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So like does anyone besides me notice that Metamorphose has basically unintentionally made the first print waistcoat for boystylers with the new Time Lag Series? If only the print design of the clocks were more bottom heavy to balance the design of the waistcoat more, if the faux vest started lower on the chest and if a thicker metallic braid trim was used. Seriously I hope one of the other brands sees this and see the potential in perfecting printed waistcoats that would be interchangeable for both lolita and ouji. More people would be able to have both lolita and ouji wardrobes and trying to wear ouji would be a little bit more accessible to other people.

So.. something personal.

I’ve been doing a handful of analyses of Little Witch Academia the last couple of weeks (even though my first LWA post was opposite of a proper analysis lmao). With every new episode, there were thoughts that kept staying around in my head. So I started to write them down and shared them here, not really expecting it to reach anyone.

But it did reach people! My posts got far more love and praise than I ever imagined.

And I’m so grateful y’all ^_^ <3 <3

It truly means a lot to me. I haven’t been doing anything like this since High School ?? so I feel like in most of them I’m just rambling. Due to my constantly amazed brain (read: ADHD), these posts take a lot of effort for me to write so that they feel somewhat concise. They may be long for Tumblr standards, but not if they were submitted as ‘proper’ essays. And yet, many of these posts took more than 8 hours to write, and with my brain exhausted afterward.

Me, way too many times.

So there have been times when I’ve felt disheartened and about delete entire drafts because I got stuck or feel like the post was too messy and I have sunk to much time into it already. Yet everytime I’ve kept going and finished them, because I love writing about Little Witch Academia!

So once again, thank you all who have liked my so called ‘weekly amaze wahwahs’ ^_^ :D <3 I’ve tried now to express how much this means to me :’)

I will definitely continue doing more LWA analyses! Stay tuned!

Am i posting a ship manifesto for something that does not exist, no one ever discusses, and is completely made up in my mind? WHY YES I AM.

I’ve been waiting for someone else to do this but it seems I’m the only one driving this thing and I feel that should train so grab your bags, people and hop on board, the Crazy Train is leaving the station.

I’m going to preface this by saying I’m a big Jack/Anne shipper and an even bigger Jack/Anne/Max shipper. I love the three of them together, and Jack just loves Anne so much and I love Jack and I feel bad when he gets excluded. And Jack and Max have such an amazing, catty, competitive relationship that I think could develop into real affection and fondness for each other. PLUS Anne should get as much loving as she can. So. That ot3 is still my number one.

THAT BEING SAID, season 3 did not end with the lovely ladies together and I honestly can’t tell what’s happening with them in season 4. I have hopes, but who knows. So if it doesn’t look like it’s going that way, I have another proposition for y’all.


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Needs love. Nay. DESERVES IT. She’s been through so much and come out on top and she deserves a stable, committed relationship with a woman who is just as strong as she is.

Oh, look, I found one.

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Now. I never understand when people ship characters who have NEVER EVEN MET. BUT LET ME EXPLAIN.

Three reasons why Max and Madi being season 4 endgame would be amazing:

FIRST REASON: Like I said, they are so alike. They’re both QUEENS, first of all, and neither are rulers who are looking after themselves. They care about what and who they rule over, it’s not just about power with them (i mean, they’re both wanting power, and like what they have, but they aren’t cruel tyrants). They’d respect the hell out what the other has accomplished, and both understand the importance of collaboration. So I hope IF they do meet there’s no senseless power struggle over Nassau (power SNUGGLES on the other hand….) I’d see Max running the town and the shipments the way Eleanor used to, and Madi running the fort and protecting the area like a proper General, and live together as wife and wife running their island into glorious victory.

SECOND REASON: There have been four main M/F couples on this show, and if Max can STEAL YO GIRL in all of them I would die so, so happy (*casually drops headcanon that in the ten years pre-show when Miranda when stuck inland while Flint was out pirating, she was filled with so much fury and loneliness that she would go into Nassau to do something stupid but Max intercepted because she could tell Miranda was a good, hurting woman who needed honest, passionate love in her life and Max was all too happy to oblige* oh dear I seem to have dropped something, would anyone like to pick that up and write it for me?)

THIRD REASON: their ship name would be MadMax. Like. Come on, people.

@ Starz, make it so

Bro realized yesterday that Snape hates Neville because Voldemort killed Lily instead of the Longbottoms.

