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I'm new here, sorry to bother, but why won't answer any paperfresh questions?

Warning: Long post so yeah… hence why the read more o-o

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12 Things to Know After the OUAT Musical
Ginnifer Goodwin promises a togethery finale, so have no fear!

So was that not the best dang thing you ever did see?

Once Upon a Time just debuted its musical episode, which also doubled as a long-awaited wedding between Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue).

The basic gist was that back when Snow was pregnant with Emma and Regina’s curse was imminent, she made a wish that she would have everything she needed to give Emma a happy ending. That wish was answered by the Blue Fairy, who made everyone in the kingdom sing for a day, so she could then give those songs to Emma, so she’d always have the people who loved her in her heart.

It ended up being pretty handy, because Emma was able to use that song in her heart to keep the Black Fairy away just long enough to successfully get married to Captain Hook, and everything was perfect for just long enough to sing a group number before the new curse hit and darkness fell over everybody.

Here’s everything you need to know about what comes next:

1. The curse keeps most people in Storybrooke, geographically.

“Emotionally, they are all over the map,” Ginnifer Goodwin told reporters of the finale after a screening of tonight’s episode. Though EP Adam Horowitz called it “a combo platter kind of curse,” meaning some people might end up somewhere totally different.

2. And this is a new curse, unlike curses they’ve done in the past.

“We’re well aware that we’ve done a curse occasionally in the past on the show,” Horowitz said. “But this time we’re trying to do a little twist on it.”

“I would say that the final battle and the curse are all tied in one, and the first act of the finale will make sense of what we’re doing this time,” EP Eddie Kitsis added.

3. The process of breaking this curse is going to be extra dramatic, and “togethery,” according to Goodwin.

“The breaking of the curse involves something far more dramatic than anything that’s ever broken a curse before—if it were to break! I am not saying it breaks! We could all just be blown into oblivion and that’s just it,” she said. “What broke the very first season’s curse was the kiss, a very pure unromantic true love expressed between mother and son. The love that it takes in the finale in order to do what has to be done to break the curse, I feel is categorically bigger.”

4. Kitsis and Horowitz “can’t promise” that everyone will make it out alive!


5. Emma cannot use the power of song in the final battle.

“Making a musical is hard,” Horowitz said. “We’re not doing it in the finale. That was hard work.”

6. Belle will be in the finale, despite not appearing in the musical episode.

“Belle and Rumple are going to be tested, and everything that they ever wanted is going to be very temptingly close for Rumple,” Kitsis said. “But like everything, it comes with a price.”

7. If the show doesn’t get picked up for a season seven, everyone should be satisfied by the finale.

“I would say that if this was the series finale then you would have the usual opinions on a series finale, ranging from the best ever to the worst ever because that’s the internet,” Kitsis said. “What I would say for fans is that it will be complete, so they will not have any dangling threads where they’re like, ‘I can’t believe they!’ We’re not going for a crazy ending that everyone goes, ‘Well, what does that mean?’ And ‘I feel unsatisfied’ or ‘I’m not feeling like you came for the characters’ or whatever. … We feel like we’ve completed this story and the next chapter of Once Upon a Time will be completely different.”

“They’ve honored these characters and this part of the story, this part of their journeys,” Josh Dallas said. “I think each character gets something that the fans should be happy with, that each character deserves.”

8. If a season seven does happen, it will be a bit of a reinvention.

“I think the way we sort of look at it is these are stories for these characters and there are set end points to different stories but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new stories for different characters,” Horowitz said. “So I think that by the end of the season finale, a lot of what we’ve been doing for the last six years is wrapped up in a very satisfying way and then we move forward in a way that at the end of it, hopefully you’ll see what we’re hoping to do in season seven.”

Kitsis added:

“I think if there’s one thing this show has done, it’s reinvented itself every year and so this show has the ability to be many different shows so we feel like creatively it’s time to end a few stories but the new show, we feel like this is the kind of show that regenerates. And I think when you see the ending you’ll go, ‘Oh yeah!’”

