really pretty in those officer clothes dang