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Hank Hill listens to dub step

Here, take a Bob doodle I did in between drawing the speedpaint and answering asks on my ask blog as kind of a stress reliever???  ;v;

Also reading your tags on the speedpaint made me so happy, so thank you!!! I’m glad you like it!!!


*sof t sq uea li ng *

@onehighfly thanks for the request fellow cool person <3 


Oh dang man Bobby would have the biggest smile on his face, wait no he’d have that dumb cute surprised face he makes sometimes and just be like “wow”. If he kinda walked in on you rapping, he’d try and make sure you don’t realize he’s there so he can keep listening to you but lets be real, Bobby would make some weird ass noise and his cover would be blown. And he’d probably say “YEAH THAT WAS AWESOME!” and be really happy ^^

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Hanbinie would also be super happy/surprised but it’s mister leader here so after he compliments you and whatnot, he’d probably say “you’re really good buuuut…” and he doesn’t mean to criticize you, he’s just a pretty analytical guy especially if it comes to rapping. So if you want to perfect your rap, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to help you. Bonding time at the studio! “Bonding” im sorry I think wrong sometimes

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Like a Virgin Again (Bobby Smut Scenario)

So I was listening to one of my favorite “sex songs” by Chris Brown and the idea of a scenario came to my mind. So I decided to write it. A smut one. I don’t know what I was thinking, since I’m definitely not a good writer, english is not my native language (so finding words may be kind of difficult sometimes) and I never even tried to write about sex, so please don’t be too harsh on me haha. Just kidding, please tell your thoughts about it so I know if I don’t let myself ever go down this path again hahahaha

Song: Chris Brown feat Tyga - Like A Virgin Again (click to hear it)

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain, cause its getting hot girl, give me all you got girl

As Jiwon look up, he feels the temperature rising up. He knew it had nothing to do with the weather though, especially because the blurry lights of Seoul city seen through the big drops of rain running the glass window that covers an entire wall of his bedroom let him know that it has started pouring outside.
He wondered how things got to where they were now. He was at a party, at the VIP area, taking shots of Tequila to celebrate the success of his latest single with his closest friends. The next thing he knew, he was back at his apartment, laying in his bed, just in his navy blue boxers with a beautiful young woman standing right in front of him. You weren’t the prettiest woman, but you sure had an intriguing and addictive beauty. A foreign beauty. Your lustful eyes seemed to have locked with his, keeping him in some kind of hypnosis as you moved your hips in a sexy dance, making he want to tear that black lace lingerie and stop the teasing that was driving him crazy.

I’ll take off your thong, put your legs in the air. Girl I’m gonna pick you up, pick you up, rock you like a baby

Not being able to take the teasing anymore, Jiwon stood up, grabbing the woman in front of him, one hand in your right butt cheek, one behind your neck, placing a slow, sexy, wet kiss on your lips, as your tongues started interlacing as if they belonged together. He could feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up because of the extreme sexual desire he was unleashing on you. Taking advantage of the turn of the events — which were he as the dominant figure in the room — he unhooked your bra with mastery, making you wonder how many times he already did that to make it so fast as if it was a regular routine in his daily basis. As he looked down, he couldn’t help but stop for a second to admire your beautiful voluminous breasts. You smirked at him, because you knew your body had that effect on men. Well, he wasn’t the only experienced person in the room. As the gaze went away, he cupped your almost perfect natural boobs with his hands, massaging it as his mouth trailed off down, finding its way to your nipples, licking and sucking slowly, to only then blowing on them and making your body shiver from down all the way to the top. Your hands met his, as you pushed them down in the direction of your hips. Understanding the sex-language you both knew so well, Jiwon slipped a finger inside the side strap of your thong, pulling it away just a little bit and released it, making you moan for him to not stop. It was now his time to smirk at you, taking your underwear off while placing kisses down your body until you were completely naked. His head was at the same level as your hips and he started kissing your sides. Your hands found their way to the back of his head, grabbing his silky hair and pushing his mouth to the center of yout body. He kissed and licked the inner side of your tights but never actually touching your pussy. You were going so crazy with all this teasing that you didn’t even realize you were gripping on his hair with so much strength, which turned him on completely. He suddenly stood and picked you up, making you lock you legs around his waist to not fall down. He led you to the bed, where he let go and your body bounced on his bed, making he stop for good three seconds to admire that picture in his head. He, then, took your legs up and finally got his head in the middle of them. 

Imma take my time and do your body right. If you let me Imma make you feel like a virgin again, again. Promise Imma make it all worth it, Imma make you feel like a virgin again.