9. According to Goodwin, Snow was very attracted to her singing husband.

“My first choice was that when he comes in I get a little hot under the collar from he’s singing,” she said. “And I feel you can see me kind of blurry in one of the angles going ‘ohhhhh…’ and they didn’t feel that that worked for the storyline of the actual song so I was asked to keep on the track of ‘why are we singing?’”

10. Hook and Emma’s vows were just as important to the showrunners as they were to anyone else.

“We knew that the wedding would be a big deal, but we knew that the vows would be a big deal, and we didn’t want them sung,” Kitsis revealed. “We felt like, in that moment, the audience who was a fan of those two as a couple has waited since Season 2 to say that—they don’t want it in a song with a hundred people. We wanted to really just slow the moment down and let it be between the two of them, and then have everyone come into it. It probably went through a lot of different iterations.”

11. Rumple was never going to sing.

“I would say you saw his email,” Kitsis said of Robert Carlyle, who didn’t sing a note in the episode.

12. The theme of the two hour finale is “belief,” but of course there’s a twist.

“It’s kind of shocking how well they created something open-ended that could be seen as—I mean in classic Once Upon A Time style, there is a twist,” Goodwin said. “The twist means that it could go either way, and it serves all of the characters very well.”

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I think i've asked this before, but I can't be sure, but if you imagine your TheCherryOnTop characters as adults, where will they be now? 😁

so i just checked and oh dang tomorrow (aug 4) will mean it’s been ten years since i posted that fic. a friggin decade. wow. wow i am old af. 

but for the sake of your ask, i’m going to take “adults” to mean 25-26 bc that’s where i am now and that’s just easier. also i refuse to reread that thing so i’m just kinda guessing here. i apologize if this doesn’t match up with who they all were in that fic.

  • sakura just finished her MD and is ready to gtfo of school. she’s still dating sasuke because #truelove. 
  • after being roomies with ino in their first year of university, they had a moment of “how the hell were we not best friends before?” and have been such ever since. 
  • she doesn’t blog because she’s too lazy to, but she tweets something sassy every five minutes and lives the most glamorously photoed life on instagram (read: she doesn’t actually). she’s not happy because holy shit student loans, but she’s okay. coming home to ino and their twinkle lights that just rack up their hydro bill while dating her high school sweetheart is good enough, even if she has no hope of ever owning property until she’s 100. 
  • sasuke went from leaf academy to konoha university like all the other children. he studied something to finish his degree (mama’s orders) but had no passion to pursue anything in particular so he kept the job he had at one of KU’s offices. eventually they hired him full-time and he was like yeah sure because he had student loans to repay and then all of sudden he turned 25 and he was still there. 
  • it’s fine though. public sector pays pretty damn well considering how little he actually does. also he has benefits and isn’t that a plus? anyway he wants to propose to sakura by the end of the year. they’re still pretty young, sure, but it’s been a long time and when you know…well, you know. and honestly he’s known for a long time. 
  • naruto is on his way to become a teacher. he’s trying to, at least. he works at two different schools part-time because that’s the nature of the job market unfortunately. he’s in the union though, so that’s a good start. internal applications? hell yeah! first dibs yo! the best part of his day is when he stops for ramen on his drive to the second school. idk how the fic ended for him but you know what? 
  • he recently started dating ino because i said so. his studio apartment has the basics: a bed, a tiny kitchen, and about two dozen succulents. they’re essentially his children.
  • naruto and sasuke have an app idea that they always talk about making one day when they eventually go about studying the technical stuff.
  • although she’s roomies with ino, sakura mostly lives at sasuke’s apartment because he has a dog and sakura loves his dog more than she prob loves sasuke. it would be infinitely more economical to just move in with him but like her parents would be displeased. or something.
  • sakura has been a bridesmaid like four times already in the past two years and she starts crying when tenten asks her to be one for her upcoming wedding because she’s a broke ass bitch and cannot bring herself to wear another “team bride” tank top.
  • sasuke and sakura make their morning commute together everyday. or like they did when she was still in school. now it’ll depend. but they like to do the crossword together each time. they’re those annoying people who talk on the subway at like 7 in the morning while you’re trying to sleep.
  • OMG.
  • k that’s how he proposes to her. he writes it in the crossword puzzle before getting off at his stop and leaving her on the train for the rest of her trip. 
  • did i write a sasusaku crossword proposal already? yes. but that’s not the point.