Noticed in my reread of Prisoner of Azkaban that the DAtDA class where the 3rd year Gryffindors fight a boggart is the same day as the potions class where Snape tried to poison Trevor the toad (he didn’t believe Neville could fix the potion in time) like of course Neville’s worst nightmare is the professor that nearly killed his pet toad that very morning.

Also? The kids have potions, then lunch, and go off to their first DAtDA class. Lupin leads them to the staff room, and Snape is in there, says “I’d rather not witness this,” goes to leave, and fucking stops in the door to say “Possibly no one’s warned you Lupin, but this class contains Neville Longbottom. I would advise you not to entrust him with anything difficult. Not unless Miss granger is hissing instructions in his hear.”

And because Lupin is a class act he just calmly says “I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation, and I am sure he ill perform it admirably.”


Anyway I was relaying this information to my brother, and added “geez Snape what did Neville ever do to you?”

And Bro gets this lightbulb moment look, and points out…the prophecy. Snape got the Potters killed because he heard Trelawney’s first prophecy and told Voldemort, and then Pettigrew betrayed them. But until Voldemort chose, the prophecy could’ve applied to baby Harry or baby Neville.

Snape bullies Harry because of his undying hatred for James. Of course he fucking bullies Neville for not dying as a baby. He looks at Harry and sees James, he looks at Neville and sees the kid Voldemort could have attacked.

Snape thinks Lily would be alive if Neville were dead.

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Well friendo, I'm autistic too and I really don't pick up on things the way you do, despite having an apparent special interest in cartoons. :P Maybe that's my "not good at social things" coming out there, that I don't read the characters as well as you do, but dang if your meta doesn't make me love them so much more...

And that’s where I’d stand by the statement in my tags: it’s a skill like anything else, and my interest just drove me to develop a lot of experience with it.

Part of it is… you kind of get experience with genres? Once you’ve experienced a lot of a certain kind of work then you can start to recognize patterns. 

@GMWWriters I see you.
  • Farkle: But we know he likes you. [Cue Flashbacks]
  • *Lucas staring open-mouthed as Riley and Maya walk down the stairs in their date outfits, then saying the line about moments*
  • Me: Ok, I'll give you that one. It was pretty clear he was talking to Riley here. And the moments line obviously echoes the "my moment will be my moment" line.
  • *Riley sniffing Lucas as he is apparently unaware*
  • Me: Ummmmm? What the what? How is this proof that Lucas likes her? At the very most, he is aware of what she is doing and strangely letting her sniff him because he thinks it's cute? At the very least? This is proof that Riley likes him, not the other way around.
  • *Riley dumping a bucket of water on his head, then yelling at him, saying he was the first boy she ever liked and asking him if he is worth it, to which he responds yes*
  • Me: Ok, at least he said yes. I will give you that. But even then, Riley is the one who explicitly states that she likes Lucas. Not the other way around.
  • *Parallels the two subway scenes, Lucas introduces himself and Riley says she loves it*
  • Me: Cute scene. Still no proof. Yet again, Riley initiates. Lucas just smiles and nods in agreement. Also, Maya is weirdly an integral part to this flashback?
  • Me: Did you not just see the Lucaya scenes? Let me jog your memory.
  • Riley: She cares about him and he cares about her, too.
  • *Maya grabbing Lucas by the shirt and him playing along*
  • *Lucas confirming that he puts thought into their little game by not only dressing up in full cowboy gear, but also carrying a rose in his hat which he then places in her mouth*
  • *Maya calling him Bucky McBoing-Boing, paralleling her nickname for Uncle Josh whom she obviously has a crush on, while Lucas is smiling in the background*
  • *Lucas emphatically asserting that he wants Maya to be happy, then both staring at each other, then Lucas again emphatically asserting that Maya is a great artist*
  • Me: Spot the difference. Two people initiating and actively reacting to each other's words and actions vs. (for the most part) one person passively reacting to another person's words and actions.
  • Me: I'm sorry, but do you really think the writers couldn't have done better than those Rilucas flashbacks? I mean, they didn't even include the Rilucas kiss. If they were going to include a bunch of one-sided moments, they could have at least included that one.
  • Me: @GMWWriters I see you. And I like it.