You were so horny by that time that you thought you were seeing stars as you felt the light and moist touch of his exploring tongue in your clit. He licked and sucked it slowly and softly, coincidentally just the way you liked — no, just the way you loved it. His large tongue was definitely making you go insane, but the way he managed to touch your body, not neglecting any sensitive part of it while making you go to heaven with his mouth made you be sure this man knew what he was doing. His hand went down, his tongue never leaving your pussy, he slipped one finger inside of you, making you moan so loud that he was sure that if wasn’t raining outside, his neighbors would hear you. You felt like you couldn’t take it anymore and it made you a bit frustrated because you were usually the one that made your partners beg for it. This man made you feel like you were a beginner at sex, made you remember your first time. You were impatient already, you just knew you needed him inside of you. “Oh fuck. Just fuck me. Fuck me already.” He looked up, smirking “Imma make you scream my name”. You realized then you didn’t knew his name. And he didn’t knew yours. He didn’t need to, you weren’t planning on leading this one night stand to another level, but you felt the need to know the name of the man who made you feel like a virgin again. “Speaking of that, what is your name?”. He stopped for a second, caught in surprise that you didn’t know his name. He was so used to every woman coming to him because they knew he was famous and had his name on the tip of their tongues that it was a surprise to him you not knowing his name. “Jiwon. Bobby. I’m whatever you like.” In that mean time, you pulled him up, placing your hand on his bulge and massaging his balls. “Then, please, fuck me, Bobby.” 

Dang you got me so hard. If I get it, Imma hit it right. I know you’re tired, it’s the middle of the night, wanna give you that good love.

You helped him take his boxers off. He was hard already and he was definitely bigger than you expected. You had a feeling you would remember this night as one of full of little surprises. He laid down and led you on top of him. You grabbed his dick and placed it the tip right under your entrance. You thought about teasing him a little bit, but you were craving him so much you couldn’t bear the thought of postponing it more, even by just a few minutes. You finally sat down on him. You felt he slowly filling you with pleasure and he welcomed the warmth of your walls hugging his dick. You slowly started to ride him, changing the rhythm occasionally to make it feel more pleasurable for both of you. His thumb were massaging your clit as you jumped on top of him, making you concentrate really hard to not be the first one to cum. After a few more seconds, you couldn’t hold it anymore and finally gave in. Your orgasm was hitting you so hard, but you didn’t want to admit to him you came first. You could feel your moans getting louder, so you just bit your lips to try to make you quiet. But you couldn’t trick Jiwon. He felt your walls clenching around his dick. He noticed your legs losing strength and slowing your rhythm down. He saw you biting your lips so hard and still moaning out loud. He lifted his upper body, placing you down on the bed, making his way on top of you “You are a stubborn lady. I told you I was going to make you scream my name tonight and I plan on keeping my promise.” He introduced his dick inside of you in an angle that made it hit your g spot. He began to rush his speed slowly, making you feel a sensation you never felt before. Your clit was too sensitive because you just came, so every touch was being intensified about ten times. He was now fucking you so hard you could hear his body spanking your tights even though the thunders outside made almost everything inaudible. You felt like you were going crazy, your nails sank into his back trying to hold the urge to scream, but only then you realized it was mistake. It turned him on even more and his pace speeded up. You couldn’t hold it anymore, that you started screaming “FUCK! BOBBY! DON’T STOP!” And then you came. You felt like you didn’t have the strength to continue with this, but he never stopped or slowed it down. You came again and again and again. You screamed his name so loud that he couldn’t stop a grin to appear on his face. The sound of your sexy voice screaming for him not to stop made he finally reach his climax. You could feel his dick pumping inside of you and he could feel your walls still clenching around his dick. He fell on top of you. Both of you were out of breath, too stripped out of strength to even manage to say a word.

If you let me Imma make you feel like a virgin again. Promise I'ma make it all worth it, Imma make you feel like a virgin again

This was a night you would remember for a long, long time. Bobby, the man who made you beg for him. The man who made you scream his name. And the man who taught you what multiple orgasms felt like.You never felt so glad to feel like the unexperienced one for once.

To The Sky | Bobby

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A/N- Hello loves. This is by far the saddest thing I’ve ever written, so I just want you to prepare yourselves. Please let me know what you think of it. <3


Summary: It’s the end of the world; you and Bobby just want to survive together.

Word Count: 2194

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Violence, tragedy

You took in a silent breath, feeling toxic air fill your lungs despite the thin mask of fabric covering your chapped lips. Your body, as well as all the bodies of those who were still living (which frankly, wasn’t very many), had become used to the pollution and waste that plagued the heart of the city in which you resided. The nuclear holocaust was bad, but the aftereffects were much, much worse. Radiation brought sickness, and sickness brought a virus that turned eighty percent of the country’s population into mindless, flesh-craving monsters (otherwise known as zombies) within three weeks.

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