anyway i’m trying to keep this as vague and short as possible, mostly because i HATE when something gets a full ending and takes away your chance of, well, imagining your own stuff (lol like how naruto went).

to be clear, they’re all struggling millennials but they’re all v happy, esp with each other. :)

like sakura and ino regularly complain that they’re broke as bitches but the second one says “wanna get sangria” the other immediately says “when” soooo.

okay i hope i didn’t ruin anything for you. if so, my bad. just ignore this.

Companions React to Evil Toaster from Old World Blues (NV)

Toaster: "Soon, pitiful worms! Soon I will rule, and your lives will have their doneness setting turned to… darkest!

Cait: Picks the toaster up off the table-

(Human) Codsworth: 

“For an electrical appliance you have quite an unpleasant attitude to you. I highly doubt such plans will come into fruition seeing as how you’re missing a few vital parts-” gestures to his hands-


“Tout simplement extraordinaire! What an astounding spectacle of the marvels of science! I’ve never seen anything like you before, please-”

Gently lifts the toaster up, holding it above her head as she examines every nook and cranny. 

“Explain to me your purpose.”

“Hands off, my little french whore. Your cowardly nation shall be the first on my list to bath in atomic hell fire, just you wait. Keep going, sister, because soon i’ll be the one knocking you clean off your feet like-” Was about to make a WWII reference before the Courier fired a clean shot through the window at the toaster, distracting him. 

Lowers the toaster back down onto the table. “HOW RUDE! If I weren’t a lady i’d…EWWWWW!” Face starts turning pink with rage before Sole comes in and defuses the situation. “He’s just upset because he doesn’t have a body like you, Curie….He has a bit of a napoleon complex.” Hugs Curie and give her to the Courier to explain how the toaster came to be and why it was so ‘Evil’. 


(After the initial shock and an awkward silence)

“…..Did that toaster just start talking?”

"A toaster is just a death ray with a smaller power supply! As soon as I figure out how to tap into the main reactors, I will burn the world!”

“You see, this is exactly why technology shouldn’t have consciousness.”


“……….Hey world, I’m a genius. You know how i’m gonna show it? I’ll create a psychotic, megalomaniac, toaster bent on scorching the earth; thanks pre-war scientists….We really needed this.”

“Yes, just like the world needed more demonic soulless ginger children. But what would I know? I’m just a fucking toaster…but at least I don’t hide it.” 

“Uuuh…Ouch..That thing might just be more mouthy than MacCready. The Courier must be a glutton for punishment, carrying that thing everywhere.” 

“PFFFT, that pitiful weakling…They’re merely my vessel of destruction. Christened by me as a mode of transportation from destination to fuckin’ destination. Soon I will no longer require (his/her) assistance…THEN, i’m gonna rock the shit out of this post apocalyptic world…All the commonwealth shall bow before me and tremble in-” Is suddenly picked up and thrown into the air, the courier had been outside of the house with Sole the whole time. 

“What were you saying about me again?”

Starts panicking and apologizing as the Courier and Sole hover over him menacingly. “HAVE MERCY! Help me, Deacon you Imp!” Screams like a bitch “HEEEEELP!” 

“Ahahaha-..I wanna say I saw that coming, but *chuckles*…I’m not exactly Mama Murphy now, am I?” Totally lying, saw this coming from a mile away.


“Someone must have sold me some bad Jet…I’m trippin’ balls…..I better catch a few Z’s before this bad trip turns into a waking nightmare.” 

“You can’t hide from me in your sleep, dick head.”

“Okay now, that’s not right.”

“Neither is your skin, beef jerky.” 

Sole and Courier walk in with a bunch of Fancy Lads and other pre-war junk foods. “Hancock I-….” Sole knows that look all too well. “Okay, please, n-no d-do-don’t…why are you upset? We go out for like ten seconds to get food and now you’re pissy.” Courier defuses situation by stuffing a snack cake in Hancock’s mouth while she explains the origins of the taster. 