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Yeah! But I think she’s going about it the wrong way. Both Greg and Pearl are clearly not exactly happy about being in a poly relationship, so she’s not exactly a model poly/pan character… sorry, tangential ranting there. :P

oh for sure! she’s far, far from a role model for polyamorous relationships… but even being a flawed and kind of inappropriate one, it doesn’t really change the fact she’s pretty clearly written as poly?

like, she does hurt people – though it remains to be seen whether greg had actually taken issue with being in a poly relationship as much as being in a poly relationship with PEARL, who keeps demeaning him and undermining his role in it? i mean, i kinda doubt that’s something they’ll really go into on-screen, but i can see rose and greg having a talk that basically goes, ‘oh you’re adorable and i’d totally kiss you, but jsyk i’ve been also kissing pearl for the past 5k years and have no intention of stopping’ 'oh uh sure i guess that’s cool?’ and then he actually gets to know pearl and realizes it’s not that cool.

there’s a lot that’s wrong in this relationship, stemming from what may well be a lack of societal model of what a relationship looks like for gems, rose’s instilled sense of superiority and entitlement, her inability (or lack of desire?) to read others’ feelings beyond a surface level and apply proper weight to them, and pearl’s view of herself as lesser and therefore unworthy of confronting rose about her feelings and demanding more of her….

however, i still think there’s merit and importance to representation even if it’s not portrayed in a fully positive light, like how i find it incredibly significant that pearl’s written as a lesbian even though her defining romantic relationship was awful for her. in the end, it depends on how those negative aspects are addressed – with the way pearl’s written, i find it very clear that the root of the problem is completely unrelated to her being in a relationship that’s queer. unlike many other fictional works, they’re not equating the bad and unhealthy aspects with the queer ones? they coexist independently. and those things DO happen in real life a lot, queer people can find themselves in harmful relationships just as well. so i think that’s important to show, too.

so the question is really – will rose be ultimately written in a way that comes off as 'she’s dating two people at once because she’s greedy and inconsiderate, that’s awful, don’t do it kids!!’, which would obviously be a Not Good Message, or will it be shown in a more nuanced manner, with a message of 'if you want to have a relationship with numerous people, make sure you talk to them, listen to them, and respect their feelings so that everyone can feel happy and loved’. i have enough faith in the crewniverse to believe that if the issue is addressed any further, it will be done in a way much closer to the latter.

as a bonus: i just find it really cool that rose, as a fat woman, is portrayed in such a captivating light and is shown to be a very sexual and desirable individual. that’s not something you see – basically ever, not to mention in a kids’ show. dang.

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I find it very hard to believe he didn't end season 3 in a way he is happy with and in a way that he would be pleased with should it serve as the series finale. Jacobs is not gonna stop caring about his show just because "he doesn't get to finish". He's not gonna ditch his plan. He's gonna resolve as much as he can. This is the tv business. Even if they begged him to do the show (I know they did) he knows how far the show goes is contingent on its success. You talk as if he's throwing a tantrum.

There’s a whole bit in IDF about doing your best even if you’re *cut off earlier than expected*. Now, I’m HOPING that’s just a nod to the BMW characters getting their new endings (especially Minkus, Harley, and Turner), but it could just as easily be a meta line about not getting to finish THIS story the way he wanted to either, and doing his best with the 22-44 minutes or so left to him between S16 and IDF. There are several lines to this effect.

When BMW lost Lee Norris due to budget issues back in the BMW days, Jacobs had the Minkus character literally poof out of existence. Turner was nowhere to be found for several episodes and then he randomly crashed his bike offscreen and spent his final appearance in a body cast, in a coma with no lines. Sometimes IRL concerns force you to give characters unsatisfying endings and Jacobs is no stranger to that. In the case of Minkus, he went for the funny but unsatisfying, and for Turner the tragic but unsatisfying. Jacobs himself has said time and time again that he didn’t like having to do that; that he REGRETS HAVING TO DO IT, but that’s simply the reality of the business at times. (See also: original Morgan, Harley…)

It would absolutely NOT be out of keeping with Jacobs’s body of work overall to take a dig (or several) at a network. He’s been doing that kind of thing since the nineties. He had Cory and the kid Topanga was babysitting do a whole bit about BMW’s IRL time slot change for S4 in 4x05, and that’s just ONE example. He also has a tendency to slip in digs at network-mandated “stunt” episodes (like crossovers), which he also slyly does in WoT3 in terms of Disney’s Monstober requirements (he also spent his pretaping speech at the WoT3 taping talking about how much they’ve hated having to do the Disney-mandated Monstober episodes). What I’m saying is that this guy has never ever had a problem being cheeky af in-narrative about network/IRL stuff. And it shows in IDF/Goodbye too (again, unless it’s all just a nod to the BMW characters who were cut off before their time which it very well could be).

