dang it bobby

Meet Billy and Bobby. Both Billy and Bobby are friends, and both Billy and Bobby equally hate the Joseph/Robert ship.

Bobby hates it so much, in fact, that he sends hate to the artists and comments on their posts about how disgusting he finds the ship and why he believes it is bad.

Billy, instead, though he finds it equally terrible, simply ignores the content, blocking it if it really bothers him and continuing on down the Joseph and/or Robert tags in peace.

Bobby has hurt a lot of people’s feelings this way, while Billy has respected that his opinions may not be shared by others.

Don’t be like Bobby. Be like Billy.

The signs as King of the Hill Characters

Hank Hill: Capricorn & Leo

Peggy Hill: Libra & Sagittarius

Bobby Hill: Cancer & Gemini

Dale Gribble: Aries & Taurus

Bill Dauterive: Virgo & Scorpio

Jeff Boomhauer: Pisces & Aquarius


Hank Hill listens to dub step


[Image set. Image 1 is of a scruffy umbrella cockatoo standing on a counter stretching call, crest up. Image 2,3 and 4 are of the cockatoo laying on it’s side cuddling in to a white short brown haired human. In the forth the cockatoo is licking the human’s cheek.]

BOBBY! Oh my gosh,buddy Bob!

This my friends is Bobby the umbrella cockatoo and he was once one of our re-home babies. When I first started working with Bobby he was pushy, kind of aggressive (for a ‘too) and screamed at everything. He was in the shop for a long time trying to find the right home to take on a stressed out re-home cockatoo, he even had a couple of false starts there too.

But over the course of many months with a lot of socialization and time spent with him, he ended up finding a good loving home.

I hadn’t seen him in YEARS at this point but as soon as he saw me he started in on his “Helllllooooo Booobby!” Which at first I thought was just because I had gone in to the boarding room, but no, he wasn’t talking to any strangers today. 

When I got him out he immediately proceeded to crawl up my front, say “Kiss kiss!” and boop me on the nose with his beak. Then proceeded to shove his face against me and make happy cockatoo squeaks.

I am always so honoured when they remember me.

I was planning on spending all day with Kiki the baby macaw because she was going to her forever home tomorrow but hot dang when I saw Bobby I knew my plans fell through and I was going to spend much of the day reacquainting with my old pal.

Aw I am so happy for him though. His travel cage is a massive aluminum King’s Cage too. Which still isn’t great long-term but for a travel cage it was downright luxurious. 

I’m just so happy to know he is doing so well and is being well taken care of. 

Here, take a Bob doodle I did in between drawing the speedpaint and answering asks on my ask blog as kind of a stress reliever???  ;v;

Also reading your tags on the speedpaint made me so happy, so thank you!!! I’m glad you like it!!!


*sof t sq uea li ng *

@onehighfly thanks for the request fellow cool person <3 


Oh dang man Bobby would have the biggest smile on his face, wait no he’d have that dumb cute surprised face he makes sometimes and just be like “wow”. If he kinda walked in on you rapping, he’d try and make sure you don’t realize he’s there so he can keep listening to you but lets be real, Bobby would make some weird ass noise and his cover would be blown. And he’d probably say “YEAH THAT WAS AWESOME!” and be really happy ^^

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Hanbinie would also be super happy/surprised but it’s mister leader here so after he compliments you and whatnot, he’d probably say “you’re really good buuuut…” and he doesn’t mean to criticize you, he’s just a pretty analytical guy especially if it comes to rapping. So if you want to perfect your rap, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to help you. Bonding time at the studio! “Bonding” im sorry I think wrong sometimes

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