“So some brainiacs thought it would be a good idea to make a talking toaster…huh…And I thought the institute had some fucked up ideas.”


“What the fu-heck?…….Did that Toaster just…” 

“You should be afraid! I am the scourge of all small appliances and the boogeyman that keeps lesser toasters awake at night!”

Yeah it did! Okay! Um…SOLE!

Comes running into the room with a Combat Knife. “What?! What happened!? Are you dying?! Are you okay?” MacCready sounded alarmed and he looked nervous, like he’d just seen the ghost of his great ancestor. 

“What is that?!”

“……..” Looks wide eyed and curious at the table. “…..That’s a toaster.”

“Exactly, i’m glad we’re on the same page. Of course it’s a dam-dang toaster. Why is it talking?!” Explains that it belongs to the Courier and the origins of the mystical talking toaster that hailed from a place known as Big Mountain.

“So basically these pre-war geniuses who worked in different fields created technological wonders like this toaster you see here.”

“…..They gave…A toaster….self awareness?…”

“I don’t know, you can ask the Courier, we might be going to Vegas soon anyways…HEY, maybe we can visit Big Mountain.” 

“On a list of things I’ll never do, that’s one of them…go ahead and take Deacon or Danse I’m sure they’d enjoy being…. lobotomized…is that you called it?” 

Nick Valentine:

“What in the……” 

“I suppose there’s some irony in here somewhere.” An old beat up synth who he heard himself being refereed to once as an Old Toaster talking to a Toaster. 

“Beat up machine, find the connector port so I may inhabit your body and put it to better use.” 

“Listen, Bucko, my body belongs-”

“Save it Grandpa, you ain’t using it for anything important…But maybe you’re right. You’er body is weak and too beat up to be of any real use to me.”

“I’d tell you to get the hell out but-”

“Are you seriously arguing with a toaster, Nicky?” 

Nick crossed his arms, leaning against the side of the couch in the living room. “…..I am getting up there in age…”

“Lying is Deacon shick, it doesn’t suit you well.” 

“So…who the Bug?” Explains the toaster to him, he seems to believe it better than Cait or Piper, fuck, she hadn’t gotten around to telling Maxson….maybe it was best not to. 

“If you told Maxson, he’d have a field day. Probably send half of the brotherhood back west to find this…Big Mountain.” 


“General, I think something up with your toaster.”

“Something about to be all up in your face with the fires of a thousands suns if you don’t shut your bitch ass up and carry me to the nearest nuclear power plant.” 


“OH-Preston-” Sole sounded fed up with Preston, kind of more in a mothering sense…constantly having to pick up after the commonwealth was a big job and Preston was always the one to dish out the information on the latest shortcoming of farms that should have had more minutemen troops going out to survey the land. “Let me guess, another settlement needs my help?” 

“No, your toaster! Why the hell is it cussing at me?”

“OH! Don’t worry it cusses at everyone.” Shrugs with a frown, looking over at the small little toaster. “It does that because it has a Napoleon Complex.” 

“Hey, i’m not the one who carries a giant laser rifle around. Yeah, clearly I’M the one trying to compensate here.” 

“General, I know you’re all for the Railroad and saving the synths but…isn’t this going a little too far?” 

“It’s not me, it’s Six’s. Just try not to worry about it. Come on, you can travel with me today…And…besides….you shouldn’t take what it says to heart….” Kind of starts to pull away, slowly inching to the door as she mutters. “We both know that rifle is more a representation than a compensation.” 


When you’re alone in the kitchen a toaster starts talking to you out of nowhere. Plotting to burn the earth in an over dramatic voice. You of course start to question your sanity. “Uh…BLUE…bluuuue…”

“If you scream for her, it will only give me more power, you cannot escape me Piper.” 

“OH FUCK THIS!” This toaster was of course possessed, how the hell did it know her name. 

“You pitiful wenching whelp of a woman, i’ll burn that poorly dyed head of hair to a crisp if you don’t find me some sweet sweet toasters to destroy.” 