Anyway, what I find suuuper interesting is the way both S16 and IDF lean very heavily on the concept of “guess what happens next based on what’s happened before.” It’s almost like they’re reminding you that GMW has a repetitive nature and if you’ve paid attention to the past…you’ll know what was going to come next even if they never get to make those episodes.

Unless they edit it out (which they very easily could), boy-oh-boy do they awkwardly shoehorn in a Texas reference in IDF/Goodbye. Despite how many people would like to believe that what happened in Texas is no longer relevant…it’s pretty clear the writers reallllly don’t want people to forget about Texas for some reason, and they have Riley say “we had the best time there” even though we all know darn well Riley herself didn’t really quuuuite have “the best” time in Texas overall. It ended pret-ty darn unhappily for her vs their trip to, say, Mount Sun Lodge (which I’m pretty sure gets no mention at all in S16/IDF).

It’s almost like the trilogy they spent more money on than probably any other episode(s) to date (aside from maaaaaybe IDF/Goodbye with its veritable parade of likely-expensive guest stars), which was their only “on-location” shoot to date, which was foreshadowed and hinted at well in advance, which was written by the showrunner himself and one of the original writers was like…intentional and important or something rather than a whoopsie they wrote by accident because a guest star who’s appeared in less than ten episodes got hurt three months after they taped it.

More important than the awkward Texas reference though (IMO) is the moment in IDF/Goodbye where we get the line (from Maya) “You don’t have to be smart to know what’s next. It’s Farkle.” Then of course you’ve got Farkle delivering lines to Riley that should’ve come out of the boyfriend’s mouth (but didn’t) considering the circumstances. It’s all very 👀👀👀👀.

So anyway: yeah, IDF/Goodbye COULD serve as frustratingly open-ended series finale if it absolutely had to, but pretty much the entire thing SCREAMS that they 100% do NOT want it to be. It’s almost like they’re playing chicken with renewal. 😳 There’s line after line about “not going anywhere,” and a couple of bits about getting cut short. If that stuff isn’t just a tribute to BMW characters who were cut off before their time then yeah: it’s dang near a meta-tantrum, and not an unreasonable one at that considering where the kids’ story (Riley’s especially) gets cut off if this really is an issue of Disney unceremoniously saying “sorry Jacobs, we know we begged you for this show, we know it’s been nominated for two Emmys and consistently brings in the biggest ratings on our network without requiring much promo…but GMW is just too expensive now so you’re done here, sorrynotsorry.”

I still doubt that very much, but I also absolutely do NOT discount the possibility thereof. It still seems verrrrry odd to me that Jacobs would risk ending the series with the kids nearly drowned out by guest stars considering the way he’s always emphasized that this is a show about the kids and not the adults, but at the same time I could 100% see him not wanting to lose the opportunity to “change history.” It’s something I yo-yo on a lot these days, tbh.

Now, I’m guessing you’re the same anon as the last three or four I got judging by your tone/writing-style and booooooy are you pressed: I’ve always said that if I’m wrong in the end…then I’m wrong. Maybe the show ends with S3, maybe it doesn’t. Hopefully it doesn’t. But until we know either way, I’m going to blog under the assumption that we’re getting a season four. I mean, I can choose to spend the next four months biting my nails and refusing to speculate, or I can carry on as before until we find out either way. I’m a generally hopeful person, so I’m going with the latter.

Having seen it for myself though: if the show DOES end with IDF/Goodbye…then what would’ve happened next is going to be PERMANENTLY up for debate because it’s extremely open-ended in terms of the kids. It’s pretty much written in such a way that it’s all highly debatable, and it’s very, very clear on that front. Like I said, there’s a big old song and dance about guessing what’s next based on what’s already happened and they make some pretty blatant callbacks to the specific “landmarks” they apparently want you to bear in mind on that front. If that’s how the show ultimately ends, then what would’ve happened next if they’d gotten an S4 is pretty much going to be debatable in perpetuity and legit NO ONE (I mean NO ONE) will ever have to “admit they were wrong.”

And I can’t decide whether that’s genius, cruel, or both. Obviously I lean towards both though. 😂