dang it bobby

The signs as King of the Hill Characters

Hank Hill: Capricorn & Leo

Peggy Hill: Libra & Sagittarius

Bobby Hill: Cancer & Gemini

Dale Gribble: Aries & Taurus

Bill Dauterive: Virgo & Scorpio

Jeff Boomhauer: Pisces & Aquarius


Hank Hill listens to dub step

@onehighfly thanks for the request fellow cool person <3 


Oh dang man Bobby would have the biggest smile on his face, wait no he’d have that dumb cute surprised face he makes sometimes and just be like “wow”. If he kinda walked in on you rapping, he’d try and make sure you don’t realize he’s there so he can keep listening to you but lets be real, Bobby would make some weird ass noise and his cover would be blown. And he’d probably say “YEAH THAT WAS AWESOME!” and be really happy ^^

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Hanbinie would also be super happy/surprised but it’s mister leader here so after he compliments you and whatnot, he’d probably say “you’re really good buuuut…” and he doesn’t mean to criticize you, he’s just a pretty analytical guy especially if it comes to rapping. So if you want to perfect your rap, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to help you. Bonding time at the studio! “Bonding” im sorry I think wrong sometimes

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