Okay, that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. This scrap heap had been trash talking everyone all day, it was go time! 

Basically preformed a textbook karate kick that sent the toaster flying, smacking against the wall with a loud clank. “How you like that, huh?!” 

“Piper, shit, I didn’t know you had it in you.” Sole came in just in time to see the action. The Courier going to pick up what was left of the toaster, mumbling to him. “You see, this is what happens when you don’t have manners.” 


Found the toaster screaming in a supply box and decided to investigate. Big mistake, the toaster should have kept quiet…now it was being harassed by X6 until the Courier came to pick it up. “AAAH~ My savior, thank you!” Smiles, seeing he’s learned to say thank you, though it might be short lived. Sole curiously asks what in the world X6 had said to the little toaster to which he only reply. “I merely threatened to dissemble him if he did not reveal the location of this..Big Empty…i’m sure father would love to hear about it.” 

(God Forbid) Arthur Maxson:

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing at first. That day he’d had a visit from the Mojave Wasteland’s savior and…now the toaster they carried around was talking to him. Maybe he’d finally reached his breaking point. Maybe the pressure of being an Elder was getting to him? He had been loosing sleep lately, perhaps a nap was in order. 

“Yes! Flee before my terrible power!” 

Kill Bill Siren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOy6hqzfsAs

Kill Bill Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irT2YbgKu64

“What in God’s name, why would the Courier carrying around such an abomination?”

The Toaster:

“I don’t know, you should be asking your self that. That coat is all kinds of Fugly.”

“Oh, so the little heating appliance has an attitude problem. Let’s see how you’ll survive a drop from the Prydwen.”

“Bring it on bitch all 5 ft of you, or should I count that toupee you call hair; What is that? A Pompadour?” 

External image


“Elder Maxson, have you seen Six’s toaster? I left it in the locker in your room for safe keeping.”

“May I remind you that despite our current living arrangements-”

“You got drunk and set my bed on fire…” 

“…Despite our living arrangements…I expect you to listen to me when I say that you are no longer allowed to bring talking kitchen appliances onto my Prydwen.” 

Immediately knows something wrong and says with panic “What did you do?”

“I thew it off the side of the Prydwen.”

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I just read your second vampire marco fic (which is amaaazing btw) and "crazy random happenstance"? Dr. Horrible??

It was a little harder when that too-short summer ended, and I stopped working nights in the lab and on the boats and went back to school.  We did our damndest though…I taught a (shudder) 7:30 am lab three days a week and had class at 8 on Tuesday, so Thursday became our Sacred Day for breakfast (for me) or dinner (for him. And no, dinner was almost never me.  As often as I reminded him that I trusted him, that it was okay, the contents of my veins remained heatstroke medication.)   

“’Ey,” I mumbled, one of those early Thursday mornings, scrolling through my email as I waited for the coffee to kick in. “They’re playing The Hobbit out on the lawn on campus tomorrow night…wanna go?”

He looked up at me in surprise, caught in the act of trying to dislodge something or other caught on his fangs.

“Y’mean…go…together? Mmph…” He swallowed hurridly.  “Like a date?” His eyes were huge behind his glasses, and he’d kind of shrunk down inside his jacket.  “Uth?”

I was still to sleepy to process the source of his shock.  “Yeah, sure.” I scraped a hand through my hair (it was getting ridiculous…I needed a haircut), failing to stifle a yawn. “Wh-wh-whyyy –sorry—not?”

“Us?  I mean…out…in public?” he leaned back, hunching his shoulders.  “Won’t people…you know…”

He sounded nervous, and I finally realized why.  “Marco…” I reached across the table and caught his hands in mind, lacing my fingers through his to stop his nervous, frightened fidgeting.  “You gotta see more of the modern world, man.  I know the fifties weren’t much fun that way…” he snorted softly, not meeting my eyes, and I scooted my chair around the table ‘til I could lean over and kiss his cheek.  “But it’s different now, I promise.  It is 2015 and Neil Patrick Harris is king.”

“Who’th Neil Patrick Harris?”

“I believe I could be convinthed to watch something with him in it,” Marco said thoughtfully, five minutes and a google image search later.  “Especially with his shirt off…why’s he got goggles in all these?”

“He has a ph.D.—“ I grabbed Marco’s glasses off his face and shoved them up into my hair, leaving it sticking up off the top of my head in a crazy fluffy thicket.  “In horribleness.”

“I can’t see a dang thing you’re doing but I will atthume it’s cute,” Marco said, reaching for his glasses.  “He looks a lot like you.” 

That comparison had me walking on air for the rest of the day, until I returned to Marco’s door at about 9 pm with my laptop, a copy of Doctor Horrible, and a stack of lab reports due back to the little baby biologists in my mammalogy lab the next day. 

“You said you could be ‘convinthed!’” I protested when he rolled his eyes at the DvD.  “Come on, I know you’re ahead of your commissions this week and I need snuggles to keep me sane because I’m about to pull an all-nighter grading. “


“You cannot resist me.”

“Oh Godth, I know.”

Marco’s always cold when he first wakes up, freaking lizard that he is, so while I set up my laptop on the foot of his bed he disappeared back into a cocoon of quilts, preserving what little body heat he had.

“Hm?” he hummed, extending a flap of blanket invitingly. 

“Ugh, sorry, I have to stay out here to grade…let me get though…lets say eight of these things…” Marco pouted at me. 

I came damn close to actually being good and resisting the lure of Marco snuggles, working my way through the stack of reports.  My undergrads were gradually starting to suck less, and at least not committing plagiarism on a regular basis…and Marco was snickering next to me.


“Jean, are you aware like half your vocabulary comes from this movie?”


“You quote it all the time! ‘Crazy random happenstance’, ‘cheesy on the outside…’”

“I do not…

“At least now I know why when something is horrible you just need to rule it…” he chortled, and I shoved him and his stupid cocoon over onto his side. 

Wait, I know this song!” he yelped, trying to flail upright with his blankets tangled around his arms.  I glanced over at the movie I’d only half been watching – it was the start of Penny’s song in the Laundromat, here’s the story of a girl who grew up lost and lonely, and Marco finally managed to squirm upright and hit the pause button.  “I’ve heard you sing it!”

“I uh um no—“

“No it was this song, I’m sure it was this song! You were singing it in the morning after we—“ he broke off and blushed. “After I…after you kissed me.”

Well, shit.  I didn’t know he’d heard that.

Marco hastily rewound the player to the start of the song and sat back on his heels, looking at me expectantly as a puppy waiting for a treat. 

“Aw, c’mon Marco…”

Please, your voice is pretty!”

I mean come on, that is just not fair.  I hadn’t sung where anyone could hear me since middle school, but how the hell do you say no to that?

I set aside my half-finished reports as he hit play again and turned the volume down, and I took a deep breath and sang quietly along with Felicia Day as he snuggled into my side.

Even in the darkness, every color can be found, and every day the rain brings water flowin’ to things growin’ in the ground…”  Marco leaned his head on my shoulder, grinning up at me like I was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.

“So keep your head up, Marco buddy…” I tilted his chin up on the last line and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Why that song?” he asked, after I pulled away, my fingers still resting under his chin.  “Just ‘cause it’s pretty?”

I looked down into his big, open eyes, and sighed.  Give me a thousand years, I don’t think I could ever learn to lie to him.  “It makes me think of you.  Colors in the darkness, y’know, your flowers, making things grow like that even when you can’t see the sun yourself…” We missed most of the rest of the second part as he finally succeeded in dragging me into his blanket nest, twining his arms around my neck and kissing me breathless. 

I reluctantly extricated myself and went back to grading, following along with one ear.  I watched him out of the corner of my eye as the first hints started to hit, that things were going wrong and he wrapped his blankets tighter around himself.  By the time the freeze ray came out only his wide eyes were visible, the rest of him completely cocooned.  I wondered vaguely how he was breathing, or if he needed to breath, or…

No…” Marco squeaked, and I glanced back at the screen.  Yup, last five minutes, Penny bleeding out in the corner.  He was still completely wrapped up, except for the arm he managed to free to point at the screen.  “Nope, no no no no no no nope nope nope—“

I laughed.  “I told  you you needed to see it to believe oof—“

Marco slammed into me hard enough to knock the wind out of my lungs, arms wrapping tight around my waist as he buried his face in my chest and Billy slowly stood up with Penny’s limp body in his arms.

“Are you crying? Aww, Marco…”

He just tightened his grip, the cool tears on his cheeks soaking through my thin shirt and I put my arms around his shoulders, rubbing his back.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t think—“

“S’okay,” he sniffled. “Don’ worry about it, it’s just…” he took a deep, shaky breath before pressing his face back into my neck. 

He lookth like you…”

(The ask combined with This adorable thing in my head and this was the result)




It’s that time of year/month again where I open commissions and hopefully someone will bless me w/ money to draw for them!

Anyway, here’s more on the pricing!


I can actually mail these to you, if you’d like. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to cover shipping cost because I am BROKE

If you want an edit and then want it mailed to you, I’ll see if I can actually print it out on some nice glossy paper and get it in the mail but if I can’t, I can always give you the file/you can print it out yourself! 

They WILL be scanned, not taken pictures of then uploaded so don’t worry. 
I won’t ink them because I SUCK at inking and it will ruin the picture and I don’t wanna risk that, you feel.

  • Traditional w/ Edit: 
    I use Photoshop CS5 to draw or edit so I will do what you’d like to the picture. I recommend these edits to be minimal (as shown in the picture) because imo it’s a bit harder to touch up a scanned picture than just draw one on a tablet. 

    You can also get this option without the edit and just have a singular person. That’ll only cost 2$!
  • Lyric comics/Comics:
    I can definitely do these! Unfortunately, they can only be done traditionally because I cannot do them on my tablet for some dang reason.
    If you want an entire song, that’s gonna be harder and a bit more expensive but nothing I’m drawing exceeds 20$, I promise. 
    As for regular comics, you choose what they say or just give me a prompt that doesn’t violate what I’m comfortable w/ drawing and we’ll be okie dokie.
  • Character Sheets:
    Ok these are basically a page filled with busts/faces of expressions of a certain character either of your choice or I’ll just slap random expressions on them. 
    You can add another character for me to draw alongside with them for a 1$ more!

If you want any of these to be edited on Photoshop (unless youre getting the option that already has an edit come with it) add on 3$.


Keep in mind, this isn’t my forté but I’ll do my best and try my hardest to make you happy with what I can do! 

These will be given to you directly with no permission except you and me to use them! 

  • Digital Character Sheets: 
    Basically the same as traditional except minimally colored!
  • Ships: 
    Ok, who doesn’t love art of their ships right??? 
    It’s 6$ for two people and each additional person costs 2$ but I will only draw up to 4 people per ship.
  • Fully Colored Digital:
    Ok, since I can’t draw backgrounds that like cuts the price so yeehaw for you, right? 
    Anyway! A fully colored drawing of just one person is gonna be 10$. 
    If you want more people then uh, we’ll work that out.
  • Partially Colored Digital: 
    The example for that one is just an unfinished drawing that I have, it won’t look that crappy, I promise.
    But a partially colored digital of one person is gonna be like, their eyes, their hair, their skin or whatever you want colored that isn’t the entire thing.
    You get 3 things to choose that you want colored in the drawing


  1. No porn. 
    I’m sorry. I just don’t have the most extensive knowledge on anatomy so I just cannot. Most of my drawings are from the waist up anyhow. 
  2. No difficult mechas/robots. 
    I can’t draw stuff like fuckin’ transformers or nge over here it’s juST TOO HARD. 
    If you want a little humanoid/android person then go ahead! 
  3. I might be able to draw furries.
    I wouldn’t count on this one, my furry knowledge is just awful, again I’m sorry.
  4. No gore.
    Let’s just keep it at that.

Anymore questions and I’ll be happy to answer them!

If you’re interested please shoot me an ask with questions or email me at hof.commissions@gmail.com

For more examples of my art check it out here!